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If your sheet is all the way complete -- description, ruler, realm attributes, heroes, etc. -- go ahead and post it in the characters. Then I can update the map, add the capital city and a few small NPC realms, and post the IC.
Two of the Realm Traits have been buffed; people are welcome to switch to those traits if they like.

More importantly, I've edited and added some Actions due to some people asking about those related things. Any feedback or criticism is welcomed.

Also, how are people's WIP sheets coming along? No rush of course. I imagine some people will try to finish this weekend.
These are the current official map claims, which means you've also been accepted in to the Roleplay. Several people still need to clean up their sheets of course, but no rush.
I've chosen a different spot. Almost done but another question. Do heroes consume food even if you don't move or use them from your region?

If a Hero takes no Action other than their free movement, they're assumed to be Foraging, and therefore supplement their own food upkeep.
There is you just go to the server and make a permanent one

Thank you, I think I figured it out. Are you going to be joining us?
@SchylerwalkerOh It appears the discord link has expired.

Fixed, but is there way to make a more permanent link?
Liking it so far @Heyitsjiwon.

@Color_Weaver, are you okay with him claiming those islands?
Looking good so far Duck!

@Schylerwalker do mind if I take most of the deserts

I don't mind at all, as long as nobody else contests it.
The link to the Discord is in the 0th Post. The Discord.
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