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Yeah, I was hoping to hash out, like, the backstory and leadership and such but I'll move this talk to discord now that im there.
And as far as inserting ourselves, by the way, I wondered if we all wanted to put our heads together to talk about the Wasteland settlement and what that's lkke since I'm going to have Toby and Spire pop there. What characters are regular visitors there to trade/any of them who live there/what The general ambiance and culture is of this particular settlement beyond usual dusty, desperate, scrappy Ash style.
But she would know by touching them that their intentions are murderous, sillywilly.

Ahaha yeah, thus she's welcome to go for it on TRYING to seduce them.
Not that it would get very far. Toby knows Gifts so he would know that touching=cover blown.
Haha, true, though most people wouldn't recognize Toby and Spire by sight.
Whichever will take her, but probably the more murdery one because he'll probably be the most.. vicious? She's more than a bit of a masochist

Either one will take her.

To a secluded place to murder her.

One of them would just be a lot less smooth and a lot more apologetic about it.
After catching up I think I might have Toby and Spire be temporarily established in this Wasteland settlement people seem to be like to congregate around.

Probably in the process of trying to keep trust with the people there while picking them off one at a time.

Eira might try to sleep with your murdery serial murderer xD

Which one? The more murdery one?
She can go for it.
I am sure that will end well. :)
Wow. I'd been reading along, then I blinked this week while I was busy with a show and now there are a million posts.

Hi again!

I incidentally also have more characters from this setting to add and will look for good places to introduce them when it aids the plot and action. :)

As far as Toby and Spire go...
I'll work on that.
At some point I would like to see the murdery serial murderies all interact tbh.

Yeah, I think most of us are still around, just sorta stopped up. Could we role call who is still here?
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