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“Aww man, it’s over? You guys totally sucks,” Gudanko’s voice boomed out from her drone. It was the last thing she’d be able to say before the holograms dissipated and left Bunkuko District back to its normal structure. As always, Gudanko was off somewhere else, drone having made the distance and coverage for her. She, like everyone else, received the HGO email about a new hangout spot. With inhuman speed, the email was already forwarded and spammed over her social media, spreading the news and getting as much ground covered about the Sixth Chamber before anyone else could.

The rest of Neo Miso was unaffected by the strife and perseverance of its gamers but the ones who’d hovered around Bunkuko District to watch the light show started to disperse. The entertainment was over and that meant they were back to their nightly activities and whatever else the carefree citizens did in their time. Every player in the area though seemed eager to try out this newfound Hub area and it wasn’t very long before the Sixth Chamber became inevitably crowded by the city’s youth alike. Players of all Factions were allowed so long as no fights broke out.

Unknown to anyone, there was a second announcement planned for tonight by the HGO Devs. Around half an hour after the Sixth Chamber email, a new one took up people’s inboxes. Attached was a video clip that looked very much like a trailer for some old-fashioned shooter only instead of players, the people showed looked undead and deteriorated. Naturally, the dark imagery caught the attention of those who watched and at the end of it, flashing in bright colors was, New Game Mode Coming Soon! Those who actually read the email would see what the bustle was about; as well as see it was already trending on Gudanko's social media.

Look out Colored Guilds! The Unival has sent a new kind of enemy! Reanimated corpses walk the streets and it’s up to us to send them back to the grave! Introducing a new survival mode coming in development. Stay updated for its grand entrance in local tournaments and prepare for the horde!

@I Need A Name

A bit more could be added to her backstory, especially considering what that story is. Maybe explain her initial interest with the MFF?

You know where to put her.

A yawn fluttered from the boy's lips as he rubbed his eyes, kicking his feet back and forth through the air as he sat down on the ornate chair decorated with velvet and pillows aplenty. It was a very comfortable chair, he could tell because every time he bounced in it his butt didn't hurt at all. It probably wouldn't hurt if he took another nap, maybe when he woke up he would be somewhere that wasn't here. It was a really spooky place after all, all dark and lit with candles, spiky stuff all over, black furniture with red accents. No place for a child to be, no place at all. "Yea, I'm-" He interrupted himself with another yawn, his eyelids drooping as he rested his head on the pillow he carried with him everywhere. "I'm gonna take another nap..." Scarcely a moment had passed before his light snoring echoed through the empty room, the pitter patter of rain being the only other sound in the lonely castle.

The rain masked the slow and heady footsteps approaching the sleeping child. There was a confidence in the newcomer's step, one picked up only by someone who was awake; of which the child was not. The fighting outside the castle where a strange group were fighting off invisible creatures didn't seem to warrant care from someone who wanted a nap. Nor did it concern the newcomer all that much either. "Hey, wake up. No kid's supposed to be sleeping in a place like this," came the words belonging to someone new. Hands in her pockets and the look of boredom painted on her face, she wakled up to the boy's chair, very tempted to tip the furniture over to get a response. "Can't be bothered with this..."

"Wha?" He had barely even gotten a minute of sleep in before somebody came by to check on the child. She was completely correct of course, not that it mattered in the slightest. They were in the Tower after all. "O-oh. Hey there miss. I'm Touka, it's nice to meet you!" His voice picked up a little near the end there, but soon he was yawning again. "I'm sorry, I'm feeling kinda tired right now. Could you wait like-" Another bout of rubbing eyes as he began to melt into the soft and comfy chair with all the velvet and pillows. Whoever owned this chair had really good taste in chairs, this was a good sleeping chair. Touka was already zoning out, his eyes slowly closing even as he stared directly at the blonde lady who was talking to him. "S-sorry. Could you gimme five minutes, I'm really tired." He was clearly struggling to stay awake just to talk to her, his legs swinging back and forth in an effort to keep himself awake, a losing battle to say the least.

"What are you, some kind of lethargic?" The girl didn't expect an answer to that question, not when the boy was already falling back to sleep. But she had a feeling that he had to be, lest he wouldn't be ignoring her in this way. Whatever. The temptation to shove him off his seat and claim it for herself was overidden only by an uncaring apathy. It wasn't her business if he wanted to be bait for the monsters of the dark. She'd have rightfully left his ass then and there too were it not for the strange scent she was getting from him. "Eh? You're from outside the Tower too. Now why did this place bring in a literal kid here..." A second was spent to ponder this. "......" This time she did tip the chair over, kicking at its legs from an angle to lurch the furniture forward sharply.

"What's a lethargic?"Touka asked sleepily, having moved on from kicking his legs to fluffing his pillow absentmindedly. It was quite the worn old thing, looked like it would fall apart next time it got washed. But something about it also called out to the woman, like it was just the comfiest thing in the whole world. Maybe that's why Touka was always so sleepy, just looking at it for too long would probably make someone drowsy. "O-oh! You're from outside too! I came here looking for my mom!" Finally, something managed to penetrate the aura of sleepiness that permeated the kid, his eyes opening and shining as he explained why he was here. "So why are you-" The question would go unspoken as she decided to kick his chair out from under him, sending him tumbling forward to the floor. In a weird stroke of luck, he landed perfectly on his pillow with a small grunt, not suffering any harm from the act of unprovoked violence. A few seconds passed in silence, before the woman would hear the muffled sound of snoring as Touka fell asleep on his very comfy pillow. He rolled over slowly, his arms outstretched and bumping into the woman's leg as he repositioned unconsciously.

"....this kid's hopeless." The girl looked down idly at the boy. In the time she'd wasted conversing with him, she got no closer to achieving anything aside from knowing the Tower chose its victims out of random nature. Well, it wasn't her problem; even if that pillow did look pretty comfortable. Moving her leg away, she walked past the drowsed boy. "Name's Shuro kid," was the last thing she'd say to him before walking on off. The sound of movement in the shadows was concerning, especially in a castle of Victoire's stature. But she wasn't playing babysitter and she figured if the kid made it this far, he could handle himself just fine.

As the echo of her footsteps faded into the distance, the sound that replaced it was that of snarling and growling beasts that prowled in the dark. They roared in unison, each one eager to tear apart the fleshy child that invaded the home of their mistress. Yet each one was silenced in unison as a force pulsed from Touka, a razor sharp... something, tearing them apart faster than the human eye could track. A spare thread hanging from his pillow slowly retracted back into it's tattered home and Touka mumbled something about angels under his breath. His dreams were soft and filled with wonder, even as the dark of the castle sought to swallow him whole. And far away, a malicious devil watched her charge with amusement. This would be a fun game.


Accepted. I suppose this means GMGs will have 3 abilities now.
The time limit almost exceeds. Good...

"The real monsters walk among us."
[ ♫ ]

• Appearance: Self-explanatory; please use weeb images as this is a weeb RP. For monster players, you must include both your monster form and your disguised form among humans.
• Name: Self-explanatory. Monster players may use titles instead.
• Age: Self-explanatory. The MFF recruits at age 18 and above.
• Class: Which of the three MFF groups will you choose. Non-applicable to GMG players.
• Weapons: Each MFF troop is outfitted with two main weapons; choose wisely. Non-applicable to GMG players.
• Monster Type: The GMGs come in all manner of species that resemble Earth's; which legend do you inspire? Non-applicable to MFF players.
• Special Abilities: GMGs emit two particular abilities unique to them. Powers are to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Non-applicable to MFF players.
• Inventory: Any items that's aren't mentioned in the MFF Classes. If a GMG player hides among humans, you may include this in their CS.
• Background: A quick summary of your character thus far. Why did they join the MFF? If they're a monster, how long have they been on Earth? What are their views on humanity?
• Other: Optional. Anything else not mentioned above that you may wish to add goes here.

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