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My official stalker, unofficial waifu, and the RPer people tend to ship me with (for reasons I can't fathom). Loves to complain about most things in life and is an overall Edgelord and Drama Queen. Is also a math nerd and will not hesitate to glorify the existence of tigers when given the chance. It's best not to overtly annoy her lest you get put on her Black List; not that it actually holds much value. Is also not as innocent as she would like you to believe. Is quick to apologize (and quick to anger). Also the one I will draft 97% of the time. Her true form is a loli vampire with a cool umbrella. Makes a great kicking target.

A wolf in mouse clothing who may or may not be a Furry. Is fond of using "spiral eyes" and wins the award for being "kawaii as fuck". Often the reasonable one and voice of patience strangely enough. He also has this strange addiction to Fate that I've yet to figure out or really care for; he's also good at making food from what I hear as well. A perfect target for indulging in my antics and is also a fan of listening to ridiculous explanations and convoluted ideologies. His true form is an ice beetle; spiral and kawaii eyes vary.

A saint whose heart cannot be corrupted no matter how hard I try. We call this a Goddamn Iris. Loves to spit out rainbows and ruin my despairing ways with their optimism. Does horrible on rainy days and turns storm clouds into cotton candy. Loves to be the voice of (extra) reason and settle disputes through peaceful means. He's also a sucker for action-noire, plant women, and anything involving Australia. His true form is some weird doll thing with a hat, coat, and near-broken German.

Something, something. Has a terrible obsession with french fries and slushies as well as a terrible memory, explaining the three different names you see above. Tragic really. Ways to annoy her include stealing her french fries, implying Yuri relations with her, insulting her Puff, or calling her "Marinto". That last one is the most amusing. Also displays numerous displays of cuteness that are quite difficult to ignore. Is also a nerd like her rival, KoL. Her true form is a pair of elf twins, both of which are gender-confused. A good target to whack and should be posting in something constantly ಠ_ಠ

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Despite her earlier excitement in meeting Daichi, Katie found herself somewhat at a lost for words once she finally met the other two members of their team. She blinked nervously, hoping she didn’t come across as too shy or desperate. Though thankfully the others did well in speaking in her place and the conversation carried on naturally after she shook Kirk’s hand.

The mammoth of a man spoke about the best foods to be offered on the menu and sung high praises of the restaurant. And to be honest, Katie couldn’t blame him. Despite having already eaten, the smells that permeated the tiny restaurant were enough to make her stomach growl anew all over again. During Kirk’s descriptions, she found herself staring at the menu between him and Daichi…

At least until Kay mentioned the reason they were all here. That had Katie’s attention snapped back to the matter at hand with some of the nervousness shaking off her form. “Yeah, if reporters followed us through the new Rift, that’d cause more problems for us to deal with. It’s better to let the professionals handle it before the public,” she said, grinning and pointing her thumb at her chest. It was meant to indicate that they were the professionals, in case no one caught the message.

Regardless, she perked up some more once Lizzie’s presence was mentioned; or lack of it. “Oh, actually, I have Lizz-er, Elise’s number. I can call her up to see what’s taking her so long.” Careful not to accidentally crackle her phone with her Attribute and risk embarrassing herself in front of everyone, Katie flipped out her mobile and dialed up Lizzie’s number. Hopefully the other girl wasn’t in trouble. “We briefly met a while back before this mission,” Katie quickly explained in case anyone wondered how she knew the missing girl.



"So long as the light remains bright, the shadow remains cast."
[ ♫ ]

A heartbeat lasts forever. Lives are consumed in soundless balls of fire. No one can tell when the world is displaced, but it was. Nobody knew when the Tower first arrived or if it had been there since the beginning; and it was only now people could see it looming over Miso City. Nobody knew, that much was a fact. But people tried to know. Those who sought greater aspiration tried to understand the secrets of the Tower, its overwhelming presence casting a shadow over Miso City despite its luminous gaze.

And those who wanted to know were visited in the land of their dreams. Even now in their slumber of darkness, the light of their dreams showed them the way. Average as they all are, unaware of each other’s existence, three cycles of light shined down before them in the abyss of blackness. An item each floated before them, no words spoken for direction of their purpose.

Instead, the Sword, the Shield, and the Rod remained in their places until each person would pick what their Hearts desired. The moment they did, a shining light blinded the world around them. It engulfed every crevice of the dark-stained realm each person found themselves in and then, nothing. Absolutely nothing could be found in their senses and once again they were brought back to the precipice of sleep and slumber.

When they next awoke, it was in a place most unfamiliar and with people they had perhaps never met before. None of them may have known it, but each had experienced the same dream, a dream that had drawn them to the same place. The lower floors of the Tower. Perhaps, in their deepest of desires, they had each chosen to brave the Tower’s secrets from the inside.

Whatever the case, they were stuck with each other now, adorned with new clothes that reflected each person’s personal wishes of adventure. Whether the armor and weapons they had wished for were accurate to the threats looming inside the Tower was yet to be seen. Even so, they were stuck in the Tower now with no other direction to go but up. Was this still a dream? Or had they been transported away? Either way, one truth remained clear.

The Tower’s interior remained still.

"Find the hearts distant from yours..."
[ ♫ ]

On that fateful day, the skies were blotted by the behemoth of another world. The great monolith defied law and contradiction, floating high above the citizens of Miso City. Yet only a select few could see the massive structure that cast a shadow over their beloved city. Those who could see it had been blessed, visited in their dreams by unknown and invisible beings, each one offering up the chosen individual a choice. A choice that would determine their days to come.

And now those select few would be drawn to what could only be described as the Tower. The Tower beckoned like a melodic hum, one that whispered promises of glory and power to the idle and abled. Yet there were other promises, offers of wishes fulfilled and dreams to come true if one bested the Tower’s challenges. And so they go forward, those small few, to conquer the Tower and seek what truly lies at the top where all things converge.

Rumors abound. Some have bore witness to a girl at the Tower’s peak, one who has summoned the monolith to the mortal planes. Some mutter utterances of an artifact waiting to be coveted at the Tower’s conclusion; the King’s Crown. Still, some seek the Tower for merely the thrill of adventure, the excitement of seclusion that they’ve brought upon their peers driving them forward.

Regardless of any ambition, the Tower draws them all closer with each step.

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Should I just post her Sheet with Umi's or post it separately?

With Umi’s.



Add the 5 seconds to her Critical Past ability and she's fine by me.

Accepted. You know what to do.

If there was one thing that could be said about Louisiana, it was that the weather was always accommodating for summertime values. Or at least, that’s what it felt like with how hot and humid the air was. It was a sharp difference to what Katie was used to but nothing that couldn’t be adapted to. Especially when she was about to be in the presence of newcomers and, hopefully, friends.

Who knows, maybe the weather would change for the better and a storm would brew up. Doubtful, but wasn’t New Orleans famous for storms anyway? Though on second thought, it was probably best to not mention that aloud lest people get the wrong idea…in any case, Katie walked up to the front of the restaurant that was to be their meeting place. She had to admit, whoever had chosen Willie Mae's Scotch House had good taste in all definitions of the word.

Entering the restaurant and looking around, it was easy to spot the only person in the area with white hair. That must be Daichi from what she was told. Katie cleared her throat and walked closer to the man with a smile on her face. “Er, hi! You must be Daichi? I’m not sure if you know who I am but I’m Katie Bastion. We’re supposed to be working together, right?”

She offered up a hand to shake towards the boy and made sure to iron out any sparks that might have been present in her palm. After all, it was always best to give the right impression to people one would be working with. A few seconds passed before she heard a female voice call Daichi’s name out. Katie looked around to see a waving girl then glanced back at Daichi. “That must be our other partners. Shall we?”

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