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My official stalker, unofficial waifu, and the RPer people tend to ship me with (for reasons I can't fathom). Loves to complain about most things in life and is an overall Edgelord and Drama Queen. Is also a math nerd and will not hesitate to glorify the existence of tigers when given the chance. It's best not to overtly annoy her lest you get put on her Black List; not that it actually holds much value. Is also not as innocent as she would like you to believe. Is quick to apologize (and quick to anger). Also the one I will draft 97% of the time. Her true form is a loli vampire with a cool umbrella. Makes a great kicking target.

A wolf in mouse clothing who may or may not be a Furry. Is fond of using "spiral eyes" and wins the award for being "kawaii as fuck". Often the reasonable one and voice of patience strangely enough. He also has this strange addiction to Fate that I've yet to figure out or really care for; he's also good at making food from what I hear as well. A perfect target for indulging in my antics and is also a fan of listening to ridiculous explanations and convoluted ideologies. His true form is an ice beetle; spiral and kawaii eyes vary.

A saint whose heart cannot be corrupted no matter how hard I try. We call this a Goddamn Iris. Loves to spit out rainbows and ruin my despairing ways with their optimism. Does horrible on rainy days and turns storm clouds into cotton candy. Loves to be the voice of (extra) reason and settle disputes through peaceful means. He's also a sucker for action-noire, plant women, and anything involving Australia. His true form is some weird doll thing with a hat, coat, and near-broken German.

Something, something. Has a terrible obsession with french fries and slushies as well as a terrible memory, explaining the three different names you see above. Tragic really. Ways to annoy her include stealing her french fries, implying Yuri relations with her, insulting her Puff, or calling her "Marinto". That last one is the most amusing. Also displays numerous displays of cuteness that are quite difficult to ignore. Is also a nerd like her rival, KoL. Her true form is a pair of elf twins, both of which are gender-confused. A good target to whack and should be posting in something constantly ಠ_ಠ

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The trip to the first sensor had been uneventful, at least in comparison to Team Novae’s earlier Invader encounter. R.R. led the way back without much complaint, though it was also possible she just wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings. Certainly not when she ignored the MIA report for Cellica over her comm link as well as the unhappy grumblings of Team Chaotix’s Linker. That, or the white noise was passing right through her skull. Her attention was shifted to the first sensor anyway and she eagerly stood on guard as Lucia began switching out the first battery.

Metallic claws deployed, the redhead lurched down on all fours, eyes flicking every which way as if waiting for an Invader to appear. Her stalwart watch was only disrupted by Akari’s questioning, earning a quick look of distraction as R.R. focused on her now. “Eh? Responsibility? Ohhhh, right. I’m like, a higher rank than you cause of my team, yeah? I’ll tell you, it fucking sucks.” R.R. would have gone into how being the prim and proper model of teamwork meant more boring endeavors but was never given the chance.

Lucia had returned and with her, so too did new directions come from Kuni. The question of whether they would climb the hill or not came into mind and R.R. sized up the great mound of grass and dirt. “I could probably just fucking scale it. Don’t need to launch me like dead weight for your team you know-” Once again she was interrupted by the global comm links. Were it not for the sound of Tian-Gui mentioning her name, she would have ignored the transmission like the last.

“Hey, uh, don’t tell them I’m here. I really don’t wanna fucking upset Riyame cause I’m sure she’s gonna yell at me for running off again,” R.R. said. She looked at each member of Team Novae pleadingly, letting her gaze fall upon Akari with big eyes. “Come on, I don’t wanna get in fucking trouble more than I’m already in. Lemme just stay a bit longer.”

A good few miles away, and the rest of R.R.’s team was frowning with a hint of annoyance in her features. Riyame led the fractured Team Afterglow into an opened field of derelict buildings and greenery. At the very least, it would give the two Gunners on the team ample shooting space. Riyame held a finger to her comm link, single eye mapping out the area around them as she led. “I know she’s ignoring me. Honestly, if she could just pick up already-”

“R.R. is a big girl who can handle herself. Focus on the task at hand,” came the voice of Team Chaotix’s Linker, speaking privately to Riyame. “She’s ignoring me too. When she gets like this, she’s best left alone. Stop worrying about her and focus on Team Afterglow.” It was a shame the voice on the other end couldn’t see the eyeroll from their Chaotix Gunner.

“Right, right. I’m on it,” she muttered, closing the line and seeing the next sensor just beyond the clearing trees. Their luck would become infectious as soon even Team Yui Gang found their first sensor among the swampland muck just on the other side. Taking the detour had slowed them down but, in the end, it was better to have good fighting environments than to fight the environment. All the same, as each team completed the first of their two battery transitions, the air of tension about them would grow restless.

Each team’s Linker-and perhaps in Team Yui Gang’s case their Gunner-would be able to spot a subtle shift in the Invader behavior. Like the blip of a much bigger target for example, one that seemed to be moving indecently of the others. Despite keeping to itself, its size was something to take into consideration in a threat analysis.

Re:Phrase works on humans, yah, Windel. It's part of her history.

The "reading the environment" part. Not the possibly bending reality part.

“Club meeting later. As always. Not much unless the others want to do something for New Year’s.”

Only now had Touka read over Ayumu’s text, ignoring much of the class to slip her phone free of her pocket. She could have cared less to whatever friendship scheme Miss Tamashi would induct on them and it wasn’t like anyone else would catch her act. Indeed, it only took a few moments to shoot the other dark girl a response before slipping her phone away; just in time for Ayumu to give her Winter Break report to the class.

When Ayumu finished, Miss Tamashi gasped with a hand held to her head with surprise. “Goodness me, the Drill of Death illusion! That sounds dreadful, oh!” At least her theatrics had somewhat roused the rest of the class, even if it was just the first row. The next up was Yui and despite her better judgement, Touka found herself turning on the edge of her knuckle to lay her gaze on the second green-haired girl. No doubt the one light girl in the class would give a speech that dripped down her spine with irritation.

And of course, it was exactly what Touka had expected. For the most part, she had tolerated the speak of the dead. The only death that affected them all as Magical Girls, light or dark, was Luna. Luna, whose passing had brought with it powerful forces to their city and a new underlying veil of tension they all felt. But as Yui continued, letting her gaze stare at every one of the dark girls, Touka narrowed her eyes. It could have been so easy to let a wire run loose and watch Yui’s head roll right off for all to see….

But in the end, she wasn’t even the target of her sight. Rather, Yui’s speech ended with her looking right at Ayumu. “Oh, yes…yes, you’re absolutely right dear,” said Miss Tamashi, who almost looked on the verge of tears with a light sniffle. “We have to remain strong in these dark times,” she said, clearing her eyes and this time letting her gaze linger on Yui. “All of us.” Touka rolled her eyes.

Well at least they were onto the last person in this stupid exercise. Much like most of the students, Touka turned to look at Ami now. Frankly she didn’t care if the other girl slept through class; that was just in her nature. But Miss Tamashi had other ideas on the matter, hand on her hip and sentiment gone as she glared at Ami. Once the dark girl had actually given her report, the teacher could only gasp in admonishment.

Touka stared as well…before holding down a dark snicker to herself. Leave it to Ami to be blunt about matters, to the point where she decided to ignore how the other girl could have just revealed their secrets to the world. Probably why she liked her. “M-Murota-Chan, I will not tolerate such brash behavior and crude, false remarks! Especially in this hour of need and right after Murata-Chan’s sweet speech too! Why, if it wasn’t for the New Year spirit, I’d give you a detention!”

Not like that mattered and Touka nodded in the most saccharine way she could when the teacher looked at her. Of course she’d “reprimand” Ami as the president of the rehabilitating Detention Club. Not likely though, but it was the thought that ultimately mattered anyway. Better to play along the good girl act they were so very fond of. Eventually every student had gone about their turns and reports. Lessons began and the day turned right back into a dulling state.

At some point the lunch hour had arrived, Miss Tamashi cheerfully stepping out of the room while the students were left to coerce with themselves. Having brought her lunch today, Touka remained in her seat and at her post, watching the faint ice of the outside window. It was a brief time to basically do whatever; it wasn’t like the school could very well stop the actions of a Magical Girl. Even so, the girl from earlier who had watched the Detention Club president continued to do so without her notice.


Can Re:Phrase work on human beings and Invaders? If so, to what extent of that detail can she read. Furthermore, elaborate on how this ability buffs people. Is she just bending reality piece by piece or using PSI of some kind.

If you're fine with playing as a Linker, here's the Discord.

At the moment we are only accepting Linker characters. If you're interested in apping that, the Discord link can be extended to you.

Do I know you from somewhere.
For the sake of speed, as well as a few other factors, we'll be cutting down the number of sensors to two per team.

You can place him in the Character Tab now.
Not a specific one, no. It all depends on how strong the entrapped enemy is and/or how much psychic energy Raphel has left to spare. I did consider the possibility that boss enemies would only get slowed down as opposed to outright stopped, and not even for long either.

I suppose this is fine then. Accepted by me.

As for the nationality, I can swap it over to Ethiopian if you guys really want me to. I just didn't think it'd be a big deal if I left it.

Up to @KoL.
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