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Bump for one light and one dark Magical Girl spot open.

By the time Kanbaru had arrived, Touka had sent a text out to the Detention Club members. Knowing about Ami’s sleepover-she knew, of course, she always knew-she had decided they might as well spend their New Year’s Eve gathering around that area. Whether they stayed for an actual sleepover or not was up to them, but that was the least of their problems. Especially now that Kanbaru had reminded her of Aegis in general. She bristled at the bitch’s mention and stared right into the clad dark girl.

“Nothing as simple as that,” she hissed, having half a mind to maul the Code Keeper right then and there. The clearing of students around them had since begun to break up into their own groups, some even starting to head home. “It’s something…else. Regarding the so-called leader of those idiots in the light.” As she spoke, a familiar dark wind brushed past her and when she looked around, she noticed Seyrun of all people standing beside them.

And there she was. The cause of her current mood. Touka eyed down Seyrun with a beady gaze, somehow not surprised she could see the invisible Kanbaru. This girl was wafting off dark power and she had made sure to mention this person in her Detention Club text. That said… “As you can see, I’ve made a new friend today Otoko-Chan. One who’s given me an interesting piece of information to consider.”

Touka glanced from one girl to the other, pondering the words she would choose very carefully. After all, as far as Seyrun knew, she was still the awkward president of the Detention Club. “Er, that is to say…she tells me I have a sister. She says it’s Murata-Chan in our class.” Touka almost vomited at spitting out the name. “I think it’s because we have the same colored hair? But she insists we’re related…isn’t that strange! What do you think, Otoko-Chan?”

"Even if that were true...which it totally isn't, eheh! But if it was...I don't even know the first thing about it. Don't you have a sister, Otoko-Chan?" Touka stared down the Code Keeper even as her voice continued to play the part. "Like, I wouldn't know the first thing about how to deal with all that, eheh...."

Ami clenched her fists tightly as Ms Tamashii walked away, briefly considering transforming right there to continue the fight that their apparent Magical Girl teacher had interrupted. Those thoughts were quickly silenced by the fact that there were too many bystanders around, along with the fact that Ms Tamashii was acting as a metaphorical nuclear deterrent. No words were spared for the Light Girls, she simply walked away from them to go find Tsuruga. She probably landed in a bush or something when her powers got taken, so she would need a hug to make her feel better.

The crowd of people worked in somewhat favor for the creature that was stalking Ami. Laying as low as it could, it moved from ankle to ankle, leg to leg, as if prowling on the hunt for someone. That someone was Ami and there was no doubt she could feel its sight on her. Whether she wanted to confront her would-be follower any time soon or lead it to somewhere more seclusive was up to her. After all, it wasn't like anyone was really paying attention. Most students saw fit to just chat with their friends and even Touka was speaking to Kanbaru right now. As for Tsuruga...did anyone really care for her? She could wait a few minutes more.

Ami stopped the moment she felt that ever familiar gaze, quickly tracing it to its source as she saw the Mascot watching her from below. "Hey there uhh... we never named you did we? I'll have to figure out something fun to call you later." She was completely zoned out as she stared off into space, wondering what kind of name would be suitable for a cat. She had never owned a pet before, so this was new grounds. Was the Mascot a pet? Focus Ami!

"You need something? She quickly picked up the strange cat, setting it on her shoulder quickly as she moved onto where Tsuruga was last seen.


Well, this was akward. The creature that had been observing Ami certainly didn't...look like the Mascots that usually hounded Magical Girls. But then again, those didn't look like fake ears either. Or a fake tail. The girl even made the same expressions, twitching her face to resemble a "D:" as much as she could. Though it came across as artificial and forced. That was probably because Ami had completely picked up the other girl and hoisted her on her shoulder. Were it not for her magical strength, she'd probably have problems carrying her.


Despite the vast difference between Mascot and whatever this thing was, Ami didn't really appear all that phased by the fact that she was carrying around a full girl on her shoulder. It would be more accurate to say she hadn't even noticed, so absorbed in her own musings. The fact that this girl was making the same faces that the Mascot usually made didn't help matters, with Ami giving only brief glances to see what emotions were being displayed.

"Don't make confused faces at me, you're the one who was following me around. Unless you were just curious about what I was doing... That would make sense, cats are pretty curious. Then again you're not really a cat. You're a Mascot. Which is kind of like a cat. Gah, focus Ami! Anyways, I'm going to go find Tsuruga so we can go have our sleepover, then we're gonna go rob a store to get candy and stuff for said sleepover. Ooh, I should totally bring you along! We're gonna cuddle with you all night long, its gonna be super fun!" This diatribe would likely last for a while unless she was stopped, whenever Ami started rambling it would keep going until someone interrupted her.


Despite the expression scrunched on the cat girl's face, no words came out. So it tried again.


Still nothing.


"....t....turned..." The semblance of words were slowly being churned from the girl's mouth, even as her body bobbled in place from Ami's walking. "" At this point the girl just wanted to say something, anything, to put a pause in Ami's senseless rambling. By now they had left the school grounds and were ambling by the busy streets of Miso City. Several people turned to watch the strange hiking journey; but as always with this town, not many questioned the high school girl carrying what was probably a cosplayer.


The first mumbles didn't really catch Ami's attention, being too quiet to break through the wall of sound that was her, but the second go around did cause a pause for a moment as Ami looked around for the perpetrator. It was only once her attention finally turned to her passenger that she realized just what was going on. Her face went pale as she looked around, dashing into a nearby alley to get out of view of everyone. She then immediately went into Magical Girl form and leaped onto a nearby rooftop, quickly setting the girl down as she began pacing back and forth. "Ok Ami, this is bad but it could definitely be worse. You accidentally kidnapped another student." Her eyes turned towards the girl once more, noting the strange cat ears and tail. Ok maybe not another student.

"Ok, you're a cat person. Thing. Not a student, didn't blow my cover to some random normie. That's good. Now let's think." Turned into human me. Alright, that could mean a lot of things, lets start from the beginning. She wasn't a human before. Now Ami didn't know about a lot of non human creatures, so she ran through the list. Nightmares, hopefully not. Various types of animals, probably not but she wasn't ruling out the possibility. Mascots, well... she looked at the girl once more, noting the strange facial expressions and cat like features.

This is so weird. "Hey uhh... are you a Mascot? Actually, are you our Mascot? I have no idea what's going on to be honest, kinda freaking out a little here."


While initially looking pale and sick to her stomach from being launched up with Ami, the cat girl was now all smiles. Once again, she tried to replicate the emoticons prevalent of Mascots, only to look like she was constipated instead. That said, the fact she could see Ami even in her magical state should have been the biggest clue of them all. But in case the dark girl still didn't piece it together, the Mascot said, "Me...turned into...human...Mascot....yes?"

Yup, she's a Mascot alright. Ami stood in front of the Mascot with a blank look on her face, struggling to piece together the implications of what all this meant. About a minute passed before Ami sighed, shaking her head and collapsing next to the Mascot with an exhausted expression. "You know what? I am definitely not the right person to deal with this. I'm gonna text Tsu-chan, she's way smarter than I am." She was already pulling out her phone as she said this, sending a quick text to Tsuruga to tell her to meet up at the nearby market in Magical Girl form. She would try and explain the situation there, hopefully Tsu-chan could sort all this out while she was off getting snacks for the sleepover.

"Ah man, I gotta get pajamas for you don't I? Well, at least I get to make you look super cute and dress you up."

"Uhh..." As time passed on, the vocalization was becoming easier and easier for the human turned Mascot. At least, it seemed so. The cat girl crawled her way to sit next to Ami, still on all fours of course. "This isn't....supposed to happen," she said, ears twitching downards while she looked down at the collapsed Magical Girl. "Something...interfered. Another source changed me...I think it was...that woman..."

"Ms Tamashi? Yeah, figures that these two clusterfucks are related. I miss being able to punch my problems to death. That was way easier than all..." She vaguely motioned towards the Mascot and the sky, "-this. All this stuff." Ami turned to the Mascot (human?) and looked her over again. "Since you're finding it in ya to talk, you mind telling me your name? If you even have one."

"We...have no name," said the Mascot, waving her tail behind her. "We have no identity or singularity. We are all that we are. The...after effects of...Tamashi's magic...affected me. I was...changed? Changed. This wasn't...supposed to happen." Nor should it have happened. But in Miso City, all manner of strangness was possible.

"Congrats, your name is now Kuro. If you have a problem with that feel free to come up with something else, but in the meantime you're Kuro." Ami finally mustered up the energy to sit back up, checking her phone to see if she had gotten a response from Tsuruga. Nothing, then again it had only been a minute or two. Maybe she should keep waiting...

"Well Kuro, I'm bored. I don't have any way to turn you back into a cat thing, nor do I have any idea on where to start. So until someone who isn't me figures it out, you're gonna hang out with me. Let's go get some snacks." Ami got up a bit slowly, groaning as she stretched her arms over her head and twisted a little bit to get the cricks out of her back. "Alright, princess or fireman?"

"" The Mascot tilted her head in confusion but the name sounded fine enough. " is...that woman...Tamashi. She is...peculiar..."

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Who will get the 100th IC post.
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Make your edits we've discussed and you're fine by me. Wait for @KoL's judgement.


I see no glaring issues with her. Fine by me; wait for @KoL's judgement.
@I Need A Name

Does she constantly repair her Emblem?

“Goodness me, so many questions!” Miss Tamashi was all smiles even as she led the four Magical Girls away from their dreadful fighting spot. Indeed, even the rubble and lingering traces of an inferno crater were magically swept away. Stone hobbled back into place, black flames extinguished, and the roof was repaired back to its normal state. Or at least as normal as an old building like this could be. On ether side of her, the teacher was surrounded by light, Honaka and Tama bombarding her with thanks, praise and most of all, questions.

Ami did so as well, though she was much more reserved back with her partner. “Hmm, Hmm. Let’s see here…the best way to put it for you girls is that I’m…well…I’m….”

Suddenly halted in place, Miss Tamashi spun on her heels to pose to her students. A sparkling expression shined on her face as she raised her fingers up in a victory gesture. “I’m a Magical Girl too!” She waited for the inevitable “oohs” and “ahhs” of her juniors to pass before she continued her striding step.

“Or maybe ‘girl’ is putting it lightly. I used to be back when I was your age you know. But age is only another factor to magical beings like us. I found myself rid of it a long time ago,” Miss Tamashi said. By now they were close by to the high school and she could already see students scrambling around inside from the windows. Oh, how the spirit of youth was eager to learn!

“I’ve been watching over this city for a while now, trying to keep an eye on it. Still magical, never aging, but always making sure Miso City runs smoothly. It looks like you girls have done a number on it though, eheh.”

As she spoke, she turned her head to peer at Ami and Tsuruga. “Don’t think I forgot about you two. Nor did I forget your lackluster report Murota-Chan. I should have guessed you all had something to do with the Nightmare attack a couple of nights ago…” The memory was no doubt fresh in all their heads and Miss Tamashi sighed from the thought of it. “Worry you not. Since I’ve gone and outed myself, I suppose I need to-eh?”

Strolled up to the school’s entrance, she was surprised to find some students exiting the building. No, wait, more than a few; nearly all of them. Ami would feel the intense heat coming off from the school more than anyone else. But anyone with ears could hear the fire alarm blaring out like a siren’s call. Every student crowded around the snow-crunched grounds of the exterior.

Teachers were bustling about, talk of cancelling the school day early buzzing around the gathered students. “I suppose I should give this back to you if we’re getting a half-day,” Miss Tamashi muttered; a moment later and every one of the four girls would feel their magic returned to them. “Miyara-Chan, Takahide-Chan, feel free to come around and chat! Oh, we’ve got so much to talk about now!” Miss Tamashi said, hugging the two girls with affection before scooting off with the other teachers.

By now, the school should have been mostly evacuated and it was all but confirmed that they would be dismissed early for the New Year’s. Not that any Dark Magical Girl needed a reason to ditch. Indeed, Touka stood somewhere off to the side and stared at the school’s front; no doubt Seyrun was lingering around as well. Her earlier bloodlust had been curbed by something most unexpected and she frowned deeper than usual.

“Get over here Kanbaru.”

Bump for two light Magical Girl spots open and maybe one dark spot open.

"Hey, hey! My eyes are up here, you now?" Chie said when Chiaki looked literally past, or perhaps, into her. "If you wanna know, I'm not following her orders right now. But I could patch you up if you really wanna talk to the boss so much," she added, before taking a step to the side.

"But, it would really help me get some points, if you became a good girl and didn't cause more trouble than necessary in the middle of the school day," Chie said before putting up her best puppy-eyed face.

"If you didn't intend to cause trouble, why are you transformed." The fact that Chie had taken on her magical garbs wasn't lost on Chiaki and she looked up and down the girl's uniform. The two of them ignored whatever interaction was held between Rania and Kanbaru; it was probably for the best. "What I think is you mean to impede my path regardless," she said in a sigh, taking a step forward. "Have it your way then."

"What, you don't like it when a girl comes to see you while wearing her Sunday best?" Chie said after the other girl's rebuke. "Anyway, I could let you go if you only told me what you even want to do around here. I mean, we are friends, aren't we? You certainly can spare a moment to let me know," she added, taking a step closer to Chiaki.

"Let me go?" For the first time today, Chiaki's expression changed. It dipped down into a smirk that seemed too wide for her lips and too bright for her features. "At what point did you think I was under your authority." Chiaki was on Chie before she even finished her sentence, a fist slamming into the puppet's gut. It sparked with a vibrating discharge that shot Chie away from her like a rocket slamming into the school hall walls. Rania seemed to be having her own with Kanbaru so she left her partner with the other girl, slowly stalking forward in Chie's direction.

"Argh!" Chie spat as she was flung away faster than she could notice, only to be met with a crushing embrace with a wall. "Pfft! You know what I meant to say," she said after spitting some 'blood'. "Then again, you are that puppy's sister,so I shouldn't be surprised that the only way we can talk is like this!" Chie said as she threw a punch right back at Chiaki.

If looks could kill, the stoic glare Chiaki gave to the wired copy would have stopped Chie's heart stone dead; if she had one. Body vibrating like a pulsing ghost, she sidestepped from the fist aimed at her face. In the same fluid motion she lurched down and swept her leg, tripping up Chie. As the other girl stumbled, she would be met with another vibrating fist, this time against her cheek, Chiaki sending her flying. "You need to learn to keep a muzzle on your toys, Touka. Before it says something it will regret. First and final warning."

"Argh!" Chie repeated her groan from not long ago after being hit a second time without even being able to land a single strike of her own. "Alright, I see that you are not fooling around, but this is even less reason for me to let you go around and ruin our day even more," she added as she got back to her feet, after rolling with the impact of Chiaki's punch. "I may not have any ice to cool your head down, but this will probably be enough to knock the wind out of you!" Chie declared before lunging forward, summoning her spear, aimed right at Chiaki's chest.

The blow was parried with a harsh slash of the Dark Repulser. One blade in hand, Chiaki summoned another and slashed it right for Chie's face. Her feet carried her forward, being the one to put pressure on Chie. Red light arced and lit up the school hallway as Chiaki swung with precise abandon, daring Chie to make a step forward, let alone counter at all. "You will need more than this to halt Mugetsu," the former Detention Club President toned.

"Well, thank you for the tip, then," Chie said as she winced back, trying to protect herself from Chiaki's furious assault. Fighting like this wasn't easy, not after she burned all of her stored power a few days ago, but at least she had enough to pull a few more neat tricks. Like creating a clone right behind Chiaki and attacking her two flanks at once. Which was just what Chie did as a grin came back to her lips.

"So slow." As her eyes tracked the movement of the second Black Shot behind her, Mugetsu forced both Dark Repulsers together to create their signature double-bladed form. From there it was a simple matter of deflecting and parrying the spear blows from both sides of her, the Devil Arm spun hauntingly in her hands as she whirled around with deadly grace. Traces of her blades connected with the lockers around them, leaving behind red hot scars into Miso City High's property.

"And then, they call me because of the collateral damage..." Chie quipped as Chiaki was unfazed by her multi-directional attack. "Though, there's still more from where that came from!" she yelled as another pair of clones came out of Chiaki's very on shadow, seeking to hold the blonde in place while the already existing ones tried to score an actual blow.

"Oh?" A third clone wasn't too unexpected but it happened all the same. The third Black Shot had pooled out from her own shadow and held her back, catching her arms in her own. At the same time, the other two lunged forward to try and strike the dark girl down. "You rely on the same tactics, Touka." Mugetsu's body began to vibrate at impossible speeds and she slipped right through the clone's hold. Leaping up high in a flip, she slammed herself around in the air, smacking all three with a boot to the face. They were still reeling even as she landed again.

"Tsk! Trying to fight someone like you is a pain in the ass, you know?" Chie said as she was forced to merge with her clones after Chiaki's counter. If she couldn't relly on her usual moves, she would have to improvise, if she wanted to get out of this while not looking like a weakling. Just as she thought so, Chie remembered something that might give her an edge, at least for one attack. Even if it would likely only invite more furious counter later...

"Ok, let's see how you like this little trick I picked up from a lost puppy!" Chie yelled as she created another clone, this time on the outside and used its blade to reflect the light of the sun from outside, reflecting off the windows, on Chiaki's face. It was a blatant copy of one of Luna's favorite cheap moves — one that she learned from Chiaki no less — but something that the other girl likely wasn't expecting. And then, she followed the blinding attack with a kick to Chiaki's stomach, trying to disable the other magical girl as fast as she could.

"If I'm so difficult to move, you should stop wasting your time-" Using the environment around her was something she thought beyond the clone's sentience. The moment that clone was made manifest in the chilly air outside, using its blade to direct the sunlight, Mugetsu instantly knew what she was doing. And she seethed with an aura of darkness that almost engulfed the entire school. "You...Why you-grhn!" Her body moved on its own, raising her arm up to shield her eyes. It had left her wide open to Black Shot's boot, sending her stumbling backwards.

Her boots skidded harshly against the ground until she finally righted herself from the force of Black Shot's kick. Mugetsu grip tightened around Dark Repulser while her free hand clutched her gut. "....I changed my mind. I'm sending you back to Touka in pieces." The look of ensured death was painted on her expression as she stared down the walking wired girl.

"Come on, don't look at me like that. I'm the only one here who actually liked that puppyhead," Chie said as she noticed Chiaki's seething anger. What did she even understand of grief anyway? Sure, she may have lost her sister but what about Chie who never had anything, or anyone, in the first place? "Anyway, it's about time we end this show, soon enough people will begin to walk around here and I'm sure you wouldn't want to break your own rules, would you?" she added before flinging a number of dark daggers on Chiaki, each of which would split up when they got close enough, acting more like a shotgun blast than a bullet. If this move was enough to harm Luna, it probably would work on her sister as well, or so Chie though.

"Don't you...dare lecture me." Showing more than enough emotion than usual, the darkness that had encompassed Mugetsu's entire form flared out in hateful waves. It was similar to the negativity that constantly ebbed away from Touka, a sensation Black Shot would have been well aware of. The flaring darkness halted the knives where they stood, draining away their power and letting them clang to the floor to become disparaged wires. Useless and broken. Body twitching, Mugetsu suddenly disappeared from Black Shot's perception.

It would be too late to realize it was not twitches, but vibrations that spurned her on. Mugetsu zipped from locker to locker, each one caving in from her slamming landing as she surrounded Black Shot on all sides. The negativity in the air was growing, near choking human students now who were foolish enough to wander close to the invisible battle.

"Ok, you are beginning to really piss me off. Do you think it's hard to lose something? Then, try having nothing to begin with!" Chie shouted, raising her voice as the darkness around her grew. Instead of being crushed by it, the empty puppet as she was, drew upon the dark energies, her own negativity and mood getting progressively worse, along with Chiaki. And so did her powers grow by the moment as the fact that her next swings would get closer and closer to hit Chiaki, despite the other girl's speed. It was probably only a matter of time until th two of them were right around the same level. What would be of everythign around them was yet to be seen.

"Don't talk to me about losing something!" For the first time in their encounter, Mugetsu voice roared back among the black blurs surrounding Black Shot. The wire clone was howling to a hurricane at this point, every one of her swings deflected back; until soon enough, those same swings were assaulting her now. From every angle, every inch of her artificial body was barraged with blows and swipes of Dark Repulser, culiminating at last with two harsh boots into her back that slammed her to the school floor.

A loud, thundering crack resounded as Mugetsu stood literally above her opponent. With her blades heaved, she eyed the back of Black Shot's throat and thrust down without a second though. But the puppet felt no pain resounding at her neck, even if she could feel it. The red hot blades instead stabbed through her shoulder, pinning her down. For the longest time Mugetsu just stared at Black Shot's back beneath her boots, visibly shaking as the darkness swelled.

These were real twitches now and she glanced around before aiming to calm her breath. More of an outburst would soon be lethal to mortal viewers, though neither of them noticed the interested expressions of a televised screen in the corner. "What do you know about losing someone, anything? All you are is an empty vessel. A puppet who can't feel a thing," Mugetsu hissed, wretching her blade out of Black Shot. "And because of that you have no power against me. You're weak and will remain just as empty as you were born...."

"Ahhh! Get away from me!" Chie roared back as she struggled to free herself from Chiaki's oppression. Her voice was distorted, almost to an ihuman degree as the darkness permeated the void at her core. The fact that Chiaki's rebuke didn't help her regain her composure was one last drop in the bucket. That said, soon enough, Chie's scowl turned into a twisted grin and she looked up at Chiaki with eyes that betrayed a growing inner malice. "Or maybe not. After all, if I'm empty...

But Mugetsu wasn't listening. Her head was pointed up towards the ceiling and it slowly dawned on the Dark Magical Girl that her target was no longer present. In fact, she had left some time ago. "You've cost me my hunt. Tch." Her sword summoned away, she leaned down and grabbed Black Shot by her hair, slowly dragging her back towards where they had come. Like a specter of Death, she ignored whatever insults her defeated opponent had to say before meeting up with Rania and Kanbaru again.

"Quit messing around. We're done here," was all Mugetsu said to her partner, tossing Black Shot over Kanbaru. Without another word of acknowledgment, the grieving Magical Girl stalked away. She didn't care for the fact that their resulting battle had set the school fire alarm system to go off. That wasn't her problem.

As for Chie, once all the negative darkness surrounding Chiaki began to diminish, so did her own instability. Once the other two left all she did was turn towards her partner and say, "Well, at least it seems like we will not have afternoon classes, right?" with a twisted grin still stamped in her face.

Bump for two light Magical Girl spots open.
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