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Hiccup stared at the ground momentarily before Steven's voice caught his attention. "So, uhm.. Funny thing, Hiccup. I.. I think I know what's going on, and maybe even the why of it. But.. It's kinda hard to explain." With that, he glanced up at the boy, feeling a sense of hope among his dread - but that was quickly washed away when he continued. "So, uh, instead of trying to explain and inevitably making myself look like an insane fool, I'm going to give you-" He pulled out a weird rectangular device that looked beyond what his people used. "This!" What was that thing?

Hiccup stared at it as his brain began to ponder it. Steven seemed to give him an unspoken permission to hold the odd metallic tablet, and so, with great hesitance, he held it - seeing upon the weird device words of a written rule of this land. He squinted, reading the vague text but- Wait. What did it even say? The text was so tiny and foreign. Suddenly, his eyes widened. This has to be some godly device and Steven had to be-

His heart skipped a bit as he thought about it. Steven had said he had healing powers, though he had never really saw it himself, and this technology pressed him to believe that he was perhaps a god of sorts. It became more apparent as he displayed the patience of a god, and though he wasn't truly as graceful as the goddess was.. perhaps he was the goddess Eir taking shape of a boy, causing his pupils to widen. Hiccup felt himself tremble softly as he bowed his head. In this moment he truly realized he was not talking to a child, but a goddess herself, thinking her as a blessing to him. "Eir, the goddess of healing, I am honored to be in your presence, but you've no need to be around a mortal such as I."



He was on his way to the next spot until he heard Steven's words. "You have noticed that the village is kinda.. really super quiet, right?" The words forced him to halt as a shiver went up his spine. He had noticed it was quiet - but he didn't want to think about it. For all he knew they were all busy, or huddled up or.. Or....

Hiccup suddenly bolted, leaving behind both Toothless and Steven in a rush of pure panic. What if they weren't just simply huddled up? What if the enemies had already gone through the village and they, without a chief to guide them, went peacefully - no, no, no! Gods, no! He had to check, he needed to see if there was a struggle - or maybe, just maybe, it was a prank set by the god Loki himself! He silently prayed it would have been - but as he came upon his own home, it seemed untouched. Abandoned. He scurried up the steps and, still praying to the gods and those of the nine realms, pushed the door open. There was nothing. No sign of a struggle, no sign of any sort of life - everything was perfectly in place, which by now he knew was merely impossible - Zephyr would have touched at least one valued heirloom, but it was perfect and proper. This made him much, much more nervous.


Toothless was beginning to notice the silence as well, he even recognized it as an odd thing that probably shouldn’t be happening, given the bustling village of vikings would have completely fawned over the idea of a dragon - and they’d certainly be out and about. There was a weird air around the place, like something was the same but slightly.. Off.

Despite this, Toothless got to thinking about if this place was empty then.. Perhaps? He hadn’t thought of that until now. His family. His dragons. Were they missing too? He had to check, surely they’d be around somewhere, but.. he had already checked. There was no body of ocean near this strange place, he distinctively remembers this new Berk being completely isolated by the ocean, meaning if this place was not the same then it could mean that his home didn’t exist. After all, he awoke in the middle of New Berk to a stone telling him the rules of the ‘Crossroads’. His appendages flicked back softly as he began to pace. It was a place called the Crossroads, they were clearly not in the real New Berk and there was a way to get out. Those token things he devoured were the key out. Oh. Yeah, those tokens.

Toothless began to retch up the tokens, just as a safety precaution lest he digest and lose them entirely. It was going to be fine. He could go home, and this would be like a little adventure! Just him and Hiccup, like the old times.

Looking towards Steven, who seemed somewhat stunned for good reason - he gave a coo of sorts, showing him he wasn’t that mad at him. Not anymore, at least, but he licked up the tokens opting to keep them in his mouth, before gesturing for him to follow on as he made his way to the chieftain’s house. As he got there though, Hiccup seemed to be making his way out. He seemed.. Saddened. Worried, dejected in a way. As he flattened his appendages and gave a small tilt of his head he went to greet him as he made his way down the steps to his home - only to be treated with a small, absent minded head pat and a swallowing of a man’s sadness, with a clear display of Hiccup pretending to be alright - but through his years of knowing the man, he could tell when he wasn’t okay, not one bit.

Toothless looked back at Steven, then gestured his head towards Hiccup, giving him an expectant look as if to say ‘Hey, you wanna tell him what’s going on?’.



He was about to suggest they should take a closer look - preferably on Toothless, as he's the only creature among them that should be able to fly, with all due respect. However - once he saw the child take off like an arrow loosed from the greatest archer this side of the sea stack they lived upon - he has to admit he felt a bit.. concerned. He was unsure if he saw it right, but as he proceeded to fall back down after momentarily remaining in the sky, looking for the source of the noise they heard and looked towards Toothless to see an equally confused dragon, he didn't really know what to think - so.. He didn't.

As Steven landed he gave a sort of blink and a grin - it was visibly uncomfortable "Uh.. Yeah! Good thing." A nervous chuckle escaped his lips as he rubbed the back of his neck. Right, he should just go on with the tour. Hiccup cleared his throat and gestured for the pair to follow, to which Toothless did - with much hesitation, considering all he just witnessed with an infant human doing.. that.


Stormfly had gone back to her hunting antics - following the old buck. He seemed to have eluded her - until he bolted through a clearing - to which her eyes held steady upon. In a flash, Stormfly flicked her spines at the dashing buck - striking it right in the throat. She seemed to cringe internally ever so softly - but this was lunch, hooray!

As the dragoness approached the rabbit she stared at its struggling, quivering body. Poor thing.. Tilting her head, she bit down on its torso, grabbing it up off of the spike and throwing it onto the ground before beginning to skin it. It was most certainly dead by now, but if it wasn't it would be. Eventually, of course. It wasn't until she went to dig in after delicately skinning the small carcass that she hacked up the tokens - not wanting to accidentally digest them if they really meant what she was told they meant. Once they laid in front of her, she quickly downed the dead rabbit, satisfied that she managed to find some food after that loud noise startled it - but fate worked in her favor.

Stormfly seemed to sniff out a new scent - perhaps a new rabbit or source of prey - when suddenly a new scent joined the mix. Wait.. This scent was familiar. Toothless?? Her crest spines flicked up out of excitement as she quickly placed the scent to the dragon. He must have been close by! This excited her, causing her to spread her wings and take off in a dash.


Yeah,, Hiya! I thought I'd try this out!


Hiccup paused - and was slightly taken aback. He let something very important slip - but he wasn't about to let this child know - gods no! Though, he supposed the bridge was crossed when he accidentally let himself say as long. Maybe he could play it off - yeah he could play it off! Hiccup gave a chuckle and shook his head. "Yeah. Sorry, I'm kind of confused. One moment I was speaking to Astrid, my wife, and now I'm barely even walking back to Berk with.. Well, Toothless - whom we vowed to rarely meet by the way-" Toothless gave a tilt of his head and a small coo - trying to tell him he didn't really have a choice in where he was, but he knew, from pure instinct alone, that something was up - but Hiccup didn't truly listen. "But.. you know what I meant.. Anyway! I think it's time I show you around my village." Before either of them had a chance to object, he ushered Steven into a properly planned path - into the village. "I'm sure you'll like it here! Over there -" Hiccup softly started, pointing towards an obvious blacksmith forge - before continuing. "Is where my good friend Gobber works. He's been with me since I was born and he'll probably be here longer than me. No dragon nor viking could defeat him, shown by his missing arm AND leg." His voice was a mix of amazed and gleeful to even be explaining his good friend. As he was gesturing to another place - he heard a distant call. Wait. Wait what? The call seemed to rumble through the earth itself - causing a moment of panic. Oh no, was that..? He looked over at Steven, then to Toothless - to which Toothless gave a much more concerned back. Oh gods, that was certainly not a dragon either of them knew about.


As the dragoness fluttered down to the forest she began to sniff out a potential candidate for food. The Deadly Nadders, like Stormfly herself, have been evolving to hunt down more achievable prey - such as rabbits and smaller birds. As the Nadder sniffed about the area, she caught the scent of a rabbit, to which she followed slowly and slyly. Indeed - this was a rabbit, and with rabbits come a warren, and with a warren- Does. Of course there's does. Stormfly gave a snort, shaking her head. She wasn't about to kill the does - not this season at least, they'd most likely be nursing or bearing kits of their own - which would ruin the balance of things. Stormfly, looking about, started to search for a buck. A buck would be missed, but easily replaced by another. It took her a moment or two - but she found a buck alone, clearly older than the rest. Perfect. He had already passed his time as a valued buck of the warren.

Ever so quietly she snuck closer and closer to the old, grazing buck before- There was suddenly a rumble in the trees and a distant noise, causing the buck to flee the area. Stormfly gave a small squawk of anger before really taking in the noise. It didn't sound familiar - and it was not Toothless - this took her back slightly before regaining her composure. Perhaps she should investigate.

imagine constantly forgetting to mention the person you're doing the rp with

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Hiccup felt.. sad. Listening to the child talk about all of his problems - the fact he had to fight off.. 'Aliens', whatever they were, at such a young age? Of course, to him, his mind filled in the blanks - thinking perhaps Aliens were a band of weird villagers trying to work towards overtaking as much as they could and he, a very young Chief or Chief's son had to work everything out. It made him feel awful - that he seemed to not even have a childhood - but he continued to listen.

Though he found he couldn't explain the space part or the planet part or... He felt his blood run cold at the 'poison filled injector' bit - but.. No, of course not, he definitely died all those years ago, right? ..Right? Yeah, of course! Of course. If he wasn't he'd come back, knowing him. But then another part stopped him. "Everybody's safe. Now I'm-" Hiccup was taken aback - and it didn't help when the child paused. He was about to ask when he chimed in again, presenting his identity with a weird hand gesture that he couldn't help but smile at - despite the moment that had just occurred. Hiccup's feelings didn't stop, however, evident by the fact that when he was done with his adorable, gushy speech - he gave a sigh and ruffled his hair. "I'm sorry you had to go through that-" Hiccup paused. He had never even heard the name Steven before - it kind of made him nervous, but with a proud inhale he progressed. "Steven. But you're in Berk now - and as long as we can get you back to your village, you'll be safe here."

LOCATION: Outside of The Hidden World

Ouch Thought the dragoness as she stood herself up - the sound of rushing water all around her not at all helping her headache of sorts. As she shook herself down, she realized she was on a ledge, right outside of The Hidden World. How odd! As she went to fly towards the entrance she realized - there was no entrance. As she seemed to hover in the air she landed on what appeared to be a land mass of rock, with very small entrances for the water to flow through. Okay then. The dragoness seemed to scratch at the rock formation, becoming more and more curious. Perhaps she was at the wrong place? But then again where is this place? She shook her head, flying back up to the ledge, as something caught her eye.

As she landed, she saw a rock with weird circular objects around it. As she inspected the weird rock, she made out a bunch of words in a form of dragon language - this certainly interested her, so she, like any other dragon would, seemed to eat the chips up and take flight, still wondering why on earth her home wasn't.. Well, there. At all. No matter, she was fine with stretching her wings - the exercise made for a good pass time - she even seemed to find a.. Forest. Well this certainly looks interesting - maybe I can find something to eat here.


He was about to open his mouth before Toothless let out a hearty noise, rushing ahead into.. well, New Berk. As they broke the treeline, Hiccup gave a chuckle, nudging the kid softly to a halt and stepping in front of him, gesturing to the quaint village.

Oh yeah, time to do this thing again. With a clearing of his throat and a groan from Toothless - he began to speak. "This is New Berk. What once used to be twelve days North of hopeless, and just a few degrees South of freezing to death." Hiccup was lost in his own world as Toothless, who stood by idly, stood up right and began to mock and mimck his movements - all unbeknownst to Hiccup, of course. Regardless, the man continued. "Though, thanks to yours truly, located on the new and improved Meridian of Misery." He loved that. It'd been years since he had introduced someone formally like that - but he was far from done. "Here on New Berk, we have fishing, charming views of the sunsets - the only problem-" It then hit him. There.. were no problems. Sure there was the occasional viking fight, or someone threatening war - but without the dragons.. Wow, that's kind of sad. It must have been obvious because Toothless stopped himself and plopped himself back onto all fours, moving towards Hiccup and nuzzling him, giving a coo.

The man gave a brief smile, petting the loving Night Fury in front of him and sighed softly. "The only problem is that there is no problem. No dragons trying to steal our stuff for some tyrannical queen.. No dragon racing, not even an overcrowded Berk. I kinda miss having the occasional bad guy- I don't wanna sound weird but I really miss all of.. This." He gestured to Toothless, to which the dragon gave a grumble. Hiccup gave a chuckle and hugged the dragon. "Exactly.."


it's called toothless is going to battle to the death with him
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