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I joined this site for a YGO RP.

Yeah, I know.

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Lucille was not surprised at all to hear that she made the middle dorm. Her performance during placement was certainly not terrible: she didn't get blown out like some of the other students. In fact, she even managed to edge out a win. But nothing about that placement duel was motivating, and that showed in her dueling. Duels like that are not what she is here for. She's only interested in real power.

She stalked up to her room with her luggage and keys. Second floor, just beside the elevator. In this way, at least, she considered her luck good. After a cursory slide of the key card, Lucille entered her new home away from home. Her eyes darted from left to right and back again as she scanned the room. Bed, desk, nightstand, closet, everything seemed to be in order.

With nothing out of the ordinary that she had to report, Lucille closed the door behind her and left her suitcase by her desk as she took a seat. She took out her deck and looked at it for a moment before spring flourishing the cards from one hand to the other. Then, setting it on the desk in front of her face-down, she took the card from the top and looked at it.

Condemned Witch. This card has been with her for so long now, she's never took it out of her deck. Even now, she can almost feel it pushing her forward. Setting the card down on the desk beside her deck, she crossed her arms and wondered what it was she would find at this school, or even if there was anything here for her at all. With a sigh, she uncrossed her arms and stood up from her chair, moving toward her suitcase to begin the long and tedious process of unpacking.
I guess I'll go ahead and throw my hat into the ring.

I mean, come on. It's a Yu-Gi-Oh RP.
And another one bites the dust. Well, it's been fun, boys.

"Phew. No, that's alright." Nathaniel said after letting out a deep breath. That last duel was quite the nail-biter. "I can go again." As Haas made his way to the rafters, Nathaniel stood still at his position on the other side of the field, waiting for Megan to take up her positions.

"Alrighty then." Megan said and stood across the arena from Nathaniel with her duel disk at the ready. "Since you've already been through one duel I think it's fair to let you go first." Nathaniel had preformed quite well last duel, Megan wondered if she was up to the challenge of fighting him again.

"Sure." Nathaniel held his duel disk in front as the automated deck shuffling did its thing.


As he was heading to the arena, Nathaniel was pleasantly surprised as his D-Ceiver beeped out a prompt reply, and then even another. He was expecting to have to queue up some random student, but it seemed like his friends were pretty reliable. Checking his messages as he boarded the elevator, it seemed like Haas and Megan were the ones to bite. If they had a fourth person, they could do a Tag Duel, but as it were, someone was going to have to sit out.

"Sorry Megan. Haas was first. I can duel you after though."

Nathaniel had actually wanted to duel Megan. With examinations coming up, Nathaniel would have much rather dueled someone he had a favorable chance against. But in the interest of seeming fair, he chose the one who came first. Plus, Nathaniel had never actually dueled Haas before, even though they both knew each other's strategies. This should prove to be a very interesting duel.
Under normal circumstances, Nathaniel was a pretty mellow person. But after going through all that trouble and cards to gather two cards, only to have Steel lead them to a dead end left Nathaniel pretty darn annoyed at this rip-off. Steel had left them with more questions than answers, and Nathaniel was not about to just stop there. Leaving Maisy to her own devices, Nathaniel spent the next couple of months trying to track Steel down. But finding one student in a school that was probably mostly populated by Dark Dormers at this point was even harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Plus, he wasn't about to go sneaking into the Dark Dorm. Asylums were probably safer. He was irritated, but not that irritated.

Distracted by his impromptu man hunt, the Duel Examinations had completely sneaked up on Nathaniel, who had not prepared at all. And with the last day upon him, he realized that he should probably find someone to duel with if he wanted to have any kind of advancement in this school. The easiest way was probably to find someone he already knew, so opening up his D-Ceiver, he shot a quick message to the group, hoping to find somebody to duel with.

"Anyone wanna duel for exams?"
To be quite honest, the terrorists seemed completely random and out of nowhere, and it made no sense for students to stay at the school AFTER it got attacked, so yeah, I think I would rather pretend it never happened.

Do we still get the card?
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