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I joined this site for a YGO RP.

Yeah, I know.

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And another one bites the dust. Well, it's been fun, boys.

"Phew. No, that's alright." Nathaniel said after letting out a deep breath. That last duel was quite the nail-biter. "I can go again." As Haas made his way to the rafters, Nathaniel stood still at his position on the other side of the field, waiting for Megan to take up her positions.

"Alrighty then." Megan said and stood across the arena from Nathaniel with her duel disk at the ready. "Since you've already been through one duel I think it's fair to let you go first." Nathaniel had preformed quite well last duel, Megan wondered if she was up to the challenge of fighting him again.

"Sure." Nathaniel held his duel disk in front as the automated deck shuffling did its thing.


As he was heading to the arena, Nathaniel was pleasantly surprised as his D-Ceiver beeped out a prompt reply, and then even another. He was expecting to have to queue up some random student, but it seemed like his friends were pretty reliable. Checking his messages as he boarded the elevator, it seemed like Haas and Megan were the ones to bite. If they had a fourth person, they could do a Tag Duel, but as it were, someone was going to have to sit out.

"Sorry Megan. Haas was first. I can duel you after though."

Nathaniel had actually wanted to duel Megan. With examinations coming up, Nathaniel would have much rather dueled someone he had a favorable chance against. But in the interest of seeming fair, he chose the one who came first. Plus, Nathaniel had never actually dueled Haas before, even though they both knew each other's strategies. This should prove to be a very interesting duel.
Under normal circumstances, Nathaniel was a pretty mellow person. But after going through all that trouble and cards to gather two cards, only to have Steel lead them to a dead end left Nathaniel pretty darn annoyed at this rip-off. Steel had left them with more questions than answers, and Nathaniel was not about to just stop there. Leaving Maisy to her own devices, Nathaniel spent the next couple of months trying to track Steel down. But finding one student in a school that was probably mostly populated by Dark Dormers at this point was even harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Plus, he wasn't about to go sneaking into the Dark Dorm. Asylums were probably safer. He was irritated, but not that irritated.

Distracted by his impromptu man hunt, the Duel Examinations had completely sneaked up on Nathaniel, who had not prepared at all. And with the last day upon him, he realized that he should probably find someone to duel with if he wanted to have any kind of advancement in this school. The easiest way was probably to find someone he already knew, so opening up his D-Ceiver, he shot a quick message to the group, hoping to find somebody to duel with.

"Anyone wanna duel for exams?"
To be quite honest, the terrorists seemed completely random and out of nowhere, and it made no sense for students to stay at the school AFTER it got attacked, so yeah, I think I would rather pretend it never happened.

Do we still get the card?

You can also just upload them to imgur and then link the url they give you.


Anyway, regarding the filler episode...

Although doesn't Camryn have that duel with Meio? Or is that just done already?
Feeling a vibration at his side, Nathaniel checked his messages to finally find some good news from Camryn. Nathaniel quickly shot back a reply, telling Camryn that they are about to wrap up. Now that the cards were within their reach, there was no need to stick around in a room that wasn't theirs. Although there was one thing nagging in the back of Nathaniel's mind...

"Maisy, Camryn got what we're looking for. We don't have much reason to stay here any longer. Although one last thing before we go." Nathaniel walked over to Maisy and whispered in Maisy's ear "Maybe you should take a picture of him. You know, for insurance's sake." before turning to Lite, which Nathaniel thought was the most ironic name he had ever heard.

"Something's been bugging me. This "Exec" you've been talking about. Can you give us a name?"
<Snipped quote by Ammokkx>

Why those two, out of curiosity?

Ahem, @Ammokkx


Sigh* fair enough.

A call too everyone then. Any suggestions for cards or tips to win? Clearly my deck needs an overhaul if I'm going to start helping in this and future story arcs to come.

I'm tired of being the loser

Okay, I'm not too keen on just giving OOC information, but I guess you can just pass off these tips as Angelo looking them up online or something.

Anyway, I've played a good amount of Dragunities in my time, so I can give you a few pointers. Or maybe a lot of them.

First off, I'm sorry to say that Dragunities are just not suited for Turbo Duels, as the nature of Turbo Duels exclude them from using two of their best cards: Dragon Ravine and Dragunity Divine Lance. Even if you are adamant on using Dragunities in Turbo Duels, I still suggest you get 3 copies of those cards ASAP for your Standard Deck.

Anyway, you don't have a lot of combos in your current deck. The only thing I see that really stands out is Masked Dragon into Creature Swap, and even then that's inconsistent and also kind of rudimentary.

Anyway, here are some cards that can help both your Standard and Turbo Decks:

Dragunity Phalanx

The fact that the Structure Deck does not give you this card is a crime. This card enables pretty much every major Dragunity Synchro play. Get it and keep it.

Dragunity Synchro Monsters (except Trident), but especially Vajrayana.

Vajrayana, Gae Dearg, and Barcha should be top priority after Phalanx, in that order. Gae Bulg in my experience is actually the second weakest Dragunity Synchro after Trident. Vajrayana into Divine Lance into Dragunity Brandistock gives you a 5000 ATK monster that can attack twice and is immune to Trap cards. That's pretty good.

Harpie Harpist

Mediocre by itself, but combos really well with Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg. It's a +1, and most importantly, it gets your Dragunity Dux, one of your regular playmakers with Phalanx.
<Snipped quote by Eklispe>

Yeah, I figured. Which is why I tagged you originally. Talking to the GM usually helps in getting you to do stuff. Tell you what, either tell me what current event you'd like to be worked into or one location Megan would go and I can make something up.

EDIT: After some convincing from Charak: Construct to one. Superpoly too, but that's on me.

Why those two, out of curiosity?

I was brainstorming this card for a while; what do you guys think?

Name: Nova Jester
Level: 4
Attribute: LIGHT
Monster Type(s): Fairy / Tuner
Effect: When this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can add one "Airknight Parshath" from your Deck to your hand. If "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is on the field, you can Special Summon it instead, then reduce its Level by 1. If this effect is activated, you cannot Special Summon any monsters this turn, except Fairy-type monsters. You can only activate the effect of "Nova Jester" once per turn, and only once that turn.
ATK/DEF: 800/1400

Now on the topic of this custom card. I get your point about Airknight Parshath being hard to toolbox, but do you really need that many ways to search him out? Airknight Parshath isn't really a key card that branches into multiple different plays like Utopia or Stardust. I mean it goes into, what? Neo-Parshath. That's about it.

Furthermore, you already made a bunch of customs for the Parshath series that search and/or draw. Maybe this one's just a tiny bit overkill.
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