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Current A storm of story ideas is raging through my head since I found this place, now my job is to figure out what on earth to do with that.


Currently studying industrial design engineering at university, I want ideas and concepts to be out there, and to seem meaningful in relation to their consumers, whether we are talking about a consumer product or a storyline, it's all designed in the end.

At the same time just look at the nutty and ultimately meaningful shit the universe produced without going through something even remotely resembling a sane design process, but that's a topic for another day.

I want to be able to go crazy in RPG's. Literally if it comes to that, figuratively if not. As a player at first, to get a taste of this place, but certainly as a host too. Really there are plenty of genres in which I can infuse the wackiness I want, I am partial towards superhero comics myself, but if the RPG has a wacky undertone to begin with that's just a pre.

Yeah, errr, what else should I say here? Errr...

I may think of something later...

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I'm totally designing shit already.

How hypothetical can we get? What is interesting about history is that for ever path we took there's an infinite amount of paths we missed out on, and surely there will be designs that didn't come to be not because they were impossible, but just because engineers can only focus on so many things.
@MadBull Say hi! I mentioned your New God earlier and put him in the pre-approved list.

not technically a New God himself! here is what I cooked up

Name: Unknown

Alias: Gad-Fly

Age: A native of New Genesis, his actual age would be meaningless to humans. The human equivalent would be 18
Personality: Anti-authoritarian, anarchist, protester, rebellious, street-savvy

Archetype: Alien and gadgeteer

Powers: His New Genesis physiology grants Gad-Fly superhuman strength, superhuman speed and super-leaping. He is no actual New God though, and his power levels do sit below those of them.
Gad-Fly is an excellent fighter, his skills a direct result of the harsh circumstances most Bugs on New Gensis live under.
Gad-Fly loosely modelled his weapons (and costume) after those of Forager, greatest hero of the Bugs of New Gensis. As such, his gauntlets can produce a small energy shield, shoot acid, and stick to surfaces, the latter quality is implemented in his boots as well.

Weaknesses: His rebellious nature for sure, and his inexperience in the level of combat the JLA tends to deal with. The JLA has organization and hierarchy, neither are circumstances Gad-Fly thrives under.

Appearance: As pictured, Gad-Fly loosely modelled his look after that of the Bug-hero Forager. Underneath his mask he has an average face for a human of 18 years with half long black hair.

Character Evolution: Gad-Fly came to the League with the promise of fighting oppression and standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. He sometimes questions if he did the right thing, disliking the idea he is now part of the "elite" himself. He identifies with the man on the street and feels most closely related to those leaguers that share that trait.

BRIEF Bio: New Genesis has a strict hierarchy. The New Gods reign, are praised, have joined the ranks of the Justice League. But no society can be based on an upper class, let alone "gods", alone. The "bugs" live beneath them, both litteraly and metaphorically in this case. They live in hives or the "Bug Mound", little more than glorified slums. Besides the occassional prejudice, almost everyone seems to happily accept this hierarchy.
The bug who now only wants to be known as Gad-Fly never understood this.
Since his very very early childhood he loathed the New Gods, somehow being "more" than the bugs based on nothing but an archaic system and DNA. That they layed down the rules for New Genesis from their ivory tower for New Gods and bugs alike. But what can one do with those sentiments? The New Gods are out of reach for a young bug boy. And he did find some like-minded over the years, he did, although none of them rebelled as vigorously as Gad-Fly. He did attend minor riots, graffitied walls, damaged properties, chain himself to buildings of worship, but really any movement against the New Gods he got involved with never went further than that. He never came close to actually threatening the New Gods.
His vigor did bring him on the radar of the bug leaders though, Prime One and All-Widow. They know that prejudice towards the New Gods is something that exists in their society, but they have never seen someone so young fight them so passionately. They found this both frightening and promosing. They never wanted an uprising against the New Gods, yet thought that with just a little bit of guidance this Gad-Fly could become a great warrior for New Genesis.
New Genesis was not to be the place for him to get this guidance, not now, it is the structure of this very place that feeds his anger in the first place. There was this Earth team of heroes, the JLA, that the bug leaders had become aware of, that should be able to do this job just fine. They came to Gad-Fly with the promise of a team that fights the less fortunate of another world. At the same time, they turned to cosmic JLA-member Green Lantern with the promise of a great bug warrior...

Notes: Fan of Forager, greatest bug warrior ever known, who despite his New Gods blood never turned his back to his fellow bugs. Managed to aquire gadgets on the black market that are loosely modelled after what Forager used.
Decided he wanted to be known only as Gad-Fly when his activism sparked. Given New Genesis names are meaningless for Earth authorities anyway, this was deemed a workable situation.

Sample Post: Gad-Fly walks through the corridors of his new home. Alone. Pictures of Justice League members past and present everywhere. They are praised, celebrated, have statues erected for them. Superman, Green Lantern, Batman... they are put on pedestals, worshiped like... like gods? To add insult to injury, he even stumbles upon the likes of Mister Miracle, Lightray, Big Barda and, *shurgs*, Orion. None of them had even heard of him until now, yet these were people he actively opposed for his entire life.
"I know what you are thinking."
Surely he was alone? Oh... wait... Batman...
"I really doubt you do."

"Don't insult my intelligence, I tend to know what everyone is thinking."


"You are questioning whether it's right we put ourselves above the common man. Whether it's right we intervene in their lives the way we do. Where the line is between helping the oppressed, and becoming the oppressors."

"... that is exactly what I am thinking, yes."
"I've often asked myself that. I can't stand that part of the job. I have actively been removing statues people in Gotham tried to put up for me. Always managed to pin it on one of my bad guys."
"But you are part of it now Batman!"

"As are you, a small sacrifice compared to the good we can do if you ask me."
"But it goes against everything I ever fought for! All I ever wanted was equality, and now I am part of the authority! Of some higher class! This is not right Batman! Look at that picture! That is Orion for fuck's sake! The sheer prejudice my people had to put up with from him!"

"Non one's ever accused Orion for being a paragon of logical thought. The inconvenient truth is that he made a great warrior for the forces of justice."
"It's still not fair."

"Listen kid, we have people like you here on Earth too. Hippies, Occupy, some do exactly what you did. They make a lot of noise and achieve very little. They are so self-righteous, but if you analyze what they actually do they do more harm than good. Then for one second analyze what we do, here. We actually help people, that is what we do."


"And truth be told, I'm glad to have people like you in the League. Keeps us on our toes, I said that to Green Arrow when he came here, you 2 should have a cup of coffee some time."

"I guess. I'll think about what you just said Batman, it's just a difficult situation for me to be in.




Gad-Fly had heard the stories about how underneath that mask Batman was just an ordinary human, weaker even than the bugs of New Genesis. The bugs could have done with someone like him, a hero for everyone. Maybe under the right circumstances, Gad-Fly himself could become that. That was a nice thought.
And a horrifying one, statues, bleh.

I am interested but have one slight question. Often those that are enemies of gods are gods themselves, do they get to live with the gods or not?
I am interested in this!
This has been on my mind since the already legendary @Force and Fury led me to this place.

My sole RPG-hosting experience so far was either taking turns hosting within a fixed format of the forum, or hosting something among friends for fun. What these 2 situations had in common, was that the job of gathering an audience was pretty much already done.

This place is different, you need to gather interest for your ideas, having an idea you yourself like isn't good enough, you need to get others to like it. And I just so happen to wonder if people here have special ways to approach that factor.

Maybe there are people that only look for interest after they think they have found an incredibly original hook? Maybe some people look at what genre is popular and try to accommodate that? Maybe I am overthinking this and most people just start RPG's they themselves like?

Interested to see what might come out of this.
I declare interest

edit: I have a question, does the fact the children had to hide their powers mean that they can't include severe physical changes?
Hi, like The Angry Goat and Triangular Mink who posted their own introductions so very recently, I was directed here by a man called Force and Fury! I read the new user's guide and that really made me like how this place is built, hope I'll find some fun here.
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