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This is a conceptual roleplay set in the Naruto Universe within the framework of an alternate universe.

What this means though, is that for the most part canonical characters and events are absent from this continuity. There is no Naruto Uzumaki, and as a byproduct there are no events surrounding that character and Kishimoto’s original timeline in this roleplay. This allows a fresh interpretation of the base universe, new ideas to flourish without needing to cross reference every specific fact, and of course creates a constantly building continuity as mysteries and legends unfold before our very eyes. This is a role-play that does not exist with official canon, however while this is so events have branched similarly to some effect. Core characters from aforementioned official canon have been removed from play but their clans continue to be shaped similarly.

Players will begin with an academy student in Konohagakure that is awaiting the results of the genin exams. This is, in part, due to my belief of what Naruto is about as a setting. Basically, I believe at the heart of it that Naruto is about the character's growth as a genin, the camaraderie they create with their friends, the bonds that deepen through experience, and ultimately the path they take. So all CS’s should be marked “genin” level unless you are applying for a jonin-sensei. Players are encouraged to have as many characters as they can handle, but remember quality-over-quantity as well as to be mindful of many characters. I would personally prefer players to have no more than three characters at the start.
I'd be down for Naruto, wanted to find one fresh or I was just going to start my own ! Would like to see which one you end up going with.
Its a conjuration, a new one spawns for every new blood
He guys sorry, they had me stay late at work last night, so the most I could do was just look at what you guys had posted. But Ill be on pretty much all day today :D
Okay, Ill be on in the morning if anyone wants to collab
No problem. I have work now so I may not get to anyone soon but I'll try my best
Sounds good :)
@ everyone
Also same here, if anyone would like to collab pm me
She is going to be a character of mine, but as of rn she is a NPC Ill let be controlled
You can crontrol Kaylein during this scene as well if you would like, she is part of the test.
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