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"Once you beat tempered Kirin, you just focus on getting your most ideal armour + gems." B-but I've... I've already done that... ToT
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9 days ago… It caught me so off-guard I'm choking ;3;
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Craving a Fruits Basket or Magical Girl Roleplay. C R A V I N G .


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Sorry that reply took a while, I've been at Uni Open days and just CRASHING when I get home. 9.9

Man, to think back then I was rolling around all "WHY WONT IT DIIIIE". The only thing I didn't like about the Bow on the DS was aiming, and I don't know why cause it's not like the guns aiming was MUCH better? I look down my nose at the LBG though. Tiny baby gun. Wasted on the world. >=(
One had to wonder if Mimi was actually absorbing anything Kizuna was saying, she had a basic expression that could irritate a man with how plain and simple it looked, even when she was done up like something from a pre-teens maho-shojou show. The current conversation, frankly, did not merit it.

“They didn’t think hard enough about what they were willing to give up.” Spoken so matter of factly. Once their hands shook her head lolled to one side, a grin spreading slowly across her face with a certain glint that twinkled in her eyes, like a cat who’d got the cream.

“We do what we need to. If a girl can’t at least keep her head above the water, well…” Hop-skipping away, Mimi gave a two-fingered salute in her exit. “We should come up with cool code-names, hm? I’ll let you think of yours! See you tomorrow night!”


Once Mimi had crossed back into her own little 'safe' zone, though the term could be thought of loosely, her eye-line was captured by the flicker of the televisions stacked in a window nearby. Closing up shop, they were the last things to get switched off by this particular owner. The screen showed a crime-scene at best.

[ The body of a girl has been found in the abandoned Minawa Station, police suspect suicide, but a forensics investigation is being carried out. ]

'What are you plans for Kizuna?'

"She seems nice."

'That's not what I asked.'

"I've found the less you vile little freaks know, the better."
T e o s t r a. That stupid fire-shield-nonsense he drums up eats bullets, and I refuse to switch off HBG. (So my selfish ass and the 3 chums I've dragged along for the adventure get to have a GREAT TIME.)

I didn't know the bow was break-worthy in Gen! I'm sitting playing World, I'm not sure what the best bow is. I can only remember the Kelbi Bow being 'broken' in MH3U. :S I'm not sure WHY but it's what I remember people complaining about.
“Likewise. Don't mistake manners for friendliness... but you might not have that problem, anyway.”

Make that two girls who had trouble making allies. Albeit, perhaps one was a little more willing to do so than the other… at any rate, Mimi gave a moment of faux-thought, eyes flickering to the abandoned subway station just for a last courtesy glance. A small hum, one of pondering, escaped her pressed lips.

“That’s a lot of effort to go to on my part, huh? Let’s just shake on it. We’ll have a fight to the end if the other one pulls something funny.”

A girly, lacy hand was offered outwards, free to take, or leave, but it would remain there stubbornly awaiting either an acceptance or rejection. Light, sandy brown eyes lidded slightly, gaze all but transfixed and focused on the fellow girl.

“Just tell me something, before we part ways for the night. Why… did you become a magical girl?”
I should probably address something, too. I know this is an anime RP, but people on Erusea generally have Western names rather than what you would find within Asian countries. Not that this means everyone, but I thought to bring it up since we have a few people interested in playing an Asian character.

In that case, do you want me to change my boys name, even though he's moved there? I'm happy to fix his name up!
100%! I always pick up Shadow-Pooh's armour, haha! These days I'm mix and matching so it's hard to get full sets. (My heart rejects them...)
“Maybe, maybe she’s cruel. She could also have killed the Fae first?”

On the quiet, grey streets, with no drive by witnesses or, at best, the recounts of a heavily drunk businessman, Mimi’s own aura was a short, but expectant flash. Drab garments gave way to a regal pastel-pink coat, lined with white buttons and frills.

“I don’t know about any other girls, that’s why I’m here. I did ask you if you’d like to watch each other’s backs while we find out who’s doing this, after all.”

A more strict, white corset with an extravagant, frilly bow down the middle. Equally pale, finger-less gloves, and rosy skirt followed suit, brought together with a pink bow sat promptly at the small of her back. Gone was mousy, plain hair.

Long, pink tendrils that were twin-tails flanked a rather small, off centre crown. It was clear what her theme was. Royalty, a Queen, something along those lines. Straightening out the creases of her skirt, Mimi took a few precursory steps away, pushing her glasses slowly up the bridge of her nose.

“So what’s your answer going to be, Kizuna? I’m a busy girl, I'm sure you can relate."

“Like I said, I’d keep an eye on the news. Someone dying so young, it’s bound to show up.” Mimi craned her head upwards, solemnly looking towards the sky, the moon shimmering amidst the twinkle of millions of dead stars. Hands held stiffly on her hips, she listened, nodding slowly in deliberately agreement.

“Personally, I’d say the latter. If it were territory, whoever did this would have snapped it up. Letting me move into the neighbourhood would have been completely pointless… unless our foe isn’t a particularly sharp one~?” Mimi chuckled, ears idly picking up on one of the subway trains screeching painfully to a halt in the course of a few moments.

“Maybe her Fae died then. Killed, even. It’s sounding more and more like no one got out of this to tell the tale, a troubling development, don’t you think? I want to know why. Why would killing magical girls outweigh killing demons?”

Her brown orbs narrowed onto Chi, a brow raised in an almost suspicious manner.

“Do you know why? If anyone would be able to tell, it should be you.”

I'm sorry I don't know how to centre things and make them look cool. (/)_(\)

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