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Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. You guys had an interesting concept going. Thank you for the quick reply.
Hi! Stumbled on this RP and I'm interested, is it still running? If so, is there still room to hop in?
"What happened next?" The girl was enthralled by her grandfather animatedly telling the story of how the world decended into the bloodiest conflict in human history.
The old man dug into his folder for the next set of articles as he spoke,
"The Germans were putting the Allies, chiefly Britain and France, on the spot by attacking smaller countries that couldn't defend themselves against their modernized tanks and tactics."
Current Date: December 1st, 1939
Is this still accepting new people?
The old man pulls out a couple more articles,
"Italy invaded Ethiopia, and Germany invaded Poland. The world was in shock, and not much was done about it."

The young girl listened intently for him to continue.
"This was the beginning of the worst war in human history, World War Two. Then, more wars broke out. Here, let me show you."
He reached back into the folder for more articles.

Current Turn:
November, 1939
Collab between @Wildman13 and myself,

As the humans and the greenies engaged in battle, the humans were able to launched a missile inside the gate. Entering a cavern system that the orcs have have been using to cross into our world.

The tunnel was inhabited by numerous crytaline formation with all types and colors and the orcs seems to have taken camp right besides a large crystal pillar that connects the floor to the very ceiling of the tunnel.

The camp has expanded and is now as small town complete with numerous blacksmiths and a market place in the center for trade and a long ang extensive wooden wall was errected around the settlement.

The missile flew swiftly through the cavern, as if a streak of lightning had made it's appearance. It's guidance system selected a target at random and streaked towards it at dizzying speed. A few moments later, the missile struck the large crystal column and resulted in a flash of blinding light and a wall of deafening sound.

As the camp gets showered by tiny pieces of crystal shards and smoke. The camp was alarmed as the sentries have ringed the alarms calling all to arms. "ENEMY ATTACK!" one of the guards shouted with fear as he stares at dark cloud, cause by the missile.

All eyes where at the place where the rocket meant its mark. A huge hole now replaces what was once a clear and stable pillar. Soon, huge chucks of it separated from the main body falling to the left side of the camp. Crushing hundreds and cleaving the only path to the our world in one go. The orcs have retreated in order to clear the way, deperately hacking and forcing their way to reconnect with their allies.

Back in our own world, a command station's crew sighs in relief. Their mission had been a success and the pressure had been taken off of their countrymen. The missile strike had been a success and satellite imaging shows no more orcs were emerging from the gate.
"CentCom this is substation Mjolnir, strike was a success, confirm, strike was a success."
There was no answer.
"CentCom? Do you copy?"
Only silence came from the radios.
The comms officer turned away from his desk, "Sir, all transmissions are being jammed!"
The commanding officer of substation Mjolnir sighed heavily,
"God help us all."

The orcs were still hammering at the large debris, as they have been now cut off from their camp and as a small band was all that was left in the of the initial war band, the orcs were starting to get succumb to fear. "Warchief, We are cut off from the clans." One of the orc grunts said in distress as he hammers away with all his might.

"STOP!" The warchief commanded making his followers to stop. "WARRIORS OF THE ORTAN CLAN." He follows up as he grabs his spear. "WE ARE THE DEFENDERS OF THE TITANIA!" He quickly adds "pass this obtacle our brothers and sisters prepare but, as of now they need time, so earth mother calls for our final service." he continues as he points to the exit of the gate.

"We will buy them time." He said as he lowers his weapon. " My brothers and sisters, we will not let the world eaters into our world, we will not allow them to pass thru us until we all are dead." He finishes his speech making the orcs erupt in a deafying display as they soon start preparing for their last stand.

The soldier's holding the line were thrilled when the orcs stopped pouring through the gate, and so they readied their weapons for a push. One last group of greenies came out of the gate and set up defensive positions, preparing for the oncoming assault. When it came, it was preceeded by aircraft dropping bombs and firing massive cannons into the defenders, napalm took many lives with it's blazing inferno. Rifles clattered and blades met flesh, life's were extinguished in an orgy of violence. Blood covered the ground in small rivers as the defenders slowly gave ground as they were outnumbered and outgunned. Eventually, only the warchief remained.

The warchief watched as all of his men fought bravery, there was nothing was as important to him as that as he charged into the fray killing a dozen before a bullet tore a hole into his left leg but, that did't keep him down as he threw his spear at the gunner and proceded to make his way to the others.

The orc still charged as bullets begin to hit their marks at the warchief body toring into flesh and blood but, for every bullet he was able to kill another soldier with his bare hands or anything that he had. He was determine even if his hearing was lost, even if he couldn't see, even if he couldn't speak, and even if he could feel a thing. He did everything just so that he could buy time.

However, he couldn't keep it up forever as the bullets rip through his legs and even tore into his arms. The pain was too much as blood flowed from the holes in his body and soon, the orc chieftain fell along with his men. "A fulfilling death." He said before everything turned black. His corpse kneeing on the ground with both of his arms gone but, the most baffling of them all is the happy face that he had before he finally died.

By the time of his death the band was able to kill a total of fifty men and held them off for two hours.

Sgt. Oryn was exhausted, they had retaken New Washington from these things, and had stopped their attacks through the largest gate in the country, at least for now. He just wanted to rest but he had to see to his men first. As he strode through the rubble that was once the town square he found a child's teddy bear covered in dust. How many innocent people died because of these gates today? Thousands? Millions? He didn't know, but he did know that when he found out who caused this, he was going to kill them. He worried for his wife and infant son who were out in the countryside with his wife's parents. Hopefully they were spared this living hell. Oryn kept walking until he found his squad. They were looking at the corpse of the last orc to fall, their leader by the looks of him. One soldier kicked it's severed arm, amazed at it's hands so big it could wrap it's fingers around his entire head, and it was strong enough to crush it like a grape.
"Sarge, what kind of things are these?"
Oryn shook his head. He had no idea.
An old man sits at his desk on the second floor of his home on Christmas Eve, looking over old newspaper clippings. He gazes out of the window above his desk and watches the snow swirl by as if drawn by a tide. Footsteps pace their way up the stairs,
"Papa? You ok?"
A soft, feminine voice called.
"I'm alright, little one."
He called back. His granddaughter of fifteen years old walked up to him and saw the newspaper clippings. The few he had out were from September 1939, with many more in a manila folder sitting next to him.
"What's this?"
She asked him inquisitively. He sighed and replied,
"This is history, child. This is World War Two. I collected these after the war was over to try to piece together what had happened during those terrible, terrible years."
She pulled out a folding chair from next to his desk,
"I'm doing a project on World War two for school Papa, Mrs. Lois said that we could use whatever sources we could find, as long as they were accurate. Could I look over these with you?"

"Sure thing, these here are from the very beginning of the war, when Germany invaded Poland and Gran Columbia invaded Argentina, though they tried to make it out like they were the good guys."

The man fumbles around in the folder, looking for the next set of articles.
@Sigmai@Sigma I was thinking about a society of humans separated into two distinct groups, mechani and Natrii. Mechani are humans enhanced via extreme mechanical augmentation, Natrii are enhanced through extreme genetic modification and biological means. The two work together to form a unique society where both classes are required for the continuance of the Ulerion Empire.
@Sigma May I try my hand at carving a seat for myself admid the stars?
Is there room for one more?
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