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Here is the template for the Character sheet:

Faction/Empire Name:
Flag/Emblem (If one is made):
Imperial/Non Imperial:
Ideology/Political System:
Population Demographics:
Technological level/Unique technologies:
Currently controlled important planets: Give a bit of lore/info on the planet like it's estimated population and the reason it's important
Military Strength:
Military roster: give brief descriptions of your ships, aircraft, troops, tanks, weapons, etc. More information given = Better performance
Welcome aboard! Come hop in the Discord and say hi!
@Lurking Shadow
I very much enjoy your hive mind idea, and the story scenario is actually an idea I had hoped for adapting into a book for a while. Have you joined the Discord?
Official OOC and Discord channels are up.
Welcome to A Galaxy Divided! The year is 3575 and life has blossomed across the cosmos. The center of the galaxy is ruled by the Galactic Empire, a consortium of nobles, megacorporations, and client states all beholden to Emperor Arctan IV. Technically the head of the Galactic Empire, Arctan IV is at odds with his vassals eager to expand their own power and foreign powers ready to topple him. Play as an imperial faction and choose a side in the inevitable civil war or become an exterior power and prey on the fallen empire. The choice is yours.

(Placeholder- A map is going here once it's done)
This is the Galactic Map, every known faction is represented here by hexes of their own color.
Blue- Galactic Empire, Arctan IV

1. After two weeks of inactivity your empire becomes vulnerable, able to be attacked and destroyed without your intervention. This is to make sure the NRP doesn't die if one person drops.
2. No planet killing weapons from the start. They can be researched and built later on but nobody starts with them.

Combat is decided between the involved parties and the GM.

I'm still in the process of building a good post zero so if you're interested in joining, ask here, or go to our Discord.
You're welcome to join us.

I guess I'll quickly get the actual RP up then along with a Discord server. Standby.
@Yam I Am
You're welcome to play either if you so choose, pirates would have a good place as mercenaries or as a new fledgling empire if you decided to go that route.

Similar yes, as the premise does give a good starting point where anyone can become powerful. Are you interested in joining us?
@Lurking Shadow
@Yam I Am
I'd love to know more about both of your factions, though I am interested in the Hive Mind's goals and ambitions. Alternatively, I'd also like to hear a bit about the other faction you have created.

A very much shortened version of the story is the center of the galaxy is ruled by a fractured empire on the verge of civil war. Ghosts from its past will be the final straw that breaks the camel's back and ignites the flame of open warfare. Players can choose sides or decide to prey on the failing empire from without.
@Lurking Shadow
Thanks for the interest! To answer your questions:
Depending on the general consensus of the participants, there may or may not be a general story to push everyone to interact. Scope/Theme is still up in the air for the most part.
I do have a story mostly finished for use.
As for restrictions, there are no hard restrictions as of yet. Alien factions are welcome!
There will be warfare at some point to make things more interesting, whether it's story-driven or player made.
Is there anyone interested in a space NRP? I've noticed that most of the current ones seem to be dead. Newcomers and inexperienced RPers always welcome!
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