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Current If experience is the name we give to our mistakes, then I must be like 5 levels above everyone else my age by now.
3 mos ago
Someone dared to disrespect BAWLS on the Quakecon forums and that has me so bothered I think I realize how brits must've felt that time we dumped all that tea in the boston harbor.
5 mos ago
Finally got tickets to the largest BYOC in North America, anyone else going to Quakecon this year?
5 mos ago
Everyone is complaining about Waluigi being an assist trophy while I am hoping against all reason, with a very small chance, that Doom Guy will be in it. Second pick, Ned Flanders.
5 mos ago
52 days to QuakeCon and they have not even announced when tickets will go on sale, It's almost like they don't want my money.
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"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." -H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft is a big inspiration and If I do any writing or make anything, it will likely share themes with his work.

As far as myself personally, I have aspurgers syndrome (low-end autism) which makes it difficult for me to connect with others. It's hard sometimes for me to tell the difference between sincerity and sarcasm. This naturally distanced me from others, even my own family. Throughout my early childhood I eventually learned to mimic emotions and subconsciously display them when socially merited. I express sadness in relevant times(like a sad scene in a movie) when I actually feel nothing. This basically also makes me a sociopath (or at least I display some of the sociopathic tendencies), I feel I should stress that I am not a psychopath however, which is a more intentional than sociopath which happens from circumstance. When I'm with others I pretend to be someone else in a sense. I don't act like I really am, I act like how others expect me to, I play a character in my own life. This is why I prefer to be online and not IRL, I can be myself. I don't have to pretend to care in order to protect a friend's feelings, I can be myself as I do not care much for what some anonymous guy on the internet thinks of me. This may make me look like a jerk, but I try not to be. I say and do things as sometimes I just don't know how I should feel or act so I try to act like others expect, but sometimes i act the wrong way and ostracize myself. This is part of the reason I like to roleplay, it let's me act basically anyway I want, to play any role I want with little fear of recourse. I don't have to act how the world expects me to act.

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<Snipped quote by Hey Im Jordan>
Yeah, it was.

It was good, then it was dumb. I personally don't think it was bad. That's just my opinion but I don't care enough about superhero type of stuff to defend it more than a few posts. From what I know it seemed to follow the source material enough to check that box, had a decent enough plot, a villain with a motivation other than to be a villain. Only problem I had was it felt kind of slow to reach the second act and towards the end the motivations of some characters got kind of confusing (Scenes were almost certainly cut that would gleam information about this).

If a sequel was to be made, I would likely watch it.
Name: S’Hraa
Time of Day: Noon-ish
Location: Outside
Interacting with: Anyone who cares
While the rest were out for a meal, S’Hraa worked on alchemical concoctions eventually filling a handful of vials with various potions and poisons only discernible by color and, for those perceptive enough like S’Hraa, smell. While alchemy is simple enough that anyone can create something, it takes education and skill to know which ingredients to combine into a solute and what solvent to combine with that to reach a desired effect. Such a task often initially relies on trial and error and later on with rote memorization and dedication, which makes alchemy a long and difficult craft to master. A craft that S’Hraa has been doing nearly all his life and yet still has more to learn. Eventually it came time for him and the other initiates to show their aptitude.

Marius was the first, and though he showed skill his personality left a bitter taste for S’Hraa. Mnanh’ Ssyahr… His ego clouds his judgement and will only beget his eventual demise. To see him fall would be satisfying and may even teach him humility. This fool will likely drag the rest of us down otherwise, but how can I make him suffer?

Next was Sylvanna who also demonstrated some skill but likewise opted for a childish prank. Between Marius and her, S’Hraa will find himself agitated frequently.

The rest have kept an acceptable behavior and proven themselves to be competent. Nothing really stood out to S’Hraa but at least he can see himself befriending them out of convenience of proximity if nothing else.

Then came S’Hraa’s turn. Everyone else performed readily apparent acts S’Hraa preferred subtlety. Slithering up to his place, he paused briefly to ensure the proctors were ready. “I am S’Hraa of the Hri’Saa tribe, legendary for our hunting prowess. I will be displaying my aptitude for Illusion and Animancy.” S’Hraa then proceeded to create an illusion of a human, visibly bruised and cut up. “While our bodies do have a natural healing process, it is time consuming and requires a lot of energy. Obviously with the capability and mana one can speed up this process tremendously… “ S’Hraa said, while visibly healing the illusion. “… even life-threatening wounds for those particularly skilled enough. I have acted as my tribe’s Nnn’Bthnk, or a prestigious healer, for my aptitude and given the opportunity I can display my skill here as well. However, unlike many other Animancers, I was responsible for dealing with troublesome animals that proved to difficult for the others.” S’Hraa shifted the image, displaying various parts of a human body as he mentioned them. “This part of Animancy is where I shine. I can sense the tears in organs, the cracks and shattered pieces of bone, and most importantly the flow of blood within the body despite them being obscured by flesh. Knowing the flow of blood… S’Hraa said as he removed a small vial from his robe filled with a yellow liquid, and attaching it to an indention in one of his fangs. “… and given my natural venom I produce, or any alchemical poison I create. I can identify the ideal spot to attack and paralyze or, if need be, kill something quickly within seconds.” S’Hraa coiled up and sprung rapidly opening his maw vey wide and biting the illusion, injecting the yellow liquid into thin air. Although visually the yellow liquid spread through the veins as S’Hraa altered the illusion, in reality it fell to the ground.

”Of course I can do more than just make a visual aid with my capability of Illusion.” S’Hraa then created several copies of himself, each coming apart from him in a different direction like paint peeling off a wall. Each illusion moved independently of each other, none of them being real as S’Hraa concealed himself, turning invisible. While illusion can hold many purposes, one stands above the rest and is usually the most useful reason to employ… S’Hraa said as he created the illusions and hid himself. After Silently moving away from the apparitions and hiding his tracks as he did so, S’Hraa then moved behind the proctors and coiled up. He dispelled the illusions making it seem as if S’Hraa just simply disappeared. After waiting a moment for the likely confusion he sprung, making a clearly audible rustle of leaves and likely grabbing their attention before landing just a few feet directly behind Den and slithering upright with the sort of look only a predator can give.
“…and that is to distract someone from realizing what is actually happening.” S’Hraa finished, confident that his skill would not be in doubt. While S’Hraa did not mean to potentially frighten Den he decided it was worth the risk. ” Apologies if I frightened you, I just think that would be both the best, and a notable way to display my ability.” S’Hraa said before returning to his spot.
Name: S’Hraa
Time of Day: Morning
Location: Kitchen--Hallway
Interacting with: @CaptainMarvel
S’Hraa was puzzled by the foreign words the orc uttered. An unfamiliar language that proceeded a familiar one. Why would he mix them together? Was S’Hraa supposed to understand it? Was he not? Perhaps the Orc may have uttered it incidentally, occasionally uttering incomprehensible words unwittingly. Regardless, S’Hraa was a bit disappointed at his rejection, Hunting is a favored activity and he likes to see the techniques and habits of others in order to find methods he can use to improve his own.

It was then that Orky threw a portion of his steak towards S’Hraa, who only detected something small moving towards him. Reacting instinctively rather than consciously he bared a clawed hand and catching it successfully. S’Hraa was confused at why the orc tossed a slab of meat at him, did he not hear his request for live meat? What would he even do with it, maybe as bait for hunting? After some thought he threw it towards the wolf “Maybe you’ll find the satiation from this that I won’t, I require fresher sustenance than this for my palate. I’ll just have to find something later.”

S’Hraa decided to sneak out to the forest later in the day to hunt down a meal, dusk being the best time as the darkness will help to hide his movements though it may make it harder to track something if the fauna tends to be diurnal. It would also give him an opportunity to collect alchemical ingredients, perhaps even some of the more… illicit substances for his experiments. First, however, he would need to procure more paralyzing poisons to augment his own, and perhaps a stimulant to keep himself alert. With that in mind, he elected to leave the kitchen and go to the dormitory where what ingredients he did have is stored along with what few personal items he has.

On the way, he mentally gathered the ingredients he needed, reciting it quietly though others may hear and, without an understanding of the agents, would likely dismiss it outside of some rather frightening names. …Foxglove….Deadly Nightshade….Rock Zinnia…Blue Cress… Prairie Cap… a miniscule amount of Weeping Plague, wouldn’t want death to come to quickly…” S’Hraa is too lost in thought to notice anyone, though the red stains from having a steak hurled at him may rise some concerning glances.
Name: S’Hraa
Time of Day: Morning
Location: Kitchen
Interacting with: @Shard@CaptainMarvel@OrkytheOrc

S’Hraa quickly turned towards Thalia, annoyed by her remark and ascending to normal height and towering over her. He sized her up for a moment, considering something before speaking.

Preferably? Yes, preferably. You know what I resemble, right? A snake. A serpent. One of nature’s most deadly and feared predator and I did not come here to abandon my traditions and consume carrion like the lot of you. You see these fangs? S’hraa ranted, opening his maw. ”They don’t exist for chewing plants, they inject venom. The venom kills things and starts the digestive process. Kind of hard to consume something without veins spreading digestive enzymes. Finally, things get killed and get consumed. That is life, I’m sure the wolf you have killed a few rabbits before. Oh, and don’t worry. I’m not going to eat it because of the fur, as stated before and that you already laid your claim on it. I know my boundaries.”

Turning back to Willow and keeping a little more distance this time.

”The meat they sell in the market is not fresh enough for me. Like I said, I will have trouble digesting it unless I synthesize a compound to break the carapace apart. While I could create such a concoction it requires some rather dangerous ingredients that I doubt this guild will just hand over, assuming they have them that is. Either way, unless there is something around here suitable for my needs I think I’ll have to sneak over to the forest to satisfy my hunger.”

Right after finishing, S’Hraa sensed the green skin coming back. He turned towards the entrance before Orky could even be seen coming. Moments later Orky indeed came through with a large, bloody cut of meat. There’s that green skin, still covered in fear but it is faint. Whatever he was afraid of, it must have been settled. Good for the both of us, I doubt I can eat him anyway. Much too large, He’ll rot faster than I can digest. Plus, it is just embarrassing to have to vomit up your meal for being too large. The short one was unable to accommodate me, perhaps this green skin will know where I can find something fresh enough.

After staring at Orky for a moment, wondering why someone would eat something so little cooked like the others seemed to enjoy. Why not eat it raw? Or better yet alive? He responded to Orky.

“I apologize but I am not aware of your name, mine is S’Hraa. I would join you but I have not eaten in nearly a month and coming here has not procured the required sustenance. I need something alive. If you would happen to know where I can find something I would appreciate it, otherwise I will hunt in the forest for a suitable meal. Your welcome to join if you wish.”
Name: S’Hraa
Time of Day: Morning
Location: Outside, then the kitchen
Interacting with: @Shard@CaptainMarvel

That’s it… just a little clossser… S’Hraa thought, concealed partially in the ground a few feet from an oblivious fawn. A few feet from breakfast… and lunch and dinner for the next two weeks. Normally S’Hraa would elect to spend the morning resting on a rock, relaxing and absorbing the heat rocks tend to store from the sun, but he spied on a heard of deer. One of his favored prey. For one as experience as he, it was simple to get the fawn separated from the rest, and to lure it towards him. Coiled tight like a spring, he waited on the fawn. 30 feet. 20 feet. 8 feet, when suddenly the fawn showed a change in it’s movements and S’Hraa’s senses were assaulted by a familiar and beloved smell. Fear. Wasting no time he sprung forth opening his maw and in one fluid motion wrapped tightly around the fawn and bit into it’s flesh, injecting his venom into the fawn and crippling it within minutes. Knowing the fawn would attempt to wrestle free he loosened his grip slightly letting the fawn move around more, pump blood faster, and accelerate the effects of the poison. Within seconds the fawn stopped moving altogether and S’Hraa adjusted to ingest it whole. Until it exploded and put S'Hraa's sleep to an abrupt end.

Awakened by what sounded like an explosion, S’Hraa was confused and a little bit upset over being awakened from his nap on the roof and elected to go find the source of the noise. Slithering along the ground silently and cloaking himself with illusion magic, a precaution in case the source of the noise proved hostile, he saw one of the smooth skins carelessly run past. A large specimen with green skin who was caked in fear. Still a little confused, the intoxicating aroma lured him. Remembering that he has not eaten in nearly a month (having spent most of that time getting to the guild), S’Hraa switched gears from an irate reptile to a hungry one and followed the green one to his destination.

Hiding just beyond the threshold, S’Hraa detected several within the area and waited …observing as he always does. Though he is unable to hear most of what is being said within the kitchen, he could sense the movements they make. The green skin grabbed something before bolting out of the kitchen with such speed that S’Hraa felt unable to match.

Tricky smooth skin, speed will be difficult to match. Incapacitation necessary to catch. Perhaps a poison to cripple movements or a hallucinogen to distract…. S’Hraa thought, before having a moment of clarity.

Wait…no. Need to find alternative source of food. Can’t let hunger get control of me, plus harming another guild member will make studies…. difficult. Perhaps one of the others may be able to accommodate me.

Dispelling his invisibility he walked in the kitchen and noticed two Enuri and a wolf. Noticing that the smaller one was preparing a dish, he might be the one to ask. Hopefully there would be a deer or something around. Moving towards Willow, and lowering himself to eye level and stared with a hungry look in his eye for a moment.

”Need meat, preferably alive. I have not eaten in nearly a month and it is starting to get problematic. I considered eating that smooth skin that just left, the fear he emitted was intoxicating and I momentarily lost my senses to my hunger. Do you happen to have any live animals around? Preferably not something like that, S’Hraa said, gesturing towards the wolf too much fur, hard to digest and it messes up my digestive tract."
I'm indifferent about uniforms though S'Hraa might object if it is constricting in movement as he switches regularly between walking upright and slithering on the ground.

Well, this took me a bit longer as I was doing some research on snakes but I finally finished. Somehow it still ended up Herbert West-y as I was writing it so I think I got that cheeky reference in.


I'll probably go with that for the sake of simplicity as long as you are fine with me having a few things different about the culture which I'll justify them by maybe being separate from any 'main' tribe, . I'm at a convention right now so I prob won't get a sheet filled in till early next week after I get ba k home on Sunday.
Also, I'm glad that you like the idea of healing magic being able to animate objects. :D It always seemed to be a natural way to extend the idea of healing magic to me....

having an occupation of animating things makes kind of makes me want to name my character after a certain scientist *cough cough*
but that wouldn't really fit the nomenclature I've been sticking to so far among a few other reasons. A good lesson in 'Just because we can, does not mean we should' though.

You did not really specify what details you need (physiology? culture? a brief history of thier existance and what they as a race have accomplished?) So I'll just have a quick summary of a few of the things I think would be important in no particular order. I am willing to budge a bit on anything to make it fit better for the RP if needed.

Serpent people are essentially very large snakes with limbs and share many traits including venomous fangs and a keen sense of 'smell'. Culturally they are fond of alchemy and have crafted all sorts of manner of potions and poisons for nearly any purpose. They are carnivorous and, only possessing fangs, are incapable of chewing and swallow prey whole to digest over several days. Normally they eat something nearly as large as they are and can go a few weeks before requiring any more sustenance. As a society they value hunting above nearly all else and are all taught to abide by a set of ethics valuing stealth and a clean kill. They are generally friendly to those of other races and may help others if they are able to.

That's all I can really think of right now, if I missed something let me know.
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