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Saw Cannibal Holocaust and I only had a hard time watching two scenes. Now give me internet points for my mental toughness guild people.
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VER....VVW, VVX. That is all.
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It is now the Winter Solstice where i live. I ask everyone to avoid summoning any ancient evils till at least after Christmas. They waited eons, I'm sure they can wait a few more days.
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Watched Bride of the Re-animator. Man, body horror sure is some fucked up stuff.


"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." -H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft is a big inspiration and If I do any writing or make anything, it will likely share themes with his work.

As far as myself personally, I have aspurgers syndrome (low-end autism) which makes it difficult for me to connect with others. It's hard sometimes for me to tell the difference between sincerity and sarcasm. This naturally distanced me from others, even my own family. Throughout my early childhood I eventually learned to mimic emotions and subconsciously display them when socially merited. I express sadness in relevant times(like a sad scene in a movie) when I actually feel nothing. This basically also makes me a sociopath (or at least I display some of the sociopathic tendencies), I feel I should stress that I am not a psychopath however, which is a more intentional than sociopath which happens from circumstance. When I'm with others I pretend to be someone else in a sense. I don't act like I really am, I act like how others expect me to, I play a character in my own life. This is why I prefer to be online and not IRL, I can be myself. I don't have to pretend to care in order to protect a friend's feelings, I can be myself as I do not care much for what some anonymous guy on the internet thinks of me. This may make me look like a jerk, but I try not to be. I say and do things as sometimes I just don't know how I should feel or act so I try to act like others expect, but sometimes i act the wrong way and ostracize myself. This is part of the reason I like to roleplay, it let's me act basically anyway I want, to play any role I want with little fear of recourse. I don't have to act how the world expects me to act.

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Well, Cthulhu be coming tomorrow and he is T H I C C. my relationship with Ares will be over, I will transition to Cthulhu main in 24ish hours. No more BDSM, now is the time for Hentai.
@Corax Far as I am aware there is no limit in place so we are potentially always recruiting (at least till the official 'start' of this thing) and most in the discord are still working on their sheet. join the discord if you are interested., new link for those interested. pretty sure the old one is expired
@Crusader Lord pretty sure it'll be fine, might have something come out of it.
Interesting! Are outsiders allowed, or perhaps areas that were once colonies but were basically ignored and became self-sufficient as things declined? etc?

If by outsiders you mean not a part of the empire, then yes. You can start outside of the empire. As for the latter you prob can, I am playing a Hivemind race, we got some pirates, we got a megacorp, one guy has a group where the majority of the workforce and military is automated drones/robots and thus has a very small human population, another one has some psionic space squids with a largely enslaved population if I recall. GM seems to be fine with whatever as long as it is interesting and thought out to some degree.

If you are interested in joining, it is best to join the discord for ease of communication and discussing things with the GM, I think the old link expired but I can prob get a new one if you want
Just a curious passerby who is curious, with a question or two if i may:

1. Are there things like psionic powers, biotics, or the ilk in your RP's universe?

2. Likewise, has the premise been decided upon for the RP itself? :O

We went through this in the discord so if I recall correctly...

1. We have decided yes to psionics and magic/biotech stuff as long as "...its not poofing things into or out of existence or anything so egregious..."

2. The premise is that the largest power in the galaxy, the Empire (can't recall if there was a name) is crumbling from within like the fall of the Roman empire and the players are split between those loyal to the empire, those who seek to be separate from it, and those who are neutral. The RP seems to be about loyalists trying to keep the empire alive, seperatists/rebels/etc trying to expediate its downfall, and those like me who play on both sides or at the least do not care about the fate of the empire.

Unless Cthulu is a sexy god like the female ones in Smite then I ain't interested. I want my Lovecraft monsters to have big yabbos.

like this?

Maneater is a pretty fun shark sim. Got a surprisingly interesting story mode to make up for the somewhat repetitive gameplay and it seems pretty short, only 7 hours in and I have almost beat the game. Not sure if it is worth the $40 USD but it is pretty fun nonetheless.

That aside, I am waiting for the Smite community to devolve in a civil war this coming week depending on if a certain Great Old One gets added or if it was just some out of season april fools joke. No matter what happens, a lot of people will be very upset and there will almost certainly be several threads ranting on the reddit. It is fun watching a train derail in slow motion if you don't have a stake in it.

Edit: The madlads did it.
@Malta307 They are both part of a universe I've been world building for a game I've been working a bit on so there may or may not be some details I will need to alter or omit in order for them to fit here.

The hive mind race, the Vuar'uuk, is inspired by the usual organic swarming hiveminds. The society has the usual drones/servents/slaves etc, which are basically weak-willed husks of organisms that largely lack independence and need to be guided by the more independent members. The further up the chain of command you go the more and more independence that particular creature has with the Hive Queens being at the top (there are several per Vuar'uuk controlled planet, one of which reigns above the others) and they are the 'face' of the Vuar'uuk to other races (or the ones who most often communicate with other races). Though above them is the 'Progenitor' which virtually never makes contact with other races and for the most part remains a myth if mentioned at all. It is this Progenitor which gives the rest of the Vuar'uuk purpose, and of this one which all the others serve. So the goals of the Vuar'uuk are for the most part the goal of this entity. I have not yet firmly decided on goals and ambitions but currently thinking something along the lines of constant combat/war in order to make the Vuar'uuk stronger through trials and tribulations, though it will largely be an internal conflict of seeing who the strongest is within rather than war with other races when not provoked.

As far as the other, the Serekin, I do not have quite as much background set for them yet. Basically they are Snake people, very religious (Cause I really do like fanatical zeal from time to time) and separated by a peaceful civilian caste and a brutal military caste.

@Malta307 One of the two I had in mind had a more political focus and has a more fleshed out culture while the other, the hivemind, is certainly more aggressive but not outright hostile and largely lacks a culture but I have developed the military side more than the former. I'll probably use the latter so as to spare me the time and headache of coming up with a military for the former.

got any questions for me such as my hopes/expectations or about the faction I have in mind?

Hope to see this get off the ground so I have the chance to flesh my idea out a bit more.
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