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Current There are two types of people. Those that think the Elder Sign is shaped like a tree, and those who think it is shaped like a star with a little flame inside it and subsequently will end up dead.
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If experience is the name we give to our mistakes, then I must be like 5 levels above everyone else my age by now.
6 mos ago
Someone dared to disrespect BAWLS on the Quakecon forums and that has me so bothered I think I realize how brits must've felt that time we dumped all that tea in the boston harbor.
7 mos ago
Finally got tickets to the largest BYOC in North America, anyone else going to Quakecon this year?
7 mos ago
Everyone is complaining about Waluigi being an assist trophy while I am hoping against all reason, with a very small chance, that Doom Guy will be in it. Second pick, Ned Flanders.


"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." -H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft is a big inspiration and If I do any writing or make anything, it will likely share themes with his work.

As far as myself personally, I have aspurgers syndrome (low-end autism) which makes it difficult for me to connect with others. It's hard sometimes for me to tell the difference between sincerity and sarcasm. This naturally distanced me from others, even my own family. Throughout my early childhood I eventually learned to mimic emotions and subconsciously display them when socially merited. I express sadness in relevant times(like a sad scene in a movie) when I actually feel nothing. This basically also makes me a sociopath (or at least I display some of the sociopathic tendencies), I feel I should stress that I am not a psychopath however, which is a more intentional than sociopath which happens from circumstance. When I'm with others I pretend to be someone else in a sense. I don't act like I really am, I act like how others expect me to, I play a character in my own life. This is why I prefer to be online and not IRL, I can be myself. I don't have to pretend to care in order to protect a friend's feelings, I can be myself as I do not care much for what some anonymous guy on the internet thinks of me. This may make me look like a jerk, but I try not to be. I say and do things as sometimes I just don't know how I should feel or act so I try to act like others expect, but sometimes i act the wrong way and ostracize myself. This is part of the reason I like to roleplay, it let's me act basically anyway I want, to play any role I want with little fear of recourse. I don't have to act how the world expects me to act.

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S’Hraa sat silently, considering his limited options. He could go with the others, but that did not sound right. Zim will be all alone and vulnerable. He has not even moved from his spot yet, likely still saddened by the loss. His only other option, staying, means he needs to fortify the location in case some other roving band of raiders near. Though he doubts the four of them could last against another onslaught like the last one. No, the best option would be to hide. Can’t get hit if you can’t be seen right? And who better suited for hiding than himself?

Magic is out the window though, to hide the camp will require materials he does not have, not to mention hiding the magical energy is a much harder task. An illusion big enough for the camp will light up like a Christmas tree to anyone with the know how of spotting it. More mundane methods would be simpler and better. Covering footsteps left in the ground, hiding their location, and disguising other signs of life is a skill he has had plenty of time and opportunity to develop. After a few hours of work, one would hardly think anybody was around. As long as the group was careful to keep hidden it seems unlikely anyone would find them, they would have to actively search their particular building out of the dozens of others which did not seem likely. S’Hraa would have to remember to tell the other two when they get back to keep their tracks hidden and especially the bike.

The last thing to do is what Mercy suggested. She reasoned right when she thought he was suited for determining if any resources were safe to consume. His excellent sense of smell can let him determine if anything is poisonous, started to rot, or anything else that can determine the safety of something as far as smelling something can go. Fortunately, the food is safe enough, even if he can’t eat it as his stomach can normally handle only something fresh and only recently killed. The water, what little they have, will be fine after boiling it to remove some of the diluted contaminants out. Hopefully what the others bring when they come back will prove safe enough as well.
I was going to try to make a post today or tomorrow. Was initially waiting on GM but will soon be taking a brief break away from my PC to visit family so I want to make a post so there isn't too long a gap between my activity. I'll be leaving tomorrow for about a week.
Iron Harvest is looking really good. There has not been a particularly good rts since Forged Alliance, only decent ones. (Excluding Wargame and Steel Division as both are quite good games, just has a learning curve that makes you climb at a 200 degree angle)

Virtually everything in the Cthulhu Mythos can be deemed extra terrestrial, at least in origin. I can only think of a handful of the many many things I can certainly say originate on Earth (besides the obvious Humans and various flora/fauna of Earth). Even less so if you consider Earth's dreamlands to be separate from regular Earth, It certainly appears vastly different and contains many things only seen on the dreamlands.

Oh, and don't forget that the Great Race of Yith is currently inhabiting the bodies of a different race and not their own (as they fled the destruction of Yith by mass migrating their minds to some primitive Earth creature) so it can be argued that they are indeed foreign from both the concept of time and space.

Overall, it's really a question of semantics that needs to be answered.
I try to ignore movie trailers as they often either misconceive what the movie is about to some degree or spoil it. I'll prob check out the spider-verse movie at some point but I'm short on funds and what I do have is going towards They Shall Not Grow Old as I enjoy most of Jackson's films and I am interested in seeing all these old Great War films restored and colorized even if I'm paying a premium for 3-d.
S’Hraa silently cursed his luck. Though he and the others managed to fend off the raiders, they did make off with most of their supplies and a hefty body count. Now there is just four left and enough food for only a few days at most. At least he managed to eat one of the dead raiders and though it was one of the smaller races, a halfling if he recalls correctly, it will sustain him enough for nearly a week.

With a new day comes new problems, they would need to scavenge food and fuel before something else befalls them. A fact only reinforced by Zim’s words. S’Hraa needed no time for mourning with the matter at hand being more urgent, not that he would otherwise.

” And they shall never truly die as long as our hearts continue to beat. We are living on time they gave us and sitting around is a luxury we cannot afford right now. I can go look for something to eat while you all figure out the fuel situation.” S’Hraa then got up and walked out of sight of the others. Confident in his distance he abandoned walking in favor of slithering, giving his limbs some rest as well as letting him cover more ground. As far as he knows, the others see him only as he wishes to be seen, as a Human. He often had to sacrifice comfort to keep up appearances, his legs were not meant to travel as much as he did recently, and even after sleeping were still sore. The respite, even if it would end up brief, is welcome.

S’Hraa surmised the hotel would certainly have some place for storing and preparing food and after a little bit of searching found the kitchen. Unfortunately, it seemed the place was picked clean long ago and nothing edible remained. But before he could let out a string of obscenities, he detected something nearby. At first, he thought it was one of the others but, after probing the air with his forked tongue, he detected an unfamiliar scent. Dropping low and after a few corners he found a fawn passed out on the ground. ” A victim of the dry heat, hopefully it won’t claim us as well. A pity it is like this, I’d prefer something still moving. But I’m good enough for now, the others would need this more than me.” After ensuring its death with his dagger, he carried it back to where the others were. A handful of hours and all he had to show for it was this small thing, but it’s better than nothing.

“It seems that, this building at least, was picked clean long ago but I did find this fawn. Not much meat on it but it should last us a meal or two. Did we get enough fuel? I’d like to get out of here before this dry weather affects my scales… er skin.” S’Hraa said, hoping no one noticed his gaffe. “Speaking of the heat, how is our water situation? Did we manage to get away with any?” He added, in an attempt to distract from his mistake as well as being a genuine concern. Though he like any snake was well suited for going long periods without water, he figured the others probably would not last half as long as himself. He did not like having to rely on others but he would need to put his trust in them to survive the coming days, weeks, or however long it will take. And he can’t trust the dead to do anything but rot.
@Rydude17 So are we going to wait for more interest or are you thinking of getting this started with the 4 we have now? I'd be fine with either.
Well, I did figure it'd be something like Mad Max where anything really interesting was probably turned into scrap long ago, I was thinking about the idea of some long lost cache of unused military grade equipment (which even if defective due to age or certain resources being in short supply would still make good scrap). Though anything of the sort would likely have already been picked clean, false information, or outright a trap.
far as me personally I'm indifferent. I'm more familiar with the tools available in the earlier era as a solid fourth of my CoC sessions take place in that time but I have done plenty in the modern era (which generally take place between 2000 and 2010). Although we have some pretty cool technology now such as curved barrels on guns allowing one to shoot around corners, and the US Navy was doing pretty well on making railguns, the latest prototype able to fire 23lb ammo at a speed over 5000mph.
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