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8 days ago
Current Even though I am in college, I still need a calculator for simple equations. Just in case the laws of math did not change on me.
13 days ago
As I stride knee deep in the dead. All is clear. I know what must be done... My cause is just... My will is strong... And my gun is very very large!
19 days ago
" pysch profile says I kick ass in any environment. that's why I am a SPACE MARINE!"
26 days ago
While I did not care much for Life Is Strange, I look forward to DONTNOD's next project Vampyr in November
26 days ago
♪Oh won't you heal me with your hands, Sirona/ Oh won't you fill my heart with sound/ Come spread your love across this land, Sirona/ Your voice so beautiful resounds♪


"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." -H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft is a big inspiration and If I do any writing or make anything, it will likely share themes with his work.

As far as myself personally, I have aspurgers syndrome (low-end autism) which makes it difficult for me to connect with others. It's hard sometimes for me to tell the difference between sincerity and sarcasm. This naturally distanced me from others, even my own family. Throughout my early childhood I eventually learned to mimic emotions and subconsciously display them when socially merited. I express sadness in relevant times(like a sad scene in a movie) when I actually feel nothing. This basically also makes me a sociopath (or at least I display some of the sociopathic tendencies), I feel I should stress that I am not a psychopath however, which is a more intentional than sociopath which happens from circumstance. When I'm with others I pretend to be someone else in a sense. I don't act like I really am, I act like how others expect me to, I play a character in my own life. This is why I prefer to be online and not IRL, I can be myself. I don't have to pretend to care in order to protect a friend's feelings, I can be myself as I do not care much for what some anonymous guy on the internet thinks of me. This may make me look like a jerk, but I try not to be. I say and do things as sometimes I just don't know how I should feel or act so I try to act like others expect, but sometimes i act the wrong way and ostracize myself. This is part of the reason I like to roleplay, it let's me act basically anyway I want, to play any role I want with little fear of recourse. I don't have to act how the world expects me to act.

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Aleksander Slavik

Aleksander made no movement for the scrolls as several others did. He feared not what secrets some scrap of paper would reveal. His generally grumpy mood, however, perked up a bit when they headed back into the cavern. Any encounter in there would be better than standing around when he is so eager to leave. The next room held another field similar to the first, but lined with several walls and structures. Out of an interior room came several inorganic entities, hostile as told by the recording. Aleksander was happy to find another fight so soon, for what is a soldier without an enemy to kill?

Stepping back for a moment behind cover to consider his tactical options, he saw some of the others charge headfirst into combat foolishly but at least seemed capable of staying alive. The mage appeared to be capable of taking the brunt of the attacks with some kind of barrier, but Aleksander reasoned the strength of it would soon wane so he opted to take care of the two attempting to bash the barrier down.

Deciding on an angle that looked good, he briefly fired a burst of flames that arched over his cover, over the barrier and wrapped around the machines. While titanium has a far higher melting point than flesh, not even it could withstand the intense heat generated by Aleksander’s Liquid-Tiberium flamethrower. The machines would need to choose whether to continue their assault and perish or retreat and douse the flames.
I never really liked Mass Effect that much. I kind of half remember the plot, the choices were monumental but ultimately meaningless and the game play was adequate at best. It is basically a porno with an actual story (except it does not show the 'good' parts)
@Old Amsterdam

I'm willing to continue, shame this has experienced some stagnation as I really enjoyed this and I hope the others are also willing to continue.

Though I should note that since then, I have started taking classes this fall semester. I am not taking enough to impact my posting much but It might have an impact closer to the end where I will have exams and projects to work on.

I would still choose a route that will likely end in self-termination while attempting to eliminate as many headcrabs as I could. I think it would be easy to find some pans to place over my head and secure with duct tape or something. While by no means impenetrable, I think it would buy me a few minutes.
If I could, I would stay in the room and try to dig underground and establish an elaborate complex and spend time fortifying it with traps and the like and craft various crude weapons. After a hundred years or so I would douse the complex and the room in some kind of combustable substance and Lure as many of the Headcrabs as I can towards me as I retreat further and further within. I would also set up a timer at the entrance that would create a small fire once the timer counts down from say an hour or so and will ignite the 'paradise' into an inferno. Knowing they await outside this 'paradise' would not provide comfort to me even with the knowledge they could not get to me (I imagine because of a locked door or something?). It would be a tortuous life as I would live like a caged animal unable to be free and I would rather die than live like that. They indirectly controlled my movements as I dare not to leave but dead, I am truly free.

Normally though, I do avoid physical contact with others when I can. So I would stay in that room even without headcrabs.
Aleksander Slavik

Aleksander followed the others further into the cave, eager to face what tests the group may face. Though normally he would not party with this diverse group, he followed out of necessity. Stranded from his brothers and eager to escape the lunacy of this strange realm, he silently agreed to aid in what way he can until he finds his brothers or finds some way to get to wherever they went. Until then, this group would have to suffice in aiding him to his goal.

While he did not know what awaited him further inside this place, it was certainly baffling to find a soccer field. Something one would not find in nature, which implied some kind of intelligence behind this situation. Someone or Something wanted people here. What is not known is whether the intent is sinister in nature or not. Not even the voice that announced a game gave any sufficient information to support either possibility. Though he was glad for the creatures as it would be a suitable outlet for the emotions he hid, namely rage.

The event, while short, did give Aleksander the opportunity to note the capabilities of his party. And the prize they won was quite peculiar. He could only guess at explanations for its apparently infinite space, some plausible while others bordered on magic. Unsatisfied with any answer, he turned to notice the others were discussing what future actions to take and some controversy over whether the linebacker creatures would be edible. While Aleksander would consider it a suitable source of sustenance, it would not provide the ideal range of nutrients and would impact his health as he primarily diets on a variety of fruit and vegetables. Rarely does he ever eat meat, and hunger is not enough of a concern for this to be one of those cases.

He followed the group back outside, hoping that maybe he could reestablish contact with LEGION though he was not surprised to see that it was not the case. On the Brightside, however, some EVA functions did come back online after his suit finished repairs. After briefly examining the operational features (mostly relating to tactical situations), he shifted attention back to the conversation at hand.

”Given the artificial designs within the cave, along with the fact that a ‘game’ awaited us, It would be reasonable to assume the cave is linear in nature with subsequent activities to perform for ‘prizes’. I don’t care about these prizes so much as getting out of… wherever this place is. To that end, I will aid so long as it remains necessary in whatever way I can. However, should I find a way out; I fully intend to do so with little respect for the situation of everyone else. This team is one of convenience and I doubt few of us woul ally under normal circumstances. I believe that further exploration of the cave will help me attain my goal and I will aid in any attempts to further advance.” Aleksander said while maintaining a passing interest in the others. He thought back about this situation seeming to be some kind of game. If that holds to be true, then everyone was likely brought here purposefully rather than accidently. But for what reason? And would it ever be known?
Well, I've made the last IC post and I avoid double posting, and I've already wrapped up my last post for this 'raid' or whatever we are calling it and I'm not sure if there is much more for me to write about.
Redacting my earlier post. I don't think I'll be posting before Quakecon. Qukae Champions came out on early acess today (coulda sworn it was the 25th but I guess i was wrong) and am spending currently spending time playing it, sucking at it, and watching videos on how to play it better. Might even stream some gameplay if my PC can handle it.

@Override I'll keep an eye out for that 'advancing the story' post but I likely will not work on writing till the 28th as stated earlier.
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