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Ready to die list inbound

I should probably be on it though depending on how this goes his obsession is going to really bring out the true monster he has inside to the surface. Totally looking forward to this.
Still Looking.
Eylo Viewer and welcome to my interest check. If your reading this than obviously you must know what X-Files is and if you don't than your welcome here all the same. I am a huge X-Files fan and for the longest time I have wanted to dive into a SERIOUS X-Files roleplay and I have finally decided to start a search for a partner who perhaps wants to do the same. Before I get into the plot and what I have in mind story wise let me give you a little information as to who I am and who I am ideally looking for.

Now that we got that all out of the way let me explain a bit more about the story I have in mind.

The story begins about two years after Mulder and Skully disappear, the X-Files have been pretty much abandoned since that time and no one had been down to that particular basement room in a while now. That is the case however before an Agent who idolized both Mulder and Scully takes up the mantle set on finding out what happened to Mulder and Scully. Unknown to him though he ends up walking into a world of secrets and conspiracies that he could have never imagined. In his search for the truth he draws the attention of a new faction that has arisen after the deaths of the original faction. A faction that is deadset on stopping this Agent from discovering the same secrets Mulder and Scully did and prevent him from ever finding the Truth. They send one of their own associates, a relatively new associate to the FBI to infiltrate the X-Files and stop him from the inside. That is where the story will start.

Ideally as the story progresses the infiltrator will begin to realize they are a pawn in a game of ultimate stakes and eventually they will choose sides. But we can discuss the specifics of the story more indepth when and if I find someone who wants to do this with me. That said if your interested please PM me only, im more likely to see a PM.
@Marko Ramius Talk about novella.

Good thing I didn't throw in the flashbacks I had planned uh lol I remember one of my opening posts from awhile back was 90000 characters long xD was intended to be longer but I was running out of characters

@MissCapnCrunch Definitely still in.
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