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@RyoRyoRyoken Yea I am slightly familiar with it as I did awhile back start being a player in a 5e Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign and am playing a Sorcerer who just multiclassed into Warlock. So I'm getting to be familiar with some of that stuff just still learning and all that. As for what edition I typically run or played in throughout most of my time gaming its always been old TSR stuff mainly AD&D 2e and the like occasionaly some OD&D etc what can I say I have real affection for the older systems and so on. They were a lot more encouraging and flexible even having a whole book devoted to random tables and such just for world building and I just really liked that it encouraged weird play styles and character kits and all the other random shit. Also it always was a bit more lethal and I kind of liked that felt more gritty and so on at least in lower levels. 5th is the first modern edition by WoTC I can say I have actually enjoyed though its a huge improvement to me over what they were doing previously as it brings in some of the old school stuff that 3rd,3.5 and...4th (cringes) tossed out.
@RyoRyoRyoken Yea it can be unlikely or difficult to get people into that aspect of game as its not usually on their plate. I have been relatively lucky and had a few players who did and its usually turned out really interesting and different. As for making a warlock patron that is actually a decent idea I'm not as familiar with 5e, but that actually makes sense and kind of keeps things a bit more focused so I can see why people go for that and in a way you could kind of spin that thing into a god or into part of a pantheon so it could still end up being a contribution.
I usually use real world pantheons or religions to kind of base things on or give me inspiration for ideas and then construct my own from the ground up. It kind of always helped me with world building and giving cultures or areas a really distinct feeling and identity. On occasion if players are interested I allow them to make contributions as well whether a single god or a whole pantheon etc.

There is a huge benefit to mixing and matching or just using established materials. I have done it myself before as it really lets players be able to look things up when needed and just have a whole plethora of information within their grasp to learn about on their own time.
Be like Ghengis and make a whole nation of babies.
<Snipped quote by MaxxRocker>


That said, I know how to solve all of your problems regarding this conspiracy.

You must apply more dire bats.

Transdwarfers so many meanings to be had. When you all see an army of dwarves in drag wearing red lipstick and heels at your door step do not be alarmed.

@Ophidian In battle today you will hold the line!
<Snipped quote by MaxxRocker>

What if your king is secretly a beastman? What will you do then? Where is your god then?

*gets mental image of dwarf suddenly exploding into a much taller beastmen who is the revealed to be a ratman*

I always knew that king was a really strange guy and the dude had fleas its all coming together! You have exposed the greatest conspiracy they have ever known how could you. Time to burn the whole thing down all of it its the only way. As for our god...we maybe may have killed him don't ask to many questions the body is still "missing".

At this point its sounding like the king may be a weird fleshy transformer.
<Snipped quote by RisenDead>

We're inside your borders, in your land, in your cities, in your homes, in your families, and we're inside of you.

Now I am in constant fear that my entire populace randomly burst out of their own skin to reveal their true selves as beast men. Only to then be assailed by a massive army of rat monsters and beset by countless plagues.
What can I tell you of my nation and my people? Stories of sorrow of long dark years filled with terror? Should I speak of glory had in days long since passed of ancestors who fought and stood for something beyond measure or question? Or should I simply speak of the mundane tedium of the countless ages between? None such things for all their worth change what stands today and that is we have changed we have adapted to a world so different than that one we tell stories of. - Hesiod the Archivist

Confederacy of Anarchis

The Confederacy of Anarchis is as old as it is complicated. Exact founding dates even the most experienced Archivist would have trouble finding for you as records from that long ago have been lost, locked away, or destroyed. What can be agreed upon is that what brought them back to prominence and solidified the decaying bonds between them was the rise of the dead. The squabbling sovereign states stamped out old rivalries and grudges and united to best find the way that they could endure and survive the long night ahead. After much consideration only one option seemed to find standing and that was to make a deal. War meant only death as they had not the numbers nor the support needed to fight such a battle of attrition against foes so unrelenting. Yet they did have something to offer in trade for safety. The Dwarves would open their vaults and their banks the most secure the world had ever known to guard treasures from any and all without question. They would plea neutrality and mediation in all matters unless directly provoked. The Men of the Black Hills would be equipped able to be hired as mercenaries by other nations, but more often act to greatly bolster the smaller Dwarven forces and the defense of the nation and its new enterprise.

What deal was struck with the dead and many deals struck with nameless and countless people after have been greatly questioned piquing curiosities the world over. Yet none know the secrets of the deep vaults within the Ash Mountains besides those who guard them still. Whispers surround that the once proud and noble Dwarves have been abandoned by their former gods for what they have done and what they hide. The Men of the Black Hills always wild seem all the more strange and territorial none are advised to venture alone in their land at night.

This is just a rough pitch I'm still working out greater details and map placement and such, but that basically covers the core concept.

@RisenDead Sorry this is late edit and just wanted to add a ping so I could get a note on if the concept itself could be approved and such.
<Snipped quote by MaxxRocker>

Let's hear your faction idea!

Sorry this is a late reply I am currently working on the outline and the pitch and will try to have it up as soon as possible.

I think in voice or live games its a bit of a no go unless its for story progression or some kind of guidance segment of the game. In forum based stuff I think it can be a bit more useful as a way to within the party keep things a bit on track etc. So mixed I suppose and depending greatly on the situation.
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