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Current "Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them." - Dr. Seuss
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The first time it was a tragedy/The second time it's a farce/Outside it's 1933 so I'm hitting the bar!
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Give us one fine day of plain sailing weather, and I think we can take on just about anything.
2 days ago
We are a young species. And there is as yet much darkness to fight. A future depends on us. Hopefully a bright one. It's quite the thing isn't it?
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Customers are depraved beasts who are the worst of humanity. This is truth.


Hello there.

I'm Ophidian, as you might have guessed, I have a certain fondness for snakes. I'm also interested in history (with middle eastern and mongolian histories being of particular interest to me) and anthropology. Aside from this, I tend to enjoy lovecraftian fiction, various genres of sci-fi, historical fiction and low fantasy with the occasional tidbit of high fantasy.

Ah yes, I'm gay. That may be pertinent. If this is an issue, I kindly direct you to the nearest den of starving lions. Or wolves. Whichever you prefer.

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I'll be withdrawing. I don't really think my concept fits with the universe here, and I'm reluctant to come up with another.

Work continues on the profile!

Aside from what I mentioned earlier-I might add a specialization in mega-industrial engineering. Not full on Dyson spheres. No worries.

Space habitats, and and large energy harvesting stations, etc.

*imagines a large station dedicated to food harvesting via photosynthetic protein farms*

No one ever goes hungry again.

Well I suppose I have to at least *try* to join now.

Probably going with an Earth colony that has outgrown it's humble beginnings. May or may not be caught up in a cold war with the home planet or other, fash-y colonials.

Basic and rough timeline I'm considering. During the early days of expansion, Earth scattered colony across the galactic arm using wormhole technology. Tended to be a one way trip, understandably. Earth was in a state of near-collapse. Think of it as a last hurrah for humanity, as they try to escape a cyberpunk hell of their own making.

The best of humanity was sent out, into the void, to preserve the species against what, at the time, seemed an inevitable end.

Some colonies failed, some didn't, and some went off the rails to an extreme. The third was the case with the colony that would become the Pan-Colonial Soviet. The colonists found themselves unprepared for the realities of an alien world. And there numbers were few. Eventually, certain....measures were taken. An underclass was created-humans modified with feline DNA. Better able to survive and thrive on that alien world. And made to do all the dangerous work as the human colonists lived in ever-increasing ease and luxury.

They really shouldn't have brought a database full of Earth's literary works with them. Discontent was inevitable among this new species of slaves-and for certain members of the depraved wealthy-pets-and the texts found within this database would find their way into the hands of these discontented slaves. Old texts with old names. Marx. Lenin. Mao. Castro. Guevara. You got the idea. It started as an insurgency. Then spiraled from there. By the time the revolution came in earnest, it happened quickly.

Within a few years, the colonial administration was overthrown, and as the USSR did before it, a communist power turned it's eyes to the stars once more.

It seemed only right, for the heirs to Earth's first spacefaring power-to it's first communist power-to follow in the footsteps of history. In terms of tech and specializations...I'm thinking they're big on cloning, genetic modification (within reasonable limits) and industry. Mmmm.

Dem five year plans.

Above. Two essential building blocks of communism. The stellar fleet and a catboy.

My theory is sound.
I'm not sure I have the time.

I mean, I did have to leave a nation RP recently, because of my killer work hours.

But at the same time, this verse is in dire need of communist catboys.

Choices choices...
I have just been informed that my long shifts will last into the foreseeable future. I was not warned about this.

My deepest apologies but my participation in this rp is no longer tenable. For hopefully obvious reasons.
Im not going to doe it right now but later today ill put a more detailed version of my app in the characters section.

You’ll need approval from one of the staff to do that, I’m afraid.
@Golem@Blackfridayrule both accepted. I'm just waiting for somepeople to finish their submissions before we start properly. @Ophidian @Erik Tiber waiting on you, but I respect that you are busy.

It will be up tomorrow. I'm basically halfway done-with most of that work being done tonight. I wasn't expecting a twelve hour shift at work.

Late stage capitalism, just kill me now.

I'll send along what I have to you, right now.

Then I need to crash into bed.
We're getting a damn good variety of nations. Excellent. I was sort of worried we wouldn't have any humans about-beyond the ones in my up and coming vampire county. And even then, they're sharing space with undead and catfolk.

I'll start to work right now.

If you still need a Co-GM, I'll apply. I normally resist all types of power unless it's actively thrown on me, but I want this RP to succeed, and staff is key to that, right?

All that said, the Red Death doesn't do wonders for the complexion.


Pallor is the more accurate term.
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