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Current Chasing our own tail, the more we learn the less we know/As the monsters lost in history are now making their return/We should have known
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"Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening."
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The warm fluffy feeling you get inside when you do your bit to pull the world back from the brink, mostly. Also the schadenfreude of nationalizing megacorps.
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I am too sensible for my own good sometimes. Join a cyberpunk NRP and the first thing I do is start building iron seeding stations to combat global warming. Everyone else joins the dystopia bandwagon.
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If you can't conquer the world from ontop of a mountain fortress, looking so good that you know there'll be a thousand fanfics about you before the credits roll, then you shouldn't conquer it at all!


Hello there.

I'm Ophidian, as you might have guessed, I have a certain fondness for snakes. I'm also interested in history (with middle eastern and mongolian histories being of particular interest to me) and anthropology. Aside from this, I tend to enjoy lovecraftian fiction, various genres of sci-fi, historical fiction and low fantasy with the occasional tidbit of high fantasy.

Ah yes, I'm gay. That may be pertinent. If this is an issue, I kindly direct you to the nearest den of starving lions. Or wolves. Whichever you prefer.

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Welcome to guild mate!

You'll find alot of friendly people to work with here. Just stay out of dark alleyways and you should be fine!

Also, it's good to see a fellow history buff/fallout fan here.
@Ophidian@darkwolf687 Looks good to me as well, long NSes are always nice.

Issuing a quick clarification-I finished up reading. It's good to go.
@Ophidian@Keyguyperson Alright, I'm as finished with my application as I think it's going to get, barring my repeated second guessing.

I've giving it a read through.

Not quite done, but my congratulations on an extensive profile.
Kagayakuminohōseki, Ōshanshitaderu

Ōshanshitaderu was a jewel along the ocean floor. A marvel of Zian engineering, in Ikari's professional opinion. He should know after all-he'd taken some time, in his two centuries to make a study of the finer points of architectural engineering. Indeed. It had become his profession. The complex on the surface was just a taste, he reflected, as he strode through the warrens that made up the true fabric of the city. Honeycombed into the ocean floor beneath the surface structures, powered by deep-ground geothermal lava flows and supplied by farms along the ocean surface, the true city thrived in the underground.

There was something heady to it, the Zian man thought, as he weaved past another pack of younger males-doing as younger males were wont to do...which is to say, grope each other, yell loudly, and fight. Sometimes all three at the same time. The captain barely raised a brow when one of the younger men tumbled into his path, and climbed up, cheeks red with laughter. In moments, the lad was back in the embrace of the group. He couldn't tell if this pack had been deployed or not-the behavior wasn't a tell, it usually took some time for the new recruits to calm down.


But the idle question was swept away as Ikari continued further downwards, deeper into the heart of the city. The young, rowdy group of males was soon forgotten, and his mind wandered back to thoughts of architecture. Natural, he supposed. This was a unique city. One that captured the imagination. In his mind's eye, he could even see the layout of the section he was currently traversing, sketched by old instinct.

This was one of the main hab-blocks. And if it weren't for the off-hour, he'd have encountered more then that brief press of young male bodies-the streets and parkways would have been choked with men, scurrying to meetings, work assignments, training or any other number of things. He was certain more then a few mating duels were occurring within the city. They always were. More then a few recreational ones too. If that gaggle of men had been any indication.

Eyeing the glass windows that surrounded the sides of the complex, as he continued downwards-trailing from the hard metal path to feel the grass upon his sandaled feet, Ikari reflected that, more then it's unique architecture, this city also reflected a unique way of living. He could never get used to such an open style of living-at least one part of one's room. Open at all times to observation from the outside. Inevitable, if one wanted the source of light the center of the complex provided. So close to natural sunlight.

But still.

A trail of goosebumps worked there way up Ikari's neck. He did not like to be watched by prying eyes. He barely tolerated it when the man he wished to mate did it-he wouldn't tolerate it from strangers. Certainly.

The blue-haired male sighed, and moved a lock of hair back into place as he did so. Granted. For this current meeting. It was going to be inevitable. Distract himself as he might. He was going to be picked apart by security for a good three hours. At least. Being called in to advise the Shogun and generals and admirals of the empire on matters like colony design and station lay out was an honor. Particularly when the challenges offered were so vast.

Particularly when a new expansion was being considered. A new colony. A new grand undertaking for the Empire. Another drive to re-forge the Empire of the ancients. To fulfill that ancient dream. The purpose of the Empire. His chest, of course, filled with pride at the thought. As was proper....


As he reached twentieth level of the complex, and spied the white armor of the Imperial Warriors that made up the security details for the outermost part of the chambers laid didn't make the coming security nightmare any easier.

Ikari fidgeted. Hesitated.

Then forced a sandled foot forward. Best to grin and bear it.

Congratulations on your approval then!

Not seeing any problems with @Apollo26's profile. You okay with it?
@Keyguyperson not to be pushy but can wolfie and apollo get approved? Feel like they might have been a tad ignored.

I'll ask Duck, see if Key and I can't take a look at them ourselves and approve them.
Cool, I guess I'll move my Nation sheet to the characters tab and I'll probably start writing something for the IC tomorrow. Does anyone want a meeting? I'll admit that after reading about the Ziani I could imagine some fun scenes with the characters I'm using.

My PM box is open!

I'm open to plotlines-and the like. All of my possible concerns have been addressed, and you've been pretty damn reasonable throughout. So.

Be happy to work with you!
<Snipped quote by Ophidian>

I'm good with it. If I get to have an ancient jump gate that I can't reproduce, I don't see why this would cause problems.


@Ophidian My nation wouldn't be able to reproduce it, its ancient tech that they don't really understand. It only works between their planets. Essentially they're ancient tech that is merely maintained to provide travel between those four planets. I don't plan to turn it into anything more than that.



I'm on the fence, leaning towards approving. Think this is acceptable?
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