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23 May 2017 14:01
Current Hello sir and welcome to our store. You've been rude to me so I'm going to make sure you get the crappiest product possible!
23 May 2017 1:58
23 May 2017 1:46
When your main choices when making a nation for an NRP are "race of gay space samurai" and "communist nekos" you know you're well and truly off the beaten path.
22 May 2017 22:53
And the moral here is that hatred solves everything. Join the Dark Side today! Get your black robes and complimentary red lightsabers while you can! Supplies are limited!
22 May 2017 22:33
Things I learned working customer service: There are alot of old people who are just angry about being old and looking for someone to take it out on.


Hello there.

I'm Ophidian, as you might have guessed, I have a certain fondness for snakes. I'm also interested in history (with middle eastern and mongolian histories being of particular interest to me) and anthropology. Aside from this, I tend to enjoy lovecraftian fiction, various genres of sci-fi, historical fiction and low fantasy with the occasional tidbit of high fantasy.

Ah yes, I'm gay. That may be pertinent. If this is an issue, I kindly direct you to the nearest den of starving lions. Or wolves. Whichever you prefer.

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So I decided to go with the gay space samurai.

Very much a WIP, this'll fill out gradually tonight, I'd bet.

For clarity's sake. The origins of these guys-and their connection to humanity-the nature of the Empire that took humans and made them super soldiers way back...well, it'd be no fun if I told you all upfront eh?


The left just couldn't stop winning in this verse huh?

First. Nice blindfold.

Second, I admire your fashion sense.

Third, still don't swing that way.

Wanna look at pictures of pretty guys on the internet?
I'll have an app done within the next few days, hopefully.

Until then, allow me to distract you.

<Snipped quote by Kinith>

That shouldn't be bad at all (my species doesn't sleep). As long as it isn't an excuse to have some kind of ridiculously quick advancement it's all good.

Yeah, it shouldn't be an issue at all.

I mean.

this could well end up being my species:

We aren't too restrictive.
No such luck

Mind showing me what you look like without that armor~?

Something from the tech level of common Sci-Fi series like andromeda, stargate, star trek... are those too far in the future?

I kinda liked the settings of the Ancients from Stargate, however they are far too advanced. But what about for example the Replicator technology? Cloaking like the Romulans? How far is considered advanced for this RP but not too advanced. How fast is considered average in FTL in this RP?

Those are currently my main questions.

I don't want to annoy you, however this would be my first RP on this site. I want to get more information to fine tune my concept.

Answering questions from players is part of my job, so don't worry about annoying me.

The other part is hiding the bodies.

Anyway, I've done some quick consulting with @Keyguyperson and our intial impression based on your presented inspirations is that those would be a bit too advanced, all things considered. The point of the game is to play an emerging empire, not one that's already advanced on the level of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The best example we can come up with is...think something more along the lines of the Enterprise from the first season of the show of the same name. Relatively slow FTL, no energy shielding, more modern weaponry (nuclear missiles rather than antimatter bombs) etc.

Having a much more advanced empire come in that's effectively on the same level as the starting empires-since none of us are starting with big colonial empires, wouldn't be fair to the other players.

I can't tell you how quick FTL is exactly, that question will have to go to @duck55223.
@TheFoxLord @Dusty @Starlance @Empress @catchamber

Yo. We have an OOC.

Figured you guys would want to know~

*Glorious communist snip*

Well, first off, what do you mean by advanced?

You're still in that "spooky demon" phase. Went through one of those in highschool.

Take my advice and chill a bit. You'll make more friends.
I'm here with bells on, of course.

And very much looking forwards to seeing this get off the ground!

In any players have questions/concerns or if any potential players have questions, my PM box is open.

and I promise to only send like, half of you to the gulag.
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