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So I thank the Soviets and the mighty Chinese vets/The Allies the whole wide world around/To the battling British, thanks, you can have ten million Yanks/If it takes 'em to tear the fascists down..
4 days ago
Evidently painkillers and an uneasy feeling in my head also inspire me. Oh god. I'm one of *those* writers.
4 days ago
Well, the painkillers finally worked. Sort of. Goodbye headache. Hello vaguely weird feeling in head.
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In the corridors of power they all sit down to sup/With the devil and his minions, and they ask for his opinions/And the politicians they wring their hands and cry "What's to be done?"


Hello there.

I'm Ophidian, as you might have guessed, I have a certain fondness for snakes. I'm also interested in history (with middle eastern and mongolian histories being of particular interest to me) and anthropology. Aside from this, I tend to enjoy lovecraftian fiction, various genres of sci-fi, historical fiction and low fantasy with the occasional tidbit of high fantasy.

Ah yes, I'm gay. That may be pertinent. If this is an issue, I kindly direct you to the nearest den of starving lions. Or wolves. Whichever you prefer.

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Not looking in that mirror again.
It's okay.

I'm used to it at this point.

At least it wasn't the tail...
Ooooh. A reader eh?

Would you be interested in a copy of the communist manifesto?
@Jay Kalton@Specter189@Stern Algorithm@Section@Takashi@Knight of Doom@Ophidian@Azaria Blue

Same as above for yall :)

Thanks for the poke.


Wonder if I could find that gay romance this time around...
Well, I honestly don't see a place to start for me here.

I'm used to alot more planning and interaction I suppose?

I'll bow out.
Looking on it all, I would include Sam in the mix of trouble-making due to what he does, but I feel he would end up being forced to tolerate Nixon... I feel like they were ok friends until Nixon went to far on jokes which escalated into thievery of sorts just to mess around. Would he take to thievery during a practical joke? Regardless, I can see them both getting into a spat over it with both of them coming to fight one another, usually either persons game.

Nixon in general doesn't think much of anything when it comes to light thievery. It's just something he does, sometimes. Another way of flaunting that he doesn't play by the rules. He's got alot invested in his persona as an outsider to society, as someone not tied down to it. I'd say your take is accurate-Nixon would go too far for Sam. And they're just forced to tolerate each other by circumstances. At game start at least.
I think Pike would like Morta as he would find her strange but likable! And he would indulges her hobbies, he would ask questions about the occult and ghost Pokemon since he doesn't have much experience with either even if he doesn't really believe in the former so much, and maybe watch some of her low budget movies in a movie night with the others? And I think Morta's Drifloon and Pike woukd get along messing with people together? But I see a few arguments arising between theses two. Mostly since Pike is a scientific person who believes in facts over faith so they can have arguments over that once they get to know each other?

What do you think, @Rin?

@BornluckyYeah, that sounds cool. XD It'd be really fun to play Pike's rationality against Morta's... Morta-ness, so yeah.

Going off this...since they all enjoy messing with people.

Nixon, Pike and Morta as a troublemaking unit of sorts?
I can verify this as well.

He's hit one of the rps I am involved in.
Keep in mind the relationships between characters don't have to start out as super meaningful or friendly at the start, its up to you guys how deep and meaningful you want to start it out as. But I plan on making the characters very close friends by the end of the RP!

Well, I'll say right now that I'd like the chance to explore Nixon a bit through interactions with other characters-especially in OOC pre-planning like this, since it defines relationships at game start.

...If any guy needs a snarky, tricky, and generally somewhat shady ill-advised crush, feel free to shoot me a PM and we can talk shop. :p

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