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Current "Good villains can be seen as right. The best villains are right."
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For various reasons, I will now refer to all of my werewolf characters as "woofs".
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Hm. Just a read a fanfic author's goodbye letter. I am not crying. You're crying.......Note to self, keep writing forever.
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Don't talk to me of “death do us part”/Between us we share one beating heart/Candles flicker in the chandelier/Can't you see we got a good thing here.....
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Lines I need to use some day: "Yeah well, suck my diplomatic immunity."


Hello there.

I'm Ophidian, as you might have guessed, I have a certain fondness for snakes. I'm also interested in history (with middle eastern and mongolian histories being of particular interest to me) and anthropology. Aside from this, I tend to enjoy lovecraftian fiction, various genres of sci-fi, historical fiction and low fantasy with the occasional tidbit of high fantasy.

Ah yes, I'm gay. That may be pertinent. If this is an issue, I kindly direct you to the nearest den of starving lions. Or wolves. Whichever you prefer.

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I might be interested. There's race I've been wanting to try out. army on the march.

Hello, hello hello. I'm Ophidian. And recently, I've had a few slots on my RPing schedule open up. I've been on guild for awhile now, and I've been blessed with some truly great partners, I'm still RPing with some of the people I met during my first days here. I've come to consider this website something of a home, to be honest. I've never made an interest check before, so excuse any errors and confusion.

I'm very flexible in terms of setting-I can write sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic...basically anything you see tagged in the topic in all honesty. I have the most experience with fantasy however. And I tend to prefer darker fantasy, as such things go. Realistic without being....realistic. Heh. In terms of what I write, characterwise, I've written everything from Imperial Grand Moffs, scheming princes, to vampire counts, werewolf knights, communist catboys (who are also somehow cowboys)....and everything between. Heh.

If you want a list of fandoms I know-off the top of my head, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Fallout...etc. If it isn't listed here, just ask. I might know it. I tend to prefer nonfandom RP's however, with the exception of Star Wars and perhaps Fallout, which I'm always game for. But overall, I like to develop a setting with my partner, make up lore, worldbuild. I'm a sucker for that.

And regardless of setting, I'm also a sucker for good romance. Indeed, I work it into almost everything I write.

I won't wear out whatever goodwill I have here thing by prattling on. Let's get to the thrust of it, eh? My rules are fairly simple, as such things go.

1. I want someone who can write-I don't ask someone be perfect. But if all I'm going to get is two sentences, then we might not work. I prefer paragraphs. I myself can reliably give you three paragraphs, sometimes a small novel. I just ask my partner be able to meet me in regards to quality, and failing that, effort.
2. I'd like my partners to be over eighteen, for my own comfort. I don't want to quibble over what amount of violence in an RP is suitable for young minds. :p
3. Consistency wise, I'm willing to wait. Believe me, I know life wears at you. I just ask for a heads up if it's going to be weeks. I also expect the favor to be returned, I try to post as much as I can. If you feel I'm too slow, tell me and we can talk it over.
4. I only write mxm, in terms of romance. This isn't negotiable.
5. I don't shy away from darker themes, but I don't write incest, rape or anything of that sort. This is a hard line, and I won't budge on it.
6. I prefer to RP via PM or discord. PM over discord.

I don't really have anything solid in mind, I just have some openings. So I'll end this with two samples of my writing. One for sci-fi, one for fantasy. Fantasy was written with a partner, sci-fi was written on my lonesome.

Welcome, welcome welcome.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.
People tend to avoid even considering the idea of something being their fault or something being due to their flaws at all costs.

Scratching post.
Please stop waving that knife around.
I don't do petting.

....Ear scritches from elves however, are acceptable.
I have claws. And I know how to use them.

Back off.


This could have some possibilities.

Not looking in that mirror again.
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