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Letting Marlowe take the lead for descending into the ship, Marea followed extremely close behind. Placing a hand on the boy's shoulder, she firmly held onto him as she trailed less than a foot behind him.

Once the unfortunate engineer spoke, her entire body tensed up for a moment and her grip tightened. But, as Marlowe continued forwards, the girl seemed to relax and continue on with him until they reached the large, tucked-away box.

After he cleared it out, she returned the nod and moved up to try and clamber inside while still leaving him some room among the container's numerous contents. We'll be fine. We will be okay. This plan is going to go off without a hitch. Though, what will we do once the ship arrives? How will we even be able to tell?
Great posts everyone. I'm liking the discussion too. Also, kinda like how @Fading Memory offerred, feel free to pick my brain on the setting or really anything else in this time period. I'm getting my certificate in Medieval History and culture next semester so I have a fair amount of knowledge, though I'm no professor haha.

Yet. :^)
Marea tailed closely behind Marlowe, almost constantly looking around as she stayed low and silent. As reached their stop, the girl looked to the young man. Even now, she maintained her usual composure in this stressful situation. Speaking lowly, her tone carried a similar serious weight as though her adoptive father were speaking through her.

"I made a promise to see you fulfill your dreams. Doing this might infuriate everyone on the island, but it is a worthwhile trade that they will one day understand."

As the young blonde's actions left the docks unguarded, Marea pressed on. Moving with purpose, her blue-hair tailed behind her as she quickly began to head up the ramp and onto the ship.
Holding a hand out, the blonde youth poured a small amount of her water into the palm before setting the water-skin aside. Rubbing both of her slender hands together, she ensured they were both clean before she even thought about her meal. Once they were purified to a satisfactory level, she joined the holy man in his moment of prayer and began to eat.

Though she did not have such qualms over meat, she ate quietly and made little visible movement while chewing. Hearing the introductions, the girl noted just what capacity of folk she had found herself in the company of before she swallowed the piece of deer she had partaken of.

"My lady has given me the alias Concordia for this mission. She informed me it is the name of an old Roman Goddess that presides over marriage. I suppose she found it fitting for a task like this. I am very familiar with negotiations and the workings of merchants."

Slowly reaching up, she pulled her hood down slightly, hoping to mask her discomfort in such conditions. Under scrutiny, it was painfully obvious to even a child that she was not used to being in the woods like this. Frequently shifting a bit on the log in a vane attempt to find comfort, and the shuddering from her rain-soaked attire.

Sitting on logs, with no wine, no spice, no music. Nothing! How did people live like this?!

Finally, Concordia had enough. Getting up from the log, she walked over to her belongings and produced a wooden flute as she spoke, with a tinge of pride in her voice, "I am also trained in music!"

With that, she brought the instrument up to her lips and began to play a soft, gentle tune for her companions.
+300 esoteric knowledge
"And how do you suggest we get on? The beach doesn't have many places to hide except..."

Marea's gaze fell upon the crates they were loading, just staring at them as she continued, "...the boxes."
Remaining dead silent throughout the exchange, Marea quickly shuffled after Marlowe. Watching the young boy wipe away tears from behind, the girl's normally gentle hands clenched into tight fists. I know I should say something to Father but...What can I say that will convince him? If this passes by, I don't think he'll ever try again...

Picking up the pace to catch up with him, the blue-haired girl grabbed Marlowe's shoulder and forced him to turn and face her. Her usual calm remained save for her eyes, which shone with a burning determination.

"Marlowe, I am not going to let you stay in this cage any longer. We are getting on that boat. Curse or otherwise. Those people were willing to accept you, so we'll find a way to meet back up and go to that island."

Releasing him, Marea took a long inhale before turning and looking towards the not-so-distant shoreline. No turning back now.

"I refuse to stay quiet when he causes such suffering."
I shouldn't say something. This is his chance to finally fulfill his dream. I'd rather not spend time around her kind, but this isn't about me. If he can finally leave this island and see the world, I just need to bear with it. Just stay calm...This is for Marlowe's sake. After all, maybe they won't even hire him on. If he does well, he could probably get into any crew he wants. Just stay calm. Stay. Calm. Don't let it show. Don't let it grow. You can't let it come out.
As Marlowe dashed off, Marea kept her pace. She just watched him run off before, for a brief moment, a smile broke on her face. This is how you should be, Marlowe. And I'll make sure you stay like this.

Rushing to catch up, she made her way into the Sunken Shepard and rejoined Marlowe's side. As her gaze fell upon the woman he was speaking to, her jaw clenched slightly as she stared straight ahead, away from the violet-haired girl.
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