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As the wave crashed into the ship, Marea almost immediately lost her footing and began sliding along the deck. Back and forth, she was whipped about as her vision constantly flashed between the deck and the stormy skies above. Grasping at the air, she finally was brought to a stop as she found a holding.

Hearing her name being shouted, the blue-haired girl looked up to see her hands tightly holding onto the collar of Marlowe's shirt, pulling it tightly into his throat. Marlowe...Why are you- I'm choking him!

As the engine finally activated, giving the crew reprieve from the storm, Marea released her suffocating hold on the shirt collar. For a moment, she let out a sigh before placing a hand on Marlowe's shoulder as a dim glow of aetheric energy radiated from the spot and seeped into him, mending the injuries he had sustained from the fight prior.

"There. should be fine to continue."
Marea turned as she heard Marlowe's pained cry, her hair whipping about as she looked over towards him. However, by the time she began to channel, he had already dispatched the creature. We need to get him protection...

Responding to the advise with a nod, the blue-haired girl turned to the main fighting and began to channel her aetheric abilities. The air around her rapidly cooled, creating a thick fog around Marea as the freezing cold met with the hot, tropical air. a series of large icicles were created around her. Stay in control...You can heal him when he is safe. You have the power to end this. Just keep the water in the glass.

Stepping forwards, a trail of fog was left in her wake that whirled around and almost instantly dissipated. Once she had vision again, Marea began to launch the icicles one after the other, the chunks of ice whipping through the air and lodging themselves into several of the savorask.

After striking her targets, Marea turned back to Marlowe and began walking towards him, channeling the aether one last time as she caused the icicles to fracture before violently erupting within them.
Marea nodded in response to Marlowe's plan, remaining silent and statuesque as their short, cramped journey began. Mother Ocean protect us...

As the ship rocked, and Marlowe found himself almost ontop of her, the girl just kind of stared up with her usual calm, helping him back into a comfortable spot with a few gentle pushes. That's way too close! For a second, I thought that was going to...

Her blue hair shook with her head, and Marea returned to her previous stillness until it was finally time to leave the crate. Once they were free from their self-imposed prisons, she would stretch her entire body before hurrying to catch up with Marlowe.

Marea remained collected through her companion's frantic explanation in trying to keep his place up until the very moment the ship made a hard rock that caused her to stumble and fall flat onto the wooden floor. Pushing herself up, she quickly looked around until her gaze found Marlowe once more. Then, the sounds of battle above-deck began to ring out. He's going to rush up deck. I should try and get a head start so I won't be too far behind.

At that, the girl sprung back up to full height and pushed past the man watching over them as she started rushing to the top of the ship.
Personally, it seems to me like you want to make your own thing, but you don't quite know where to start.

If that's the case, the first step is to nail down what key elements you want to include. Giant robots, monsters, a city, whatever. After that, you'd wana work on filling stuff out by just asking "why" a lot and answering it.

"Why are there giant robots?" "Why do I need two people to pilot them?" "Why is this one city so important?"

If you work off that, things will start to fill out quite nicely. This even works well for specific characters as well.

"Why does the big bad evil guy wana destroy the world?" "Why does he hate the party so much?" "Why is the king taxing his people so much?"
Sure. Send me a link and I'll hop on.
Letting Marlowe take the lead for descending into the ship, Marea followed extremely close behind. Placing a hand on the boy's shoulder, she firmly held onto him as she trailed less than a foot behind him.

Once the unfortunate engineer spoke, her entire body tensed up for a moment and her grip tightened. But, as Marlowe continued forwards, the girl seemed to relax and continue on with him until they reached the large, tucked-away box.

After he cleared it out, she returned the nod and moved up to try and clamber inside while still leaving him some room among the container's numerous contents. We'll be fine. We will be okay. This plan is going to go off without a hitch. Though, what will we do once the ship arrives? How will we even be able to tell?
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