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I think we should keep the ball rolling with what we have to get some momentum back, then see how we feel from there.
Uzume rubbed her chin, giving off a brief hum as she considered what she was told.

I will need to check these locations later on. It seems that for the current task, however, I am simply to stand guard.

With a nod to confirm her own thoughts, the woman rested a hand upon her sheathed blades and responded, "I will fight if anything happens. It would do little to make a discovery and then perish on the way back. I do not wish to cause you trouble, so you may resume your regular duties."

Then, right as she turned her attention towards the sheriff, the girl froze as a new question appeared in her mind.

"Ah. One more thing. Will I be walking, or riding with another? I am fit enough to travel by foot if need be."
Maintaining her smile, Uzume listened to the deputy's offer and waited for him to finish.

(Do all American men so casually compliment women? And the note-taking is...interesting. Perhaps it is how he remembers things?)

First responding with a nod, she continued to speak in her somewhat rough English, as she said, "I am here because I read that there are problems in area. I wish to help. If the cavalrymen were indication, I believe I will be of use. I am best with blade, which their leader also used."

After a brief pause to collect her thoughts and attempting to translate them, she continued, "What is happening at this farm? Are the attackers based there? Do you anticipate ambush? Also..."

Turning her attention towards the town, Uzume said, "Is there more work available once we return? I would prefer it not involve fighting, so that I might study other walks of life and improve."
No. I have died. This is my undead corpse typing now.

@Cleverbird How on-brand of a reaction from you. And, dare I say, clever.
With a gunshot restoring order, the gleam reflecting off a half-unsheathed blade vanished as the weapon slid back into its scabbard. Peace was returned, but it was obvious just how much this place was suffering. Such frantic behavior for mere scraps is the behavior of desperate people. The lawlessness she heard of the frontier seemed to be more true than she expected. She was right to leave home and come here. The people needed warriors to protect them against those who would do such evils.

Then, as the deputy at least made an attempt to fulfill his order and found himself face-first in the dirt, Uzume thoughts were pulled away from her somewhat overblown and theatrical thoughts. Staring down at him as the young man got back up onto his feet, the girl couldn't help but smile as he started to clean himself off.

Once he began speaking at length to her in Chinese, however, the smile grew to a giggle. She recognized the language, at least parts of it, but the attempt to impress with what he thought might be her native tongue was adorable in a way. Responding first with a quick bow, Uzume smiled as she spoke back in an accented English. Her time around native speakers helped her shake off much of the more egregious quirks her native tongue would instill, but it still came off as overly formal and a bit alien.

"My name is Date Uzume. I am from Japan. I also can speak English. I appreciate the effort, but the language is not correct."
Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t $25 a lot of money during this time?
Joke's on you, there is now. @Cleverbird
As her boots stepped out onto the station, Uzume scanned the sign hanging overhead. Quincy Station. The girl's gaze then began to look out towards the town as she looked for a place that this area does postings. Once her eyes fell upon several sheets of paper tacked to a wall, she made her way over towards it, ignoring the glances she would receive from her attire. She was used to them at this point.

The first thing to catch her eye seemed to be a recent posting, relative to the rest, Warning to all travelers: Ulysses and the area surrounding it is dangerous. Avoid passing through it if possible.

With a brief hum, Uzume's hand glided along the familiar blade handles. The people of this Ulysses seemed to require some assistance from a warrior. Someone capable of clearing out these dangers.

As she pondered her next destination, some activity in the corner of her eye caught her attention. Glancing over, she spotted a wagon being loaded up with crates. The labels stamped on them indicated that they were supplies. Perhaps...

Approaching the wagon, the swordswoman gave the workers a bow before she spoke, "Hello. Where is this wagon going?"

One of the men turned towards the ronin and raised an eyebrow at her oriental appearance and dress.

"Uh...We're headin' towards Ulysses."

A smile crept upon Uzume's face, "I would like to join you. I am a capable and equipped warrior."

"Riiight. Look, ma'am. This is a dangerous job, and I ain't too sure you're exactly up to it."

"I promise you, I am prepared to risk my life for the safety of this wagon and those staffing it."

At this, the worker just sighed. He wasn't too sure about hiring a lady for this, but help is help. Giving her a nod, he motioned to the front of the wagon and she climbed to her spot.

Before long, the wagon departed and the caravan made its way towards Ulysses. Days passed with relative peace, save for the many questions that Uzume seemed to endlessly ask those around her.

"Where are you from?"

"Why do your boots have spiked wheels?"

"What is that plant over there called?"

At least her curious energy kept the trip from being hours of nothing.

On the fifth night, however, the rumored dangers struck. Uzume sat turned away from the fire, as she had done the nights before, to ensure her sight was well-adjusted to the darkness. But it was not her sight that would warn her of their approach, instead it was her hearing.

At first, it was just a single bird. Then two. Then three. The pages of literature she read about fictitious shinobi using animal calls to signal one another came to mind, followed by remembering what her job is. An attack was coming.

Leaping to her feet, Uzume reached to her obi and pulled her revolver from it before firing off three shots into the air to awaken and alert the others. Shortly after she raised the alarm, a deafening howl filled the air.

The camp became engulfed in combat as cavalry rushed in. Her signal bought the defenders a few precious seconds to arm themselves, preventing a total slaughter. Though she tried to fire a few normal shots off, the bullets all went wide. Her aim was poor enough even during practice, let alone during the chaos a cavalry charge brought.

Spotting a native with an axe drawn, charging straight for their formation, she knew the damage that he could inflict on her exclusively ranged alies. Flipping the small lever on the revolver's hammer, she took aim not at the rider, but his mount, and fired a shotgun blast straight into it.

The horse fell, launching the man forwards. Much to her surprise, however, the attacker rolled as he hit the ground and continued his charge on foot. Putting the gun away, Uzume unsheathed both of her blades and intercepted his charge as she swung her katana low and her wakizashi overhead. The man blocked her low swing and stopped her overhead by grabbing her forearm. Though she had no doubts she could overpower most untrained people, her opponent was a man built for close combat as she was. Each of them struggled against one another, and Uzume could feel her control slipping to her powerful opponent.

So, before he could completely take over, the fighter yanked her katana out of the lock and struck him in the jaw with the pommel, forcing him to release her arm. With a quick step back, she kicked the sand beneath her up into his face, creating a brief smokescreen for her to retreat back to the wagon. Her allies all scrambled with her retreat, everyone either climbing into the wagon or on a horse and fled the camp.

Looking back in case the attackers gave chase, Uzume's eyes locked with the warrior she had fought, and the two stared at one another until the wagon dissipated around a bend.

She succeeded in her mission, but only because they did not give chase.

The remaining days were quiet, and before long, the caravan arrived at Ulysses. The people seemed to be exhilarated at their appearance, and it was hard for the girl to maintain her composure when she felt like something of a hero. Beaming with the feelings of a job well done, she accepted pay for the job and hopped off the wagon. The memory of her near-defeat feeling almost distant now as she watched people hurriedly unload the cargo they had brought to this place.
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