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☆ Helena ☆

Helena found it mildly amusing that she had spent her whole life in one place, with the occasional little trips outside the city, even though it was a port city. And now, she’d gone off to school and she had travelled more in the almost year she’d been there than she had her whole life. Though she couldn’t say that she didn’t like it. Especially when you get the chance to go to a once in a lifetime thing like this.

Like normal, she’d spent a majority of the travel time just watching things go by, doodling in her little book when the fancy struck. This time at least, it was less dark than the ones she’d drawn on the way to the Nox event. Even now, months later, she still had trouble recalling what had happened while they were down there. She’d had strange dreams, things that she only recalled for a few moments in morning when she awoke. But she couldn’t separate what was real and what it was that her mind made up as nightmare. And she was sure that she really wanted to know.

As they got closer and closer to the city, she couldn’t help but just stare out the windows in a bit of awe. Port Slaughter was a pretty big town for what it was. But it was nothing compared to this. Not this (relatively) clean, glittering collection of buildings. And part of her couldn’t wait to get in there and suss out the dark parts of it. Even if they were supposed to be there on slightly more important terms.

Masha ☾ & ❀Emma❀

Arc 2 Day 2
{ ONIH | About 8 pm }

Emma couldn’t help the laugh that came at his embarrassment to see her with his boss, but she didn’t say anything more about it as he came in to give her a little hug. She slipped her own arm around his back and waist, pulling him a little closer for a moment before his attention was drawn away. “Go, you’ve got work to do, don’t let me keep you.”

At the kiss to her forehead she smiled, waving him off. “I’ll see you after,” she called as he walked away to go and help his fellow coworker with the little problem that they were having just then.

“Suppose you have to go too?” she said looking to Masha who sighed and rolled her eyes some.

“Yeah, I probably should get back to actually working and not just chatting,” she sighed again, finishing her drink and standing up as well. “It was nice seeing you again. Text me and maybe we can hang out some when this opening is over.”

Emma nodded and smiled. “Sure thing, Masha.”

Masha waved slightly and made her way back towards the bar, watching the scene on going with Damien and Killian as she went. What was that kid doing in here? What could she have been up to? As the thoughts ran through her head, theories and ideas and what ifs came flooding through and she had to fight down growing panic that this could be very bad.

“Just keep calm, Masha,” she murmured to herself and shifted her direction slightly, though she mostly stopped walking to watch. She needed to know that Killian and Damian could handle this sort of thing on their own without her intervening any. Damian was going to have to be a big boy sooner or later. Or a bit Nightwalker. Either way.

{} {} {}


Rich Axford

Rich looked at her as she patted the bench, taking a deep breath before he sat himself down. He needed to silence that small voice in the back of his head that kept saying that this wasn’t a good idea. And that he should be turning around and heading back to the bar to do his job. Before Masha noticed that he wasn’t there and fired his ass. Maybe literally, he couldn’t put it past her to not do that.

“Maybe it does,” he said in answer to her question about danger exciting him, shrugging his shoulders and trying to look more confident in this decision that he’d made.

Which was a whole lot easier when she was leaning in close and putting her hands on his face. He found himself being pulled even closer to her by just her force of will it seemed. Because there was no physical pulling happening, but he was sliding along the bench closer to her anyways, his much longer leg pressing up against hers.

Part of his attention was being tugged away by the commontion that was going on, but not enough of it to pull him away from her fully though. “Maybe I’m not as innocent as you think I am…”
A Chance Run-In

Annabeth, Helena, and Henri
Before the skip

When they were done, Helena brushed as much of the dust off of her from the training grounds as she could summon the care for. She knew that it was in her hair, she knew that it was on her clothes everywhere. She’d done alright, she knew. But Athalus was still better. He had years of being better at it than her. And while her dad had trained her decently for self defense, offense wasn’t her strong point.

She was heading back to the main part of the school when she noticed the that not too far in front of her was some one rather familiar. “Annabeth!” she called, picking up her step until she’d almost caught up with the other girl. “I thought that was you I’d seen on the other side of the training grounds.” She’d been rather focused so she’d only sorta seen the others around them. Which was probably for the best because she would have been distracted otherwise if she was paying too much attention to Annabeth.

Annabeth was deep in through when she heard someone call out to her. “Helena?” Sure enough it was Helena. Annabeth waved and walked towards her. Helena seemed to have just finished training. “I was thinking about it, but Colette and Keri caught me first. We lost track of time so I hurried out here. Did you just finish training?” Annabeth looked up and down Helena. She suddenly felt a hint a lust but shook it off. Annabeth needs to focus on training, not pleasure. And as much as she liked Helena, Annabeth needed to focus.

Helena smiled at her, glancing down at her dusty, slightly sweaty self. “Yeah, Athalus just got done kicking my ass,” she chuckled, rubbing at the back of her neck in a bit of embarrassment. “I'd offer my services for sparing with you, especially since he said it'd be of benefit to us both, but I don't think I've got the energy for at the moment.”

“Ah. Yeah that’s fine. Even though I’m dressed like this I’m not entirely sure if I could give it my all either. Still sore from our mission and… Other stuff.” Though in truth Annabeth really did want to do some sparing. He body was sluggish sure but that was because only parts of her felt sore and tired. If she let least went all out perhaps she’d feel better. Or so she thought. “Oh, but you were training with Athalus? Learn anything from it?”

She noticed the slight hesitation that Annabeth had, tilting her head to the side slightly as she considered what she's say next. “Oh I didn't wear you out that much did I?” she laughed, starting to walk again and gesturing her along with her. “If you're willing to wait, say an hour, give me some time to get my stamina back up, maybe see if we can sneak some rolls from the kitchen, I'll have a go with you.” She had no problems training with her, she just knew she physically couldn't right now. And she enjoyed spending time with her anyways.

“Maybe in something a little less armor heavy though. And no, that is not an excuse to undress you. At least not totally.” She laughed a little wickedly at that, giving Annabeth a flirty wink. “You don't have to come with me, of course, if you want to go get ready, I'll meet you back here and we can do whatever you want.”

Scoffing playfully Annabeth tagged along with Helena, rolling her eyes at the girl’s flirting. “Honestly, what am I going to do with you girls. Always wanting a piece of me!” Annabeth tapped Helena on the shoulder with an armored fist, nudging her forward. “I may as well tag along with you for now. Not like I have anywhere else to be. As for the armor… Well I suppose I do need something more flexible. A heavy coat of plate is nice and all, but it’s rather stuffy.”

As Annabeth and Helena walked on, the psychomancer considered what she should be doing with Helena, training wise. Frankly Annabeth felt that she needed to fight someone more monstrous to fight the monsters Annabeth thought about, but her skills against a regular person could use work too. More so with a sneaky rogue type; Annabeth could dueled a knight easily, but someone who relies more on cunning tricks rather than careful tactics wasn’t an opponent Annabeth typically trained against. By against the cravens and cutthroats who’ll she likely face in rougher parts of the world.

Helena smirked playfully. “Well you are hard to resist,” she replied, nudging the other girl gently on the shoulder. Not because she was afraid of hurting Annabeth, she was worried about hurting herself. “Well then, let's go.”

As they walked Helena prattled on about what she'd been doing with Athalus. Making herself sound a bit better than she'd actually been, but not too terribly much. She wasn't that much of a show off.

Although it was true that Henri asked the gargoyle to take him trough the longest path to the library, the gargoyle was really taking the longest one it could possibly think about. While he appreciated knowing more about the college, it was extremely boring. After all, the gargoyle didn't talk and he was basically alone with absolutely nothing to do, so it was only natural that Henri got distracted rather quickly, starting to juggle his knifes in the air rather than pay actual attention on the path that the gargoyle was leading him. In truth, Henri was already lost. He was simply following the gargoyle, waiting for it to take him to his final destination, the library.

"Not too much of a talker, are you?" Henri said, catching one of the four daggers that he was juggling and tapping its handle on the gargoyle's head, throwing it up again afterwards.

Luckily for Henri, he wasn't the only one walking through that corridors at that moment... As soon as he and the gargoyle walked around the corner of a corridor, they met two beautiful ladies talking with each other only a few meters away from Henri.

"Oh, pardon me. I wasn't expecting to find anyone around here. Especially not two stunning beauties like yourselves." Henri said with a surprised expression, catching all the daggers between his fingers at the same time, before swiftly hiding them somewhere on his armor and belts in an agile movement that made it quite hard to track where did he hide them.

"Henri Larue, at your disposal." He said, with a flourished bow, taking a moment to discreetly analyze the two girls in front of him.

Fair skinned, freckled and bespectacled, the shorter woman had a charm of her own with her beautiful face, athletic body and skin adorned by tattoos and a good number of piercings. She had a wild, untamed charm, that caught Henri's attention as soon as he put his eyes on her. It was rather clear that she had just finished training due to her sweaty body.

The other girl though, had a completely different charm. With a face as delicate as a porcelain doll, it was almost as it was sculpted to perfection. Beautiful, pure and delicate, or at least that is what one would assume based only on her looks. But under that pretty face, there was something more. Henri couldn't know exactly what, but he felt that that girl hided more than just what her appearance suggested.

"I was supposed to meet someone on the library, but I made the mistake to ask the gargoyle to take the long path. It seems it is indeed taking the longest path it can think of..." Henri said, rolling his eyes as he pointed to the gargoyle.

"Would you girls mind if I joined you at least until I'm close to the library? I'm certain that it would be much more entertaining and easier to pay attention and remember the way if I was being guided by you two." Henri said, with a mischievous smile.

"Oh! If you don't mind..." Henri said, looking towards the girl with the piercings almost if he had remembered something.

"I couldn't help but to notice that you just finished training. Could you tell me where the training grounds are? I would love to have somewhere to move myself freely and pass the time." Henri said with a mischievous expression, this time deliberately looking at the girl with the piercings up and down, without trying to hide his curiosity, just to see her reaction.

Annabeth has been listening to Helena recollection of training with Athalus. She considered talking to him too; he seemed just as experienced fighting monsters as she was. Perhaps they could learn together. Admittedly however, Annabeth didn’t really interact with him much in the past due to his relationship with Mar. Mar, frankly, scares Annabeth so she’s been keeping her distance. Honestly Mar and many of her friends and family could be considered… Monstrous. Even sweet little Lyn still had bags blood in her. But Annabeth shouldn’t be so harsh with them. Besides she needs to learn how to handle them anyways.

As the two girls were walking a newcomer joined them. Annabeth didn’t recognize this person though from his opening statement he was a flirt. Annabeth was fairly used to his type working at Underhaven and her family’s tavern, so she just dismissed his flirtation. Politely of course. “I suppose I don’t mind if my friend here doesn’t. Annabeth Gulch, psychomancy student. I haven’t seen you around before, you must be a new student.”

Helena looked Henri over as he looked her over, not at all that sercative about it, though she wasn’t trying to make it obvious either. He was a rogue, in the more sensual sense of the word, if she had ever seen one. And a bit of a show off to boot. “I don’t mind at all,” she said with a little laugh, pushing her glasses up her nose a little bit before she resumed their walk.

“Helena Axford,” she said by way of introduction, letting him look her over without any sort of complaint. “Is it that obvious?” she asked, almost inviting him to keep looking, smirking when she looked back up at him. “I can certainly show you later if you like. Annabeth and I are headed back that way in not too long. Getting a snack and giving myself some time to cool down before we head back to it.”

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Helena, Annabeth." Henri said, formally greeting them.

It was rather fortunate for Henri to have met them, since he was actually lost at that moment, and he didn't know how much more time the gargoyle would keep walking around the college before taking him to the library.

Hearing their answers to Henri's introduction, he got even more interested. Annabeth, just as he had previously suspected, was nothing like her appearance suggested. He thought she would be embarrassed and flustered by his words, but instead, she dismissed them in a very experient way, greeting him in a formal and rather distant tone. He couldn't help but let out a disappointed expression.

"It is precisely as you said, Annabeth. I have just arrived on the college. It is my first time here, so I am a bit lost. Especially because my impish friend over there seemed to take my words too literally when I said him to take the long way to the library..."
he said, rolling his eyes as he pointed to the gargoyle that was already walking away on the distance.

Helena on the other hand, was exactly as her appearance suggested. Not even a bit fazed by Henri's stare, it was almost like if she was provoking him back, doing exactly what Henri was doing with her with a smirk. Henri quickly took a liking to her. Even though it was the first time he met her, he could say that she was rather similar to him in some aspects.

"Well... Just a bit obvious." Henri said with a chuckle, turning to Helena and answering her question.

"But don't worry, I don't mind a bit of sweat." he said, with a mischievous smirk.

"I always had a quite strict training routine when I used to live on the Larue circus. It became almost a habit for me to do so." Henri said, explaining why she was interested on the training grounds. Just as he said, if one looked at his body with a bit of attention, they would quickly notice that it was very well trained, a perfect balance between agility and strength.

"Well... There is also the fact that I did lose one of my many knives when I was helping Lyn..." Henri said jokingly, seeing as he was juggling four other daggers when he met the girls.

She was very pleased when he said her name right and her smile reflected that. “Oh well that’s good to hear, because I run a bit hot anyways,” she chuckled, her own smile a little mischievous. She looked over to Annabeth and flushed the slightest bit at her openly flirting in front of her like that, but she and Annabeth weren’t anything serious, just casual and friends.

The other girl was more likely to be possessive over Lyn than Helena anyways. Because everyone was protective of that girl it seemed. Though some not as obvious as others. “I might be able to help with that as well,” she said, pulling out a knife of her own from her belt. “Maybe we can talk about blades over drinks tonight in town?”

Regardless of his answer she slide her blade away in her belt again and guided them on to the kitchen’s by way of the library with promises at least on her end that she’d see Henri again. And soon.

Arc 2 Day 1
{One Night in Hell club | Around 7 pm }

Rich swallowed as he felt her fingers under his chin, lifting his face up as she basically shamed him for not jumping at her offer. His blush only deepened as he looked at her. “It's boss…” he mumbled, maybe not even loud enough for her to hear him over the music and the talking patrons around them and everything else.

But then she was calling him ‘innocent’ and his blush turned to bit of frustration. He was not innocent. Maybe easily flustered at the moment, but not innocent. But who wouldn’t be flustered when a woman as pretty as her, with far more than looks to make him question his sanity, was talking to them like she was just then? Well maybe Masha wouldn’t...but that was another reason to be flustered too.

And then she was walking away and he knew that he was going to make a dumb decision either way. So maybe go with the fun one. Provided it was more fun than not. But there was no way to know without going.

He gave the briefest tap to the other bartenders shoulder to let her know that he was leaving her for a minute there before he was on the other side of the bar, his long legs carrying him after her through the other people milling about and dancing.

Welcome back lol

And no worries about the slip up, it doesn't matter all that much. We can edit or not, make it work either way ;)
Rebeca was perfectly content shopping for parts and what not with Estella. Yeah, she might not know all that much about some of the things they picked up, but that didn't mean she didn't understand haggling and getting the best price. She enjoyed being on the ship, but it was also really nice to get out like this and stretch her legs as well. She loved seeing new places, or reseeing places she’d already been as well.

Once they were done with part shopping she pulled Estella along with her to go food shopping as well. Pick up fresh eggs, maybe some milk, produce and all. “Is there anything you like to eat?” she asked as they were looking over some carrots and potatoes at a stand from a local farmer. “Any comforts of home that you miss that I might be able to whip up for you?”


She was surprisingly quiet the whole ride there. Meeting new people, or re meeting people as the case was here, had never been a problem for her before. She never got nervous about that sort of thing. And it wasn't so much that she was nervous about the social aspect if it. She was nervous that this would be a fool's quest. And one that might just get her, Roger, and Mister Smith into a deal of trouble.

Or even killed.

But Roger’s presence, the squeeze of her hand in his, that was enough to calm her down some, even if it didn't return her voice to her fully. “Yes, soon,” she murmured in agreement.

When they made it to the house, she took a deep breath, taking the offered hand down and stood clutching the handle of her briefcase in her hands so tightly they made her already white lace gloves look even whiter.

“Ready,” she said with more confidence than she had, stepping forward and pulling the bell rope. She just hopped that they would be seen to quickly else she might change her mind.

Rich watched her as she took a drink, waiting for her reaction. He smiled smugly at her praise of the drink but the blush that had been hinting under the freckles on his cheeks came out much more forcefully at the rest of her praise. He really shouldn't be so taken in by her words, he was a bartender, and even if she wasn't far too elegant to be talking to him like that, girls flirted with him all the time because of his job in hopes of cheap or free drinks.

He took her offered hand with no thought, only looking at once he'd grasped it in his larger one. His hands, which while a little work rough, felt like they were course, callosed covered things against the smooth one. He had expected more sharpness to them, but ones the whole, they weren't. "Rich," he replied with that still somewhat nervous smile.

He withdrew his hand from hers after a normal amount of time and looked past her to where Masha had disappeared with her friend. He had to really consider who he would rather be upset with him more. Masha or Corinna. Who'd hurt him more if he did the wrong thing? "I ah... I don't onow..." he said hesitantly, looking down instead of right at her just then, pretending to clean a spot on the counter in front of him.


Arc 2 Day 1
{One Night in Hell club | Around 7 pm }

@Demonic Angel

Masha watched him come over, eyebrow quirked up in expiration for him to notice his girlfriend sitting right there. But the boy seemed oblvious to what was right in front of his face just then. She'd say his head was in the clouds, but that didn't seem very like Killian either.

"Oh no, nothing wrong at all," she purred playfully, reaching a hand over to the woman sitting next to her just then. "Just wanted to introduce you to my friend here. I think you and she would get along so well."

Emma for her part just sat silently and waited for Killian to look at her, her expression between concerned and amusement.

{} {} {}


Rich couldn't help his green eyed following her tongue along her lips, catching the glint of sharper than normal canines in her mouth. “Yeah…” he agreed a little breathlessly, nodding his head slightly. “Try new…bolder things…”

He shook his head clear and turned his back on her for a moment to grab at a few bottles and things behind him. When he turned back he grabbed a mixer cup and started his work. It was obvious that despite his age, he one very well what he was doing. The ease at which he poured, measured, mixed, and generally moved about behind the bar was something that was almost natural looking despite his size. He looked more like he should have been standing watch at the door instead of serving drinks.

As he worked he still talked, only sounding slightly distracted. “As much as that sounds nice,” he started in reply to her request to move over to a closer, cozier place, “I can't. Gotta work still.” He handed her a short glass filled with an red drink and an expectant smirk on his face.


Arc 2 Day 1
{One Night in Hell club | Around 7 pm }

@Demonic Angel

Emma and Masha headed for the back, both of them relieved at the drop in volume between the two rooms. Masha smiled at Nikki as they passed her, winking playfully. She guided them back to an empty booth, one that had a little card on it that simply said [i]’Reserved], it was for either Masha, or someone more important than her, whichever happened first. And right now, it was her.

The pair sat and talked about their lives since the last time they’d seen each other a few months before. Masha explaining why she left London and all that had transpired since then. Emma talked about school and such. Which of course lead them into talking about magic itself and what Masha had learned from Darius. Because despite how unlikely a pair they seemed, Emma and Masha had a deal in common with each other, even if they might not have been friends if it wasn’t for forced time together as children because of their family businesses.

Emma glanced up at some point in their conversation and caught sight of a familiar frame moving through the room and smirked. “And he doesn’t even notice me,” she said with a little laugh.

Masha looked up as well and her own smirk was certainly a lot more wicked than Emma’s. “And he doesn’t even know the fun I will now have,” she laughed before calling out, “Killian, come here.”

{} {} {}


Rich looked up at the woman as she approached, being subtle about him looking her over. He moved over closer to her, as was his job to do, and listened as she spoke about dancing and it being her first night there and all that. And despite what he told himself, he was not immune to those fluttering eyes and the trail of her tongue across her lips. He looked down, trying to regain proper thoughts, and noticed her hands for the first time, even though he’d heard them clicking before.

With slightly wider eyes, though even more flushed cheeks, he looked back up at her. “Of course,” he said with a laugh that only slightly gave way the nervousness he felt. Which could easily just be from her flirting too. She was a pretty woman, sharp claws aside. And even those...those didn’t detract that much from her looks.

“You an ale type of girl or a mixed drink kind of girl?” he asked, tilting his head and a charming sort of smile. “It’ll help me narrow down what to pour you.”

Arc 2 Day 1
{One Night in Hell club | Around 6 pm }

A Surprise Run-In

Emma wasn’t sure that Killian was going to like her showing up at his job, but she thought he’d eventually like the surprise. She’d been to a deal of clubs, despite her generally quiet, sort of mousy nature. She liked going with people. She didn’t like going to just go. And as such, she’d been to a deal of clubs.

So she took a look around as she climbed out of the cab, adjusting her skirt back into place and feeling a little self conscious about how short it was just then. But only for a moment and she got herself into the line to get in because she knew there was no way he was likely to put her on any list to get in faster. But as the bouncers seemed inclined to get the pretty girls in, she moved up enough in the line that she wasn’t outside too long before she was in through the door.

Her blue eyes took in the flashing lights, the throbbing bodies, and the general macabar decor and thought to herself, This is certainly the sort of place that Masha would like. It felt almost like a place Masha would be running.

She made her way through the crowds towards the bar to get a drink, winding her way through the sea of humanity, and non humanity as well, to be greeted by a site that she had not expected to see, but was really not entirely surprised either. “Masha,” she called as she moved up to the bar and stood nearby to her friend. “What are you doing here?”

Masha looked up in surprise as well, putting her shot glass down. She’d just sent Damian off on some little mission a few moments before so she was basically alone again. A genuine smile crossed her face for a moment as she spun on her stool to face Emma head on. “I think honestly the bigger question is what are you doing here? Because you don’t normally go to bars alone.”

Emma laughed and took the empty seat next to her. “I’m only kinda alone,” she admitted with a little shrug of her shoulders. “I’m actually here to sorta surprise my boyfriend. He works here.”

One of Masha’s dark eyebrows quirked up at that, a wicked little glint in her eyes for a moment before she turned to Rich behind the bar and gestured him over. “Oh he does? What is your boy’s name?”

“Killian,” she said with a proud sort of smirk, turning to Rich and relaying her drink order to him. “He didn’t mention me?” she asked of him, because she hadn’t quite put two and two together to realize that Masha did in fact own this place.

Rich chuckled as he poured her drink. “Oh no, he did. But I don’t think him boss lady are too chaty.”

Emma’s eyes widened for a moment before she laughed and shook her head. “Well that is ironic,” she said, turning to her friend. “I thought this looked like a place you’d run, and here you are, running it.”

Masha beamed proudly, sliding off of her stool. “Come in the back room with me, it’s quieter there, we won’t have to talk so loudly to hear one another. And we can plot how to surprise your boy about this.” She gave Rich a look that said simply that he was to keep his mouth shut, to which he pretended to zip his mouth closed and handed Emma her drink.

Emma thanked him and stood as well. "Lead on then."
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