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Arc 2 Day 1
{One Night in Hell club | Around 7 pm }

@Demonic Angel

Masha watched him come over, eyebrow quirked up in expiration for him to notice his girlfriend sitting right there. But the boy seemed oblvious to what was right in front of his face just then. She'd say his head was in the clouds, but that didn't seem very like Killian either.

"Oh no, nothing wrong at all," she purred playfully, reaching a hand over to the woman sitting next to her just then. "Just wanted to introduce you to my friend here. I think you and she would get along so well."

Emma for her part just sat silently and waited for Killian to look at her, her expression between concerned and amusement.

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Rich couldn't help his green eyed following her tongue along her lips, catching the glint of sharper than normal canines in her mouth. “Yeah…” he agreed a little breathlessly, nodding his head slightly. “Try new…bolder things…”

He shook his head clear and turned his back on her for a moment to grab at a few bottles and things behind him. When he turned back he grabbed a mixer cup and started his work. It was obvious that despite his age, he one very well what he was doing. The ease at which he poured, measured, mixed, and generally moved about behind the bar was something that was almost natural looking despite his size. He looked more like he should have been standing watch at the door instead of serving drinks.

As he worked he still talked, only sounding slightly distracted. “As much as that sounds nice,” he started in reply to her request to move over to a closer, cozier place, “I can't. Gotta work still.” He handed her a short glass filled with an red drink and an expectant smirk on his face.


Arc 2 Day 1
{One Night in Hell club | Around 7 pm }

@Demonic Angel

Emma and Masha headed for the back, both of them relieved at the drop in volume between the two rooms. Masha smiled at Nikki as they passed her, winking playfully. She guided them back to an empty booth, one that had a little card on it that simply said [i]’Reserved], it was for either Masha, or someone more important than her, whichever happened first. And right now, it was her.

The pair sat and talked about their lives since the last time they’d seen each other a few months before. Masha explaining why she left London and all that had transpired since then. Emma talked about school and such. Which of course lead them into talking about magic itself and what Masha had learned from Darius. Because despite how unlikely a pair they seemed, Emma and Masha had a deal in common with each other, even if they might not have been friends if it wasn’t for forced time together as children because of their family businesses.

Emma glanced up at some point in their conversation and caught sight of a familiar frame moving through the room and smirked. “And he doesn’t even notice me,” she said with a little laugh.

Masha looked up as well and her own smirk was certainly a lot more wicked than Emma’s. “And he doesn’t even know the fun I will now have,” she laughed before calling out, “Killian, come here.”

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Rich looked up at the woman as she approached, being subtle about him looking her over. He moved over closer to her, as was his job to do, and listened as she spoke about dancing and it being her first night there and all that. And despite what he told himself, he was not immune to those fluttering eyes and the trail of her tongue across her lips. He looked down, trying to regain proper thoughts, and noticed her hands for the first time, even though he’d heard them clicking before.

With slightly wider eyes, though even more flushed cheeks, he looked back up at her. “Of course,” he said with a laugh that only slightly gave way the nervousness he felt. Which could easily just be from her flirting too. She was a pretty woman, sharp claws aside. And even those...those didn’t detract that much from her looks.

“You an ale type of girl or a mixed drink kind of girl?” he asked, tilting his head and a charming sort of smile. “It’ll help me narrow down what to pour you.”

Arc 2 Day 1
{One Night in Hell club | Around 6 pm }

A Surprise Run-In

Emma wasn’t sure that Killian was going to like her showing up at his job, but she thought he’d eventually like the surprise. She’d been to a deal of clubs, despite her generally quiet, sort of mousy nature. She liked going with people. She didn’t like going to just go. And as such, she’d been to a deal of clubs.

So she took a look around as she climbed out of the cab, adjusting her skirt back into place and feeling a little self conscious about how short it was just then. But only for a moment and she got herself into the line to get in because she knew there was no way he was likely to put her on any list to get in faster. But as the bouncers seemed inclined to get the pretty girls in, she moved up enough in the line that she wasn’t outside too long before she was in through the door.

Her blue eyes took in the flashing lights, the throbbing bodies, and the general macabar decor and thought to herself, This is certainly the sort of place that Masha would like. It felt almost like a place Masha would be running.

She made her way through the crowds towards the bar to get a drink, winding her way through the sea of humanity, and non humanity as well, to be greeted by a site that she had not expected to see, but was really not entirely surprised either. “Masha,” she called as she moved up to the bar and stood nearby to her friend. “What are you doing here?”

Masha looked up in surprise as well, putting her shot glass down. She’d just sent Damian off on some little mission a few moments before so she was basically alone again. A genuine smile crossed her face for a moment as she spun on her stool to face Emma head on. “I think honestly the bigger question is what are you doing here? Because you don’t normally go to bars alone.”

Emma laughed and took the empty seat next to her. “I’m only kinda alone,” she admitted with a little shrug of her shoulders. “I’m actually here to sorta surprise my boyfriend. He works here.”

One of Masha’s dark eyebrows quirked up at that, a wicked little glint in her eyes for a moment before she turned to Rich behind the bar and gestured him over. “Oh he does? What is your boy’s name?”

“Killian,” she said with a proud sort of smirk, turning to Rich and relaying her drink order to him. “He didn’t mention me?” she asked of him, because she hadn’t quite put two and two together to realize that Masha did in fact own this place.

Rich chuckled as he poured her drink. “Oh no, he did. But I don’t think him boss lady are too chaty.”

Emma’s eyes widened for a moment before she laughed and shook her head. “Well that is ironic,” she said, turning to her friend. “I thought this looked like a place you’d run, and here you are, running it.”

Masha beamed proudly, sliding off of her stool. “Come in the back room with me, it’s quieter there, we won’t have to talk so loudly to hear one another. And we can plot how to surprise your boy about this.” She gave Rich a look that said simply that he was to keep his mouth shut, to which he pretended to zip his mouth closed and handed Emma her drink.

Emma thanked him and stood as well. "Lead on then."
Training the Sass
Helena and Athalus
Training grounds at the College

Helena watched the bigger girl head off with her head tilted in confusion. “Well okay then,” she said with a shrug of her shoulder and turned back to Athalus. “Lead on,” she said when he said that he’d just train her on his own. Which was probably the better thing anyways. At least in her opinion. She was a little too competitive sometimes to train with others.

She followed after him, braiding her hair as she went to make sure that it was out of her way while she was fighting. She could deal with it, but it seemed silly to have it hinder her when she had the chance to put it up. “Hmm I wonder if anyone would mind terrible if Annabeth and I do so naked?” she asked with a thoughtful little hum. She wouldn’t actually do that, but the idea was still appealing when it came to seeing Annabeth naked again. “I do not want to be that...buff…” she said after a moment. Her brother’s relied more on brute strength and force, but that wasn’t for her. She was too small for that really. Athalus was right in that speed was more to her taste and build.

“Hey, my dad didn’t train me to fight against zombies, okay?” she said with a huff. Because that’s all she could really clearly remember fighting. But even if she had remembered what had happened down in that darkness, she would have said the same thing. Her dad had certainly not trained her to fight against tentacle monsters made of shadows.

When they got to the training yard, she stood looking at her options for a moment, considering. “With pleasure,” she said with a wicked smirk. She had taken out her actual knives, or at least most of them, placing them to the side and pulling down a few and slipping them back into place where her other ones had been. Turning back to face Athalus, she pushed her glasses up her nose securely, holding a blade in one hand.

She watched him for just a moment before going in towards him fast. She knew she wasn’t going to succeed, she wasn’t stupid. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to try. He was a much better fighter than her, which is why she’d bugged him about training her. Holding back wasn’t going to help her any though if he couldn’t really see how she fought.

Althalus stepped quickly to the side, dodging her attack. “Good, you’re not holding back. That would have been bothersome.” He said lightly, stepping back again as she swung at him. “Since your based on speed you need to know a few rules of combat. Rule number 1; If you’re in a fair fight, you’ve already lost half of it. I suspect this rule is rather redundant to you, given you’re from Port Slaughter, but I’ll go over it anyway.”

He dodged another attack, smiling at her. “We’re not soldiers. We don’t do fair in any sense of the rule. Throw dirt, attack with superior numbers, kick them in the groin, what have you.” He kept a casual tone, dodging her as she went at him with a knife, an admirable look of determination in her eyes. “Rule number 2; End fights fast. Our speed is our greatest advantage, but it means in protracted fights against experienced fighters will go against us. We can’t dodge around blows forever. So be able to know where to stab and stab there quickly to end it quickly. That or just run away. Rule number 3; If you can, kill someone before it can even become a fight. If you can stab someone in the back of the neck before they even see you, do so. Honor is for those willing to risk death. We like living.” He dodged by her thrust and moved behind her, smirking lightly as she whirled around. “Rule number 4; If you have to fight, do it in a place of your choosing. Make them come to you, not the other way around.” He stepped to the side again, grabbing her wrist as she stabbed at him put a foot in front of her, and threw her to the ground.

“You’ve got some skill with knives. I can work with that. But not anything like you’ve had to use it often. Let me guess, ran with a gang in the Port? Usually had big thugs to do the manhandling, you were just the one to get the item and go? Only trained in it as a last resort, using your speed to avoid most fights there. Not an option anymore, though you should be letting people like Alaira, Annabeth, and Ssarak handle most of the fighting. We’re support. You still need to know how to kill people like Annabeth, Alaira, and Ssarak of course. Which is why I’ll have you sparring against them while I watch.” He looked down at her. “Still interested?”

She was breathing hard when he threw her to the ground, but she wasn't out of the fight just yet. “They didn't let me do anything until my magic activated,” she said with a huff as she got herself back up to her feet. She didn't deny that he was right otherwise. Because she had never been the brute force of anything so she'd never really had to fight outside of play brawling with siblings. Her dad has taught her more so she could defend herself from idiots who couldn't take no for an answer, not to actually seek out a fight.

She brushed herself off, taking the moment to look like she was thinking about it. But she had already decided that she was going to. He wasn't going to break her so easily and he wasn't going get her to stop just by besting her. When she straightened up, she placed her hands on her hips in a stance of defiance. “Of course I'm still interested,” she laughed. “I don't know why you think I'm going to give up so easily.”

Helena didn't give him a chance to reply or anything before coming in at him fast and low, aiming a shoulder just below his ribs, training knife in her other hand, aiming for his thigh, near to the artery that ran through his leg and up to his heart.

Althalus shrugged, stepping smoothly to the side as the girl rushed him. “Didn’t think so. Just wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting into. Alaira is gonna be much more interested in putting you on your ass than I am.” He held up a hand to stop her from charging him again, nodding towards the rack. “Put up your knife. Do you have any throwing knives, or am I going to have to give you my own personal supply?”

“Confirmed bottom,” she said softly with a little laugh when she turned back around to face him. She wasn't going to charge him again anyways, that would be practicable. So she stopped at his upheld hand and caught her breath a bit better.

She rolled her eyes a little bit at his implication that she wouldn't have any on her at all. “What kind of girl do you think I am?” she asked with a huff, pulling one out smoothly from her belt. “Where do you think I'm from? C’mon now.”

“No,” Althalus corrected with a raised finger. “I just already have a life long companion whose basically my wife, and I’m not interested in little girls. Sorry for your loss.”

He pointed at a wooden target, gesturing for her to get moving. “Stay as far away from that as you can and still hit accurately. Throw a few times.”

She made a face and then laughed at him. “One, it was a joke,” she started, holding up one finger and lifting another for every point she made after. “Two, you can still bottom. And three, while you’re handsome, I’m not interested. So no loss.”

With another little laugh she turned and headed towards the wooden targets, sizing them up as she walked, trying to decide what the farthest back she could go and still have a chance of hitting it would be. Once she had gotten where she thought she was good, she stopped, took a breath and set herself in a good stance before she took aim and threw. She smirked proudly when it did impact the target, even if it wasn’t where she aimed. It wasn’t accurate, no, but she had hit it, and that was something to her.

“It was close,” she said with a shrug of one shoulder, taking off her glasses to clean them off on the inside hem of her shirt before taking a step or two closer to try again. This time, when she threw, it was only a fingers with down from where she had aimed. And this time, her smile was even more smug, ignoring that she was sure he was going to shoot her down in a second.

“You’re slow.” Althalus observed, watching the knives hit the targets. “And you need to be in a certain position to throw. We’ll have to fix that. Other than that, good enough to work with. With enough practice you might be actually lethal from any position and point with those. Let's start, shall we?”

She rolled her eyes at him, but she did keep her tongue in check just then. He was being so very nice to train her for basically nothing in return. Well, the hope probably that she’d be of help if they ever ended up on the same mission again. “Yes,” she said with a sigh, going to gather her knives back up and put away most of her sarcastic comments for the duration of the training. It was hard, but she’d do it if it meant that she’d get better at this.
☆ Helena ☆

Helena smiled at her, her expression someone sarcastic before she even spoke. “Nah, I’m just wandering around here for no reason,” she said teasingly. “Just like taking in the views.” But before she could answer ‘truthfully’ they were interrupted. By someone she wasn’t expecting to come seek her out at any time soon. Or ever. Especially ever.

“Helga?” she asked with indignation as he purposely missaid her name. It was one thing to be called Helen, but it was another altogether for him to so mangle her name like that. “It’s Helena. It isn’t hard to remember, Athauls.” She sighed, rolling her eyes, hating that he’d gotten to her so simply. Sometimes, she really wished her father hadn’t been so insistent on that a.

“Training? With her?” she pressed, looking a little surprised by the suggestion. Not that she had issue with it, it just not the way she was expecting him to ever give in to that. Oh, he’s trying to make it miserable for me then, she thought. I’ll show him I don’t break that easily. “I’ve got nothing else going on, so why not?”
“You look like you curled up on the floor of the engine room for a few moments of shut eye,” she said with a little smile. She really didn't look all that bad, but it was more that she knew she hadn't returned to their room the night before. “We can go out and look for what we'll need while we're in port.” She made no other comment about the what ifs. She had decided that she was staying and that seemed enough for her.

“Pretty much everything that isn't what you do or my father does,” she said with a little shrug. “Cook, clean, non technical repairs, navigate as needed, that sorta stuff. I can heft some weight pretty well, but if we're actually in need of that we hire a few dock urchins and get ‘em to help out.”

Bea nodded when Roger looked to her to confirm. “Seems there will be some shopping anyways,” she said when Roger was finished, nodding towards the other girls. “It would be wonderful if we could get a lift back with you.”

Will chuckled and stood, pulling his jacket a little closer around him. “I can certainly wait a bit. You two take the time you need. If we have to leave, I will leave word for you so you know.”

Bea stood as well, extending a hand to Will that he took and shook. “Thank you, we should be headed out now. We will let you know as soon as we do as well.”

“Safe travels,” Will said, holding his hand out to Roger once Bea had headed towards the door, trailing and waiting for her companion to join her.
Arc 2 Day 1
{One Night in Hell club | About 4 pm }

Inside the Club
@13org @Fallenreaper

Marcus caught himself just after he turned and smiled. “That's fine with me,” he said with a smirk. And normally that was true, but maybe not so much with her. But that would be something to be addressed later. Or possibly never. He was good enough at flirting with no purpose that wasn't always easy to identify when he was doing so with sincerity or not.

“I'd love to chat more, but I've got work to go to, I'm sure I'll see you ladies around.”

He caught sight of one of the waitresses as he was going towards the back and gestured her over to him. “Hey, Rebeca,” he called to the ginger girl.

She turned from her trip back to the bar, smiling sweetly at him. “Marcus,” she said, though it was more a question of what he wanted just then.

He merely smirked and nodded his head back towards Lily and Corianna behind him. She looked past him and nodded, changing her direction and headed over that way.

“Lily,” she said with a friendly smile once she was close. “And Lily’s friend,” she went on looking at Corianna with a smile that was not just a fake customer service smile, but something rather genuine.
☆ Helena ☆
Back at School

Helena noted the way that she was looked at. She was sure the other girl was gawaked at for her height around others. But as she looked her over more she noted that it was much more than just her height. Her brow quirked some as she wondered what it was that had disfigured her so. And yet hadn't touched her face.

She took the offered hand in her much smaller one though she shook with a strength that her size hide. She was decently strong for her height and weight. "Well it is a pleasure," she replied with a smile, dropping her hand back down to her side before sliding both of them in through her belt. "Rather gathered you were a student though."
Arc 2 Day 1
{One Night in Hell club | About 4 pm }

Outside the Club
@13org @Fallenreaper

Marcus looked around, trying to find Lily, after a short jump from being startled from hearing her voice so close without her being nearby. She had done that to him before, but that didn't mean that it didn't still startle him some when she did it. "Well, you know I'm a bad boy," he said with a little smile, feeling his cheeks flush slightly when he did catch sight of her. It was mightly unfair for her to look so damn good like that. "And you know that she likes bad boys."

He turned back or Corinna, catching then the sight of her hands. His blue eyes going very wide for a moment. That...that was not quite the appearance he was expecting with her face. But he couldn't deny that now that he's seen it, it didn't look out of place. He swallowed slightly, figuring if Lily was talking with her so easily, she wasn't going to be of immediate threat. Unlike Masha who might actually hurt him if he was any later. At this point in his life, things just started to go from surprising to just...whatever. Even more so the longer he worked under Masha. She seemed to draw in a very wide assortment of people. “Well this way ladies,” he said with an awkward little laugh. “You can finish this chat inside, and I won't be run through.”
Rebeca settled herself down after making sure that everyone else had gotten what they wanted for breakfast, sitting down with her own toast and tea at last. She looked Estella over, noting her very weary expression and knowing that she hadn't made it to bed the night before made it a very understandable look.

"If you like," she started somewhat quietly, knowing that not everyone was a morning person and wanted to talk too terribly much right away, "we can put a little hammock in the engine room. The old mechanic, the one before that idiot that is, used to have one for nights that he didn't want to make the walk to his bunk. But he took it with him when be left. The hooks are still there though. If you're interested that is."

Will looked over at Roger, shrugging his one shoulder. "Hadn't really thought that far. But I'm willing to stay on a few days to give you two a lift back to London if you like. If you think you're going to be longer than that though...Might be able to recommend a friend instead."
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