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Arc 2 Day 2
{ ONIH | About 8 pm }


While she waited for Damian to respond a voice sounded in her head. But she didn't have time for that. There were enough other people there who could deal with that and not as many like her. In charge of this whole thing to being with.

Shaking off the voice, closing at least part of mind off as best she could, she turned her eyes around the room, seeing what else she needed to do. As she looked her vision caught sight of someone very familiar. At first she brushed it off and kept looking, doubting that it could possibly be him. But then she looked again, just to make sure.

“Darius,” she murmured to herself, blinking in surprise. It was him. But not in his normal form. Not in one that anyone but her had probably seen.

“My fox,” she called to him in her native tongue, something that she had often murmured to him when they were alone together and she was being sweetly affectionate. Something that he would know was her as she stood up a little taller, wincing in a bit of pain, and waving to him to help get his attention.

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Rich Axford

He was a little startled by what was going on with her, surprised by the relief he felt when she sealed the wound in his side. He groaned lowly as she kissed him, big hands pulling her closer to him before they were off and he was half drunkenly standing with her asking him a question again.

“ah…” he started, blinking and trying to figure out if this was a test or not. She said no strings, but was she saying that because she wanted him to choose her or not?

But before he answered further he pulled a pen and a slightly faded receipt out of his wallet, scribbling down his phone number in a very unsteady hand. “Whenever,” he mumbled when he handed it over to her with a slightly drunk looking smile. “But I think...I should stay…”

He hoped that was the right answer. Enough for her to know he wasn't going to say no to more later or anything.
☆ Helena ☆

Helena’s smile shifted a little bit at the compliment. But only the slightest bit over to something a little more saucy than sweet. But it didn’t linger long. Lyn wasn’t the cause of this. She was just icing on the cake really. She understood totally where Henri was coming from. She understood where everyone else was coming from as well. She had learned that sometimes, the best course of action was just shutting your mouth even if the people who were talking to you are wrong. And this time, it didn’t matter who was right or wrong, this whole thing was getting way out of hand.

If he had asked her to deliver the same sort of threat to her own father, she probably would have punched him in the face. No matter what she might have thought of him before, even if Henri had been in the right, you don’t tell someone’s daughter to tell them to back off or else. Lyn’s reaction was still a little extreme, but anything that did the growing like that girl had physically in the last year (let alone the few years before that she was sure) was bound to have something of a turbulent time with emotions.

Her lips pursed some at the constant shift in people who felt they needed to come over and interject. Thankfully the last two had been at least understanding if not actually supportive. She held her tongue though, for now, hoping someone less tied to Lyn would be able to get everyone to see some sense. Ssaraks had always seemed rather level headed, so she was willing to wait out what it was that he might say.
☆ Helena ☆

She flushed a little when he told her not to be jealous. She wasn't jealous. She was a little frustrated perhaps, but not jealous. Jealousy would imply that she cared if Henri was interested in Lyn as well. Even if he was only interested in Lyn she wouldn't be jealous. Well at least not for longer than like a day. But it would never be enough to make her bitter or angry with either of them.

She looked to the other girl when she hissed, noting that it sounded painful, pulling her face free of Henri's hand. Her brows furrowed slightly and she looked at Lyn with confusion and concern. “Lyn…” she started before the other girl quickly excused herself and took off. Helena took a small step after her, calling her name again, but she didn't make it far before Keri was stepping in to reprimand Henri again. And a little bit her.

“What the…” she started, but didn't get the chance to say more. She stood there, almost a little opened mouthed as both Keri and Henri went at it. Not one of them let her have a chance to say something that might have helped lessen this whole situation and instead just had the same conversation again that had already been had not more than five minutes ago.

Even when Henri spoke to her she didn't get the chance to answer him before someone else was cutting in. Again. But at least this interruption came with less lecturing and more support of Henri. “Leith is right,” she agreed, taking Henri's hand again and stepping closer to him again. “Mostly. I just think at this point it's wiser to just let things go until tempers have cooled.” She looked up at Henri more, giving him a soft smile. “I also think you're more in need of company now than before. You can't shake me that easily.”


Arc 2 Day 2
{ ONIH | About 8 pm }


“There's a what?” what's asked, her tone implying that she had heard her just fine she just wanted her to tell her she'd heard wrong. But thankfully, Killian wasn't as dumbfounded as she was and sprang into action. She watched him go before she tried looking back for the girl.

Who was gone.

Masha didn't have time to process all of that before the explosion happened. The light reached her first in the silence left by the DJ stopping. Not that she was certain that she'd be able to hear that right then anyways. She had a split second to think about how learning at least a basic ward would have been a really helpful thing for her to have done before she was in the moment of exploding bombs. But then there wasn't anything hitting her when she had expected it to and a quick glance to Damian told her that the Nightwalker had extended his enough to minimize the impact as much as he could.

But even his wasn't enough to stop everything and the shock wave knocked her flat down and she was showered with bits of wood, glass, and just everything that had been in the path of the explosion.

And with the shock wave came the sound and she curled in on herself to protect her body more as she waited for things to stop flying about everywhere.

When things seemed reasonably died down, or at least the bomb portion of it, she sat herself up and shook a deal of drywall dust out of her head and looked around and tried to assess what was the best thing for her to do in this chaos that was her grand reopening.

And that's when it hit her who it had to have been to set that little girl up to this. Cortes. He just wanted to tear her down. And she was even more determined to rip him to pieces now.

With that rage and adrenaline fueling her, she stood up, kicked off the other heel that hadn't been knocked off and got to getting things under control, getting her minions and staff that were able bodied to doing the work they needed to before emergency services arrived.

Starting with Damian who was the closest to her. “Damian,” she called, her own ears ringing just then, as she took steps that were more confident than they should have been through the debris. “Damian can you stand?”

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Rich Axford

He had been fully removed from what was going on in the club around him just then. The only things he felt were Coriann, her lips, teeth, claws in his flesh. All he hear was her whispering and murmuring to him.

Did he fear her? Yes. Oh very much yes. But did that mean he wanted her to stop? He...he wasn't quite sure on that. Fear and sanity told him that he should have her stop. ‘Wanting to keep his job’ logic also said he should at the very least tell her to wait until his shift was over and he'd even be sure to give her a discount on drinks or whatever. Because he knew that if there was one thing his boss might understand was plying someone to get laid. None of that logic mattered to him right then.

“Don’t stop,” he said just before everything went from blissful pleasure to chaos.
Helena raised an eyebrow up at Althalus totally unnecessary lecture. Though she did brighten on the inside at least when he praised her wit. Though it did occur to her that he had only implied that she was sassier than Henri, not that she was actually good. So the slight smile that had started to tug at the side of her mouth turned into a bit of a scowl.

“Thanks for that?” she murmured at Althalus retreating back, just loud enough for Henri to hear to hear clearly though it was likely that Althalus had heard at least some of it. She didn't care if he did though. She'd say it to his face too.

But then Lyn was there, and she was ashamed to admit she hadn't noticed her that close before. Too caught up in Henri and a little bit Althalus to notice the young girl had moved in so close. Close enough for her to insert herself between her and Henri. “Oh,” she said with a pout. It didn't occur to her just then that Lyn was doing that to purposely keep the pair apart. She'd been too busy befriending Henri to notice the way that Lyn had been looking at him.

She looked between Henri and Lyn and felt a frown cross her face. Althalus would kill her if he took his daughter with her a d Henri to the sort of places she was thinking about going. “Well I dunno if daddy dearest would be too happy about Lyn tagging along to where I had been thinking about…” she said, a hint of annoyance in her tone. She was feeling more like she was babysitting the two of them now instead of just happening to already be planning to pull Henri along with her. And she really wasn't certain she wanted to babysit right now.

☆ Helena ☆

Helena just rolled her eyes at all of them as she climbed out of the carriage and stretched as well. She looked around when she was done, shifted her bag on her shoulder and double checked that everything was put away and she wouldn't drop anything out of it.

She watched Lyn go off to see her mom, the girls father nearly glaring daggers at anyone who he thought might be in to her, and the rest of the others sort of mill around and stretch after being cramped up for the long ride.

When she caught sight of Henri by himself she started towards him, stepping in front of him and smiling brightly. “Come explore with me,” she said, grabbing at his hand and tugging him towards her a little bit. “We can get away from all these party poopers and have a bit of fun, yeah?”

Arc 2 Day 2
{ ONIH | About 8 pm }

Masha had moved herself closer since it seemed that Killian and Damian couldn't be trusted to handle a simple thing like taking a child out of the club. “Honestly,” she sighed, rolling her eyes some as she slipped her way easily through the people who had already started to clear back from the scene that was being made. “Why do I bother to hire anyone if I still have to do everything myself.”

She stopped about two feet back from them, so she could just barely make out what the girl had said. But the look that filled her face when she looked at her was easy to read. Pure hatred and pain. She knew that look. She’d seen it in the mirror when she was a child and she had lost her mother.

But what had Masha done to hurt this child? Who could she have possibly taken from her to make her look at her like that? The thugs that had attacked her and Nikki never once crossed her mind.

“It shouldn't take two fully grown men to deal with a child,” she said, pushing aside the confusion, and stepping closer to them. “Get her off the floor. You're making a scene.” She looked to Killian and said, “and find out what she was up to.”

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Rich Axford

All rational thought had left his head at this point. Frankly, all thought had left his mind aside from the confused jumble of fear and excitement. If it wasn't to do with Coriann, he didn't care.

The touch of her fingers, the low murmur of her voice, the promise of pleasure and pain. The actual pleasure and pain from every nip of her fangs, press of her lips against his, and her weight pinning him down onto the bench. He was a big, strong man, but even her slight frame held enough coiled muscle that he knew that she wouldn't be easy to dislodge from his lap. Not that he wanted to do that anyways.

Not even as she kissed him, holding his throat so it was almost difficult to breathe. He groaned lowly after a sharp hiss, large hands grabbed at her thighs his grip as uncertain as his groan. But despite his uncertainty in how he felt, it was obvious by the way he kissed back that he didn't want her to stop just yet.

☆ Helena ☆

Helena looked between Henri and pretty much everyone else in the carriage and rolled her eyes some. She understood Henri pretty well. The two of them were very much alike in a lot of ways. She figured that if Athalus didn't have Lyn to think about, he'd probably like Henri a bit more. The three of them weren't all that dissimilar after all. But Lyn was there, and whether Henri was actually interested or not didn't matter, because Athalus had already decided he couldn't be interested.

"Or how about we all stop ganging up on Henri," she sighed, looking over to her friend seated not that far away. She gave him a playful little wink and a smile that let him know she was on his side. She understood what the other's were saying as well, but that didn't mean that they had to be so rude to him. He obviously had had experience in the past, where most of them probably didn't in the same way.
☆ Helena ☆

Helena glanced up from her work, looking at Aramir for a moment as she tried to refresh her brain of what she’d just said. “Oh I don’t know about that,” she replied with a little laugh, closing her little sketchbook around the charcoal she had in there. “I’m not all that good. I mostly just do it as an outlet. I’m sure there’s loads of other people already living here who draw and paint a lot better than me.”

She pushed her glasses up her nose some and looked around at her carriage mates with a small smile. "You all must be from some very small places," she said with a laugh. Even though she too was a little awed at the place.
Rebeca raised an eyebrow some at that response. “Well just know that I don’t mind doing stuff for you,” she said with a little shrug of her shoulders. “We don’t cook a lot of pork anyways. Aside from bacon. You don’t… it isn’t a problem if things are cooked in the same pans? I thought that was something I heard somewhere…”

She shrugged some, laughing a little at herself. “I don’t really know much if I’m honest. Just what I hear in passing. Dad and I are much more find your own path to enlightenment sort of thing I guess. Mom’s family wasn’t too keen on that, but at least while my grandparents were around no one bothered me about it.” Her tone had shifted some, becoming darker than her normal cheer. She looked away, closing her eyes for a moment as she gathered herself back into her normal self.

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Bea had nodded when she had mentioned her father’s name. Trying not to tea up any. She followed the woman in, clutching onto the handle of her case to keep herself from reaching over and taking Roger’s hand. His steady prencese was all that was keeping her from breaking down just then.

She had sat herself down on the edge of chair after she had gone to fetch the tea and smiled up at Roger slightly while she nodded her head. “So far,” she murmured before the woman was back.

She murmured a thank you when she was handed her cup, taking a sip before she replied. “I’m sorry,” she said with a little laugh. “I have no real memory of you. So I’m sure I’m much bigger than the last we meet.”
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