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Oh goodness, his obviousness is cute. So I was thinking we either just do Bea and Roger or skip ahead to their return and the lack of improvement on the engine. Opinions?
Rebeca was likewise surprised by the state of the engine room. “Shit, what have you been doing?” she asked to the room. This did not look like they would be in the air today. Not with the engine nearly all taken apart like it was. She wondered if her dad had seen what this looked like just now.

Shaking her head, she looked at the scowling man. “This is the assistance that you asked for,” she said calmly. “If you don't like your options, you can take it up with the captain. But as I'm sure you know, he isn't in the best of moods today. So take that as you will.”

She looked between him and Estella and smiled a little smugly. “I'll go let Dad know then,” she said more to Estella than Fredricks. “Play nicely.” And with that, she turned to leave the room, not caring either way if he followed her to complain or not.


“I want you to do something worthy of you,” she said with a smile. “I know you don't like book learning, but I was talking about applying to like a craftsmen guild or something like that.” She shrugged a little, giving a moment while she took a drink. “I just hate to see you do nothing when I know that you have so much potential.”

She just cared far too much about him to see him not do something. To be stuck in some never ending loop of floating between jobs that didn't fulfill him any. If he ended up as something like security, as long as he was happy, she'd be happy. But she still wanted more for him than just keeping thugs in line. He was so much more than that.

She looked at him for a long moment, just letting her imagination go ahead to what she thought he'd be like in the near future. And maybe further. Thinking of him achieving something that he'd worked for for so long. Him settling down perhaps, having a family with some faceless woman. About how much more handsome he'd look as he aged. She smiled without thinking about it, her look something a little embarrassing if he had a clue what she was thinking about. Bea felt her cheeks flush some and she had to shake her head to clear the slightly surprising thoughts that had come with the little brain exercise.

“Anyways,” she said with a slightly awkward clearing of her throat.
☆ Helena ☆
Nox Mission

Helena was glad that someone seemed to listen. But of course, everything was against them and shit quickly got shittier. The rumbling caught her attention and this time she stepped into the room with the others. She grabbed at Drake's hand purely because he was in front of her, and pulled him along with her towards Annabeth and the other girl. Darell was right about them needing to stay together. She just hoped that he and Athalus behind her would be able to keep up as well.

“Annabeth, Collette,” she shouted, looking around for the latter and just happening to catch a sight she didn't want to see again. “Fuckin’ hell, I hate being right,” she cursed.

“Beastie is back,” she yelled to the room as whole. “Get your shit together.”
Rebeca laughed and sat herself down on the edge of the bed while Estella settled in some. “Well I'll at least keep it in my side of the room.” She watched her, trying not to look like she was being creepier or something. “Oh I don’t mind sharing my room. It’s nice to have company now and again. It’s mostly just me and my dad and our old mechanic. So it can get lonely at times.” She gave her a few more moments to get her stuff settled in a bit before she stood again and started towards the door. “I’d hate to put you to work right away, but Dad wants to get up in the air some time today.”

She lead Estella back along through the ship and towards the engine room again, the whole time fighting back a smug, vindictive little smile. She obviously didn't like their new mechanic very much. But she wasn't going to use that as a reason to ask her father to fire him. But if he was to quit, then that wasn't something that was her fault. And neither was his being incompetent. Which, she gathered that he was.


"Just the one for my masters," she said with a little shrug of her shoulders. Like it was entirely normal for her to be a woman getting aasters in this field. While the number of women in the sciences and acidamnia in general had increased in the last few decades, not as many women made it this far. "Though really only one class left. I had planned to do it this summer, but now I'm thinking it wise I take a break."

She looked up at Roger and smiled a thoughtful smile. "Have you put any thought into getting a technical masters? You're far too smart to let your potential go with just working what odd jobs you can..." She knew that he wasn't interested in something like she was doing. Traditional schooling wasn't for him. But applying for an apprenticeship for something more practical, like carpentry or something would be more to his interests.

“Saying it like that makes it sound like she shouldn’t be trusted,” Bea sighed. “I want to trust her, but we can’t afford to just blindly do so.” She sighed, closing her eyes for a moment. “You think that the captain is a good judge of character?” she asked, looking over to Roger. “Because if you think he is, then I’m willing to give the girl a fair chance before writing her off as an enemy.”

And honestly, she hated the idea of that. The girls hands had felt like those of a worker, as one that had been doing the sort of work with her hands for a very long time, not just a short time as a cover. So she was inclined to trust that she wasn’t totally a spy sent to find them out. But that didn’t mean that she wouldn’t be used to gather information anyways, even if that had not been her intent. “We should still be cautious what we say to her, regardless. The less who know, the less trouble we’re all in.”


Rebeca laughed and went ahead of her “No worries, I’ll draw you up a map real quick. The ship is small after all, so hopefully shouldn’t be too hard for you get down.” She looked over her shoulder for a moment and gave her another bright smile. “I promise no one will make fun of you for getting lost here. I don’t do so well in big cities I’m not familiar with either.” She turned back around, leading the past the bridge where she popped her head in and told her father that she was back. “Taking her to put her things away first though.”

He mumbled his assent and Rebeca kept walking past and towards a different area of the ship. “There isn’t a whole lot of rooms so you’ll be bunking with me. I’m sorry, I’m a tiny bit messy, but I’ll be sure to try and pick up better with you here now.” She laughed as she lead her along and then stopped at a door in a hall with several other doors in it. Crew and passengers were all in the same hall. Her father had his own room, and the mechanic his own as well. Rebeca of course had had her own, but she didn’t mind sharing either. That left two other smaller rooms, both of which were being used with Bea and Roger aboard.

She opened the door into a decent sized room with two beds, one on each side of the room. One of them had clearly been slept in the night before, the other had a few of Rebeca’s clothes and things on. A small desk with a chair along the back wall between the beds also had Rebeca’s things scattered about. Mostly books and a few journals. Rebeca stepped in and started to gather up her things from the other bed to toss them onto her messy one

“Make yourself at home,” she said, gesturing to the now clear bed and trunk at the foot of it for Estella to store her bag and things in.
“I’m sure you’ll do just fine,” Rebeca said with a reassuring smile. She didn’t know exactly what the girl was capable of, but she knew that it couldn’t be worse than who they currently had working for them. So she knew that her being there would only make things better. And if her being her was a problem with Fredricks, then Rebeca knew she wouldn’t miss him at all.

Bea shrugged some. She was indifferent on the idea at the moment. She just knew that carrying around her briefcase would look suspicious. And was also rather annoying as well. But she let Roger do as he pleased because it wa probably the wiser idea to drop off the case but keep the important papers at least. As they were leaving though, they ran into two young girls about their age. Roger introduced at least one of them, and as he did, she could easily see the resemblance between the captain and the young woman.

She held out her hand to Rebeca and they shook hands. “It is nice to meet you,” Bea said.

“Like wise,” Rebeca replied. “This is Estella. Estella, my father’s friend Roger and his friend...Bea? Yes, Bea. They’ll be joining us on the way to Scotland. Well actually they’re the reason we’re going there in the first place.”

Bea looked the other girl over a little suspiciously, hating that she suddenly had to be paranoid about everyone new. “Just a trip to visit an old friend,” she said simply, without being asked.
Bittersweet Victory

Day 2~Night
Cedarvale Apartment Complex in the Lobby-Entertainment District, Ominar

“About time…” Rex growled as he shot past Afua at a speed far faster than she thought a mass of furry muscle could move. His heavy feet pounding against the ground like war drums and shaking the objects in the lobby as he made his way for the stairs, as the elevator wouldn’t hold his weight. Squeezing through the doors to the staircase, he climbed the stairs four steps at a time, quickly reaching the 3rd floor were Masha had been spotted earlier by one of Rex’s men.

His feet pounded down the hallway, the suspended ceiling lights swaying with the shockwaves. Whoever was giving the two ladies a visit, would feel a trembling turning into quakes as something large barreled it’s way towards their room.

Afua, not wanting to collide with great beast of a Licenti, shifted to the side then shot up after him. Her hand went to her pendant at her neck as she summoned a large monster of a creature from within. The animal use to be a lion in the hallway several feet behind him. Much of the flesh was peeled and decayed, revealing the creature much fresher than either of her two cats, as she gestured for it to chase after Rex and assist him.

Meanwhile, in the apartment, Nikki tried to rip free of Zachary as she kicked him in the foot and caused him to let go. She then went for the hallway only to stop at the sound of something huge coming toward them. Her eyes widened into a ‘what the fuck’ expression as the other two men shifted their attention toward the door still ajarred.

Ron looked at Simone, still struggling with Masha, then snapped at the distracted individual, “Simone, stop fucking around with her and get up. We got to go.”

Masha hissed and struggled to free herself from his grip. She was at a disadvantage, being so small and slight that when it came to grappling against someone his size, she was not going to win. And her current position didn't allow her the normal things she used to disarm a man. So there was nothing that she could do but keep up struggling. If he was holding her arms, he couldn't probably do much either. But then...totally not subtle rescue arrived. Or she hoped it was her rescue and not back up for them.

His strength proved the greater too and he flipped her over. She squirmed and shoved her knee up to wherever she could make contact while the little cat launched itself at his unprotected back side. She wasn't certain if she hit anything, but his grip slipped and she was able to get herself out from under him.

Nikki would suddenly feel a gust of wind as the door swung open in a blink, a massive gun pointed relatively towards her. An ear splitting boom went off, shaking the ground from the recoil alone, the bullet wizzing past Nikki’s ear and slamming directly into the side of Simone’s head. As the bullet passed through the other side, his head blossomed like a flour bag, spraying blood and brain matter across the room and into the kitchen.

When the gun went off, the bullet already passed her, Nikki hit the floor quickly and covered her head for protection. She mumbled a curse in her irritation as she looked over her shoulder at the resulting damage.

Time seemed to freeze in place. Simone, his head blown into pieces, stood over Masha with his arms immediately slacked at his side. As if taking a cue from some unseen director, it then slouched and fell across Masha’s body, pinning her to the ground. Any remaining blood started to pool into a puddle across the grimy tile. However, the undead cat didn’t have a chance to even scream as a chunk of its already mutilated figure was taken out. The force of the gun’s fire sent it flying across the tiny kitchen and into the table, its form limped and unmoving like its origins.

Behind Rex, he could hear Afua fall against the wall and yelp in pain. She hadn’t been warned or even thought of disengaging her connection to her undead pet causing her to feel the full effects of the animal’s recent ‘death’. A side effect and flaw of the spell, much to her dislike. She mumbled a few curses in her original language as she nursed a throbbing headache, her lion growling and paced behind the behemoth of a wolf.

“You be warning next time,” Afua snarled during her recovery, her voice struggling with the pain.

Masha gasped at the sound of gunfire. She was not used to it in such a small space and she certainly wasn't used to it without it being ‘silenced’. She clasped hands over her ears as soon as she was able, not even caring about the blood that covered them. Which was good, because in a moment she was covered in blood and grey matter. She didn't even flinch about it. Though when she looked up at his headless body she pouted a little bit in disappointment.

And then he fell on her again, pinning her down and splattering her with more bloody fluid. “Fuck this,” she grumbled, looking around from her perspective, trying to get up again, but unable to move his corpse very easily from her angle. “If it isn’t too much…” she started, forgetting for a moment about the other thugs and the likelihood that everyone else’s ear were ringing like hers were still.

Ron and Zackary stood, silently in shock over the ease which Rex’s gun blew off Simone’s head.The white haired man was the first to snap back into the present as he began to mumble something under his breath, a incantation, for protection. It was only a one shot deal but any physical attacks wouldn’t harm them. Zackary only hoped the gun wasn’t some sort of magitech fuckery, his experience causing him to personally loath it.

Escape was the first thing on Ron’s mind. His figure began to glow and his arm reached out for the older man, wrapping about the shoulder area. He then tugged Zakhary toward the back wall while he jerked the table to the side and sent out of their way. It needed a running start to active which left them both exposed to the gun.

The gun boomed again, the shield deflecting the round and ricocheting it into the wall. As the dust cleared from the wall’s impact, both thugs were gone in a blast of blue energy.

Ron breathed heavily as they materialized again, but this time just outside their sedan. Zackary quickly flipped over the hood and shot toward the driver’s side, aiming to get the car started for a fast getaway. Meanwhile Ron ducked in to sit shotgun. Zackary fumbled with the keys as he tried to insert it into the ignition, Ron’s panicked eyes watching him in growing anxiety. Neither noticed the figure rushing toward them from a dark alley until the window shattered upon Ron’s back.

Promptly, an arm gripped Ron about the neck causing him to choke and be pulled backwards through the window. His arms tried to rip the arm off as his fingers scrambled across metal workings of an Exo Skeleton lacing over the natural uniform. Feet kicking and arms continued to fight against the individual that overpowered him, Zackary finally got the engine running as Ron was hauled out of the sedan.

It suddenly took off, wheels screeching and left black skid marks on the pavement in its departure.

The soldier’s arms wrapped about in a rear choke hold, the right slipped under his chin and wrapped about to pin Ron’s head in place. Naturally the thug tried to fight it. His hands clawed and scratched uselessly across the arms as the man held his ground. A leg kicked out at Ron’s knee causing his figure to lower to the ground.

By the time others were arriving, the younger man was gasping and beginning to fade fast. The last thing Ron heard before he blacked out were garbled, static like words before darkness took him.

“That's okay,” she smiled. “Dad’s got some experience, he's just not super confident about it. So if you can do anything at all, it’s better than nothing, right? Besides, you don’t need references, Dad sent me to get you specifically. He already trusts your judgement.” She shrugged a little bit, starting off towards the docks again because she had decided that Estella had decided to come along for at least a ride. “He’s normally a good judge of character, he was just in a rush with this last guy so he might have maybe made a mistake. Though, don’t repeat that to him,” she added, turning to look at her a little pleadingly. She did not want to upset her father any right now.

“At least you can help get us up in the air today, and we can see about the rest of it later, yeah?” she suggested, giving her a hopeful grin. "I mean, I'll be there too..." she trailed off, her smile a little bit more playful than might have been expected.


Will thought for a moment before nodding his head. “Yeah, there’s plenty of time for you to grab some grub,” he said with a grin. “I’m hoping everything will be put back in place by ten and we’ll be up in the air about noon or so. Rebeca’ll be back by then and probably have some sandwiches for us. If not, I’ll get something together.”

Bea smiled and nodded her head. “Well I suppose we’ll head out of your hair then, we should be back before noon certainly.” Will inlined his head at her in understanding and she turned a little to look at Roger. “Let’s go put that up in our room’s before we head out. No sense in carrying it everywhere with us.” As much as it would be safer for them to do so, it made it more obvious that they were trying to protect something. It was logical if they had left some things behind before really boarding, but not to carry it around all day then if they could ‘safely’ leave it on the airship.
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