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Current I'm the bad guy
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Quoth the Raven- Nevermore
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Darkness is always there. Those who fear it will walk away. Those who ignore it don't see the power inside. And those that have darkness within themselves embarrass it.
2 yrs ago
I don't know where your heart is. Perhaps it's in my many jars or maybe my three chests. I hate to inform you though it's mine for all eternity now.
2 yrs ago
Oh me! Oh may! Many hearts are mine!


Well if you want to know more about me I guess I can help out. I mean there's not much that's unknown really. Just click on the hider you want and go from there.

I do believe that's all you're all probably wondering. If you ever want to know more just PM me. See ya later.

Rps that I'm in



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Location: Charles’s home
Time: Day 3, About 5:00 am

Killian grumbled as his phone alarm clock’s ringtone filled the usually quick air. His eyes shifted towards the annoying thing, making his nose wrinkle in disgust, as a hand slammed against the bloody object. A small groan worked up from the young man’s throat as every bone in his body seemed to crackle and pop. What time did he get home last night from the fair? He wondered as sleep lingered inside his mind. Oh, right it was about midnight when the human dropped off Emma. So perhaps maybe about 12: 30 am?

He slowly worked his body from the professor’s bed, making a mental not to never sleep half way on the floor again. A simple stretching motion made more bones crackle causing another groan. ” I really need to fix that sleeping habit of mine.” He mumbled.

The young man hurried around the house gathering his school things and such. He even pinned a note to the refrigerator telling CHarles and Azulia that he was picking up a friend. And with that done Killian left the house and worked his way back to Emma’s house.
*Gives innocent look*
That's what frightens me
I'm going to try my best. Though doing character sheets isn't one of my strong suit. Granted that the mild case of dyslexia doesn't help either.
Vessy...How long have you known me? How long have you known my sister?
@Rai She's already ahead of you.
Lies :P Notes lurker This feels weird.
Hahaha. Yep. So I heard you guys were looking for new players.
*Mumbles* You're a pain by I still love you like a sister.
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