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Thank you to the most beautiful, honest, loving, and perfect woman for telling me not to let depression kick my arse. To keep up the hobby that I love so much. I love you Luna and thank you.
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I'm the bad guy
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I'm the bad guy
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Quoth the Raven- Nevermore


I see you've run into my den. If you want to know more about me than please do ask anything. I can tell you some basic things about me but this is it. So let's get started shall we?

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@Luna- You've been there for me through thick and thin. You've put up with a lot of my bullshit, opened my eyes when I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life, and loved me for who I am. You're the most amazing woman I've ever met and I love you with all of my heart. Here's to you love.

@Vesuvius00-You can drive me insane sometimes but you've helped me through so much in my life. You've helped me improve my writing so much. Without Luna, you, and SilverRose I honesty don't know what I would have done. Thank you for being there when I needed to talk.

@Silverrose- You've helped me make my villain strive to cause pain and suffering. You've helped me make morph others into a bigger mess with their families. You've help me through some other things and have encouraged me when I have doubts.

@Ladyrunic- One of the most fantastic GMs I've had the pleasure to play with. She's cunning, evil, and causes players to question ever choice they make. I always look forward to the next post she has planned.

(To the others)- There are so many others that has help me through out this process. Possibly much more than teh characters I'm allowed to use. And for each and everyone of you I'm grateful t have you all in my lives. Without you all I would still like to thins I would be that anti-social girl. You've all have been so patient with me. And special thanks to the gms in Blood Act who helped me find an rp to call home.

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Clara / Erin
☀ Azulia ☀

Collab with: @Demonic Angel@Luna@Fallenreaper

Arc 2, Day 1 ~ Afternoon (about 4 pm)
Clara/Erin's house, Ominar

"Níl tú ag gníomhú di ar cheart Clara. An bhfuil tú ag mothú go maith? An bhfuil sé toisc go bhfuil tú ag iarraidh dom a choinneáil ó thrioblóid?" The young woman asked while leaning over Clara’s head with a look of concern upon her face. This wasn’t the first time during three months which she honestly felt strange. The oldest woman shifted on the bed only to see that her lighter half had switched sides as well. A fairly annoying thing this human was but her concern was much appreciated.

"Cad é a chreideann tú an Erin seo? B'fhéidir go bhfuil mé ag plé go cúramach chun mo chorp a thógáil ar ais. Nó b'fhéidir go bhfuil mé ag tuirseach ag aistriú áiteanna leat i gcónaí. Slí amháin ní chreidim gurb é seo aon ábhar imní ort.“ The woman coldly remarked. In a way the woman didn’t want Erin to worry over something like homesickness.

"Fine. Bhí mé ag iarraidh a iarraidh ar mháthair an grúpa staidéir a chur ar ceal ionas go bhféadfadh tú síocháin a dhéanamh síochánta ach dearmad a dhéanamh air. Rinne mé dearmad ar an gcaoi a bhféadfadh príomhfheidhmeannach Ifrit clan a bheith.” The girl remarked. She managed to grab a fairly decent outfit last night, not to showing too much skin to make people uncomfortable but enough to show her figure, just like Corrian had taught her.

"Mar sin, an bhfuil tú ag fanacht síos anseo le breathnú géar ar d'aghaidh nó an bhfuil tú ag teacht suas staighre. Ról mo aingeal caomhnóra a imirt, amhail is dá mba leanbh beag mé fós, gur gá fanacht slán? An mbeidh sé ina thaibhse de na botúin anuas chun eagla orthu i bhfad ar shiúl uaim?" The teenager asked walking up the stairs. Clara scoffed while following.

Emmett looked around the living. In the center of the room were set up a few snacks and small tray tables for their needs. It seemed Erin’s Aunt had come prepared as usual. He wasn’t surprised because it was just as he remembered.

His arm adjusted his backpack across his shoulder while his feet shifted on the floor. He scratched at the splatter decal on his grey tee-shirt out of boredom.

Though there was nothing to be nervous about, he couldn’t help feeling the anxiety build. Emmett knew he needed to watch that. He swallowed it down as he gave Olivia a look.

His little sister had a frilly jean skirt and tights underneath, topped off with a baby blue shirt. The words ‘Girls Rock’ stretched over the font. He knew she had picked it out herself because the shirt was her favorite one.

She didn’t notice his look as she twirled her finger around the end of a braid, the tip rested on her shoulder. Emmett rolled his eyes at his sister’s distraction. At the sounds of footsteps, his head turned to spot Erin coming up from her room.

His tension melted away at his best friend’s sight. He cut the distance between them as he teased her.

“Erin, are you done in your crypt?”

"Bhuel ní raibh mé ag súil le do mug gránna a fheiceáil nuair a dhúisigh mé Emmett." Erin teased back at him. In a way, she hoped he wouldn’t remember some of the Irish words she taught him so long ago.

A familiar playfulness shined in Emmett’s expression while he gestured for Olivia to move. His sister gave him an annoyed look at being ordered about when he wasn’t her parent. She snatched her backpack, purple in color, from the couch then hopped over.

The young woman softly chuckled as she watched the siblings interact. Slowly the girl turned back towards the stairs, noting Clara’s unusual behavior being to increase by the minute. Her worried look deepened as a hand went towards the thin air. Granted to her she was touching the Ifrit’s forehead. ” No fever considering you're as warm as usual. Why don’t you go rest? Perhaps you’ll feel better after a nap.”

” I’m perfectly fine Erin. Please stop touching me.” The Licentia asked politely making the human blink. ” You’ve always wanted to play the normal human. Now is your chance. If you don’t stop then they’ll think you're insane. In the end, making sure I win.”

” Funny thing. I was beginning to think you had a heart. Guess I was completely wrong on that front. Guess you can’t teach an old dog new trick.” She remarked while going to sit down between Olivia and Emmett. In reality, this group thing wasn’t going as well as she was hoping. Though there was a huge plus in this. None of the children were fighting.

Sighing in a nearby chair, Azulia sat crisscrossed as she was looking down her school iPad. She blew her blonde and purple hair out of her face. A month before she found a place that sold hair chalk and she bought all kinds of colors. Currently in her hair was her fourth hair color, which was a light purple.

Looking over at Emmett, she leaned over to where he was sitting and showed him the math equation she was currently stuck on. The problem was |b|-5<7 and below it was a number line graph.

”Hey Emmett, you have any idea how to solve this equation. I have been stuck on it forever now” She had to admit, she was no math genius, she knew enough to pass, but there were some parts that always confused her. In front of her on the tray, sat her book which had the section she was doing. Graphing Inequalities.

“Uhhh, give me a moment to check something.”

Emmett set his book bag down and rummaged through it. He shifted the pads and pencils to one side, found his notebook. Pulling it free, he noticed the vis infused snacks Aeris had him pack. There was apples, grapes, and various other fruit with cheese and nuts. It looked innocent enough if it wasn’t for the special Vis ingredient.

Sighing, he decided to plop them on the table for himself. The others had seen him bring snacks with the understanding he had specialized needs. So not even Olivia snatched his food.

Emmett waved for her book then flipped through it to the correct chapter. He pulled Azulia’s Ipad closer for a moment before he checked for a nearly identical example.

“Alright, according to the book you to rearrange the equation until b is on a side. I think it stands for y in this case… ” He said then proceeded to explain how to solve it.

It was math way ahead of him, two years at least, but he was slowly figuring it out.

Azulia leaned over, her hands pressed together to the side of her face as her eyes followed each movement the cursor moved on her iPad. ”You are pretty smart” She complimented.

“Thanks, I guess. I still used the book mostly for it.” Emmett shrugged.

Erin chuckled as she watched, fingers grabbing the table. In reality, she wasn’t used to all of this. Friends staying over without being threatened, as if there was some other source at play here, granted that this sounded ridiculous. Slowly the girl’s fingers relaxed thought they did tighten up when something dashed behind Olivia. Her head shifted to the right as Clara’s figure jerked upwards.

"Bhí sé sin go leor aisteach. Cibé rud a bhfuil Olivia ag iarraidh a dhéanamh níor cheart í a rá. Inis di fanacht fós le Erin mar is dóigh liom go bhfuil an créatúr ina luí." The licenta remarked as she slowly moved to the left.

"Aontaigh, déan cinnte go bhfuil tú cúramach le Clara. Bíodh eagla ort ar an luch a bheith eagla ort ar rud éigin. Chun a bheith macánta níl mé ag iarraidh an fhoinse a fháil amach." Erin said as her hand slowly went towards the floor. ” Olivia whatever you do stay completely still. Emmett, can you grab an empty container in the kitchen? We need it once Clara tells me what’s going on. Azulia I need you to stay put. Keep your legs off of the ground.”

As Olivia caught a glimpse of something darting toward her foot, she jumped. Climbing up onto the crouch, she slammed hard into Emmett. His grip on the book was lost causing it to slide across the table. Snacks and drinks all spilled onto the carpet, creating a mess.

Emmett felt his emotions heighten. Already his vis extended into his shadow causing the shape to waver. He took a breath, trying to rein in his emotions like Mai and Aeris taught him. Lips thinned into a frown while his eyes glared at his sister.

“What is your problem? What’s the deal with bumping into me?”

His annoyance melted into confusion upon seeing Olivia now crouched on her seat. She looked like a cat ready to pounce. Her head peered over where she spotted the blur, appearing to search for something.

Emmett sighed.

“Hey,” His arm reached over to shake hers, “What are you looking for?”

“I saw something.”

“Saw… what?”

“Something. I’m not sure what it was. It was too small to see clearly.” Olivia’s curiosity shined through her voice as she dipped forward.

Emmett looked at her for a moment. Mentally he was evaluating if she was being serious or pulling his leg. Finally, he decided this whole ordeal was ridiculous.

“Azulia, can you help me clean this up? I don’t want to upset Erin’s Aunt.” Emmett requested while he leaned over to scoop up the platter.

He was careful to keep what was left still on it.

Nodding her head, she got up from her seat. She began to clean up the scraps of food that were around, her hand bumping Emmett’s hand and she mumbled sorry every time she did it. Gathering a somewhat dry napkin, she placed all the tiny food scraps in it.

“Stop apologizing. You’re fine.” Emmett commented as he overlooked her reactions. Still trying to not grind the crumbles into the carpet.

”Erin, where are your cleaning supplies.” She asked.

” Yeah it’s in the kitchen, underneath the sink, just please be careful. Clara do you know what we just saw?”

“A vacuum might be better, Emmett’s getting crumbles into the carpet.”

“I am not!” Emmett snapped back.

”To be honest I didn’t get a good look at it. I just know that it’s very fast.” She remarked as they all heard clattering in the kitchen.

Azulia was rumbling through the cabinets and got out disinfectant wipes, however, when she went to get up, her head immediately hit the edge of the cabinet, making a loud ‘thuck’ noise. Groaning, she held her head.

”Oooowwwwww” She sat there rubbing the sore spot.

“You alright Azulia?” Emmett's eyes looked toward the kitchen area.

”Yeah. I don't think I got a concussion. Ask me again in 24 hours” She said.

“I think your head is hard enough to prevent that. Especially with a cabinet.” Emmett countered.

Erin slowly shifted into the room to check on the Azulia. Something felt strange as if a child was playing some sort of game then again she might be seeing things due to the new meds. Something to help her have a calmer sleep and help battle depression for the month. At least that was what they said. The girl looked inside and noticed Azulia by the counter. ” I forget to warn you that mother added more things inside the counter. Some sort of decoration that,” She said with a long pause.

” Erin? Are you alright?” Inside the area was a few pictures. One show a much older looking Erin holding a young man beside her. Their rings showing as clear as day while the necklaces that Azulia had seen countless times on their daughter. The Licentia slowly placed a hand on the human's shoulder.

” Can someone please shut that. I don’t want to see that right now.” The girl remarked as Azulia would see this very small animal with Emmett’s snacks in it’s paws peeking out from the doorway.

Emmett, driven by his curiosity, drew into the kitchen with the rest of the girls. Olivia remained on the sofa. She continued to search for whatever creature had skirted underneath. The girl had little success in her efforts. Gradually she gave up as she slipped off the edge and began to follow Emmett.

“Everything alright, Erin?” Emmett asked, gently.

"Iarrann tú orm má tá mé ceart go leor Emmett ... Tá mé i bhfad ó ceart go leor. Tá mo lá breithe ag cromadh ormsa mar choinín ó iontacha. ó bhród mar a d'fhás a bolg a bhean lena n-ollphéist taobh istigh di. Bhí a gcuid ama ag sileadh as a dtuiscint nuair a chuaigh an dáta dlite níos dlúithe a chuaigh sé níos gaire. Saol amháin a cailleadh tar éis ceann eile a chruthú.”

Blinking, Azulia rubbed her eyes and looked again. When she saw she wasn't hallucinating, she stood and went towards the doorway, being slow as to not scare the creature.

The creature seemed to grin at the girl, making what sounded like happy sounds, as it dashed underneath a shelving unit. They would hear small scratches as a mouse scampered out of their original home, jumping past their feet. ” Holy shit! What the hell was that about!?”

Azulia jumped back quickly so the mouse wouldn’t touch her feet. Once the coast was clear, she knelt down near the shelving unit’s bottom. ”Hey, can one of you guys get a flash light?”

Olivia squeaked in surprise when she caught sight of the mouse darting across the floor. She back pedaled from its path as her head watched where it went. Emmett managed not to flinch. Though it wasn’t easy. His breath held in his chest as his figure tensed, mindful of his surroundings.

His eyes fell to the ground below, carefully eyeing his shadow. It didn’t even twitch much to his relief. Relaxing some, Emmett casually looked toward Erin who knew where everything was.

Erin slowly leaned towards the floor, eyes closing tightly, as a hand opened the cabinets once again. Her hand shifted inside the darkness as if she was a blind man attempting to find his way through a crowded station. A few more shifts deeper inside towards her right forced the box of pictures to fall towards the ground and spill their contents. ”Goddamn it! Why does this have to happen today!? Why can’t she fucking burn these!?” She said losing her temper for the first time in front of the group.

"Tóg an t-anáil domhain Erin. Ní féidir léi iad a dhó toisc go bhfuil siad ar leith de do threibh. Inhale, Exhale."

”I know Clara. Happy thoughts and all that bullshit. Before you ask I haven’t taken my depression pills today. Honestly I don’t want to because I need to learn to get over it. Their deaths are on my hands. Granted you were the one to kill him.” She said while trying to hold tears back.

Clara walked over and gently grasped her shoulder in a comforting manner. She hated when the parasite was like this. The woman know her lighter half was much stronger than this. Yet the girl was falling into a dark pit which the human didn’t want to come out of. Pushing the girl would cause her to go deeper into the mess, which she created on her own, making the licentia completely useless.

”Give Azulia the flashlight Erin. She can look for the creature while you calm down. Ask Emmett to get your pills from your Aunt's bathroom. We can get through this with their help. Deal?”

The human nodded as she stood. Her head continued to keep downwards as her legs moved towards Azulia. The object was placed on the floor next to the young woman.”Azulia do you think that it could be hungry? Considering that we’ve had fewer mice this year than previous ones.”

”I don't know. Perhaps it is hungry, whatever it is. Emmett, did any of those snacks survive the fall to the floor out there?”

“I haven’t found them. I was waiting for Azulia to get the vacuum when she bumped her head.”

”Well why don’t you go look dipshit. You’re just being a pain. Granted something about this scenario feels oddly familiar. The last thing that made this type of chirping was a few creatures back home. I wonder if it will.” The woman remarked out loud, Clara briefly taking hold before retreating back.

“And how about you learn some manners, instead of being a jerk.” Emmett shot back.

He slipped back into the living room. His figure lowered to one knee and found his small stash. The bag was torn wide open with a small crumbles trail left in the thief’s wake. Emmett frowned as he carefully gathered what was left then rose upright on his feet again.

“It ate quite a bit…”

Emmett answered, making his way back into the kitchen. His hand held up the nearly half-eaten bag. Annoyance filled his expression because he knew Aeris wasn’t going to be happy about this. These were supposed to prevent him from getting hungry. Now he refused to touch them, even if the animal was clean.

”That’s not good.” Erin mumbled quietly.

The team would hear more chirping as the creature scampered inside the wall. A few shifts, as if it was trying to decide where to go, as if it was playing a game of hide and seek. A light tapping inside the kitchen confirmed the feeling. The creature nibbled on the snacks in its paws while it shifted its head back and forth. As if to clean away the crumbs that clung to the face. A small sound like a hiccup cause a small puff of smoke to signal the hunters of its position, granted if any went to investigate it would be completely gone once more.

“You think? I hope I don’t get hungry before Aeris picks us up or this could be very bad.”

Emmett grumbled, he was still irritated by Erin’s earlier comment. He plopped the remains on the kitchen counter. Within Sight. Though it wasn’t a heavy loss, it still irked him.

”Emmett please calm down. We’re not sure if it grabbed all of the snacks.” The young woman remarked as she stood upwards. A hand grasping Clara’s shoulder in order to help with balance making the cold-hearted woman stand still. The lighter half crept towards the pictures, quickly picking them from the ground.

“I’m sure it’s going to be all right. We can call Aeris and see if she will bring more?” Olivia piped up.

Her hand touched Emmett’s arm in an attempt to reassure him. The boy allowed it, grudgingly. It was about this time a loud sound rustled throughout the cabinets. Olivia’s lips turned into a lopsided frown while she held out her finger for Emmett to stay put.

She walked over to investigate… only to find the cabinet empty.

“What the…”

Olivia began then broke out into a small coughing fit. She used a hand to wave the smoke away, seeking fresh air to breath in.

Azulia went to Olivia and patted her back to calm her coughing fit. This was really confusing to the young teen. Being new to all these creatures. She didn't have a damn clue of what to do. Seeing Olivia's coughing fit calm down, she smiled and stopped.

Olivia’s eyes blinked away the water collected at the edges. The back of her hand wiped them to clear her vision. After blinking a few times, she nodded her thanks toward Azulia. Her hand shifted to her throat, rubbing it a bit, while she considered what she saw.

Azulia's eyes looked around the kitchen. She was hopeful it might give her clues about what they were dealing with, but she got nothing.

Thinking of what to do in this situation, she tapped her chin. There was only one way to find out what it was. The creature had to be lured out.

Turning her attention to her surroundings, she knelt by the hole and flashed her light in it. She found herself meeting eyes with the strange creature.

Olivia became distracted when she spied Azulia keeling down. Curious, she stood behind the older girl.

”Hey little guy” Azulia cooed softly tapping her finger on the ground to lure it out. ”You can come out, nobody will hurt you”

Shardsheek glared at the half breed, eyes narrowing as if attempting to see something in the new person’s mind, then poofed smoke on the girl’s face. It’s figure running inside the pre-made tunnels heading into the basement.

”Shardsheek!” Clara shouted.

”Shardsheek? Clara, what in the world is a Shardsheek?”

”Devil Monkey from my world. The thing has Phoenix-like reincarnation.”

Olivia had once more backed up, avoiding the smoke this time.

Yet, Emmett’s eyebrow raised at Erin’s reaction. He looked from the cupboard then back to his friend, debating on his wording.

“And how do you know this? That thing doesn’t look like anything from around here.”

Emmett’s tone would be familiar to Erin. It was one that indicated he wasn’t taking her excuses or silence for an answer. She would also find clobbering him much more difficult now than last time. Casually he placed his hands into his pockets as he walked toward Erin, his chest puffed out.

“Well? What's your answer?”

”Because I know this. The boy is beginning to get on my nerves now. How about I finally introduce myself to them?” Clara remarked in a smartass tone making Erin shift in discomfort.

” How about not and say we did, Clara. You know half of this is your fault. If you would have kept your mouth shut like you promised none of this would have happened. Besides who names their pet Shardsheek!? Why would you keep a pet anyways!? You most likely abuse the poor thing.”

“Erin. Do you know how much effort I had to catch that thing in the first place!? Those things are fucking fast as babies without their mother chasing your ass. It took me three days to catch that thing with its parents trying to kill me. Not adding it's to show how strong I am to the clan. Just like how I hurt Charles all the time.” She said with a frown.

Erin glared to her left. In reality, she knew this was how Clara acted but in another way she did expect better from the licentia. ”Fine. Have it your way. The reason I know is because I share a body with someone else, Emmett. If you want to meet her just ask.”

Emmett was getting used to Erin talking with herself, but now it wore at his patience. The shadow underneath him flickered then wavered slightly. He barely realized Olivia had placed her hand on his shoulder. It drew Emmett’s attention and distracted him from his anger, dissipating it.

“Let me properly introduce myself, Clara. I’m Olivia Matthews, and it’s nice to meet you finally.”

She extended her hand to shake Erin’s. Seemingly obvious to certain facts as she attempted to ease the tension within the room.

so shall i just post Barachiel and finish up athos and Toni or? lemme know what i shall be doin

You can put up the ones you've gotten done Panther. Within the next two days I'll place up the first IC post

Location: Ballroom

“Taiah why don't you ever stay?” A familiar voice asked after the strange dream ended? She didn't need to turn her head around considering the voice belonged to someone dear. Someone who had been added into the tigeress’s family so long ago and forced back into the human world without a second thought. ”What do you think Theoden? Silly girl. Not every human is welcoming to my kind as you are. Most would like us destroyed but some tend to do horrible things to us.”

“It's not fair!” The young woman pouted. The animal couldn't help but chuckle at this child. So young to their realm yet so old in her own. There was nothing that could replace this human within Taiah’s heart. As if she was some sort of blessing for the family survivors. ” I never said these facts were fair little sister. Granted that this is how life works." She remarked before the memory ultimately ended with Naaji’s voice wafting into her head. The tigress's eyes slowly opened, throbbing headache beginning to know at her brain, as her figure stood. The clattering of chains only made the pain more vibrant as did the loud voice. ”Naaji please lower your voice. You sound like Theoden when nothing is going her way."

We'll call you Lizzie for everyday, my pearl for Sundays, and goddess divine on special occasions

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But they are my cuddles Belle :P
I was waiting for Yin and then for Vae's replies to my character talking to them. I finally skipped waiting on Vae and did a post. I am now waiting for someone to reply but if no one does by later tonight I can post again but that would put me with two posts in a row.

You would have a playing partner *Snuggles Belle* Sorry was struggling a little bit.

~| Location: Unknown|~

“I know I’m different. Than what you expected. But I’ve been playing a role. It’s time that you know the truth.” Vae sang inside her mind when the fae departed to allow them to clean up. Her figure shifted inside on of the rooms, humming the lyrics, as she closed the door completely. It wasn’t completely private but it did provide some distance. Granted that anyone could walk inside the room at any given time. ”You may not want me anymore. I’m not what you’ve been looking for. But under these pieces and parts. Is a beautiful heart and it loves you.”

The girl knew her singing voice wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t the perfect pitch for an actual singer would be able to use but it wasn’t the worst. The young woman knew her second oldest sister’s voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard making everyone cringe in pure pain. ”I’ve been waiting for so long. To feel like I’m whole. More than what you see. Please don’t define me. This is bigger than you and I. So give me a chance. And meet me at midnight.” Vae’s voice smoothly continued as she grabbed the clothes that laid upon the bed she would be using. Her fingers grasped the outfit before walking out the door and into the bathing area. ”Always told what to believe. Now nothing is quite what it seemed. It’s a battle of head verus heart. Can’t tell them apart like before.”
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