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Thank you to the most beautiful, honest, loving, and perfect woman for telling me not to let depression kick my arse. To keep up the hobby that I love so much. I love you Luna and thank you.
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I'm the bad guy
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I'm the bad guy
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Quoth the Raven- Nevermore


I see you've run into my den. If you want to know more about me than please do ask anything. I can tell you some basic things about me but this is it. So let's get started shall we?

Username: Demonic Angel

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Age: 2~

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@Luna- You've been there for me through thick and thin. You've put up with a lot of my bullshit, opened my eyes when I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life, and loved me for who I am. You're the most amazing woman I've ever met and I love you with all of my heart. Here's to you love.

@Vesuvius00-You can drive me insane sometimes but you've helped me through so much in my life. You've helped me improve my writing so much. Without Luna, you, and SilverRose I honesty don't know what I would have done. Thank you for being there when I needed to talk.

@Silverrose- You've helped me make my villain strive to cause pain and suffering. You've helped me make morph others into a bigger mess with their families. You've help me through some other things and have encouraged me when I have doubts.

@Ladyrunic- One of the most fantastic GMs I've had the pleasure to play with. She's cunning, evil, and causes players to question ever choice they make. I always look forward to the next post she has planned.

(To the others)- There are so many others that has help me through out this process. Possibly much more than teh characters I'm allowed to use. And for each and everyone of you I'm grateful t have you all in my lives. Without you all I would still like to thins I would be that anti-social girl. You've all have been so patient with me. And special thanks to the gms in Blood Act who helped me find an rp to call home.

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Location: One Night In Hell
Time:Day 1 (Arc 2) About 7am

“When a woman asks this it tends to go sour. Then again I don't have much of a choice. Considering that there are some shifty things playing in the background of Charles’ life I need to know about. Not adding that bitch’s words keep playing in my mind. Not like I need that at this very moment.” He thought to himself as Marsha beckoned. Killian glanced around the room, as if to scan for anymore mischief, before walking over like a good mutt.

Killian placed on the most realistic smile he could and walked towards his “favorite boss”. Granted at times this adult woman was more childish. Specially when it came towards a certain fox yet something about his recent behavior was setting off alarm bells and such. Another thing which to asked about at a later date. “Yes Marsha? Is there anything wrong?”
I'm very sorry to Panther, Fallen, and everyone else but I must remove myself from this rp. I've been thinking about quitting for a while due to going through certain things in real life. With my grandfather being ill, with the long wait for his parkson to become much worse, along with personality clashes with others I feel better if I remove myself. I've had a great time being in this rp and was able to gain help improving my writing skills. Thank you all for this amazing experience.

Location: One Night In Hell
Time:Day 1 (Arc 2) About 6pm

Killian grumbled as his car pulled up towards the club. One Night in Hell wasn’t far off from the truth considering clubs sometimes stirred up trouble. They also tended to become targets for those wanting to cause a massive ruckus with the owners. In all honestly the young man hoped Marsha wasn’t one to cause trouble or make unreasonable dealings. Granted that his new boss was clouded in nothing but mystery.

The young man shifted out of the car, his figure moved towards the trunk, fingers grasping the hidden latch as they gently tucked on the lever. The subtle whooshing sound made a comforting said granted nothing but darkness laid inside the area. Darkness that had just recently reached the light of day until that one single day. Then again this was bound to catch up with him. Considering that those who are closest to him was still in the illegal game. It was just a matter of time before the seed of chaos spread towards them. Granted when this day happened heads would roll.

” Shit. I need to get inside before Marsha has my head. I hope she's in a good mood tonight.” He mumbled to himself as he gathered the prison break outfit and shut the door. The guy’s figure slowly walked toward the entrance, noting an unfamiliar face exiting with hurry, making the feeling in his gut crawl more. The guy knew it would be best to mention this to his boss later. Once inside the human walked into the locker room area and changed. His figure moved out from the room and went directly to work.

Annabeth Gulch

The sight of the college was a welcomed sight to behold. Considering the months on playing mediator to lords and ladies, who had said they would help their home, granted certain things could force them to change their minds. Only time could tell what would happen after such a unique adventure. Keri’s figure slowly shifted while the carriage moved up the walkway making the soft movement much more comfortable to the vampire. Her hand once again dipped inside the freshly burnt bag, dragging more candies out, and popped them inside her mouth.

As the carriage stopped directly at the college forcing the girl out of a silent slumber. Her red eyes opened as the other student worked their way from their ride. Separating ways in order to see those they've missed granted a brand new smell filled the woman's nose causing it to twitch slightly. Her figure moved from the back of the carriage, mind running with guesses about what this new scent was, making the woman tell the teachers about this. As well as the wonderful guards who walked the grounds. After this she could go home and relax for the rest of the night.

Keri walked around the grounds for the nearest person. Her eyes searching for the nearest person. When the young woman seemed to have found a guard she noticed that they seemed already aware of the new scent. In a way this was for the best considering the student's safety. So the young woman continued towards the tower which she call home with her lover. Granted the surprise which was sprung out into the light was much more than she bargained for.

”Annabeth. I was unaware we had company. I'll be gone in a moment. I just need to put everything away. Hello Colette.”

”Ah Keri, it’s been too long!” Annabeth went up to her vampire friend and gave her a warm embrace. ”Felt like ages since I’ve last seen you. How was your mission?” Letting Keri go, Annabeth bundled herself up again as she waited outside of Keri and Colette’s room. She was a bit jealous how they had a room up in this nice tower, but Annabeth supposed she should be happy that she has a two-people dorm all to herself. Sure she could always ask for a roommate, but Annabeth has come to enjoy the luxury of having a space to herself. Though that was just another thing that Annabeth felt was making her grow soft. ”I should probably talk to Keri about it too. Maybe she needs some training or something else she’s been avoiding?”

”I hate political events so the mission was very uncomfortable. I found out that I never want to go back ever again because I missed you two. Granted we were in a sticky situation for a while due to a thief stealing the object Lucilia gave us. I also found out that fire is a vampire's worst enemy when inside a warehouse. Annabeth you can come inside the room you know.” Keri said as she walked toward Colette and gave her a passionate kiss before leaving the area.

Colette smiled at the sight of her girlfriend. She was changed into a black strapless silken dress. The bottom of her dress was slightly see through and she had separate sleeves that reached just close to the beginning of her hands. Her hair was down, slightly damp from her bath. She looked at Annabeth when Keri was out of sight and ear shot.

”I don’t..,know if I should tell her about the mission. She was always protective of me, if she found out....” She twiddled her thumbs.

”What are you two hiding any ways? Other than you and Annabeth had some alone time within the bath house. If it's about the mission I promise I won't get mad babe.” She remarked taking the ring off the piece of string around her upper thigh.

”Oh! Well you see Keri, Colette, myself, and the others we....” Annabeth paused and thought about what to tell Keri. Frankly, even Annabeth wasn’t too sure what happened. Everything was so chaotic and honestly the only thing she was concerned about was getting out of there alive. She never did figure out what that entire fiasco was about. Annabeth sat down onto Keri’s bed as she took off her heavy cloak, hanging it on the corner of Keri’s bedpost. ”Well, we went into the Nox. There were all sorts of crazy monsters in there and… A lot of students died. Me and Colette stuck together but there were a lot of close calls. It made me realize that I… I’m not as strong as I’d like to be. My magic was useless there. My sword…. Couldn’t hurt them at all.” Annabeth let out a sad sigh as she laid back on the bed.

”I see. Close calls happen every time we go out Annabeth. Mistakes will be made, even from vampires, as well as humans. Personally I think humans have it easier. Yes, vampires have unnatural reflexes and inhuman strength which causes others to crave such powers but humans are able to do much more than we can't. You're able to walk among the sun without any worries, able to continue your family bloodlines without any problems, and you're able to grow as a person.” Keri said with a hand held up before Colette could get mad.

”What I'm trying to say is the one thing that matters, the most important part to me. Is that you both come out alive.”

”So I spoke to Colette about it, and I think I need to focus on training again. That means that we might not be able to spend as much time together, unless you want to train with me. And not just with magic either; I’ve been pretty slack about my swordsmanship, so I’m thinking of finding a good teacher here at the college to hone my skills. You two should think about what you need to improve on too. Magic, skills, or even if it’s just your health.”

The uncomfortable feeling that Colette felt earlier that night returned like a sack of bricks. She didn’t know if she could handle not seeing Annabeth. She barely saw her enough as it is. She thought about what Annabeth was saying. She did need improvements in her weaponing skills and her magic skills as well. She shifted and sighed silently. She looked at Keri and Annabeth, the two woman she loved the most.

[Color=silver]”Why don't we all go to Athlausfor training? I've been considering learning his different tricks for battle. Honestly after the fight with a pyromancer I really need to learn a close quarters weapon and a new hiding place for the candies. Granted they seem to be wearing off more each day. Perhaps I should consider mortal’s blood before every mission.” The vampire stated.

”There was more to the mission, I ended up disappearing suddenly remember Annabeth.”She blurted out before covering her mouth.

[Color=silver]”Colette you know you can tell me everything. I’ve already talked to Lynn's father before you went on that mission to the Nox. Even Athlaussaid things would get unpredictable. Hence I was expecting unplanned injuries and a massive story. Granted I'm not looking forward to hearing it but I can always make you forget all those things.” She said with a wink.

Annabeth glances at Colette when she blurted out her name. Admittedly the entire mission was a huge mess of chaos and emotions, so she wasn’t sure what Colette must have witnessed that Annabeth didn’t. ”Keri is right. You don’t need to keep secrets Colette, we’ll understand.” As for Keri’s previous comment about training with Athlaus, Annabeth considered it. He seemed pretty skilled with a sword though she wasn’t sure if his swordsmanship could work with hers. Still Annabeth was willing to look into it.

Colette blushed hearing Keri’s comment about helping her forget things that happened on the mission. Though when she heard Keri’s suggestion of going to Alatus for training and she began to think about it. It sounded like a good idea in her opinion. She looked at Annabeth and sighed. She began to tell her things that happened on the mission in her eyes, even when she vanished and was alone with a male. She shivered as she got to more of the violent and chaotic parts of the mission and held her arms tightly.

Just remembering it was enough to give her day nightmares. She could still hear the roars and screams like she was still in the Nox.

Keri noticed the sudden action which added some concern. Her figure slowly walked towards her lover. The girl’s chin laying upon the crook of her neck with gently kisses leading upwards. Her arms wrapped around Colette’s body. The vampire’s soft breathing entering the air as she swayed both people back and forth.

”You don’t have to go through the memories alone. I want to help you because I love you so much. As does Annabeth. I promise I won’t be mad. Nor will I ever hate you. You taught me what it means to have a heart once again. So please trust me with every worry you have. Let me show you everything that I learned from you and Annabeth. Let me worry about you every day because you are someone I want to live the rest of eternity with.”

Annabeth joined Keri and Colette’s hug. There really wasn’t much else Annabeth could do or say that she hasn’t already. All she needed now was for Colette to talk to them. And no matter how long it’ll take, Annabeth was going to be right at Colette’s side to hear it. She nuzzled Colette, opposite of Keri, kissing her neck to her cheek. ”We’re ready to listen whenever you are Colette. Anytime…. Anyplace… Just call, and we’ll be right there.”

She nodded and hugged to then both. She smiled at the two, happy to know they were in her life. She kissed Keri on the lips before kissing Annabeth as well.

”Shall we have some fun?”

”Sneaky little woman. I do believe you’re gaining bad habits from Annabeth. Granted that I'm gaining several bad habits on missions.” She said nuzzling into the crook of Colette's neck. Her eyes slowly closing to allow both women's scent to fill her mind. For once Keri didn't want to think logically and for a massively good reason. Right now all she wanted was right here. In the comforts of the vampire's home.…

Sorry about this guys. I'm happy to hear our site is running a bit smoother today.
So I just got out of the Doctor and there are two strains of the flu going around.
Strain A has been killing people. Thankfully I have strain B, just as bad but not lethal. Regular anitibiotics don't work against this flu so they gave me something called termaflu to get rid of it. I also have strep throat on top of the flu.

Belle nuuuu. *Cuddles* You're not supposed to get sick on me. You're too important to us. *Cuddles lots more.* Let us heal you like this.

~| Location: Unknown|~

Vae never really saw the fox behind them but then again her main concern was No. Her hand reached outwards as if to help stop the male from going any farther. A rather idiotic choice on the girl's part considering there was not actual way to keep the injured person upward properly. A cruel fact considering a woman, who is built to withhold children in womb for 9 months, wasn't able built to help keep a full grown male supported. The native American stayed quiet as she attempted to carefully word her next phrase towards this animal.

”Apologies for disturbing your bath wâkoshęha. I wasn't trying to harm Neniwa. I didn't want to be alone in this place by myself. Mostly because I was considering suicide before coming here. I was concern about the thoughts coming back and having no help around me. I doubt your leader would like to see one of his servants doing stupid things. This is mainly the way I’ve been understanding this world so far. Can you also please place the Neniwa somewhere more stable. His wounds need tended to. I'm also respectfully asking you for bandages. If there is none I can wash and use my old clothes.”

*Walks through the door like a boss*

Aren't you adorable.
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