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Current Welcome to my Cave of Scares
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Thank you to the most beautiful, honest, loving, and perfect woman for telling me not to let depression kick my arse. To keep up the hobby that I love so much. I love you Luna and thank you.
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I'm the bad guy
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I'm the bad guy
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Quoth the Raven- Nevermore


I see you've run into my den. If you want to know more about me than please do ask anything. I can tell you some basic things about me but this is it. So let's get started, shall we?

Username: Demonic Angel

Old Guild Name: Blood Elf

Age: 2~

Zodiac: Capricorn

Location: USA





@Luna- You've been there for me through thick and thin. You've put up with a lot of my bullshit, opened my eyes when I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life, and loved me for who I am. You're the most amazing woman I've ever met and I love you with all of my heart. Here's to our love.

@Vesuvius00-You can drive me insane sometimes but you've helped me through so much in my life. You've helped me improve my writing so much. Without Luna, you, and SilverRose I honestly don't know what I would have done. Thank you for being there when I needed to talk.

@Silverrose- You've helped me make my villain strive to cause pain and suffering. You've helped me make morph others into a bigger mess with their families. You've help me through some other things and have encouraged me when I have doubts.

@Ladyrunic- One of the most fantastic GMs I've had the pleasure to play with. She's cunning, evil, and causes players to question ever choice they make. I always look forward to the next post she has planned.

(To the others)- There are so many others that has helped me throughout this process. Possibly much more than the characters I'm allowed to use. And for each and every one of you I'm grateful t have you all in my lives. Without you all I would still like to thins I would be that anti-social girl. You've all have been so patient with me. And special thanks to the gms in Blood Act who helped me find an rp to call home.

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Ruari Kur

Ruari Kur

Sith Alcoyte



13 years old

(Overseer Mara Cessair)

Former master(s):



Ruari Kur’s height is 5’ 9” with a brown coat, his fur is always nearly taken care of, due to appearance being a huge helping factor since being alien. The young man’s hair is dark brown which is mostly slicked back, granted there are some areas that refuse to stay where they are placed. In the back of his head is a small ponytail that attempts to curl outwards. This is to help keep a better suave look. His clothes mostly contain the normal black color of the sith expect for a pair of midnight purple color. This was to add the male’s own flair to the already darkened outfit. The lion’s eyes are another unique feature with adds to his strangeness. His left eye is amber while the right is a greyish blue.

There are several scars that litter the young Cathar’s body. Certain areas are from the fight between the two teenage boys or experiments. Others are from his childhood. The first one is a small semi-circular mark on his cheek. The second would be seen only when his tonic was removed through the beginning of the mark starts at the back of the guy’s neck, scratched downward towards the shoulder blade. There’s a small space where the second part starts up and where the last one ends. For the second part, the slash swirls upwards to where the actual shoulder is and across to halfway on the left upper arm. There are scars of scratches and bite marks on the lower arms and legs, mostly from the subjects attempted to escape from the lion’s grasp. Lastly, there are scars burned into his neck through a collar and claw marks under his fur. The clawing was mostly from his kin, though there were a few from his master, and the shocking was from the slaver’s collar.

Animalistic- Ruari is more animalistic when it comes to interactions. The weaker ones are viewed as prey. Stronger ones are nothing more than competition. The young Cathar will do anything to get his way with things. Even if it means unleashing the raging anger that lies inside. Some of it is due to his species and some from puberty.

Territorial- There is a certain area that Ruari claims that is his. Anything within the area the young Cathar’s domain. People, whom don’t have permission, are able to be harmed.

Sadistic- The young lion enjoys causing pain towards others. The need to inflict harm makes his side hobby more pleasurable.
Socially Awkward- The young Cathar seems to prefer studies than interactions. Though when it comes it his experiments or animals he seems to have a much better reaction.

Single Mind Focus- The young male is unable to focus on too many things. He tends to mainly keep his focus on the thing he excels at already.

Egotistic- Ruari views the world as nothing but flawed. The Cathar believes that he’s about to fix the world. Fix what nature is lacking with each species. In his head, he has already proven that nature can be corrected with Shardsheek.
Data Gathering/Curiosity- The male Cathar is seemed to always be keeping some sort of data list within his head. Curiosity leading to different paths. Adding in ways to achieve his goals making the outcome different each time. When punished about doing something wrong Ruari will readjust the numbers. Try a different technique or tactic.

Force Powers & Lightsaber Skills

Force Speed (Basic)
Telekinesis (Basic)
Force Throw (Basic)
Telekinesis Defence (Basic)
Force Sight (Basic)
Force Sense (Basic)
Precognition (Basic)
Mind Trick (Basic)
Force Jump (Basic)
Animal Friendship/Intimidation (Novice) (Innate)
Sith Alchemy (Novice) (Innate)
Force Choke (Basic)
Force Lightning (Novice)
Underlined techniques are the ones where Ruari are lacking in skill-wise

Lightsaber Skills
Form 4: Ataru (Novice)
Form 5: Djem So (Novice)

Skills & Talents

Hand to hand combat (Basic) (Innate)
Experimentations (Novice)
Genetics (Basic)
Biology (Intermediate)
Zoology (Intermediate)
Herbalism (Basic)

Obligations, Flaws & Weaknesses

Socially Awkward

Associates & Adversaries

Overseer Corinth Genbit
Overseer Mara Cessair
Overseer Kilian Haryss

Haiki Benara
Failed Experiments

Assets & Equipment

Plants and Herbs
Extra Data Pads (4)
Data Sticks (3)
Extra clothes
Dark Alchemy Plant (helps with rage) (Controllable anger equals will not really work)


“A slave’s work is only up to their master’s value of worth. Those who are unable to fall in line are nothing more of a hindrance. Rebellions will be dealt with according to the severity. Most are never heard from again. An answer lies with each and every one of you. How much is my freedom worth to me?” -Sinur Kur

Ruari never knew what Cathar was. Never once ran through the thick jungles of his claimed home. Never climbed the planet’s trees or even gotten to participate in any of the hunting. All this was removed from the young Cathar’s life before birth. His mother was named Sinur Kur, wife to the best hunter. The young male’s father was named Acry Kur. Both were taken from their homes when a group of human slavers landed upon the home. Sinur was only a few days from giving birth to a litter. Not that either parent would see the child past cub years.

The young Cathar doesn’t remember much about his mother. Nothing about his father due to them being sold separately. The only thing that spared the whole family being split was the fact the cubs were too young to be without their mother. Granted for Ruari, nothing would save him from future nightmares to come. The young lion was the smallest of the litter. The perfect target to release frustrations out when the master was being unfair. A perfect lamb in a den of lions.

At the age of 3, Ruari learned what it meant to be someone’s prey. When messing up on a task the young Cathar would feel a shock from his collar from his master. Granted this mainly depended on the man’s mood. Sometimes the young Cathar was beaten for entertainment. Forced to fight with his own siblings, just so the human’s bloodlust was satisfied. It wouldn’t be until the young cub was around 5 when rescue would come to his aid. Granted for most this rescue would be more of a terrible fate. Only bestowed on those willing to greet a tormentor like an old friend. It was unknown to the slaves they would have someone coming over to speak to their master. Granted none knew about Ruari’s special gifts when it came to animals.

He was tending a wounded rat, one that his siblings liked to chase would. They were reliving each moment they had beaten up the runt, each brother claimed. The girl commented that if the thing stayed away there would be no need to harm it. Yet when it came the youngest something more could be heard. Something much clearer to any of the others who attempted to harm such a flawed creature. It was only after the young Cathar finished his conversation with the creature had his attention turned towards the mysterious person. Both watching each other before finally being summoned for their respective roles. Ruari, once again being placed to fight his older brother, as the Sith watched. Most nights the young Cathar was able to contain his anger. A wave of anger so furious one that once unleashed he blacked out. The thing that was about the position was the young Cathar’s sibling was cowering in a corner while clapping sounded into the quiet room.
It was this day when Ruari’s life changed. He was removed from the human’s care, taken from his mother and family. Granted this didn’t upset the child at all. The Sith had convinced the young Cathar something. Something that has stuck since that day. “You are more special than those people. You have a hidden talent that separates you from those around you. Let me teach you how to nurture such talents.”

Ruari’s newfound home was very difficult to adjust to. The violence from the Sith was more for learning then punishments. Yet something in the back of his head acted like prey. Prey waiting to be devoured by those stronger. The young Cathar slowly grew to use this anger and releasing it onto others. The main one target that was soon flavored was Haiki Benara. The attack began when the young man found out that Shardsheek was harmed. When the young lion confronted the male… things didn’t go quite as planned. In the end, a fight broke out between the two and ever since the hatred stayed.

Me too

Vae Lynn SaDiablo

School Yard

“Life can be. Granted it can bring in those who care for everyone. Much like yourself.” The young woman said changing songs once again in order to clear the air. This song seemed to be hurting Nia. The young woman sensed this person was not used to the sadness of the word. So how could the young woman help? Perhaps I feel better when I’m dancing by Meghan Trainor? Worth a try. “No. I can here for help. Not for life help but magical help.”

The girl played a much happier tune as she started moving to the beat. Her eyes never breaking contact with this person. ”Don’t think about it. Just move your body. Just listen to the music saying ooh aye oh. Just move those little feet.Go ahead and get crazy.” The woman sang as the audience seemed to slowly get into the song.

The people seemed to follow them everywhere, helping the girl pick out things to buy as she continued playing. Nia would even see the start of someone brand new as they continued to move. For Vae music could heal anything or music could cause harm around you. Mainly depend on the story you wanted to tell or what events needed to come to light. This was the magic of humans not the confusing curse she was given. This she understood without a doubt.

Once the shopping was done they were once again alone with a soft song playing. [color=cc66oo]” I had fun today.”[/color]
*Tackles* Me, me,me,me,me @Vesuvius00

Vae Lynn SaDiablo

Outskirt school

” Who hasn't hurt me?” She mumbled as her fingers played, what seemed like random notes. Though if one listened hard they would hear all the emotions she held. Pain, regret, sorrow, and anger lingering within her heart for years. Scars scattered her skin while playing the game of survival. Another few notes were played as thoughts rushed through the young woman's head.

”It started when I was a child. My father would harm my mother when she would refuse getting his drink. Granted the problem started heavily when I was born.” The girl whispered as more notes played. ”Funny thing is when they divorced I was beginning to think the harm would stop, than I met my mother's lover. The woman seemed to care for us. Mother was happy and at the time this was all I could ask for.”

The song slowly took a source tone as she stopped speaking, as if to gather the scattered thoughts inside her head. The girl blinked a few times while a wrong note screeched loudly. Yelling and screaming flooded her ears. A teacher, who preferred perfection in music, instead of knowing the person behind it, the one who mattered most. Nia would notice Vae restart from the start. Replaying each part about 3 times. As if to rememberize each section before playing the final piece for the audience.

”Her children blamed us for their parent's divorce. Their grandmother wanted her child to fall in love with a much better person. Talentless Native Americans being apart of a rich talent filled family. That was until she found out our talents. We were displayed for fun like living dolls. Do you know how that feels? How trapped one would be?”

Vae Lynn SaDiablo


Outskirt school

” Everything is wrong with me, yet the doctors keep saying that everything is fine. I can’t seem to learn how to smile without pills since I was forced to see the world through someone else’s eyes.” Vae thought to herself as the girl shifted in place uncomfortably. For once in her life, there was something to explain to a kind person. Someone which was more worried about how other person felt instead of worrying about looks. This other person had a special gift to help make others happy. So how could the native american be able to show why trust was an issue? The bigger question was would Nia understand through music just like Vae.

Pain filled her chest, making it feel tighter than ever before, adding to a brand new feeling. It wasn’t as strong for a normal person but it was a small bit stronger than a broken person should feel. The woman had some sort of clue about what exactly this was. Though expressing it verbally was more of a challenge for the person. Who sung about this? Was it Linkin Park? Her eyes turned towards the plant just as the object was withering away. It made sense, to be honest. The user’s emotions being submitted through the very creation she wanted to help brighten a sad person’s day. So how could this situation be able to be fixed?

"A-ah n-no... P-p-please... I-I d-d-did-dn't m-m-mean t-t-to s-scare y-you... p-p-please..."

” Wait… What!? Where in the hell did you get that from!? I’m not fucking scared! I’m more pissed off now!” The girl wanted to shout out loud. Granted on the outside she allowed Nia to finish every single thought and word. Once this was done she cleared her throat.

” I can’t use words to explain things. I’m unable to despite everyone around me saying it’s all inside my head. I was never good at interacting with others outside my tribe. Even though I’m not good with these things I can explain what I mean through music.” Vae remarked getting out her violin. WHich song would be perfect for this feeling? If you love her just let her go? Sad song? Fight song? The young woman stayed quiet as she played a few warm-up bars, gathering some of the other strangers attention, not that she cared at the moment.

The girl’s fingers changed the pace and tune to Your Betrayal by Bullet for my Valentine.

Vae Lynn SaDiablo

Outskirt school

The young woman blinked a few times after the strawberries were formed by Nia. A sickening feeling flooding every single area within her stomach. It had been years since the girl had thought about those words. Even longer since Vae had ever thought about those sort of people. In all honesty, this was when the dark events began taking over her life. A single place where a person is to feel safe and loved by those who were considered family. Not a prison full of nothing but torture and pain caused by those around you. By those wanting nothing more than to blame their problems on an innocent bystander that processes a different talent than you. No one deserves a world covered in nothing but darkness which leads towards false hope from those closest to you. No one deserves to be closer than arm’s length anymore. If you let someone closer than this you’ll just be adding to the darkness inside.

"P-please yourself, p-please." The woman stated in a kind voice making Vae snap into the present. A hand slowly crept towards her cheek, as if to wipe something away, only to end up removing nothing. She worked her eyes upwards with the ever so familiar blank look, but Nia would clearly see distrust shining inside the Native American’s eyes. As if this person was incapable of allowing others to cross an invisible wall that was created so long ago.

” I’m very grateful for the offer but unfortunately, I must refuse both offers. I’ve only just met you, Miss. How do I know you’re not planning something behind my back? How do I know you’re not like the others? I don’t know your end goal in all of this. What you intend to gain by playing the role of protector and friend. Honestly, I would rather stay away from others and live my days in silence.” Vae said as she took a small step back from the happiness which surrounded Nia. After all, a world full of darkness could never coexist with one filled with nothing but light. The thought itself was nothing more than terrifying. After all, there was no hope left for the young woman yet here stood someone who was trying to reach out. Reach for the crying person dying within this cruel world.

”I’ve bothered you enough Miss. Perhaps its best we separate after showing me the way to school. I’ll always be grateful for what you did today but its best not to get too close. Best forget about me. Pretend you never seen me or even interacted with me at all." The girl said as the feeling of fear filled her whole being just like that day.
Vae Lynn SaDiablo

Vae could tell something was wrong. As if there was something she had done to make the young woman in front of her uncomfortable. Perhaps it was the fact she would flip between the three languages the girl knew. In a way this fact couldn't really be helped. Not in the way you could fix a car with new parts, after all the language barrier was more of a defense mechanism than anything. Yet a mental smile did form when the girl managed to say Hello in German. Even if the pronunciation seemed completely off.

The young woman continued watching Nia’s expressions and gestures as she continued speaking. As she continued speaking the other woman seemed quite upset. Understandable considering Nia probably didn't know that much German. No one seemed to be interested in learning this language anymore. Most would prefer Spanish or Italian in order to woe someone they loved. Yet here this person was trying to make an attempt making the native american feel special in a way. Granted once she spoke in English it seemed to have made this person feel better.

”If you're worried about a small accident why don't you just treat me to a home cooked meal? This will make up for a small bump and allow me to find my way to the school. As for the protection part its very kind of you. I'm used to being stalked. I just dislike the way that male was staring at me.” The young lady said as if to clear the situation up a little bit. Vae slowly took the bag from Nia as her head turned to the side. As of trying to display confusion though it would look completely strange to the people outside. Mainly due to the expressionless gesture. ”My first day is correct.”

Vae Lynn SaDiablo

The collision caught Vae off guard completely. Neither inkwewa paying attention to their surrounds. A common human mistake which anyone would have made while running away from a creep. Though when the other inkwewa began bowing in apology several times made the teenager uncomfortable. So many memories that lingered inside traditions yet every single part of them created honor towards the family. Granted there wasn’t much the Native American could do when the familiar words slipped out from her still lips. "I don't quite understand Miss. I was the one at fault here yet you're the one apologizing? How is this fair to you? I'm sorry for not allowing you to pass." The young woman said in german making a shiver crawl up her spine.

”What I meant to say in English is I’m sorry. I was the one to bump into you. You did nothing wrong Miss. Though I would rather you rephrase some of your words. I’m not uncomfortable in the least bit. In all honesty I’m startled from the impact.” The young woman said as the man walked past with a victorious smirk upon his lips. It wasn’t hard to figure out what the guy was doing now. Most likely trying to find the ‘magical violinist’ everyone was talking about. Though what made a sinking feeling crawl inside her stomach was the way the man looked at them. As if there was a secret about to be unraveled for the whole world to see. If only staying invisible was possible in this world. Than Vae would be able to live a semi-normal life.

The young woman shifted from her place, making her jacket shift down from her shoulders, and revealing a short sleeved shirt underneath. The piece of clothing was nothing special yet the other woman would see what looked to be old scars of different shapes and sizes, along with what looked like be a fox tattoo located around her right shoulder. Granted once the Native American noticed the jacket out of place she quickly returned it upon her shoulders. ” I wouldn't worry about helping someone like me. Honestly I’m not even worth an apology.’ She commented blankly as she shifted towards the violin case.

The young woman quickly opened the case and pulled out the instrument. Her eyes looking closely for any sort of damage before nodding in approval. Carefully Vae placed the object back inside its holder, making sure to redo the locks, as she lifted her head. The young woman’s facial features seemed a bit strange. A rather difficult emotion to mimic because of the timing was far away now. If Vae attempted to repeat this girl’s reaction than she would know it was nothing more than a act. So why not change subjects?

”Actually I do need help. I’m assuming you’re from the school I’m searching for. Can you help me find it? I’m a bit new to this area and honestly I don’t feel safe without some company.”


Location: Shimmerstone, Eania’s capital
Time: Solstice Festival (Year 3- Spring Time, 5-6 months later)

”Uh…” Keri listened while Leith’s voice lowered causing worry filled her dead heart. It wasn’t like Lieth to lower in volume unless something was wrong and by the sound of things something was indeed wrong. Perhaps it was due to Lyn’s newly formed crush? After all, every since person in the college was extremely overprotective of Lyn. Hell even her own father hadn’t quite figured out when his overprotectiveness becomes too much for a teenager, then again what father did? Her eyes focused on the young man’s actions. Searching for any sort of clue of what was wrong only to have the guy announce it outright. ” There’s a shapeshifter in the city, and she’s targeting the college.”

”Well then, as fun as this sounds Leith the information is nothing new. Granted if there is a shapeshifter around we have a huge problem. One I would much rather not repeat from the hunt.” She thought as her figure moved quietly towards the human while he continued to speak.

”I believe she’s associated with the same group that was at Lyn’s Hunt. We should get Helena and- where she go?” The man said before searching for the newly moved person. [color=cyan]

”The young student seems to be mainly thinking with her southern brain today.” The vampire mumbled as a yawn worked up from her chest. ” It sounded like she was near Lyn and the other one. Granted I could be wrong.”

”We need to find Helena. If this shapeshifter is anything like the last one I fought, Pyromancy is a real threat to her.”

The young woman sighed as she shook her head. ”I’m not really one for removing a flirting woman from a good time but in this case I’ll make an exception. Anything could happen in this place and I would much rather everyone be on guard. Especially if our enemies had friends with the same abilities. Besides it’s better to keep everyone informed just in case we’re ambushed for a third time.” The girl said with a small nod and a shifting of her parasol in order to lessen some of the unfamiliar weight.

” See if you can get Ssarak’s attention while I try to find Lyn. I really don’t feel comfortable with her being unaware right now. This way one of us can keep nearby without interrupting her fun.” She remarked as another person snared at Leith. Her eyes slowly followed the man, eyes shifting into a darker shade from his rudeness. Granted they were sort of in the way of others.

The girl’s lips opened in order to form an apology for interrupting people's exit route, closing again upon hearing their new comrade speaking, making it obvious this was about another misunderstanding, though there was one single line which caught her attention the most. It wasn't the fact the newcomer threatened Athalus. This fact was nothing new for the guy. Hell Keri has even threatened his life once or twice when Lyn wasn’t around. No, it was the fact he told the child to tell her own father this. Combine it with the male’s threat it would look as if Lyn was threatening her kin. Thankfully the college frowned upon any actions. The one reason the human couldn’t know would be because he was antisocial.

”What in the world? What the heck is going on over there? I’ll be right back Leith.” The girl said with a smile as she excused herself from the man. The good thing was that Athalus was finally proving to be the bigger man. A rare sight for her to actually witness though the feeling of dread still lingered in the air around them. Then comes the usual comment which would add fuel to any father’s fire.

“Well, I dunno if daddy dearest would be too happy about Lyn tagging along to where I had been thinking about…”

”Again. All she ever does is think with her lower brain. Wanting nothing more than a night filled with another’s warmth without a second thought. Though one of these days she’ll have much more to deal with. A baby in her arms without any thought about who the father would be. Granted I’m sure the young woman isn’t ready for such a thing yet. Each to their own I guess. Though I’m not liking where this heavy feeling is going. Where’s Lyn?” She thought as her eyes search for the girl closely. Keri continued to search around them, smelling the fresh blood from a person, and the kid’s fleeing figure. Now the young woman was beyond pissed off. For less than a few mere minutes this shit seemed to be getting worse and now these three “adults” were acting like nothing more than children. Her eyes darkened more as she listed off each person’s mistake. The girl’s figure finally catching up just as Alaira left the group. The vampire gave a crooked smile, fangs showing outwards as her pure black eyes glance at them.

”Sorry to interrupt you you two but I couldn’t help overhear there was some sort of problem here.” The girl said in an annoyed voice while a hand rubbed her eyes. It was clear the woman wasn’t a morning person at all. The small dark circles around her eyes confirmed it quite well though the steady swaying of the vampire’s body showed differently.

”In all honesty I have no clue what in the world started the disagreement between you and Athalus but try not to upset Lyn. This attitude of yours will also provide problems for us as well due to being around semi-baise people. With this in mind what Lyn’s father did was unexceptable and we do apologize of the lug head. Secondly I would like to address something you seemed to have missed.” The girl said growling a little from annoyance as she shifted from side to side.

”You were in the wrong too Henri. You could have walked away anytime yet you stayed. Allowing your anger to cloud your judgement. So, I’m going to ask you to kindly tone down your attitude for a while. ONce we’re back at the college feel free to use that roguish charm on whomever you want. Though you do owe Lyn an apology. One I hope you give to her in a gentle fashion.” With this said the young woman very calmly.

”Lyn was also harmed when you asked her to pass your threat on as well. From the habits you display it's not hard to see you have trust issues which is great until you’re alone somewhere you don’t want to be. Why don’t you try getting to know others before assuming they’re trying to be enemies with you please. After all you might be surprised at who’s willing to adopt an orphan. Then again I’m only assuming due to seeing me in you.” She said shifted towards Helena. ”Best be near someone else. Leith has information about another shapeshifter in the city. I don't want my family hurt and right now I’m anti-sun. Try to keep your vices down too because Colette seemed to have troubles sleeping.” With this said Keri walked away from the two. A small wave towards Ssarak and a tapping on her temple. This would tell the young man that reading the girl’s mind was allowed.

”We have a problem here. There’s another one of those shapeshifters around. As for the boy I’m done with him. If you think you can speak some sense into him fine. I’ve grown tired of playing nursemaid. I’m going after our loving overprotective father now.”
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