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Current Thank you to the most beautiful, honest, loving, and perfect woman for telling me not to let depression kick my arse. To keep up the hobby that I love so much. I love you Luna and thank you.
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I'm the bad guy
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I'm the bad guy
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Quoth the Raven- Nevermore
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Darkness is always there. Those who fear it will walk away. Those who ignore it don't see the power inside. And those that have darkness within themselves embarrass it.


Well if you want to know more about me I guess I can help out. I mean there's not much that's unknown really. Just click on the hider you want and go from there.

I do believe that's all you're all probably wondering. If you ever want to know more just PM me. See ya later.

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Nicely done Belle. *Has really miss you.* I'll see what I can do while getting other things done. Hoping to get a post done today.
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~| Interrogation Room, 13th hour |~

Another small inch from her original placement added the thought of safety. Granted that their attention on a different Jedi force a small feeling of fear arise. Two questions lingering in the still air. Should the Amaran risk everything to help someone who could betray her trust again? Or should dhe stay silent in order to save her own tail? Another step was successfully taken. Heart beating inside the young woman’s chest as if threatening to burst feel from its fleshy prison.

“You. Amaran. You’re going with me.” Those words caused the girl to freeze in place. ” I see. It seems like I don’t have much of a choice huh?” She mumbled quietly as her eyes were placed one every single guard. :looks like the guy was saved for now. All that needed to be done was to humor the speaker. In a way Talon was rather curious to explore but in another shit was showing it’s true colors. Well the announcements did say that they were not to be harmed yet...right? Perhaps now was the best time to find out. After all, no pain means no gaon. Wasn’t that's what her former family kept attempting to teach their members?

” Sure. I’ve got nowhere else to go. Besides I’ve always wondered what you people do for a living.” She remarked as two guards shifted through. Talon just placed her paws upwards, as if to show them she wasn’t going to do anything rash. Granted it didn’t seem like any of them were trusting. Slowly the woman made her way towards their way. Speaking to the other two, giving the fox a few names to remember, before shifting the saber away from the girl.

” That’s exactly what I wanted you to do. Alright Zanna seems to be a lover rank from these two. At least this is what it seems. A robotic eye huh? Shiny. Granted this will make things a bit more frustrating around her. Sith is a lizard. Something doesn’t seem right with this one but his scent would be easy to remember. That god for heightened sense of smell. This other one seems different from her master. Apprentice could mean she’s lower on the chain of command than the other two. Possible danger hazard. Now for the other Sith.” Talon thought to herself as they walked. Leaving the cells just felt like a betrayal. Though they did need to know these people’s limitations. Best someone who is able to deal with pain a bit better than one who can’t.

” Where would I go? You’re the one with the guns. You’re the ones armed to the teeth… At least for now.” She mumbled in a sarcastic tone just as they entered the next destination. Being the first inside the fox was able to see what exactly laid before her. Tables ready to be used for awaiting victims, a different table for speaking to the prisoners, and one uncomfortable feeling creeping into her skeleton. The fur on the back of the Amaran’s stood at full attention. Her tail flicked makes rather strange patterns. When asked to take a seat the Jedi did with an uneasiness. Then the questions began. First her name. In all honesty the girl has picked the name herself, mainly because her real one was unknown. Wanting to test her boundaries she stayed quiet. The next one was about the man whom took over the former thief’s training. Again the woman stayed completely silent while her tail continued to move. If looked at closely each movement wasn’t as random as it appeared. In fact the limb was writing something. Something that was only visible underneath the fur.

Her yellow eyes stared directly into the woman’s, as if attempting to search for something which was hidden underneath the years of bitterness. Hands brought up in front of her muzzle giving the usual semi soft features a much different look

Location: Las Vegas, Smitty's
Time: Present Day, Evening

When the boy’s turned figure appear from the gorey process the woman smirked. She had to give the pup credit for dealing with the pain like a pro. At least that was what she thought until a what looked to be a pure blue ball was tossed towards the teenager. Even though they weren’t fae Yeong had a feeling she knew exactly what the spell was. This Ambassador was playing the gain their trust card with them. Meaning the spell would be something to help ease the pain during transformation...or more of the after effect. When Ben reacted towards the object she raised her eyebrow in confusion. Than again it could have been her imagination. Seemed to have been some sort of healing spell. Awesome.

The growl and snare was rather unusual. At least in the young woman’s mind. In reality the pull towards a pack was beginning to be an annoyance. Yes, a new pack would be great and increase their chances of survival but in another way the girl didn’t want to relive that lingering pain. Normally it would feel like a scab, one that was attempting to become a scar, due to being opened so many times at once. The pain always lingered as if a creature with it’s own mind. Every time the urge peered its head upwards from the everlasting darkness. Perhaps this was the restart upon their lives? A blank slate to make a brand new start.

The instant the Ji gave her look of watch my back the girl nodded. Her eyes scanned each enemy's motions as the sound of fabric tore clean off her twin’s body. The scent of skin shedding away with perfect ease mixed with the scent of fresh blood. Thank god the girl was able to hand these scents fairly well or else this could have been rather ugly. Once again the girl’s eyes scanned the area, as if trying to figure out what in the world Ben was after. Was it because they had something underneath that thing’s foot? Was Reeves actually forming a pack with these people? Whatever. Hopefully Ji can help stop him. If not i’ll have to do something rather stupid. She waited patiently as the unsettling feeling sunk into her stomach. He had passed by the male twin in one go making her more uncomfortable.

When Ji called towards Benjamin attempt to help get the teenger’s attention didn’t work Yeong knew it was time to react. As soon as her sibling was done changing the younger sister changed. As soon as this quick process was don off she want, catching up with the kid fairly quickly. The young woman woman rushed to his side, attempting to grasp the child’s neck like they’re pack used to, though when his neck began turning. Instantly she released the pup from sheer surprise and jumping to her right on instinct. His snaring and snapping was uncalled for though in a way the girl understood why he did it.

The wolf ran forwards to about halfway into the small store, waiting for the right moment to use a wall of wind which would be formed into a cup like burst, this would help stop the wolf in his tracks granted what happened in reality was far from what she wanted. You could tell the golden wolf was trying to stop from hitting her but the impact was inevitable. Just as the boy hit the older wolf two things happened almost simultaneously. First thing was the pup slamming into the girl making her smaller form ski towards Odette and Mandate. Second was the when the spell was casted Ben was trying to dodge it. As if he could sense what it’s actual shape was. This left one final option. Get the object before the young man which would was honestly the last thing she wanted to do. At least she might be able to chomp into the murder’s leg. Yeong twisted her body frame quickly running forwards, as if lunging at Odette though last second the wolf twisted her form towards Mandate’s foot, only to be swiftly grasped and held in between the creature’s arms and chest area. A few growls would show how much the woman enjoyed its company.


Location: Inside forest, Kindred Territory

It was rather unusual seeing another tiger in her area. Then again there always seemed to rarely be any while she was around. It wasn’t the fact of the other creature being curious but more of the fact that he was more or less stalking the tigress. Something which wasn’t welcomed in her mind set. All that Taiah could do was wait and see it what this tiger would do.

Honestly the chuff had caught her off guard. Most of the time she would have been attacked in order to be forced to leave a specific area. Then again that was wolves and this animal in front of her was a tiger. Very different from each other with different behaviors. It was noted that the male chuffed in order to say I mean no harm. He ever slowly walked towards her adding to the non aggressive approach. The odd matter was his ground sniffing. Did this tiger enjoy her scent this much?

Taiah moved her body downwards, tail moving to the right as if cowering from the tigress’s movement. In a way this action had made no sense to the other party but to her it did. It was mostly to see if the male would run away or if he would stay and continue. She mentally hoped the tiger would stay. She missed another animal’s company and her human’s presence would never help this longer. No matter how much they considered each other family.

If this male continued to walking towards her than her paw would be moved upwards. Not in a threatening manner but more for a playful intentions. The female would continue the motion playfully swipe at his head. Though the translation would be all for the male to decide. That was until human voices filled the still air. Her body tensed as the people’s scent mixed with kindred furs.

” If you want to live I would stay away from those scents. They’re bad news. I’ll be taking my leave now and you can do what you want.” Taiah said walking in a North Easterly direction.

Location: Emma’s Apartment
Time: Day 3, Around 6 am

When the door was opened the young man’s face just light up. Even though Emma wasn’t quite dressed for company her natural beauty peered outwards perfectly. The young man softly chuckled when she opened the door completely with a smile. Apparently she wasn’t quite sure if he would show, making him prove true to his word. “Hey. I wasn’t sure if you would be up soon so I made us breakfast. It’s nothing fancy mind you.” The man explained only to be caught off guard by the dog barking towards him.

In all honestly Killian wasn’t scared at all. What caught him off guard was how much the small animal was happy to see him. The animal darted towards him, running between the space mad by his legs a few time, then headed back inside making his cold heart melt a bit from joy. When welcomed into Emma’s home the guy grinned and walked inside.“ This place looks amazing Emma. Much better than the places I’ve been in the past.” He said in a honest voice.

“Ah. Something warm might go best with the breakfast wraps. I’m hope you don’t mind me taking the extra step. I’m not used to hanging out with other people yet. Heck, I’m trying to get used to having a little sister figure though I’m happy she’s here.”

Location-Forest; Kindred Area

Her paws slowly pressed into the forest floor while her athletic build body brushed against overgrown bushes. For a while Taiah felt like something was watching her every movement, which wouldn’t have been a problem is this stalker was Theoden, then again the human would have called out Tai. A very strange nickname which was created since the animal’s kin had adopted her. Then again humans were a very peculiar creatures to kindred anyways. Taiah’s grey eyes shifted to the side, a soft growling rumbling within her chest.

The tiger shifted in her stance while staying in place for a few seconds. So far nothing seemed to be following her but the feeling of eyes still made her uncomfortable. Perhaps it was just her imagination. The girl slowly shifted from the sudden stance towards one of the nearby trees. She paced her paws against the plant’s bark scratching away into as if to claim this whole area as her own. In a way she was attempting to take claim to the area but she was also waiting for her stalker to appear. That way they could have a nice long chat.
Alright. Fictional town perhaps. One out of the law enforcer's jurisdictional perhaps?
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