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Minor thing for Dave though; when you bring your sheet into the Character tab, be sure to actually have the Relationship post be apart of it this time, they aren't meant to be separated xD

You see... Yea, I'll add that on lol.

Awesome though. I'll go ahead and move that stuff over.
Cause I failed to read,

I really don't know how to read today. My inner Yu-Gi-Oh! player is coming out now.

I know it said this was optional, but eh. It is always fun to do lol.

Cause I failed to read, my favorite Marvel Hero is probably either Thor or Iron Man. Not only due to the MCU, but just their comics in general.

Also, thank you Akayaofthemoon for some wonderful banner art I will post here and will probably have at the start of every post. And thank you Alpha Paladin for helping out with the ai art issues.

Forgot to mention in the last post, but I am here. i am interested. I'll get the stuff going soon, just busy tonight.

A desert planet? Aftershot had visited the neighboring planet of Velocitron before, which, at least to the Cybertronians, was known as the racing planet. Almost flat lands filled with nothing but sand and waster. A popular hot spot amongst the youth. Aftershot even did a few races there when he was simply a delivery boy and had enough money saved up. A little treat with friends, no? But still, if this planet were to be like Velocitron, then it would have its own perilous sandstorms and dangers. Maybe it was best these softer life forms did take some time to prepare as it can be quite dangerous, and seems like they were all in agreement, even if some can be a little coy about it.

Aftershot simply sat there looking over the holographic map a little more. "I should be completely fine there Captain. However, I do request that nothing goes within me if I am in vehicle mode. Intense sun plus a rather dark paint job on hot metal does not usually end up well for whatever is inside."

Of course this isn't much of a concern. Due to him being around the same height as everyone else, realistically only the rat could fit inside him. Any materials he had to carry simply had to be strapped down. In reality, this concern was mostly meant for the little rat friend, Slink, as, depending on the distance, it could probably be a little much on the small creature. While Aftershot had faith he would be alright, this is just coming out of simple concern, and best letting the captain have the final say on the matter.

Aftershot simply sat back afterwards, briefly glimpsing at the avian fellow that is with them before looking away and nodding towards Wex. "Take as much time as you need to. If anything, staying next to the ship might be better for you. Off chance something happens." Aftershot shook his arm. "I've had the sand get into some unpleasent areas before and clump it up." He then turned towards the resident doctor and motioned towards her. "And either way, I am sure Rae would find it easy fixing you back to normal."

Sitting there, as quiet as can be, not a creature was stirring. Just the ten discs floating in midair around the metallic being sitting on the bed. Their soft hum sweet music to his ears. Perfect for what that individual from their last job suggested, meditation.

Mask covered, visor down, almost all light was blocked. Just a bot and his thoughts.

Initially nothing but the hum of the discs. Large black cushions covering the walls to help prevent any noise from getting in or out beyond what was necessary. That saxophone in the corner.

Focus. In and out. Let the electrons flow. Energy is coursing through you. Feel its ever calming presence flow like the rivers.

Back to nothingness. Just the flow of energy. The presence of the hum. It matches the swirling of the blades. The clashes of war.

Aftershot twitched under his mask, but said no more. Back to the flow. Back to the rest. Nothingness took over again.

Loud bangs and clangs echo across the void. Many people screaming and cursing. Large flashes go across the darkness. No more.

Darkness sets again. Just a bot with his thoughts. Relax. Peace. Safety. The smiling citizens now under the watchful eye of the democratic state.

Those smiles change to fear. Large blasts are heard. Ships flying through the sky. Some dropping bombs. Metallic rust quickly overtaking them.

Aftershot tensed up with fear as everyone around him slowly faded. All those he held dear. Slowly, heads started to appear. Malicious laughter and smiles. Here for the pain. One shot and the laughter begins to fade. Two shot and another smile flies. More come, more disappear. Until a claw grasps over the cybertronian, transforming him into the cannon. One shot and many are dead.

Aftershot opens up his mask and visor to look out, gasping for air. All of his discs are embedded into the walls, and his hand was changed into his blaster. Never doing that again, he thought to himself as he slowly recalled the discs and changed his hand back.

The robot sat there for a little bit, staring off into the walls, not paying much attention to everything. Three months. All it's been since the war for Cybertron ended. Many of the Decpticons behind bars. Aftershot felt where his allegiance symbol was on his chest, covered by a small panel, and sighed. At least they are safe now. And no one has to go through that bombing again. I hope they caught that scientist Shockwave.

"Rise and shine, crew. Get your asses to the Mission Deck in ten, gotta brief everyone before we touch down."

It was about that time again, a new job, a new crew. Aftershot stood up and made his way to the deck. Hopefully no one heard that outburst. No one had to witness it.

The five foot eleven bot waked into the mission deck, having his wings retracted so it was just his slim metal form. Calmly, and without a word, he sat himself closeby to the terminal, and said nothing. Just gave the captain an acknowledging nod.
I'm usually a bit of a stickler about these things. But I don't see it as much of an issue either. Sure they both have invisibility cloaks. But it seems as though Aftershot's is a bit more combat oriented with a short duration but I assume more control. Where as the intent for Slink's is that it has a good duration but has pretty rough switching times which means its quite hard to use in a combat scenario. Plus I highly doubt Aftershot will be crawling around in vents.

So yeah, I think it should be fine from a concept. But will have to wait to see how it plays out

Fair enough. If the man behind the rat is alright with it, then I won't bother.

Thinking about it more, yea. They do have similar things, and some similar weapons, but they function better in different scenarios. As you mentioned, Aftershot can't go through vents, and, while his spinning ninja stars may be able to, the rat is probably better for the position. Cause, while surveillance is good, usually if you go into a vent, its to do some fun sabotage stuff, or pull off a heist. Something I don't really see those stars doing all that well.

My best way of describing the two is like comparing an assassin to a thief. Both good at stealth. Both good at surveillance. But both are better at their own things as well.

You are also correct on the stealth option. While not meant for combat, he can use it for it. Its controllable, but best using it in short bursts or to quickly get under the radar as using it does cut into his own energy supply. Though nice to know how Slink's invisibility can be used. I can definitely see it being much more useful in a variety of situations.

But yea, if it becomes too much of an issue, let me know and I can look at changing some stuff around.

Sorry for the ramblings. I've been thinking about this all day and kinda just word vomited my thought process.

Fun fact though: Depending on how small Slink is, he could actually fit inside Aftershot's vehicle form's cockpit. May not be able to do anything, but its funny lol.

I did look through Aftershot's sheet again though, and there are a couple of things I need to explain better. But those are like a sentence or two here or something.
Thinking about it, yea. Doing some edits might be nice. I haven't read the sheet entirely until now oops, but it was something that crossed my mind when I was skimming through what positions had been filled when I was finishing up the sheet. Looking at equipment, abilities, etc, I am more than willing to see about changing the skills up slightly, maybe playing more into the gunner/assassin type role if it becomes more of an issue.

Otherwise, Aftershot is moved over as he is.

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