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Current To all my rp partners, I've just moved house so I'll be busy for a few days at least, getting everything set up.
10 mos ago
3 years of working in retail and customers still drive me mad when they question me on everything I do.
2 yrs ago
Rise of Iron is amazing
2 yrs ago
So I'm here woundering about my next move, and Super training my pokemon to get a perfect team for the battle Masion and Battle Tests
3 yrs ago
The world is always changing around us, no one can predict the future or the outcome of an action. All you can do is hope for the best and never lose site of yourself


Hello and Welcome to my profile, I am Mike the Bloodwolf or just Mike. I'm 25 years old and have been a rper for about 10 years now.
I've always said I'm a large fan of both the fantasy and Supernatural rp though as long as there not crappy love stories like Twilight, *Shivers* Worst werewolves I've ever seen, I tell ya.
I do suffering from a mental illness known as Asperger's Syndrome, which effect both my grammar and spelling so I don't mean to be a terrible speller and I hate it when people insult me because of it.
I like to have a good story with good romance in it, You want me to be an Asshole master in a Master x slave rp Samuel Hellrin is your guy, Want a kind master who can be dominate when the need arise, Mike Fertar is your master, Want to do a F x F rp with me? I have characters for that too and yes I can roleplay as a female.
My favourite Pokémon of all time is Lucario which I guess you can see in my avatar or it's Mike Bloodwolf form, Greninja and Swampert are a close second and Arcanine is my third all time favourite Pokémon. I do like others but those are the one that take the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

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Sashia was listening silently as everyone spoke, something about Lusimine seemed rather suspect to her, these Ultra Beasts as she called them were clearly extremely dangous and yet Lusimine wanted them to catch them and give them to her. She would have to talk to Mike about it later.
Sashia had began her walk back the group and she could see that she had missed something big. "Looks like I missed something big" she said to Liam and Jen.
The building energy between Pheramosa and Veronica stop when she was hit by the flamethrower. It seemed she would not be able to escape here, so jumping back. Pheromosa cried out before vanishing back into the portal as it closed leaving Veronica confused at what she just felt. Though she did take the chance to knock out the female poucher once more before she could look at her. "Hmm, I felt something when I faced that creature, Pheramosa also known as UB02 Beauty. Why did we feel that connection?" Veronica said before sighing and then nodded to Shinranui. "I'm fine, just confused"
Phermosa quickly dodged both attacks displaying an incredible speed, she was almost as fast as a ninja before darting side to side avoiding any attacks that would be fired before she would use Poison Jab on Titania, with her own stats in her favour the attack would seriously hurt the fairy type, before quickly moving to deliver the same powerful hit on Ariel. Her speed would be so immense that it would be impossible to hold her in place with psychic.
Veronica noticing how powerful this Pokemon was chose to help her friends but as Pheramosa and Veronica faced off, there was a certain energy between them that could be felt.
With the group united apart from Sashia who had done some tinkering with Billie and Kidd sub so that it would not work, Garchomp stood in front of his trainer protectively as Wicke approached them. Veronica tapped his shoulder as he step aside so Veronica could look at her mother properly before she smiled and ran up to her to hug her. "Hello mother, it's been a while" She said ready to burst into tears. Though this reunion was cut shot when the portal open and Wicke explained it.
One of Alexis bodyguards was in Front of the portal and she was about to say something before suddenly a pair of arm came behind her and she was dragged screaming into the portal before a tall beautiful but like Pokemon step out of it. It stared at the gathered people before growling softly as she took up a fighting pose. Only one Rotomdex could tell them what it was as Sashia Pokedex floated in Front of them reviling the creature to be called Phermosa or UB2.2.
All attacks hit the two Pokemon taking both Lopunny and Zoroark out, they returned to their pokeball as their trainers looked at each other and nodded before Alexis had a signal beep and smirked before she said "Well Well Kiddos, this was interesting while it lasted but sadly we must leave you now. Boss already has what he needed from this place that created Type Null. We'll see you another time".
With that there was another explosion in the dark, and once the darkness and illusions faded, Alexis and Alexander were no where to be seen but there were a lot of pouchers knocked out and ready to be arrested.

Both Veronica and Jen attacks took out the Pouchers Pokemon but not before Hydragon last attack destroyed half of Veronica mask reviling her face, The poucher saw this and said "The boss daughter is Kitsune??, oh he's going to love this". He quickly tried to retreat only to go face fist into Veronica Garchomp, who head butted him knocking him out. "Thanks Garchomp" Veronica said to her Dragon as she removed the destroyed Mask accepting that she could not hide her face right now but would use Garchomp to try and keep her hidden for now at least until her father was defeated.
(Now if only Wicke would come upon this and see her now grown up daughter)
Lopunny waiting until the last second before she bounced out of the way of the two attacks and watch them collide. Before coming down from the bounce to drop kick Titania in the head. Since she had already moved the sludge bomb would his someone else instead as well as Meowth move.

Originally, Alexis and Alexander did not hear Shinranui behind them but the longer he stood there, Alexander nose began to twitch slightly before he turned round to look behind him feeling like they were being watched. It did not take long for him to pick out something odd up and reacted by making a grab behind him to catch the person.

Zoroark was unable to move in time and took a direct hit from the disarming vo8ce but that only made him angrier. Though fighting all these multiples of foes was taking it toll on both the Pouchers Pokemon and they could see it, it seemed they might have to retreat for now.
Florgies took Aura attack like a champ and used another fairy wind on Aura. Ninetails was returned as Veronica sent in Garchomp instead who Dragon rushed the Hydragon dealing massive Dragon only to be struck with a point blank Dragon Pulse.
While all the battles seemed to raging elsewhere, Sashia and Elisa were on the roof freeing all the Pokemon that Billie and Kidd captured.
Sorry got busy again. I am going to try and post tomorrow morning before I go to work.
With one of the ninja now blinded, Zoroark and Lopunny would change strategy as Lopunny would appear between Jiriya and Kinoko direct his attack towards her before using dizzy punch on Titania to keep her back so the two attacks collided.
Zoroark on the other hand, made illusions of himself appear all around Shinranui trying to blind him again but he moved to Arial before using Sludge bomb against the fairy type.
The Dugtrio soon fell after the Hydragon appeared as it had been unable to put the fire on its hair out, so he was quickly replaced with a Florgies who used Fairy wind on Aura. While the Hydragon used Dark pulse on Ninetails who doged.
Sorry guys busy day at work yesterday and was a bit restless this evening will be posting soon
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