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Current To all my rp partners, I've just moved house so I'll be busy for a few days at least, getting everything set up.
1 yr ago
3 years of working in retail and customers still drive me mad when they question me on everything I do.
2 yrs ago
Rise of Iron is amazing
3 yrs ago
So I'm here woundering about my next move, and Super training my pokemon to get a perfect team for the battle Masion and Battle Tests
3 yrs ago
The world is always changing around us, no one can predict the future or the outcome of an action. All you can do is hope for the best and never lose site of yourself


Hello and Welcome to my profile, I am Mike the Bloodwolf or just Mike. I'm 25 years old and have been a rper for about 10 years now.
I've always said I'm a large fan of both the fantasy and Supernatural rp though as long as there not crappy love stories like Twilight, *Shivers* Worst werewolves I've ever seen, I tell ya.
I do suffering from a mental illness known as Asperger's Syndrome, which effect both my grammar and spelling so I don't mean to be a terrible speller and I hate it when people insult me because of it.
I like to have a good story with good romance in it, You want me to be an Asshole master in a Master x slave rp Samuel Hellrin is your guy, Want a kind master who can be dominate when the need arise, Mike Fertar is your master, Want to do a F x F rp with me? I have characters for that too and yes I can roleplay as a female.
My favourite Pokémon of all time is Lucario which I guess you can see in my avatar or it's Mike Bloodwolf form, Greninja and Swampert are a close second and Arcanine is my third all time favourite Pokémon. I do like others but those are the one that take the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

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Sashia nodded and said "I've got some stuff of my own to do so once you guys are done at the Ghost Trial, meet me at the Ather House which is north west on the trial site"
Sashia though about this plan before she said "I would still advise doing the Ghost Trial before going to Po Town, just for that extra advantage with the Ghostium Z but if you want to head to Po Town now. I've got Dragonite as well."
Sashia thought about things herself before she said "Alohan Jenny actully run a few more then you think. I've seen Drampa, Bewears, A Dragonite and I believe Lycanroc's, but I reckon they'll wait for us. After all, The poucher's are on edge already so I doubt they'll make a move for a while. Ghost, Bug and the Grand Trial are the last three here. Psychic, Dragon and Fairy are the last three trials followed by the Grand Trial on Poni Island."
Sashia shook her head, "Well Traditionally and by some extent, lawfully, you three are not able to head to Poni Island just yet until you've cleared the trials here and had the Kahuna blessing by clearing the Grand trial plus, I'm still very suspicious about Lusimine and the Ultra Recon Squad motives. You want my two cent, I would rather find the truth about the Ultra Beasts and Lusimine since the pouchers are on edge anyway if they know Veronica is Kitsune since she would have a ton of information about their plans for the future and the Azure Flute, they'll probably remain hidden and stick to the shadows for a ling time. Mike will keep us up to date after all, and if Veronica does take the offer that gives her access to a lot of things as well" She told them truthfully.
Sashia smiled and let Maui and Aura in as well, telling Jen that Elisa had left paw prints around the house already so a few more would not be a bother to her.
Once everyone was seated, Sashia stood in front of them and began to tell them what Mike had told her.
"So the news is both good and bad, Mike says that he's has 2 location pinned as the base of the pouchers is Aloha. Both are on Poni Island since its the only island with the least civilisation on it, the first area is the Great Poni Canyon and the second is Poni Grove.
Mike has also discovered the Items that were stolen from Aether. Something called an Azure Flute and the Items that were used to make Type Null though the pouchers are not smart enough to get it to work which is good for us.
Now some bad news, dispite Titanna best efforts, Some of the poucher were able to discover that Kitsune was Veronica and that news has reached her father so in the Best intrest of her safety, Veronica handed herself into the Police, however Mike's been visiting her and he's found out that she been talking to the international police, A guy called Looked and a Lady called Annabella who seems to be the captain. It seems she might not have to go into jail as they are well aware of her actions as Kitsune and they asked her to join the international police"
Once everyone was on the bus, the bus left taking them back to the base of the mountain where Sashia would then lead them to her home in Malice City. It was a semi big house for one person but there would be enough room for 4 people to move around easily.

She would first make sure everyone took off their shoes and then took them to the living room where she said they could sit where ever they wanted. There was 2 single lounge chairs and a double and triple seater.
I'm interested to say the least but consider I have so many Sonic Fan Characters, it's hard to choose which one to use.
"Acarolo trial would be next or more specificity the Ghost Trial" Sashia answered from the open Window above them on the bus. "but first things first, you guys and I need to talk about some stuff so once we get back to Town. I'm taking you guys to my house there and cooking up dinner while we talk"
So an FYI for everyone, Poni Island will be the location of the final battle against the pouchers, their base will be located inside the deep Poni Grove after the area where the Kommo-o trial is and just before the Alter of Sun and Moon. There will be a hidden entrance, now it will be up to the GM and Co-Gm's when the entrance is found ether after the Final Battle against Lusimine/Mega Necrozma or before.
Sashia nodded to their plans as she said " I'll leave the trials to you guys, Mike tried to call me before the Ultra Beasts showed up so he might have found something on Poni Island"
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