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8 mos ago
Current 3 years of working in retail and customers still drive me mad when they question me on everything I do.
2 yrs ago
Rise of Iron is amazing
2 yrs ago
So I'm here woundering about my next move, and Super training my pokemon to get a perfect team for the battle Masion and Battle Tests
2 yrs ago
The world is always changing around us, no one can predict the future or the outcome of an action. All you can do is hope for the best and never lose site of yourself
2 yrs ago
An Apolgy to all my rping partners, Life has become more busy as of late. Between getting more work hours to dog sitting, Time is not my friend so I'm kinda limited on my posting time currently
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Hello and Welcome to my profile, I am Mike the Bloodwolf or just Mike. I'm 25 years old and have been a rper for about 10 years now.
I've always said I'm a large fan of both the fantasy and Supernatural rp though as long as there not crappy love stories like Twilight, *Shivers* Worst werewolves I've ever seen, I tell ya.
I do suffering from a mental illness known as Asperger's Syndrome, which effect both my grammar and spelling so I don't mean to be a terrible speller and I hate it when people insult me because of it.
I like to have a good story with good romance in it, You want me to be an Asshole master in a Master x slave rp Samuel Hellrin is your guy, Want a kind master who can be dominate when the need arise, Mike Fertar is your master, Want to do a F x F rp with me? I have characters for that too and yes I can roleplay as a female.
My favourite Pokémon of all time is Lucario which I guess you can see in my avatar or it's Mike Bloodwolf form, Greninja and Swampert are a close second and Arcanine is my third all time favourite Pokémon. I do like others but those are the one that take the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

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Veronica looked at Chuck as he said that so she smiled and said "You have psychic Pokemon correct? I know one of you have a Mewtwo who is consider the most powerful psychic Pokemon alive apart from Mega Alakazam. Why not asked Mewtwo?"
"Well, I have an idea of where my mother might be due to some stuff I dug up a while back. It seems my dad visited the Aether Foundation a lot when he was younger and stop visting only 20 years ago. So I guess my mother must be in the Aether Foundation" She told Liam showing him her notes and where she though her mother might be.
She then turned to Jen as she thought about it "I think I did see one with four tails missing but it looked like the tails were growing back. One of the poucher wanted to grab the Alohan Ninetails by the tail but I warned her that the Alohan variety is just as powerful as the normal one and the Ninetails would probably curse her for all eternity with an eternal chill" She told her.
"True, it was a good disguise with a voice modulator built in to hide my voice" she said with a smile.
Once everyone was seated, Veronica took a deep breath before she said "I'm sure you all have question so let me answer a few off the bat. My name is Veronica but that last name was what my father gave me since he never talks about my mum, who I know is alive from some letters I found, my dad forced me on the path of being a poucher because he wants some to follow his legacy but I can never bring myself to do that to the Pokemon.
I can hear their sadness and fear, and it's soul crushing. So I began to start free all the Pokemon behind the pouchers back wearing that Ninetails mask. No one knows it, but I guess disguses can't fool those who actully have a brain". Veronica Lycanroc noticed Maui looking at her so she brought over one of the spare food bowl so Maui and Aura could eat before going back to her own food.
Veronica open the door as she said "Thank you for coming here". She step aside to let them in. They would see her room was not super clean but there was enough seats for each of them to take a spot and the room was big enough to host a full team of 6 Pokemon and more. Veronica did open the room a little more so she could let her Pokemon out to eat which they did.
Bored bump again
Bored bump
So Luigi and Mario are dead now? Mario and Megaman got killed by Ridley, Luigi gets killed by the Grim Reaper
Mike listained to his team talking, clearly they would be on their guard during this meeting and he did not blame them. He though about the situation himself for a while before he said "And here is the Motel, three floors tall and decorated to make it seem Homey"
She nodded and thanked them once again for their help, Mike then lead them away once more as he said in a more serious tone "So, what do you guys think Veronica is planning? Do you believe she won't try anything or will you guard up just in case?"
"Any that we have, I think the only one we don't have his Helix" The scientist said with a bright smile.
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