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Current 3 years of working in retail and customers still drive me mad when they question me on everything I do.
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Rise of Iron is amazing
2 yrs ago
So I'm here woundering about my next move, and Super training my pokemon to get a perfect team for the battle Masion and Battle Tests
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The world is always changing around us, no one can predict the future or the outcome of an action. All you can do is hope for the best and never lose site of yourself
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An Apolgy to all my rping partners, Life has become more busy as of late. Between getting more work hours to dog sitting, Time is not my friend so I'm kinda limited on my posting time currently
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Hello and Welcome to my profile, I am Mike the Bloodwolf or just Mike. I'm 25 years old and have been a rper for about 10 years now.
I've always said I'm a large fan of both the fantasy and Supernatural rp though as long as there not crappy love stories like Twilight, *Shivers* Worst werewolves I've ever seen, I tell ya.
I do suffering from a mental illness known as Asperger's Syndrome, which effect both my grammar and spelling so I don't mean to be a terrible speller and I hate it when people insult me because of it.
I like to have a good story with good romance in it, You want me to be an Asshole master in a Master x slave rp Samuel Hellrin is your guy, Want a kind master who can be dominate when the need arise, Mike Fertar is your master, Want to do a F x F rp with me? I have characters for that too and yes I can roleplay as a female.
My favourite Pokémon of all time is Lucario which I guess you can see in my avatar or it's Mike Bloodwolf form, Greninja and Swampert are a close second and Arcanine is my third all time favourite Pokémon. I do like others but those are the one that take the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

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I think the discord server more active then the ooc.
[hider=My collab][b][i]This first half of the of the post is a collab between myself and @The Jest

4 days earlier...

A young man was sitting in his apartment, his computer was on, going through another update to the system which the man was sure was just there to annoy him.
“You know, it's time like these I’m glad I have my video games to play” Mike said with a chuckle as he brushed his blonde hair out of his eyes. He checked his computer as he saw his Lucario background appear as he said “Finally, the update is done".


Or at least, that’s how it seemed. Apparently, however, it seemed at first glance that whatever that update was, it decided it did not like the computer it was one, for just seconds after Mike said that, he would notice as the desktop wallpaper started to glitch out. To anyone who was an amateur, it just looked like a bad update or a that Mike caught a very bad bug. But an expert like Mike would likely know better. The way this computer was glitching, its menus and command prompts opening on their own and immediately disappearing, the bottom right sidebar phasing in and out as it was...this was not normal in the slightest. Oddly enough, just to top this all off, any anti-virus software that Mike had on his computer were not responding to this mess in the slightest.

This wasn’t some update mistake, or some trojan virus or horrific malware, this was something Mike was sure to have seen somewhere before, ...or have done himself.

This was clearly a cyber-attack of some kind, potentially a very bad doxxing, but whatever it was, if it was a was definitely an amateur one, not even a hint of subtlety.


Mike began to grumble as he noticed all these things going wrong with his computer. “God dammit, another person who thinks that can outdo me, well guess what chum. I’m not called a master hacker for nothing" Mike said to himself as he pulled up his chair.
Mike immediately began to type and check his codes to see where the other person was hitting his system so he could counter them whenever they attack him.
As soon as he found out which code he was notice the command prompt screen once again appearing, but this time, showing some kind of symbol on his computer now, that of a round vertical rectangle with a circle intersecting at the bottom. The symbol of the digivice, although Mike understandably wouldn’t know that.

Then something...bizarre happened while the screen prompt was there, something rather small started coming onto the prompt screen from the side. It looked like an 8-bit sprite of a purple haired boy wearing a black hat and cape, trying to pull himself into the screen from the side of the prompt, in a similar way as to how a cartoon tried to enter from the side of a tv screen, or a comic book character trying to leave or enter a comic panel. Eventually he broke through, gasping for air in exhaustion the voice sounding real and live as if on a stream or an online call.

Wooo...I thought I’d never get in here. Lucy made this look much easier than it is. ...Oh!” The sprite said, clearly with the voice of a young boy, likely in his pre-teens, looking directly towards Mike.

Umm...Hi there. Sorry for the intrusion, apparently it’s harder than I thought to contact people from where I am. So...By any chance, are you the guy they call Bloodwolf? That expert british-japanese hacker I’ve been hearing about?” The boy asked.

Mike was clearly surprised by what happen after he found the glitchy code. “What the hell is happen to my computer” Mike muttered to himself though he saw the strange symbol. It looked like a deep blue computer thingy though he noticed the silver screen.

Before Mike could question it, he noticed a young man walking across his screen and then started talking to him like it was a video call which gave Mike pause and he did not answer the question, the spite posed straight away.

It took probably 2 minutes before Mike decided to try and speak to this strange person inside his computer as he said “I am Bloodwolf, though I would like to know if I’m finally losing my mind”


Well, if you are, you must have been preparing for it, cause with all of this stuff going on...I mean, I accepted it pretty well too, but I had a concussion, so in my defense, I thought for sure this was because I was dying or something. ...Yeah, this happened to me too, I only decided to do it in place of the guy who did it to me because, well, I figured it’d make things easier to understand, long story. ...Anyways, My name is Tyler Falcon, from Chicago Illinois, or was anyways. I’m the head of a Digital Empire that just started up, oh, a couple of days ago I think, and I need your help. As it turns out, seems we’re both hand-picked by God or something to do some sort of deed of some kind. I haven’t really gotten all the details yet, but long story short, I need some help and it seems you’re the only one I can turn to.” The little 8-bit sprite explained as he tried to mess around with the symbol on the screen, looking to see if he could actually touch it, seemingly out of curiosity, as he grabbed the bottom end of the circle and started swinging on it like a monkey bar.

It was a good thing Mike had an open mind as he listened to this sprite, sorry Tyler Falcon explain the situation to him though when he mentioned about being chosen by god, Mike was clearly annoyed at that. “Why can’t that guy leave me alone, this knowledge and brain power he gave me has caused me more grief than anything. My sibling hate me and I have no friends because everyone is intimidated by me, it's not fair" Mike said as he slammed his fist on the table knocking open his book on the supernatural and a drawing he made of what he called a bloodwolf.

Mike sighed, and shook his head as he cleaned up his desk and faced Ty again seeing him playing with the weird symbol in the corner of his screen. “Well, at least your keeping yourself entertained Ty” Mike said as he poked at the symbol on his computer as he asked “So your an empire? What are you leading then a cult or something?”
As the book opened up to the bloodwolf, Ty looked towards it, as if looking right at it. He then looked back towards Mike, snapping back to reality as he started his question.

More like an Army. But not just any army, not a human one like we know of out here in this world. ...You really like the fantasy stuff right? I can tell...Look, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but hear me out on this. ...I’m not in this world right now, not on Earth. There’s a whole other world inside the computers of the world, they all seem to form this fantasy world of monsters and angels and demons and all kinds of these creatures. They’re all over the place here, and we’re not the only two who’ll be here. In about 4 days, some crazy email gonna come to others like us, chosen like us, and they’ll be whisked away to this place just like I was. Only difference, other than the early pass, is that we’re on a more fun side than they are. I can take you there, and it sounds like you don’t have much to lose if you go. So, I’d like you to take part in this army, and in exchange, I show you some crazy wonders, like you’ve never seen before. Who knows, maybe for you, it’ll be just like going into one of those books down there. Better yet, there’s a possibility you’ll be more than a visitor, you’ll be someone of power, maybe even a hero, but only if you say yes...So, what do you say?” Ty asked as he let go, his sprite extending its arm outward as if for a handshake.


It was certainly an interesting proposal that Ty seemed to be offering him. It certainly sounded like this world was pretty cool, Mike had played some MMO’s that had promised what Ty did and it was fun for a couple of days before it got boring again.

Being a Hacker, Mike had made it a mission of his to destroy anyone in an online game who bullied others. But Ty seemed to believe strongly in what he was telling Mike, and honestly Mike had considered things. He still believed Ty was basically a cult leader but what did he have to lose.

He was curious about these other people Ty spoke of, he noticed the sprite looking like it wanted him to shake it's hand. “You know What, Fuck it, I’ll join your Army/Cult Ty but please don’t make me wear a ridiculous outfit” Mike said as he reached to his computer screen to shake Ty hand. “My name is Michael Fertar but everyone calls me Mike. And yes, I am known as Bloodwolf throughout the internet”
...Heh, Alrighty then Mikey...Don’t worry about the outfit thing, We’ll get you whatever attires you want. Now then, I suggest you relax, and try not to have a heart attack...Cause this is gonna get really weird, really fast. You ever see the Ring, ...or Ringu as its called over there?” Ty said. Holding some kind of trinket in one of his hands, his other hand kept itself outward. Eventually the screen started to flicker and glitch once more, then, as Ty predicted, something really weird, unnatural in fact, happened. The glitches began to merge at the center of the screen and glow with a bright light and from out of it, an actual human hand phased out of the screen in front of Mike, and grabbed him by the hand.

Now then, Hold on tight...things are about to get trippy.” Ty said to him, as the hand pulled back into the screen, pulling Mike in as a result.

When his face reaches the inside of the screen, he could see a long stretched-out hand pulling him into a bright sphere in the distance, as streams of data and information flew past him in all sorts of directions. As he came into the light, it would fade out, and from it, Mike would see a beautiful grassland amidst a sunny sky.


Mike was still not expecting a lot from this transaction, so he was absolutely shocked when all of a sudden Ty hand became real, and grab Mike’s hand.

Mike was even less prepared when Ty dragged him into his own computer screen, Mike hacker mind went into overdrive when he saw all the data code going past him.

It was then he noticed the bright Sphere where the hand seemed to be dragging him. For the first time, in a few years, Mike actually had a genuine smile on his face, dispute seeing the very rules of logic. Mike held the hand tight as he could see himself heading to a grassland where he hopped to final meet this strange man inside his computer.


Sure enough, right by him was an actualized version of the sprite from before, same set of colors and clothes, but on a pre-teen boy, just as expected.

Hi there. Hope you enjoyed the trip.” He said, a whimsically mischievous smile on his face as he tipped his leather hat towards the man.

Let me reintroduce myself. The name’s Tyler Falcon, Emperor of the Digital Monsters, or Digimon Emperor for short. Welcome, to the Digital World. A whole place made of digital data to explore and adventure how we see fit. ...Here’s a Welcome present for ya.” Ty said to him. He then took from the back of his cape a wristwatch digivice of a deep blue, with a silver screen and strap, and along side it a giant egg with a blue pattern to it, just about to hatch. As Ty gently places the two on to the ground in front of Mike. Finally, as the wind began to blow, Ty pushed his cape to the side, revealing a considerably large group of monsters behind him, Lucemon, the human-like angel, being among the frontliners of this group. As Ty allows Mike a glimpse of this army behind him, he then once again extends his hand towards Mike.

Welcome to the family, mate.” He said with that same smile.


Mike was not sure what to think about Ty get up and the way he proclaimed himself to be a Digimon Emperor, still though, Mike was somewhat at ease within the entire digital world.

Though he did notice the army behind Ty and Lucemon, who almost immediately Mike did not trust him at all. But when Ty handed him, a welcome present, Mike smiled somewhat as he bent down to pick up the items though he knew he would have to play the game correctly so he bowed to Ty before he picked up both items and said “Thank you Emperor” as he shook Ty hand.

Once Mike let go of Ty hand, his digivice began to glow before the egg appeared and hatched in front of Mike, unknown to Mike, beginning a friendship that would last forever. His first real friend.[/hider]

Present day:

Mike and his partner Gaubumon who he named Wolfy were watching the events unfold on a cliff that overlook the town as Mike turned to Wolfy as he said "I tell you something Wolfy, I still believe Ty leading a cult of some kind. But I do trust him, its Lucemon I don't trust". Wolfy nodded as he said "I know, I've seen the darkness in his eyes whenever we've had to speak to him when we with Ty". Mike nodded before he noticed his Laptop dinged as he brought it up to see a Agumon on the screen. "What up's Agumon?" Mike asked the yellow dinosaur who answered "Well, There here. You remember those other people the emperor mentioned. I just saw houses appear as if from no where and about 5 or 6 human walk out of them. They seem to be confused, should I engage them or stay back?".

Mike eyes glowed when he heard that info as he thought about his options, While Ty was the digital emperor, Mike had what he called a Black ops group of digimon spys who would keep him up to date on all the going's on. "Hmm, Stay back and keep watch on them. If they were dragged into this world like me, eventually they should come there digivice and their partners. Keep watch and inform me when they get their partners. Then I'll see what Ty wants to do" Mike said which got a nod before the connection ended.

Mike then brought up his camaras to watch everything else unfold around the town.
Jen would walk straight into Mike who noticed her fear do he hugged her as a way to keep her calm, he did the same thing for his siblings and friends because he had a big brother feel to him.
Dusk watched the pikipeck fly away with the berries but that was fine as she grab the container from Mike's bag and gave it to him. Mike thanked Dusk and gave some of the food to Jen leaving her to talk to the Buizel since it seemed like she wanted the Pokemon.
Mike thought about going into this situation, he sighed and told His team to help with the dishes before he walked up to Jen and the Buizel before kneeling down in front of it in a non threating way before he said to Jen. "This is a good a place and situation to show you this" Mike slowly extended his hand to the Pokemon as his hand would glow with a blue aura before he placed his hand on top on Jen hand since the Pokemon seemed to trust her as he said to both of them. "Buizel and Jen, please both take the chance to take a deep breath and look into each other heart, see your true heart and speak to each other. Please tell me and Jen what Alies you Buziel and we will help you"
Mike nodded and said "Why thank you guys, but believe me, Sashia is a far better cook then I am". When Liam spoke about the dishes, Mike chuckled as he said "Well only if you want to, after all the trial right there if you want to take it on".
Dusk felt Maui move so she quickly ate up her food before barking happily to her trainer about the food thanking him.
Digimon is still the strongest pull in my mind, cast a note out and I will bite.
So currently craving a Pokemon Harlem rp as a male, if someone would love to play my beautiful Pokemon. I'm also looking for a master x slave gijinka rp or a Pokemon x trainer
Mike chuckled and said "Its fine, most bird Pokemon prefer fresh berries. I know my Starapter liked berries over everything else". Mike handed Jen a drink as he did with everyone else.
I think this rp died a few days ago
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