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2 mos ago
Current 3 years of working in retail and customers still drive me mad when they question me on everything I do.
1 yr ago
Rise of Iron is amazing
2 yrs ago
So I'm here woundering about my next move, and Super training my pokemon to get a perfect team for the battle Masion and Battle Tests
2 yrs ago
The world is always changing around us, no one can predict the future or the outcome of an action. All you can do is hope for the best and never lose site of yourself
2 yrs ago
An Apolgy to all my rping partners, Life has become more busy as of late. Between getting more work hours to dog sitting, Time is not my friend so I'm kinda limited on my posting time currently
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Hello and Welcome to my profile, I am Mike the Bloodwolf or just Mike. I'm 25 years old and have been a rper for about 10 years now.
I've always said I'm a large fan of both the fantasy and Supernatural rp though as long as there not crappy love stories like Twilight, *Shivers* Worst werewolves I've ever seen, I tell ya.
I do suffering from a mental illness known as Asperger's Syndrome, which effect both my grammar and spelling so I don't mean to be a terrible speller and I hate it when people insult me because of it.
I like to have a good story with good romance in it, You want me to be an Asshole master in a Master x slave rp Samuel Hellrin is your guy, Want a kind master who can be dominate when the need arise, Mike Fertar is your master, Want to do a F x F rp with me? I have characters for that too and yes I can roleplay as a female.
My favourite Pokémon of all time is Lucario which I guess you can see in my avatar or it's Mike Bloodwolf form, Greninja and Swampert are a close second and Arcanine is my third all time favourite Pokémon. I do like others but those are the one that take the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

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Bump again
Bump again
Sashia nodded to herself as Shinranui got out the cave first and beat the first and second henchmen, though she knew the Alohan Persian and Totom would not go down easy. She remembered Mike telling her once the Totom was beaten it moved to the back of the cave and used it's claws to dig though rock to find the Z-rocks which were then handed to the trainer. The Totom itself was always the one who handed the rock over, it did not use it's comrades.
And it seems, the first henchman has been chosen as a Alohan Rattata which I'm fine with. Then Houndour and Finally Alohan Persian.
I'd rather keep them all dark type personally. So I like the idea of Houndour being one of them
So that's the semi-final one done. What about the other two?
Bumped with a new idea at play
Bump, and revised list with three new plots, two of which include my latest game to buy Monster hunter
So non-Z ring collecting trials goers, What kind of Pokemon should be the Totom heachmen and woman. I was thinking the final one be Alohan Persian who used to be the Totom until Raticate defeated her in battle.
When Sashia saw Jen fall, she was immediately worried but smiled when she saw her escape from the problem, Tsundere looked at Sashia knowing she was worried about Jen, Shiranui and Chuck could hold there own so Sashia was not worried about them.
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