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4 days ago
Current Starting Monday (12-17) I'll be off for a couple weeks for vacation and to spend the holidays with family. I'll reply as much and best as I can!
17 days ago
I'm back! Check out my new/updated interest thread an let's get something going!
11 mos ago
Looking for a few more partners. ♥ Please PM if interested. :)
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12 mos ago
Back after a long hiatus!
2 yrs ago
Grey's Anatomy binge day. :-)


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@Lethe I don't mind that at all! Just send me a PM with any ideas you may have! Thank you for your interest!

- Also a friendly bump. <3
@OliveYou Hello! Yes! Just patiently awaiting arrivals!
Still looking. :)
Friendly bump! (:
Good evening!

Unfortunately, I've never heard of the show. But you seem like a super cool, down to earth person, and I'd love to brainstorm and possibly come up with a roleplay with you if you're interested? :)

Hope to hear from you soon!
Good evening! I'd be interested in a Harry Potter themed roleplay if you were interested. Hope to hear back from you! :)
Good evening! I'd be very interested in your second plot, and I've got a couple small details we could throw in to spice it up some more, if you were still looking? Looking forward to hearing from you!
-Bump. Added a new plot I'd like to try out!
@Vega7 Looks good! :-D Accepted.
In The Academy 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Name; Rhee Melody Lowery
Age; Eighteen
Personality; -give us at least a paragraph to understand your character well-
Brief History; -give use a brief background on your character so we know where they come from, etc.-
Species; Witch
Sexual Orientation; Heterosexual
Additional Information; -if there is anything else extra you'd like to add do so here-


Name: James Alexander Lowery
Age; Nineteen
Brief History;
Species; Half Vampire, Half Warlock
Sexual Orientation; Heterosexual
Additional Information;
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