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Hey guys! My name is Heaven, I'm 24 years old and a single mommy to a 5 year old little girl whose my world. I've been RPing for about 8+ years now, bouncing from site to site. I've been a member here on the Guild for a couple years now, I think anyways, just off and on. I do immensely enjoy it though, to me it's just an escape from reality.

Most Recent Posts

Name: Felicity Ann Croswell
Nickname: CiCi
Age: Seventeen
Personality: CiCi is an outgoing, spontaneous girl. She can be hard headed and stubborn at times. She has a kind heart and gentle soul and will give you the shirt off her back if it helps someone else. She puts others before her own self and sometimes that can be her downfall, it's one thing people tend to take advantage of. She usually doesn't let things get to her easily, but when she does her temper explodes. She considers herself a bookworm, she likes to spend most of her time spent in the library reading and excels in school.
Biography: Raised in a middle class family, CiCi had a comfortable childhood. She has an older sister, Farrah, she was born without any special abilities, unlike Felicity. Felicity first found out about her power when she was thirteen, her parents explained to her what it was and how to handle it and she's done much better with it. Her parents were thrilled when they received the invitation to the Academy and immediately helped CiCi pack and prepare. She wasn't thrilled about the idea, still isn't, but she knew she'd be accepted more there than regular high school.
Special Ability: Felicity can control nature- make plants grow, control the weather, anything to do with nature.
Additional Information: When Felicity is angry, her power tends to get out of control which can cause havoc.

Name: Victor Lee Brown
Nickname: [what you'll go by]
Age: [16-18]
Personality: [at least one good paragraph]
Biography: [at least one good paragraph]
Special Ability: [just one, whatever you want]
Additional Information: [anything else you'd like to add]

The "gifted" never really belonged with regular humans. They didn't understand them. That is why a school for the gifted around the world was built, where young adults could be around those who were like them. This is the Academy for the Gifted, for those with a special ability to be around others like them.

:Rules & Requirements:

- Don't godmod, just play your own character.
- You can have up to 2 characters, but play one female and one male.
- You can use any special ability you can think of, there is no limits here.
- Character sheet must be completely filled out before you're accepted in the RP.
- Realistic images is my preference for the RP itself.
- Keep the OOC chat here, and the IC chat here.
- Once I have 5 females and 5 males I can get the IC moving along for us. The maximum will be 10 males and 10 females. I don't want this RP to be to big and crowded.
- Most importantly, let's have fun and not argue. We're all friends here!

:Character Sheet:

[Realistic Image Here]

Name: [full name]
Nickname: [what you'll go by]
Age: [16-18]
Personality: [at least one good paragraph]
Biography: [at least one good paragraph]
Special Ability: [just one, whatever you want]
Additional Information: [anything else you'd like to add]

:Gifted Girls:
- Felicity Ann Croswell (MissIndependent)

:Gifted Boys:
- Victor Lee Brown

I will be posting my CS below shortly. Looking forward to RPing with everyone!
Hey guys! I'm here searching for just a few more RP partners to help build a story and whom I can make friends with! So if interested, just shoot me a PM, since I won't check this thread very often. Thank you in advance!

Rules & Requirements

○ Please do not god-mod. This is my biggest pet peeve.
○ I only do MxF and FxF pairings and I typically like to play the female role. I can do male but only if we're doubling up.
○ For my character I like to have a brief character sheet made. Just short and simple with the basic need to know stuff for the character.
○ I don't really like pure smut based RP's, I like mine to have a developed romance and storyline to it. I have a few pairings for mostly smut, but most of the time I like an actual storyline.
○ Like I said above, please PRIVATE MESSAGE me if interested I won't check this thread very often so I might miss it if you comment here, just a fair warning.
○ I'm fairly active so I try and post a few times a day, there will be days I'm busy and post less. I just ask the same from my partner, a couple posts a day would be great.
○ Another pet peeve of mine- don't disappear without any warning. If you're not interest than just let me know and we'll end it, if it's something we can fix then we can fix it but if not we'll just end it there.
○ I can RP through threads OR PMs it doesn't matter to me.
○ Most importantly, let's just have fun with this! Being all serious all the time is no fun, I like to socialize and make new friends so if you're all business than we probably won't be compatible.


Vampire x Human
Vampire x Hunter
Vampire x Vampire
Vampire x Werewolf
Werewolf x Human
Werewolf x Hunter
Werewolf x Werewolf
Demon x Angel
Demon x Human
Demon x Demon
King x Mistress [mostly smut based]
Royal x Servant/Villager
Popular x Unpopular
Boss x Assistant [mostly smut based]
Teacher x Student [mostly smut based]
Stepbrother x Stepsister [mostly smut based]
Young Stepmom x Stepson [mostly smut based]
Best Friend x Best Friend


The Vampires Diaries

- Damon x OC
- Stefan x OC
- Jeremy x OC
- Tyler x OC
- Matt x OC

The Walking Dead

- Daryl x OC
- Rick x OC
- OC x OC

Modern Fairytales

- Little Red Riding Hood
- Tangled
- The Little Mermaid
- Cinderella
- Snow White

The Originals

- Klaus x OC
- Elijah x OC


- Sam x OC
- Dean x OC
- OC x OC

That's all I've got for now! Again, please PRIVATE MESSAGE me if you are interested. We can brainstorm ideas for any of my pairings and discuss anything regarding the RP. Thank you all so much!
Giving a friendly bump. <3 Still searching.
I would be interested in an RP! Walking dead OC x OC in particular! Or if you are feeling it more I am also comfortable with just about the supernatural ideas ie werewolf x human.

Walking Dead is perfectly fine! Been one of my cravings for awhile now. Just PM me and we'll get something worked out!
Isn't that the plot of the animated Anastasia film? The Lost Princess, I mean?

Yes it is! One of my favorite films of ALL TIME. I change it up just a tad bit, sort of a cross with Anastasia and one of my favorite TV shows, Reign.

Interested in a role play with you

Awesome, just PM me what you'd be interested in doing.

If we were to do the popular x unpopular, would I be able to be the unpopular one?

That's fine, just PM me and we'll work something out!
Hello, hope everyone is doing well! I've disappeared for a little bit, again personal problems and life just got in the way, so let's try this again! I'm looking for new partners to help with some cravings I've been having! Keep reading! :D

- Rules & Requirements -

1. NO GODMODDING. That's my biggest RPing pet peeve. Do not control MY characters, just worry about your own.
2. I prefer playing the female role, but I have absolutely no problem with doubling, I just can't get into the mindset to carry on a long term RP playing only a male.
3. To go with above, I want a long term RP and partner, or that's just what I prefer anyways, I get RL gets in the way of that sometimes.
4. I can RP over threads or PM's, it doesn't matter, but I WON'T leave the site to RP. So e-mail, messengers, text, etc. are all off the table. So don't ask or bring it up.
5. I always require a short CS for mine and my partner's characters when starting a RP.
6. I'm fairly active, giving out several posts a day, I understand RL and if you can't, but if you can TRY that would be great.
7. To go with above, if you're going to have to disappear, please let me know and not just get up and leave. Same with our RP, if you aren't happy or bored, we can try to change and work on it. Effort people, EFFORT.
8. I'm a talker. I like to talk, or type, I guess, I like making friends so if you're all business and no fun, I'm not the girl for you and you're not the one for me. Just saying!
9. My final and golden rule.. LET'S HAVE FUN!

- Fandoms -

The Vampire Diaries [2 or 3 seasons behind at the moment, no spoilers]
* Damon x OC
* Stefan x OC
* OC x OC

Reign [I am currently still on season 1 of this show, no spoilers]
* OC x OC
* Sebastian x OC
* Francis x OC

Modern Disney/Fairytales
* Beauty & The Beast
* Red Riding Hood
* Cinderella
* The Little Mermaid

The Walking Dead [5 episodes behind on this very last season]
* Daryl x OC
* Rick x OC
* Negan x OC
* OC x OC

Grey's Anatomy [2 seasons behind, no spoilers, please!]
* Alex x OC
* Deluca x OC
* Owen x OC
* OC x OC
* Riggs x OC

- Pairings-
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Hunter
Vampire x Vampire
Werewolf x Human
Werewolf x Hunter
Werewolf x Werewolf
Werewolf x Vampire
Older Sister's Boyfriend x Younger Sister
Prince x Servant
Prince x Villager
Prince x Princess [arranged marriage deal]
Popular x Unpopular
Detective x Witness
Mob Boss x Rival Mob Bosses' Daughter
Superhero x Damsel in Distress
Rich x Poor

This is all I can think of at the top of my head, so any suggestions just throw out there!

- Plots -

The Lost Princess

Pretty simple, a young princess gets kidnapped at a young age, not long before she was to be crowned Queen. Nobody knows where the princess was, luckily she escaped her kidnappers, but not before they took her far away from home. The lost princess was found by a nun wondering the forest, lost, nearly starved and filthy. The nun brings the lost girl to the Covent and raises her there, the girl having no memory of who she really is.

Now, just having turned 18, she decides to leave and find who she really is, where she runs into a man about her age, she later finds out they grew up together in the palace, but he just belonging in the kitchen, nothing more than a servant, and he agrees to help her journey home, but the pair encounter dangers when word gets out the princess is alive and well, and the enemies of the Queen want to get rid of the last heir to the throne, will the princess' companion be able to protect her and help her home, their feelings growing deeper and deeper for each other, each knowing there would be no way they'd be able to be together because of the social status?

That's all I have right now, but I'm sure I'll think of something. If interested please PM me! Thank you all so much! :D
Hey, guys! So, I've had a brief 3 month period break I've just had a lot going on in my personal life but I am back now and hopefully for awhile! So, anywho, let's get onto what we're really here for, and that's roleplaying! So, without further ado.. let's get to it!


* One of my biggest pet peeves is GODMODING. There's no reason to do it so let's not do it. It's absolutely one of my biggest pet peeves, EVER. So let's stray away from it. *
* I tend to lean more towards the female roles, but if persuaded I can attempt at a male, or we can also double up which is perfectly fine for me, too. Actually, I prefer doubling. *
* When I start up a new roleplay I like to create a brief CS so we can get a feel for each other's characters, I believe that CS' build a strong foundation for the RP itself. *
* I'm a chatterbox, I like to chat a lot in the OOC so if you're just all RP and no friendly conversations then we're probably not going to be a good fit. *
* I shouldn't be the only one throwing ideas out there, we both should be contributing to the RP. Not just one person. *
* If you're going to be gone for awhile that's fine but let me know, don't leave me hanging because then I'll just drop you like a hot potato. I get RL gets in the way of your RP life but try to let me know something and I'll do the same for you. *
* This goes for the above, if you're looking for short term you won't find it here. I'm looking for long term, I'm looking for character depth and story building. Not pure smut or something that lasts for 2 or 3 days. I want long term. *
* Contact me through PMs if interested, I'll more then likely miss it if you post here so finding your interest in my PMs would probably be the quickest way. *
* I consider myself a casual RPer so 2+ paragraphs and I hope my partner would be the same. I'm not a Grammar Nazi but I would like to be able to READ and UNDERSTAND what you're typing. If I can't even make out one sentence, then something is wrong. You didn't finish school, maybe? That is a pet peeve of mine. *
* My most important and golden rule... let's have fun with this! *


* Grey's Anatomy
* Vampire Diaries
* Twilight Saga
* True Blood
* Modern Fairy Tale Twist
* 50 Shades saga
* Marvel or DC
* Supernatural
* Walking Dead
* Throw ideas out there and we'll see what we can come up with


* Supernatural x Human
* Supernatural x Hunter
* Supernatural x Supernatural
* Detective x Witness
* Detective x Detective
* Popular x Unpopular
* Throw ideas out there and we'll talk

That's all I have for the time being but once again throw ideas out there and we'll get some ideas floating through air. Shoot me a PM and let's get something moving! Thank you!
I was just thinking a small cruise ship.
@Piddle You're characters are accepted!
@Infamous Empath Accepted, but could you move them to the characters tab in the forum?

Also, I put in to state role you're applying for, meant to put it in in the beginning but forgot.
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