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Firefly. Hmm. You have my attention.
Hey there. First thing, my condolences. Leaving that aside, ditto me for Potter-Verse shenanigans. I could also get down on the Skyrim treat you have there. Message me if you're still interested, yes?
Opening this up again. Come at me all you wonderful heathens!
I'll throw a hat in the ring here. I'm interested in the German soldier/Jewish girl pairing. Failing that, I could also get behind anything you have in the WWII category. I might also suggest a Japanese civilian in the USA getting involved with an American civilian or soldier possibly including a relocation camp for setting. Shoot me a PM and let me know what you think, yes?
One more for Hunger Games, have a character pre-made that could fit into any year except those mentioned in canon sources as having specific characters. If you're interested and haven't got too many requests for this, shoot me a PM. Thanks in advance.
Heya. I'd be interested in any of the pairings you have listed, but the two I esecially adroe are your officer/criminal pairing and the brother/sister one. Drop me a line if you've got room in your schedule, love to hear from you.
Back to the top with yer...
Greetings. I'm Moodswing, or Moody if you prefer. If you're reading this, it means I am incredibly bored. Let us fix that shall we? All I ask is that you are mature, and comfortable with all that implies. Characters will hook up, violence will ensue, gore may result, and all sorts of other things. I don't much care if your typing is perfect or not. Occasional typos and grammar flops are acceptable. As long as I can read it we'll get along smashingly. I like to type back about a paragraph at a time, much more if I'm particularly interested. On issues of gender: I'm a male. I'm most comfortable playing the same. I can successfully play a female if the need arises but I prefer to leave it to the experts. I also usually do straight pairings unless there has been some mutual discussion beforehand.

I have literally thousands of plot ideas and characters for almost any genre. Most of my favorites include some fantasy bent. Please don't be afraid to suggest some of your own. I'll also happily mix and match. Want vampire space pirates? Awesome. Cybernetically enhanced super-soldiers taking on hordes of zombies? Totally. A vampire hunter getting romantically entangled with a demon in the good old Victorian era? Sweet. On the subject of odd pairings, I'll happily take any suggestion you have into consideration. All you have to do is ask. As with the site's guidelines, any roleplay thread containing mature content will be taken to PM as will any I partake in most likely. Send along a PM and we'll hammer out the details.

Current Cravings
Cyberpunk (Think Shadowrun or GitS.)
Mecha (Anything from classic Battletech to Armored Core and Macross.)
Sword Art Online (Fairly self-explanatory.)
Fallout (Not 4 specifically, but something set in that world.)
Borderlands (I love the gritty Mad Max feel to the first one, but the second is great too.)
Game of Thrones (OCs preferably, but I can canon too.)
Knights of Sidonia (If I could find an Izana...)

As always, if you don't see it here, suggest your own!
Almost always awake and 18+. What sorts of shenanigans did you have in mind?
Interested in SAO or any of your originals. PM would be adored.
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