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Hey all!

I recently finished Life is Strange and have been craving an RP dedicated to it. I would like for us to be able to play canon characters and OCs if we so please. We can discuss this in PM, and I am willing to play multiple characters. I ask that you be able to do the same.

The main stuffs:

- We don't have to follow the exact storyline.

- Please be able to write at least two paragraphs, it helps keep things interesting.

- Having decent grammar is a plus too.

- Don't be selfishy.


PM if interested! >:3
Hello! There isn't much to put in this interest check as I'd like to come up with stuff together. Basically though, we will be doubling and possibly playing NPCs.

Please PM me if you're interested!! (The RP is self-explanatory xD)

Just a few rules!

-At least 2 paragraphs per character.

-Please have decent grammar. I don't want to cry.

-Be able to double.

-Don't disappear.

DISCLAIMER: This is the Purge. This RP will have a decent amount of violence. If this makes you queasy this is not the RP for you.

(On that note, be at least 18.)
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