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I am a writer. Surprise! I enjoy walks in dolphin ribcages and the embrace of cats after a long day. My typical writing amount varies and genre wise I typically do fantasy. Thanks for existing people.

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Yea. I suppose unless you're interested in something else at this point as neither of us have ever truly posted consistently. If you are still really into this then i'll follow it up with something but if not p.m and we'll discuss another plot.
Hello fellow writers. As of late I've been looking for a role play which is reasonably consistent and interesting. Obviously since I've posted this I haven't found said role play sooooooo I would like those interested in the following themes/Ideas to comment below or personal message me if they scratch a metaphorical itch.

Hellish environment which causes every human to require shell like equipment and bunker due to dramatic, sudden storms which remain unpredictable. Animals having adapted are now rather larger or extremely hostile making the shell like equipment also be a weapon, or become an actual suit. Varies on what you'd prefer.

A world is literally shattered leaving countless islands in the sky and flying races of humanoid, reptilian, mammal avians. Whatever along those lines in a partial utopia. There are clear safe airspaces and hostile ones which deal with large primitive creatures devouring or packs of smaller ones staking claim to that territory. Our characters whom either have organic wings or magically implemented wing are assigned to keep said creatures from invading safe airspaces.

Space the final frontier along with hell. Both infinite planes of existence hell isn't flat but a contrast a race demons. Which aren't inherently hostile exist on. Both realms clash leaving two kinds of systems science, and sorcery. Humans and demons alike are capable of learning either science or magic but humans are more inclined to science for obvious reasons as are demons to magic. There are two kinds of everything rationally. Spaceships or aetherships. In the realm of hell there are different physics and neither race needs oxygen. In space both require to breath but demons breath nitrogen not oxygen and typically have to have their suits custom made due to horns, tails, wings or being a giant lizard.

(So with those composed and you still here comment if interested in any of them. Please understand I'd like reasonably good grammar and paragraph replies or more aka 5/7 full sentences. I will be playing a male character in all of them and romance will not be the main theme in any of them.
Oh whoops, never mind. Sorry dork moment. @Song Book I mistook one of your old ones for a new one.
I'll be replying tomorrow! @Song Book sorry for the delay.
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I've replied!
It was through the catastrophic event they had barely scrapped. Their lives barely kept as Reaver laid apon the rock beside Delsa. Tattered exhausted and barely conscious he could feel small waves slap against their backs. The spire of stone they currently held seemed suddenly so temporary. The darkness was the opposite. No light slipped to their present although plants of strange colors illuminated the surrounds. In logical movement the currently meek male would perk up grasping the female and wrapping his tail around her waist.

Claws pushing off the rock their adventure amongst the abyss began. Reaver carrying both their weight through the seemingly endless black sea would eventually end. Their bodies keeping what little heat they had alive gave Reaver just enough. Wings propelling them forward in the liquid just as Reaver drained himself of what little energy he gained the male found himself stroll on ground. Soft translucent grass which had made his body relax.

From the sea to some bizarre land they lived. Their prior home in snow and lacking a current one Delsa was the only remaining thing Reaver had. While his body removed tension his sharp edged claws would gently wrap her as his tail placed her apon the ground. His face meeting her hair everything became blurry before the world closed away. Hopefully Delsa or Reaver could find food to share.
@Song Book I'll have something up in a moment if you wanna stay online for abit longer.
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The beast seemed less than afraid but more offended. The scale like fur raised like dangers indicated the light which illuminated the surrounds had inspired more hostility. There as Reaver sat waiting, his instincts engaged the Fenrir howled... a roar like wail shattering ice in a catastrophic manner. Around them their current island was more ice than rock and now was specks. The wall Reaver and Delsa were on had become a dramatic wasteland of rubble. Hopelessly they seemed to plummet. The creature staring at them from above while they descended.

Falling from light into darkness they descended into what was thought to be an abyss. An endless void contrasting the sky. Snow and specks of earth followed them downward. During Reaver's attempt to balance it was visible his body was slightly sleeked with ice. Delsa's heat did help but as they were now plunged into pure darkness and still falling it was clear they wouldn't be flying back up. Amongst their fall the tail around Delsa's waist moved her to the male's claws. The black surface of their edges gently gliding around he saw but shimmers of light and liquid beneath them...

Ever so tenderly as to seem comforting he was making himself into a bullet like shape to enter the liquid. The reason behind this? So the pair didn't die. The scythe like tail moving to spin them was left spiralling behind. The moment of truth came when the water tension was passed through safely. Of course having took the blunt of the small portion of damage Reaver was spent. The effort placed into that previous action and getting his own wings partially injured they were stuck temporarily on foot for the following day.

After their dive Reaver slipped from the girl. Drifting downward in the liquid slowly the light made by strange luminescent mushrooms barely revealed the male in the water along with her light. His body limp but alive one of this story's authors hoped Delsa could swim...
I shall message you now. A lack of smut is perfectly fine with me.
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