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Current "A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's: She changes it more often. "
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"In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move."
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"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"
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I have the power to travel through time, the only limitation is that I can only travel 1 second per second.


Hi, I'm Ms. Mellow! I'm an avid fan of many things, including Firefly, Star-Trek, Sailor Moon and many more. I'm usually interested in fantasy, sci-fi, or post-apocalyptic type games...but the right team can make any game fun.

I'm an artist, photographer, vocalist... I'm married to @The Kid Lantern and we have an awesome, dorky 6 y/o who keeps us company on our journey.

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Hey everybody! Sorry it took so long to get a post up. Polaris is now at the Mercury Mall and I even got the hubby to help me make an image that wasn't another micro person.
May 12th, 10:54 pm

Luxe Evohldga'ma was half human, but she didn't care much for Earth. She hadn't been on the rock for very long before she tracked her bounty, a canister worth two million credits to the United Planets, into New Athens. Upon finding the container, she also found that what it held inside was beast made of pure energy. Jumping into a nearby powerline and bolting towards the greater metropolitan area of New Athens, Luxe aka Polaris tracked the energy monster to the mostly abandoned Mercury Mall.

"I hope the ship's cloaking device holds up while I'm away. One of these terrans touches my stuff and I'll..." she began saying to herself before noticing other alien bounty hunters engaged in combat with the creature. A security guard was hiding behind some debris and a turned over kiosk near the food court.

"Damn, these two beat me to the creature. Maybe that shrapnel in the river was their ship and I can still get a piece of the bounty getting them off-world." Polaris thought to herself surveying the landscape as the monster drew closer.

@Lord Wraith@Hillan
@Hillan Alright, I will actually try to get something up then first, and leave you a bit of an opening so you can jump right in! We could possibly do a collab next if you guys are interested. @Lord Wraith
@Hillan Wanted to give Aquaticus a chance to jump into the fight, and then I will post next!
I'm working on a post to move things forward with the energy beast headed towards the empty Mercury Mall! @Lord Wraith and @Hillan if you guys are still around we should cross paths!
@Hillan It's okay, my shih tzu always smells like cheetos (even after the groomer). I'm pretty sure I could deal. lol
Finally got my RP up, grandpa KL. You aren't gonna live that one down for awhile...though I guess that makes me grandma. :(

Sorry it took me so long to get it up guys, had a doctor appointment and some tests ran this week...along with quite a few t-ball games. I really enjoyed reading everyone's posts! I think this is gonna be a really fun game. And @Lord Wraith I already want to cuddle Slip, which I doubt he would appreciate. haha. #teamcosmic is gonna be epic.

Stardate 2116055.7 - May 05th, 2016 // 1900 Hours

Luxe was sitting back with her feet on the control panel, munching on a frozen blue substance from Karth. She enjoyed the different cold delicacies the galaxy had to offer.

The warning lights came on and the computer informed her that she was fast approaching her newest destination, a planet called Earth. She had come to seek out a weapon left behind by an ancient civilization, still undiscovered by the primitive inhabitants that lived there at present. Her father would no doubt be sending scouts to find the weapon as well. It was one of the missions he had prepared to send his daughter on to help ensure his continuation as the current head of power in the Cabal. Luxe put her feet back on the floorboard of the Star-Breaker and began flipping switches and pushing buttons as the ship descended into the Earth's atmosphere. "Terrestrial Camouflage on, S.B." she said aloud to the ship's A.I. "Cloaking on, Captain. Currently looking for a suitable place to land near New Athens."

"It's alright, put 'er on manual. I got this," said Luxe as she expertly guided the ship down from the clouds and into a Valley that was mostly empty pasture. She let down the landing arms with a hydraulic hiss. (pffsssshhhhht) "Can you locate the weapon?" she asked Star-Breaker. "Currently, it seems as if there is a cloaking device on the weapon, Captain. I am finding no traces of it in the New Athens area. Do you want me to expand the search? It could take a few hours to include the whole continent."

Luxe thought about this for a second, and then jumped up out of her chair. "Yeah, go ahead and expand the search, I have never had a chance to explore this planet before. Maybe I can find something good to eat. Besides, I've been stuck in that chair for too long." The ship chirped approval and the computer monitors began showing data and locations in ribbons across the screens. She wished she had commandeered a bigger ship with a wardrobe unit that could outfit her with the planet's attire. She had no idea what the current fashion was here. She put on her duster and combed down her hair, after a second thought she left her pulse rifle on board- worried that it might draw unwanted attention.

"Hello world," she said as she pushed the button for the airlock and squinted against the incoming sunlight.

I'm really excited about the prospect of a space cop to run from, lol. This is coming together beautifully!
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