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Current Pork roast dinner and drinks then posting will commence again you beautiful people :)
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4AM writing '
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Thought as much.. well I'll be in the shower crying if I don't respond this early in the morning XD #adult life<3
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@KrystalKleo When does it become unhealthy? Asking for a friend :):P
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Nothing is better than a BBQ/Alcohol on a hot day after work and then to enjoy the next few days off to write and relax :) HEAVEN !


entally n table

- 28 Year old female
- Been roleplaying 10+ years / writing my own stories for a while
- In a relationship
- Casual / High casual / Advanced writer
- I drink/smoke and curse! - whatcha ganna do? Whatcha ganna do when they come for you?! SERIOUSLY though you can't do shit :)
- Despite my real life gender... I actually enjoy playing male roles but I WILL NOT play a male just because you don't like too.. let's be fair here :) BUT I WILL NOT STRAY IF YOU'D RATHER ME PLAY A FEMALE TO YOUR MALE because it's rare to find these sorts of people..
Also I should add that I don't mind any gender pairing but I'd say F/F is my least fav or desired one as I've not done too many of them but again I won't stray to this if the idea is inviting :)
- I read a lot of books! all the time.. even when I'm peeing.. I've recently been called a book-whore because of this addiction love of it :P I indulge in just a few genres ; RH FANTASY ; RH ; RH SCHOOL BULLY ; ANGELS ; WOLVES ; ADULT FAIRY TALES ; SCHOOL/SOL ; I tend to try and find books with series rather than stand alone ones.
- I also play video games but rarely even a lot these days due to working 20-30 hours a week.
- I'll continue to update this.. PM me if you lurk and want to talk or role play? I'm an easy going gal who enjoys chit chat and banter the same as I like to create characters and stories :)

....... To be continued.

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^^ Still looking & have a lot of free time for the next few days :)

Here is a place where I will add to my collection, change or remove - subject to change period.

Click me first <-- Ignore the cravings as I'm only searching for these two THREE stories included in here right now.

Beast in the Beauty
Pairing: Lead band member x Band member
Preference to play: Either
Gender pairing: MxM
Genre: Modern/SOL/Romance/18+
TAKEN - May be persuaded to take on another but will only do it if I play the opposite role to the one I already have going :)

Better the devil you know
Pairing: Angel shifter x Devil's Son shifter
Preference: Either
Gender pairing: MxM or FxM
Genre: Fantasy/Modern/Romance/18+/SOL

Think of me
Pairing: Prince x Prince/Princess
Prefrence: Prince/Princess
Genre: Modern/Medieval/Romance/18+/
Side note: They will be either step brothers or step brother x step sister.
I have ideas for each of these but I'd rather share them with a person who is committing to it fully also :) If you made it this far... check out the final hider to see a general idea of how I write and how much if not more or just a tad less that I can produce, this was just a starter I'd sent out a few days ago which I'm pretty proud of tbh :)

And the end.

I will only respond to PM's and only if they are about inquiring about an idea ^^ they each have their own name too :) Subject to change maybe.
+subscribed :)
I'm not really great at making these so it'll be more than likely brief and to the point.

About me and my role play style

High casual writer. I can generally produce 3-4 paragraphs on average but sometimes I can go OTT mad into the story that I'll write more. I do not expect a novel back because I do enjoy quality over quantity - give me something to work with & I will do the same.
✿ I am a female & over the age of 21, yes I can be a cranky bitch when I wanna be because I can.. I am a mother and a workaholic but also a book whore >:) Either way if given the option to play the FC then I would but I do often enjoy taking up the MC but I like to play my males dominant and they do not play well with very sub females or males so consider that first before asking me to play a male.
✿ My posting time frame and speed sometimes becomes slow due to working or real life happens so I'd really appreciate someone who understands that I may not post all the time but I will post at some point, just don't need nagging! I get enough of that in real life.
✿ I like OOC chatter - the more the better to be honest & I love discussing ideas for stories all the time!
& BIG BONUS POINTS if someone else is a book whore so we can be book whores together :P
✿ I am an adult, you must be an adult also because 18+? Drugs/booze/parties/gangs/dark/twisted/fuckedup/ yadaa.yadaya.. you get the idea. I love any of those things plus more to happen in my stories. HEA? Maybe, we can discuss this.
✿ I will only stick with what I know and adore... SOL , low fantasy , Modern , Maybe medieval...

Really craving to do;

✿ Gang story
✿ Taboo story
✿ Dark & evil story
✿ Hate to Love story
✿ Forbidden romance story

I didn't put pairings because I'd like to see what the other person brings to the table. even if it's just a vague something that I could possibly add my own idea to it :)

- Please PM me as I'd rather keep this thread tidy with my ideas that I'll post from time to time. Thank you :)

THANK you!

I really APPRECIATE those KIND words & I LOVE when people BITE hard ;)


^^ That is fucking awesome !

And thank you :]

Hi !

I'm not all no new to this 'Introduce yourself scene' but here I am.. again!

Been role playing / writing my own stories on & off for about 10+ years but had a HUUUUUUUGE break from this but now my life has kinda sorted itself out.. I've decided to come back and test the waters once more :] not much more I'd like to express here as more than likely I'll be able to update my profile bio with information needed.

Hi + Goodbye it's nice to meet you :]
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