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Current Why oh why must the devil and angel that sit upon my shoulders fight all the time! Give me a damn break please
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11 mos ago
Feeling I need to write a ton of shit tonight :)
11 mos ago
It's hot! Clammy! I'm getting sick! Hooray.. really would love a thunderstorm right now!
11 mos ago
Pork roast dinner and drinks then posting will commence again you beautiful people :)
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4AM writing '


entally n table
is - nder stood

- 28 Year old female
- Been roleplaying 10+ years / writing my own stories for a while
- In a relationship
- Casual / High casual / Advanced writer
- I drink/smoke and curse! - whatcha ganna do? Whatcha ganna do when they come for you?! SERIOUSLY though you can't do shit :)
- Despite my real life gender... I actually enjoy playing male roles but I WILL NOT play a male just because you don't like too.. let's be fair here :) BUT I WILL NOT STRAY IF YOU'D RATHER ME PLAY A FEMALE TO YOUR MALE because it's rare to find these sorts of people..
Also I should add that I don't mind any gender pairing but I'd say F/F is my least fav or desired one as I've not done too many of them but again I won't stray to this if the idea is inviting :)
- I read a lot of books! all the time.. even when I'm peeing.. I've recently been called a book-whore because of this addiction love of it :P I indulge in just a few genres ; RH FANTASY ; RH ; RH SCHOOL BULLY ; ANGELS ; WOLVES ; ADULT FAIRY TALES ; SCHOOL/SOL ; I tend to try and find books with series rather than stand alone ones.
- I also play video games but rarely even a lot these days due to working 20-30 hours a week (EDIT: Got a promotion 16/7/19 - WILL BE WORKING 30+ hours but will give me more sociable hours to write :).
- I'll continue to update this.. PM me if you lurk and want to talk or role play? I'm an easy going gal who enjoys chit chat and banter the same as I like to create characters and stories :)

....... To be continued.

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"Forgive me Father, <-- Please use this when making a request
For I have sinned.."

; This story will be 18+ rated due to the nature of it becoming mature, dark and twisted.
The main characters will be as young as 16 at the start while other side characters thrown in can be older.
- VERY BASIC PREMISE ; Two boys who attend the same religious boarding school - chalk and cheese or two peas in a pod - Ones fully committed while the other isn't.

^I Know it wasn't much but I'd love to discus this further more in PM with someone.

VERY IMPORTANT>>>> ^ Although I can write a lot, right now I need some casual stories to get me back into this fully and while I am currently on a few days off from work I still have a family to look after so I can't promise speed posting but I will try my damned hardest to post more than every few days/weeks.

So as of from this post I want to try and get planning and plotting and even write an intro up hopefully while I have this time off before I start my new promotion next week but that should also help give me more sociable hours to come write.. I hope anyway.
; 28 year old female
; Works full time & has a family
; UK timezone
; I cannot guarantee when I'll post sometimes due to working and real life but I will post eventually.
; I like to write my own stories from time to time but I tend to enjoy writing/coloborating a story with someone :)
; Click me and me <-- You can just check this out for more info but please ignore the cravings.
; This also has a writing sample you can check out too.


- M /
- SOL / Medieval / 18+ / Mature / Slow burn story and romance

- Prince x rivalry Prince/King
- Popular x Non popular
- Bad guy x Good Guy
- Best friends

I am only going to respond to PMs.
^^ Still looking & have a lot of free time for the next few days :)

Here is a place where I will add to my collection, change or remove - subject to change period.

Click me first <-- Ignore the cravings as I'm only searching for these two THREE stories included in here right now.

Beast in the Beauty
Pairing: Lead band member x Band member
Preference to play: Either
Gender pairing: MxM
Genre: Modern/SOL/Romance/18+
TAKEN - May be persuaded to take on another but will only do it if I play the opposite role to the one I already have going :)

Better the devil you know
Pairing: Angel shifter x Devil's Son shifter
Preference: Either
Gender pairing: MxM or FxM
Genre: Fantasy/Modern/Romance/18+/SOL

Think of me
Pairing: Prince x Prince/Princess
Prefrence: Prince/Princess
Genre: Modern/Medieval/Romance/18+/
Side note: They will be either step brothers or step brother x step sister.
I have ideas for each of these but I'd rather share them with a person who is committing to it fully also :) If you made it this far... check out the final hider to see a general idea of how I write and how much if not more or just a tad less that I can produce, this was just a starter I'd sent out a few days ago which I'm pretty proud of tbh :)

And the end.

I will only respond to PM's and only if they are about inquiring about an idea ^^ they each have their own name too :) Subject to change maybe.
+subscribed :)
I'm not really great at making these so it'll be more than likely brief and to the point.

About me and my role play style

High casual writer. I can generally produce 3-4 paragraphs on average but sometimes I can go OTT mad into the story that I'll write more. I do not expect a novel back because I do enjoy quality over quantity - give me something to work with & I will do the same.
✿ I am a female & over the age of 21, yes I can be a cranky bitch when I wanna be because I can.. I am a mother and a workaholic but also a book whore >:) Either way if given the option to play the FC then I would but I do often enjoy taking up the MC but I like to play my males dominant and they do not play well with very sub females or males so consider that first before asking me to play a male.
✿ My posting time frame and speed sometimes becomes slow due to working or real life happens so I'd really appreciate someone who understands that I may not post all the time but I will post at some point, just don't need nagging! I get enough of that in real life.
✿ I like OOC chatter - the more the better to be honest & I love discussing ideas for stories all the time!
& BIG BONUS POINTS if someone else is a book whore so we can be book whores together :P
✿ I am an adult, you must be an adult also because 18+? Drugs/booze/parties/gangs/dark/twisted/fuckedup/ yadaa.yadaya.. you get the idea. I love any of those things plus more to happen in my stories. HEA? Maybe, we can discuss this.
✿ I will only stick with what I know and adore... SOL , low fantasy , Modern , Maybe medieval...

Really craving to do;

I will just be adding pairings and ideas as they pop up :)

- Please PM me as I'd rather keep this thread tidy with my ideas that I'll post from time to time. Thank you :)

THANK you!

I really APPRECIATE those KIND words & I LOVE when people BITE hard ;)


^^ That is fucking awesome !

And thank you :]

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