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Too much and too little:: message me if you want a discord rp (medieval fantasy)
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Hello Call me Nat. I love fantasy, apocalypse, scifi genres of roleplay. I am more of a casual roleplayer; multiple lines and try my best with spelling and grammar. I have a discord that I just recently cleaned up and now looking for roleplays to join. I do have an idea for a fantasy roleplay in medieval times but so many people do it and they usually fail that I am too afraid to try it without gathering about 5 people that I truly get along with. I am a grown woman (25) and prefer roleplaying with maturity to it. Not talking anything erotic. I mostly mean a reasonable use of big girl words, gore, and etc. I am not into high school themed roleplays. Didn't enjoy high school growing up - don't much care for going back. I love creating characters with backstory and flaws to have a character arc. I love letting the story flow with a few points here and there (aka our characters run into a baddie, etc) I, honestly, got into roleplaying around the time it started to become shit and since has only found 2 roleplays I thoroughly enjoyed. With the help of the readers that have gone this far, the curious, and the down-right bold, my wish is to find a group to have a long term roleplay with. Whoever, and where ever you are let's meet in our internet life. PM me if you think I'm a good fit for your RP. I'm always up for trying. I try to post at least once a day and I try to designate a day or two to roleplaying.

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෴What it says

「Hear ye Hear ye
In the land of Imari,
Deep in the Kingdom of Tavaria,
Lord Qotarr, Savior of Colinsfield,
And Lord of Nexus,
asks to be honored by thy presence.

Skills of many are needed to fulfill
requirements of jobs. Jobs that if fulfilled
Can gain you credits, land, and a one generation


══════ •『 ✥ 』• ══════

Herlads, left near and far spreading the word of opportunity to the people of Lurra, calling out to all kinds of life. Somehow, someway, the call of the Herald comes across you. It gives you a chance of change, a chance of riches, and a chance of adventure that may never cross your path again. So, for whatever the reason may be, you head off to answer the call and see what lies in wait for you.

Your Journey Begins at the Red Butcher's Castle

══════ •『 ✥ 』• ══════

🇭 🇪 🇱 🇱 🇴 ❕

As you can read above this roleplay is group-based, which means most of the roleplay will be done together. Due to this, please take in consideration of why your OC would take a job with the Dark Angel (Lord Qotarr). Message me if you are interested!
@Dark Cloud It's okay. She was 90 and undergoing a risky surgery. I can't be on tonight but if it's allowed I can join in not tomorrow night but the night after.

The pointed ears are a morphic result of her green magic so no worries about elves.

She learned her skills from the woman that raised her. The woman was once a high tier merchant that lost out to competition and now lives alone and by her own needs. If you wish I can remove the skill as it is mostly there for the depth of the character. If it is not a reasonable skill you believe her to have I can remove it immediately. No harm - no foul.

As I stated for the above the woman that raised her knew of these things because I thought it was something a high tier merchant would have but it was a misunderstanding on my end. I can remove any and all skills you feel is not realistic for my OC to have. And yes my character is Northern. The rage came about due to the imbalance of the forest she lived near. Whenever there is destruction to the forest (eg a fire) it upsets her emotions and puts her into a rage or depression (mostly rage). And I was merely trying to be poetic about the connection didn't realize I made it seem like she was transforming. I do apologize for getting too carried away. The counting was she was learning dance steps and was counting them in her head. Again if you wish it I can remove it. I do love your story and lore and would love to be a realistic part of it. The berserk was a fire that set her emotions off and calming was when other people put it out. She at the time did not know this and assumed the connection was just her running in the forest. And ah, the corpses. I made it seem like a lot but it was only 3 poachers that her mother came across and nearly died for and her father saved her from. As for the mother, I was debating on whether she is dead or has amnesia. Pardon me for the vague details on some points since I created her shortly after finding this roleplay so I do not have every detail laid out. If you wish to add or subtract anything you find interesting I am open to input. As for why the biological mother was in the North to meet the father I haven't figured out yet either. I, honestly, wasn't trying to think of a reason. I just thought of how her parents met and essentially rolled with it. I can think on it to give further details if needed but I will require some time. As for being chased by wolves, she was weak, ready on labour and alone in their territory to me it seemed she would be easy enough prey for them. They were simply hungry wolves wanting to eat. I thought of them as animals with no motive other than their own survival. This is another detail we can change if you wish.

I apologize for the late reply. I have not lost interest. I believe I am in another one of your roleplays (or trying to be lol) and explained my situation so I hope you don't mind if I don't repeat myself at this time. As much as I have respect for keeping communication it is not something I want to have to keep saying. I hope in all this you do not perceive me being upset or rude for I am not either. (or trying not to be rude.)
@Dark Cloud Sorry for not being on I had a death in the family and wasn't thinking properly.
@LadyRunic Sorry for the late reply I had a death in the family and wasn't thinking about anything. I am still interested.
Is this still going? And if so, is there availability?
We're starting today after I post the map and discuss where your characters are located.


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