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Current I cant wait to have my pink hair again guys 😣
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Back to work sorry don't really have any time.
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Tomorrow is my last day of sleeping in then straight back to work work work!
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XD omg
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75% of all my pokemon are lvl 100 on PL


So where to begin...
I am sorta a trainwreck. I love videogames(ps3 ftw), I am a BIG Elder Scrolls enthusiast. I quite enjoy minecraft. I am old school when it comes to Pokemon or most anime.I really enjoy cartoons... I love the color pink, cats, and use of emojis.
Currently I use a phone so things won't always be perfect...As for Role Plays? I really enjoy yeah...feel free to make suggestions!
I have vampire, witch, apocalypse and demonic characters. Some fan based character like for Naruto. Ect.


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I have a (in simpler terms) shapeshifter who is going to be really messed up with the inability to use her regular powers so, she will think shes a cat sometimes or bat or something but can't be so she is going to need that medication. XD lol
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Cassidy stopped eatting and paused, "well I guess you won then right?"
@King Tai@Overlord24

Lacey looked to Juno with a smirk, "well, sit on the couch and wait for pizza of course or someone to come downstairs. Either way." Upon stepping around Juno and entering the house she looked up to see a familar face. "Yep that's me, you look well, for the most part."

For a moment Lacey just stood there staring at Juno. It took a moment to realize he was serious! "Oh. Okay then, sounds like your having fun. I would say let them know I am here but at this point it may be better to order pizzas and wait for them to get over it. What do you say you eat pizza don't you?" She reached in her pocket and pulled out a fifty. "Here buy three pizzas and keep the change. Oh and some soda I don't care what."
-raises thy hand- but you already knew that

Lacey stood in a slight surprise,she removed her big framed black sunglasses and smiled. "That's me, hmmm sorry kiddo I'm not sure who you are. You all were so small when I left. Kids always have great memories though, is something going on?"
Lacey's plane finally touched down and she streched from her seat. It had been a while since she was back home and wondered if any at all would recognize her. She had dyed her hair blonde and thinned out since she was younger. Severely thinned out.

Lacey called for a cab to drop her off at the house she had hoped her family stilled lived at. Her black two hundred dollar heels clicked along the side walk and she stood at the door. It was now or never so she knocked but after knocking she could hear yelling inside and quickly she regretted returning...
Name: Lacey
Age: 30
Role: Aunt

Personality: Lacey is a bit spaced out and loses tract of things often switching from topic to topic probably why she has yet to settle down. She sees things in an artistic lightingm and is all around optimist.
Other: Lacey is an artist and spent a lot of her time traveling for her work. Although semi successful she hasn't been home in a long time. She is open about her hobbies.
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Munching on her horrible school tacos she watched as the excited Mckenna sat down at the table. "I don't look to much into the paper."

She listened as Mckenna went on and her eyes tried to find the article on the paper,but she couldn't manage to read and listen to Mckenna. Beside it would be easier just to ask, "who are you talking about?"
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@Sleepyhollows alrighty
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