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Current Death Note RP in a nutshell: A person got a notebook filled with power. That person's name was <insert character name here>, and- *character drops dead for writing their own name*
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When RPGuild goes down for a few minutes and you are thinking "Is this the end?" and you cling on to hope it will come back up.
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Do people hold a neverending grudge against you if you take the last cookie?


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Samuel was a bit in awe when he stepped through the portal. He wasn't really familiar with fantasy-games, but it was probably something he could adapt to. When he stepped into 'Yuul', he tried mentally mapping his surroundings in case he needed to go to a specific place later on. He also noticed no one was giving particular attention to him, so he took that to his advantage and tried to stay low profile.

When the Elf man and the receptionist started talking to each other, he started zoning out a bit. Ugh, I hate tutorials... he thought to himself. When she finally started talking about the interesting stuff, he noticed that one of the classes was 'Gunsman'. Remembering Alaela's gift, he figured that would probably be his class.

After everyone else went and started discussing with themselves about 'The Emperor', he took his turn and went for the crystal. He took a card and felt the energy course through as his card started to fill itself out. As he expected, his class was a Gunner, but what he immediately noticed was that where he overheard at least one of the other gunners to have some effective damaging moves, his own skills felt more like support ones. Sure, they were good for overall use like relocating, general accuracy and keeping track of targets, but there was almost no skill that gave him a personal edge in a firefight.

Wondering why he got these skills, he joined the others again without saying a word. Even though him having allies would be great, especially with his 'supportive' skills, he would like to know who would be a good match for him beforehand anyway.
Samuel cautiously approached the clearing. It was obvious the light signal was meant for him and perhaps any other 'Childs of Earth', or at least it could be a point of interest. Either way, he had to check it out, but he needed to be careful in case he ran into a bunch of hostiles. Through the foliage, he spotted an old man and two people who looked out of place: A small girl, and an awkward guy. The way that made them stand out the most was how their clothes were similar to that of Earth, yet unfit for their body. Now he thought about it, he realised his own clothes were a bit tight. Sure, he was always a bit longer than most people, but the extra muscle mass got his own T-shirt and jeans to the brink of ripping apart.

Making sure he didn't see any other suspicious figures nearby, he slowly walked out of the forest into the clearing. "I guess this is the welcoming party, hmm?" He said. "Not that I expected some kind of cake, but still a bit disappointing." He said. He had a few rules for himself when he was still a game squad leader. Two of them he applied already, and another he applied now as well: Before making contact, gather information. This counted for ally, enemy and area; Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. If you assume everything is against you, you will be prepared if it actually is; Especially with the first contact, don't show weakness like fear or unnecessary doubt. If you do, not only will your squadmates doubt your judgement, but also will a good enemy be able to exploit it in their advantage.

He then turned to the two people who were out of place. "I take it you two were brought here as well? I guess we are in the same situation then." He said. Making allies this fast was a good plan, although he would've prefered someone with more experience of how this world worked. Then again, if they got the same gift as he did or similar, he didn't want them on their bad side. At least not for now...
Samuel Helme

Samuel had barely comprehended what was going on when the situation was explained before the explosions broke out and everyone seemed to be running off on their own. Oh no! What am I going to do? he thought to himself, panicking a bit. Everyone is running off already, and I can't use my Quirk with bystanders nearby if I go berserk! I don't know what to do... He took a step backwards, the loose gravel slipping away underneath his feet, making him fall back first onto the ground. Great, my first practical lesson and I immediately mess up. What would Sana think of me right now...

Then, the memory of his sister made him warm up a bit, both emotionally and physically. It was only a few degrees like he had a small fever, but it was his emotional change that was more drastic. That's right. She would just stand up again and take it head on! With that courageous thought in his head, he got back on his feet again. He walked onto the grounds and saw one of his fellow students on top of a building. Before he could wonder how she got there or what she was doing, he saw the water tank next to her about to fall. Even worse, the water tank would fall on top of a crashed car where Eira was busy helping out some 'civilians'. Jeez, talking about bad luck... Then he realised he could use this to his advantage. He looked around until he saw the person people he needed.

Remembering everyone's Quirk, he knew the person who could help him was the one with the pulling Quirk.
"Danielle!" He shouted at her. "That water tank is about to fall on top of the car! I need you to pull it away from them! The momentum of the fall should make it easier, so try to time it!" When he was done, he hurried towards the car to help Eira. "We need to get these civilians out of here quickly. The water tank up above is about to give in. If Danielle can help us out, we should be safe, but I rather not take any chances." He said.

He walked to the back of the car, seeing that the dummy civilian was in the front. "Can you hold your hands on the rear window for about 5 seconds? I need it to cool down." He asked of her. He waited for her to do as he said, then hit the window with his padded elbow. The supercooling of the glass made it easier to break. He then crawled into the back of the car, being careful he wouldn't cut himself on the shards. He looked at the dummy. "Don't worry, I'm gonna get you out of here." He said with a warm smile.

He grabbed the seatbelt with both hands. "This can get hot for a bit..." He heated himself up to around 500 K (about 230 C), which dried out the leather in the belt and made it easy for him to break it apart. He immediately cooled himself down to prevent him from lashing out for any reason and lifted up the dummy, carrying it out of the car, getting it to the child dummy. "Don't worry, everything is okay now." He said, his warm smile radiating off him again. He then looked back at Eira and Danielle to see how they were doing.
YAY! Also, I noticed we have an @o3o and an @OwO... I feel like that is a bit too coincidental, to be honest...
@Avemelle Aaand updated again.

Basically what I did was replace the inventory skill with one that prevents bullet drop and such.
@Avemelle Updated my app, give it a look if the skills are more balanced now.
@Duthguy Problem is that (with my unique weapon in mind) I don't want any skills that include special shots or changes to the gun(s) themselves, only the ammo or skills benefiting the character outside of using the gun(s). I was thinking of a skill to be able to carry more inventory than usual, but that's as far as I can think of for now...
It's probably because Gunners are like Warriors and Rouges in that they are weapon users who use stamina as a resource instead of mana. If you give them an ability like Mana Bullet this early on, they'd be more something like a Magic Gunner or whatever, which DOES sound like an advanced class.

To be honest, I get why Warriors and Rogues use stamina because they use physical combat moves using their whole body. However, a Gunslinger uses a tool to extend their attacks, like a mage would, so I thought it would make more sense to compare their class to them.

Also, y'know, dude gets to save up money from the ammo he doesn't need to buy. And everyone knows that money-saving magics are the most important ones. ;3

That is a fair point though...
@Avemelle Yeah, I was doubting if I should give it to him on such a low level, but I don't really see why it would be a special ability. It just means he doesn't have to carry as many physical rounds, it isn't like he doesn't need to reload or that he can keep firing for an unlimited time. Anyway, I'll try coming up with different, more lower level skills, although my inspiration at the moment isn't that great.
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