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Before the storm...

(Some music to go with this.)

Bo'Lok just parked his ship. The Qo'Kun needed refueling after the trip it had just made. The Su'Kiin jumped out of his fighter, package in hand. His job was to deliver the package to a specificly described man at the local bar. He gave some credits to the man at the refueling station, making sure to code-lock his precious ship before leaving for the bar.

It didn't take long for him to find it. Just follow the sweet smell of Elysian Beer, and you can't miss it. He entered through the door, nobody paying much attention to him. He then saw someone exactly matching the description: small and ugly. He walked up to him. "Hey there, big guy! Expecting a package?" He said casually. The small guy laughed sarcasticly. "Ha ha, but yes, as a mather of fact, I am!" He then gave the package to his recipient. "Thank you! Here are your credits." Bo'Lok crouched to accept the credits, counted them, then stood up. "It was nice doing business with you!" He then went to the bar to spend a few of his credits for a drink.

S*** going down

Bo'Lok just finished his third drink, when he heard commotion outside. Along with the other patrons of the bar, he stepped outside, before seeing the chaos. Military ships in the sky, explosions everywhere, the stench of burned flesh and you could almost feel death around you. It didn't take long before the chaos approached them as well: three Reavers headed straight for the bar, shooting at the crowd that was standing outside. He ducked out of the way until the shooting focused somewhere else, took out his trusty pistol, before rolling back into the open again and shooting while barely aiming at the attackers. All three were hit, immediately dropping to the ground. If they were being invaded, he needed to get the hell out of there.

He ran through the crowds, dodging plasma fire from both ground forces and the sky, before finally reaching the Qo'Kun. A small group was already desperately trying to get in, but failed to do so. Bo'Lok took out his pistol and fired straight up, hitting a hostile fighter in the process and making it crash some distance away from them. The pistol shot wasn't even that loud but the crashing of the ship made the group look around towards the Su'Kiin. "That ship is mine..." He said. The group scattered a bit, as Bo'Lok went back to his ship. He opened the lock with his password, then opened the cockpit and got in.

An mother with a small daughter approached him before the cockpit closed. "Please, take us with you!" They pleaded. Bo'Lok looked up at her while prepping his ship. "Sorry, miss, but where I'm going..." He looked straight at the Reavers' cruiser. "... you will not be much saver." He then closed the cockpit for real, and started liftoff.

As the Qo'Kun was lifting off, Bo'Lok looked at the sky in front of him. It was infested with Reaver and Dominion ships. He then got a signal on his radio. It was from the captain of the Cerebrus Gate. He pressed a button on his panel, sending a message back. "This is Bo'Lok of the Qo'Kun, and sorry Captain, but I'm pretty bad at working together. I can help you by distracting the enemy for a bit though. Just tell me when and where you need them, and I'll make it happen." That being said, he headed straight for the swarm of Reavers surrounding the Cruiser.
@Silver Carrot Another person who has a temperature based quirk? I wonder how that would go when they meet.

*Shakes hands, both heating up their palms.*


"That's weird, don't you feel how hot my hand is?"

"I was gonna ask you the same thing."
Added 'Yandere Crush' as a possible idea!

I'm also starting to think these dark themes maybe have some deeper origin...

Probably should discuss a bit how far he can raise his temperature from the start.
Aaand I'm back! It has been a year, a week and a few hours, but this interest check is open for business again!
Interested for sure, it's been a while since I've done a Hero Academia RP but I've been looking for one for so long! I even have a quirk ready to go.

In my opinion, I'm not for or against Discord. If it is going to be made, I'll join it, but I'm not gonna mourn if it isn't.
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