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Current Death Note RP in a nutshell: A person got a notebook filled with power. That person's name was <insert character name here>, and- *character drops dead for writing their own name*
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When RPGuild goes down for a few minutes and you are thinking "Is this the end?" and you cling on to hope it will come back up.
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Do people hold a neverending grudge against you if you take the last cookie?


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Samuel arrived in front of the facility. It was a bit out of the way from the usual roads, but still easily accessible. He was in his 'hero' outfit, mask included, not sure if the old hero set him up and being cautious. He touched his earpiece. "Monday, I didn't see any patrols around the building. What about inside?" His always friendly robotic female voice responded. "It looks like the immediate area is clear, Sir. My scans also pick up some automated defences scattered around the building, but my scans are being blocked from seeing what's inside." Great, he thought. He was walking in blind...

He approached the building from the front door. A few steps from the door itself, scanners started scanning his body. Instinctively he reached for his sidearm and waited for what would happen next. A voice suddenly came from a speaker. "RECOGNISED: Skillshot." The doors then opened for him and revealed an empty hallway. Slowly, he got his hand away from his holster and proceeded. It seemed like the old man knew more about him than he initially thought...

The facility seemed pretty large from the outside, but it seemed it also had some underground areas as well, so it was definitely larger than the eye would make you believe.He tapped his earpiece again. "Monday, do you still have access to the hideout?" He said, which meant his own little base where Monday's main AI was located. "Yes Sir. It doesn't seem like the facility blocks most incoming or outgoing signals, just the attempts to scan the building." Well that was interesting. It also made sense if what the old man said was true. "Sir, my close range scanners picked up movement in the room to your right." Monday told him in his earpiece. "Are they armed?" "Doesn't seem so, Sir."

Samuel nodded to himself. He knocked on the door leading to the kitchen, before entering, his full 'hero' attire still on, including the handgun on his hip and the hunting rifle on his back. He noticed two people here who were around his age, if not even younger, along with a giant robot, and they were making... brownies? "Excuse me, I'm looking for Arrowcaster..." He asked through his mask and with a serious voice. Even though it has been a few weeks since he approached him, he was too curious to not see what the old man at least had to offer.

Interacting with @Shard and @Shellshock

A brand new world

It is about half a week before the day The Great Disaster started exactly 23 years ago. Every year, these 3 days are known worldwide to be ones of remembering the ones affected, both humans and Pokémon. Probably because of this, the one who is known as 'The Creator' has scheduled the opening festivities of the Reincarnation Tournament for the day after these 3 days. And right now? The participants are on their ride towards the Bigang Region.

The big cruise ship was still in open water. Some flying-type Pokémon were following its path from above, and some water-types did the same from below. It left the Kanto Region earlier that day. The ship had been provided by the mysterious promotor of the tournament, meaning only Reincarnations, the crew and other onboard workers were allowed on the ship. There would be access to the island for more people once the tournament itself drew closer, but the first few days it would only be accessible for the Reincarnations to provide them privacy, security and a chance to get familiar with the surroundings.

The cruise ship itself looked like your average cruise ship, although perhaps a bit bigger. Multiple specialised rooms were on this ship. Most of them were passenger cabins, but other rooms included a physical training gym, both an indoor and outdoor pool, a restaurant and of course rooms specialised for Pokémon, like a grooming area, a small Pokémon Center and even small fields for Pokémon fights, although the captain told via the intercom that, on request of 'The Creator', no Pokémon battles would be allowed for the duration of the trip until on the island.

As the island slowly came into view, the captain invited the guests onto the deck to watch it draw closer. If people actually came was up to them, but the view was pretty nice, to say the least.
Sorry for going dark for a bit guys. The local heat was too hard for me to be able to function properly. Reposting Skillshot in the Characters as we speak and reading through the IC.

Wide Guard is fine, but I have my doubts about the Heavy Slam, as it is the same idea as with the Crush Grip. However, seeing as you have a point and the move is weight based which means that, seeing as you are still human, you aren't as insanely different weight as some Pokémon, I'll accept that. In other words: Your app is good to go! Go and put it in the Character tab!


Not really a surprise to you, but also accepted!


And the results are... 35! Sorry, but your Milotic is not going to be shiny today... However, once you have changed your Milotic to a normal one you are accepted!

@everyone here

I'm gonna try to make my own character this afternoon and if possible post the IC opener later this evening. This Pokémon journey is about to start!
Earthquake is fine, but remove the other two and add 2 or 3 more that Regigigas learns below level 50. I know that Regigigas have the chance of getting a few good moves including a variety of punches from the start. Use a site like Bulbapedia or Serebii to check what moves they learn.
All right, after a few busy days, I finally got around to check out the characters! I went over all of them again because I knew some of them were updated.

Even though your CS itself looks good, having a level 75, a level 100 and a strong TM move for your Legendary moves I simply cannot accept for obvious reasons. Change that and you should be good to go!

Looks good! ACCEPTED!

Also looks good! ACCEPTED!

I can't see your character's images for some reason. Until you fix those, I'm not gonna accept it just yet.

Good and as talked over on Discord, ACCEPTED and my new Co-GM! Congrats!

Looks good number 4! ACCEPTED!

Looks good so far. Be sure to finish the WIP and you can probably join soon too!

Looks mostly good although I forgot to mention rules considering shinies (Because of your Milotic). After some discussion on the Discord, I came to a random guessing construct to check if the shiny is allowed. If you want a shiny, say in advance and a number between 1 and 100. If you get the number I roll right, it's shiny!

Looks good, although I think your 'Sing' needs to have a chance to miss or fail on at least Reincarnations, as it could be pretty OP in battle.

If you have been accepted, go and post your character in the characters tab!
@JrVader Yes, yes you will.
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