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Icon watched as S.T.R.I.K.E secured The Outsider in restraints and began loading him into their prisoner transport vehicle. Suddenly, the ground shook as the massive battle tank was split in two and then exploded. The explosion blew out windows in the buildings surrounding the battlefield, and knocked a number of S.T.R.I.K.E. Agents, and heroes off of their feet.

Nice job guys. Icon thought to himself as he gazed upon the wreckage of the alien battle tank.

"By the Gods...my people did this." a familiar voice saidas she surveyed the damage, sadness and anger tinged her voice.

“Flux?” Icon said as he turned toward his ally. [b] “What do you mean, your people?” Icon asked.

"Like them, I am of Arlaaek." She said remorsefully. "I had heard tales of the ferocity of the Arlaaekan military, but I have never seen it until today. It's...horrifying. " She said.

“It is. But now it's time to--” Icon was suddenly cut off by the shouting of several S.T.R.I.K.E. Agents approaching them, led by yet another familiar face, Marcus Ryder.

“Icon, step away from the alien, we're taking her into custody.” Ryder ordered the hero.

“No, I don't think you are Agent Ryder. She's with us.” Icon told the agents.

“The hell she is, she's one of them. She's coming with us.” Ryder said he stepped toward Icon and Flux.

“If you want her, you'll have to go through me.” Icon said.

“That's how you want to play this?” Ryder asked incredulously.

“It is. So stand down. This is a waste of time, and this war isn't over yet. So we can argue about her fate, which is an argument you won't win, or we can work together to end this thing.”

“Fine. For now, but we WILL continue this conversation later.” Ryder said angrily.

“I'll be looking forward to it.” Icon said as he turned to Flux, “Let's get to work.” Icon said and with that, he and Flux rejoined the other Guardians near the wreckage of the battle tank.


The Autocrat sat alone in his quarters aboard the Arlaaekan mother ship. There, he reviewed reports from the battles raging across the planet. For the most part, the Grand Arlaaekan Army had easily overwhelmed the planet's defenses. Just as he expected, total victory was within grasp. However, there had been pockets of resistance which had proven to be troublesome. The cities of Lost Haven and Pacific Point in particular had proven to be more of a problem than has advisors had thought, as well as Paris and London, and then there was the country known as Charonia which also proved to be an issue.

Suddenly the doors to the Autocrat's chambers slid open, and Admiral Keelan entered. The Autocrat had known the Admiral for years, in fact, it was the Autocrat who hand picked Keelan for this post, and together they had conquered countless worlds. However, as Keelan approached him, the Autocrat noted that there was something different about his Admiral. He seemed less sure than usual, and as he approached he did some pensively. Indeed, the Autocrat knew that the Admiral came bearing bad news. The Autocrat turned his head slightly to meet Keelan's gaze and let out a sigh.

“What is it Admiral? You look troubled.” The Autcrat said coldly.

“There have been some...troubling events in the Lost Haven theater.” The Admiral admitted.

“Go on.” The Autocrat said with a disapproving sigh.

“The resistance on the ground has taken The Outsider, and destroyed the War Reaper. The forces in Lost Haven have been routed by the so called heroes. Among them, is the Staff-wielder...as well as the fugitive daughter of Arkaaek.”

“Hmph...interesting.-” The Autocrat grunted as he got to his feet. The towering despot looked down at his Admiral. “Perhaps we have allowed this game to go on too long. Deploy the Purifier, we will burn those who would oppose us from the face of the planet.”

“Forgive me, but do you think it's wise to deploy the Purifier in the heart of the conflict?”

“You worry too much.” The Autocrat said, his tone lightening ever so slightly. “The heroes of this planet have fought valiantly, but The Purifier will be a monument to their greatest failure.”


The heroes on the ground gathered near the burning remains of the battle tank, although the tide had seemed to turn in their favor, there was an unsettling silence, almost as if they were waiting for the next shoe to drop. And as if on cue, something entered Earth's atmosphere, a trail of fire followed it as it landed only several blocks away from where they stood. Whatever the object was, the impact caused the ground to shake for several moments.

“Well, that can't be good.” Radiance said as the they looked in the direction of the impact area. Suddenly there was a loud sound, similar to the sound of a locomotive roaring past. And from the impact site, a single, matte black tower began to rise skyward.

“Definitely not good.” Lyger confirmed as they all looked upon the massive tower which now dominated the Lost Haven skyline.

"On no..." Flux said almost silently, but even so, Icon could still hear the terror in her voice.

“Flux? What is that thing?”

"That...is the end of the world."

“Let's finish this.” Icon said as he took several steps toward toward the approaching Outsider, with Terra Firma flanking to the left. Icon left his feet, and hovering several inches off the ground he launched himself at the Outsider. Lowering his shoulder, he barreled into the invader, knocking him back several steps. Terra Firma, not far behind, tagged the Outsider with a hard right hand, which knocked the Outsider back into Icon's fist, who then hammered the Outsider back to Terra, together they traded a combination of simultaneous blows, to which the Outsider could only stagger in between as he was hammered into place as the heroes pummeled him from behind and the front. Outsider tried to fight back, but his strikes failed to make contact as Icon and Terra Firma continued their assault. Finally, Icon struck the villain down with a back hand just as Terra Firma spun around and let loose a downward fireball which exploded upwards, shooting the outsider high through the air, where he crashed into the side of a nearby building, slid down the brick façade, then finally coming to a rest, slumping against the building.

Suddenly, there was a loud roar and a rush of wind. Icon couldn't believe his eyes as he watched as a bizarre bone dragon creature cut a swath through the alien invaders as it moved across the battlefield. He didn't know what he was looking at, and he was fairly certain that he had never seen anything quite like that before in his life, but he was thankful that whatever it was, it seemed to be on their side.

“Well, that's not something you see every day...-” Icon said as he watched the dragon move out of sight. “At least...unless you're us.”

Suddenly, Icon's attention is brought back to the battlefield as a series of explosions shook the ground. Frantically, he looked around and quickly found the source of the explosions- the massive battle tank had begun firing indiscriminately. The tank's explosive rounds impacted apartment buildings and businesses within the immediate area. Then, they seemed to find a new target.

No! Icon thought to himself as he came to the realization that the tank had spotted a group of civilians and journalists that had taken shelter just outside the lines of battle.

Icon lifted off his feet in preparation to engage the tank himself, when he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye, only to find that the Outsider had gotten to his feet.

“You take the tank, I'll take care of this.” Icon said to Terra Firma as he motioned toward the Outsider.

In a flash, Icon rushed toward the Outsider, who threw several wild punches trying to fend off the cobalt and silver clad hero. However, Icon easily avoided contact with the Outsider's fists, while hitting home with an upper cut of his own. The impact sent the Outsider skywardseveral stories, and as he began his descent back toward the earth, Icon caught him in mid air, and with a singular motion, he hurled the villain back toward the sky.

Icon raced behind the Outsider, catching up to him and delivering a series of earth shattering strikes to his head, each blow knocking the Outsider higher and higher into the sky. Icon again caught up to the Outsider's hurtling body and reached out, grabbing him around the waist, all while altering his course toward the ground. Icon sped up as he raced toward the earth. He suddenly stopped short as he reached the rooftops of the city's skyline, and released the Outsider, sending him crashing into the pavement several hundred feet below.

As Icon descended toward the ground, there was a sudden flurry of activity as military vehicles, troop carriers, and a number of black, unmarked SUV's raced into the area, some of which surrounded the crater that the Outsider created when he crashed into the square.

Nice of you boys to show up. Icon thought to himself as he rejoined his allies on the ground.
posts coming soon
welcome Sgt

Lyger's heel connected with the jaw on one of the alien invaders, sending a mixture of blue/green blood, teeth and spit flying from the alien's mouth. He had barely reset his feet on the ground before leaping toward another of the teal skinned marauders. With a flurry of quick strikes, he felled his target before turning his attention to yet another.

“We can't keep this up all day, they just keep coming.” Lyger said into the communicator.

“Well, do you have any suggestions?” Radiance's voice came back through the device.

“At the moment, no. Just keep fighting.” Lyger said with resignation in his voice. It was all they could do. They had to fight, the entire world was counting on them. However, doubt crept into his mind, and he couldn't help but to wonder if this time, they were completely out of their depth.

“Right.” Radiance said in agreement, even as she watched even more of the teal skinned invaders pour into the battlefield. As the invaders attempted to overrun the square, Radiance dug her heels into the ground and braced herself for the incoming horde.


Icon rolled to a stop in the middle of the street. His head was ringing and though he wanted nothing more than to get up and get back into the fight, he just couldn't.

At least, not yet.

The strange being that had attacked him was different from the others. He had even hinted at being human, but regardless of where this man had come from, he had hit harder than the hero had ever been hit before.

Icon tried to get to his feet, however, his legs wouldn't cooperate. He mentally berated himself, tried to force himself up, but the fact was, for the first time in a long time, he was hurt- and he didn't know if he could do it.

I just need a minute to... he thought to himself, however, he realized that he wouldn't be getting the time he needed. His attacker had emerged through the hole that Icon had punched through the front of the building when the man had sent him crashing through store front. Icon dug down deep and forced himself up. He had gotten up to a knee when he became aware of an outstretched hand.

"I'm backing you up! Are you hurt?" Terra Firma said as he aided Icon to his feet.

“I'll live.- Icon said. “-Let's take him together. But be careful, he's stronger than he looks.”


They were running out of time. Earth, was running out of time. The Guardians knew that they were facing an uphill battle, a fact that made more clear by the sheer number of alien invaders that were rushing in, threatening to overtake the super team and those who stood beside them in battle.

“Icon's down.” Lyger's voice came over the Guardian's communicator.

“What?” Radiance gasped as she frantically looked around the battlefield, finally spotting him as he was helped to his feet by Terra Firma. Though she was relieved to see that her love was alright, she found a new resolve begin to form in the pit of her stomach. She turned her attention back to the waves of invaders that were rushing onto the scene, and she unleashed her power in a way that she had never done before, and in a way that she had not been aware that she was able to until that very moment.

The very ground shook as the sound of thunder clapped , nearly on top of all of the combatants in the square. Then what only could be described as a wall of living lightning came crashing down upon the alien invaders, moving throughout the battlefield as she commanded it, avoiding the Guardians and their allies, while decimating the alien hordes. The entire display only lasted for several moments, but when it finally subsided, the battlefield was littered with teal skinned bodies. Most were motionless, though some were writhing in pain from the massive jolt that they had just sustained.

“Holy Shit.” Lyger said into the communicator. “I didn't know you could do that.”

“Neither did I.” Radiance said as she saw that their victory was a fleeting one. “Get ready, we've got incoming.”

Richard Midas had watched the events unfold in Lost Haven from the massive picture window in his office. On a normal day, his office window provided him with an unrivaled view of the city, however, on this day it gave him a clear view of the battle that had been waged in the streets as well as in the skies above the city. However, as the battle raged on and he realized that the military, nor the city's population of meta humans would be able to end the alien incursion before it reached his doorstep, he decided that perhaps it was time to remove himself as well as a few of his more valuable assets away from the battleground. He had hoped that Sparks and Racheli would be back by now to assist in the relocation, however, the last he'd heard, they had decided to fight the threat head on in Chinatown, of all places. Their disobedience infuriated him, so much so that he had been tempted to use the kill switch implanted in Racheli's brain, however, he had decided against that course of action. He had decided that taking a power player like Ms Desdemona off the field while the fate of the world was very much at stake would be a bit...rash. Midas would deal with them at a later time, a time when hopefully the entire world was not burning.

Midas, flanked by Peter Jordan and a pair of bodyguards gifted to him from his new friends in the Eye of Osiris made their way through the long hallway several meters below Midas Industries. The bright lights and white tile gave it an almost sterile feel. Truth be told, Midas found the entire sub level uncomfortable, however, most of the time it did not bother him. Yet, with everything going on in the city above, and all over the globe in general, the space felt more claustrophobic than ever. However, at this moment, the most important thing to Midas was getting to them.

Though they were his creations, they were the closest thing he had to children of his own, at least that he was aware of. They may have been created artificially, but he had watched them grow from a vial of DNA and chemicals, into the smart and inquisitive children that they had become. However, his “affection” for the children was not his only motivation, although he saw them as his own children, a considerable fortune had gone into creating the children. And the fact that they had been created from the DNA of one of the most powerful beings on the planet made the twins invaluable to him and Midas Industries. Indeed, he had big plans for the twins. But first, he had to get them to safety. As powerful as they may be one day, at this moment, they were still powerless preteens.

The quartet had made their way along nearly the entire length of the long hallway until they finally reached a large magnetically sealed door. Midas made his way to a control console and placed his eye against a retina scanner, which triggered a green light above the door when it accepted his retinal scan, and the door hissed as it slowly slid open, revealing a child's bedroom. The room was colorfully decorated with pictures of cartoon characters and drawings, and was furnished with a small couch, a TV and a set of bunk beds. And inside the room, sitting on the floor surrounded by toys were a pair of children; a boy and a girl, who looked to be no more than ten or eleven years old, but in actuality were much, much younger.

“Children, grab your things. It's time to go.”
So just another day basically?

pretty much, yeah
Sorry I disappeared for awhile. Real life shit got… more shitty. But it’s starting to look up now. I can try to post or something but could someone do a quick recap of where we are? There’s a lot to read and reading too much hurts my brain.

Welcome back.

Aliens have shown up, bombarded earth and are in the middle of trying to take over/exterminate us
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