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Current Started back to work this week, so I'm exhausted. I'll get some posts done tonight.
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Holy back injury, Batman! I'll try and post tomorrow.
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Feeling burnt out. Medication isn't working like it should. I'm gonna try to keep writing, but it might take a while.
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Sottu got making people wait. My wife is getting ready to run her own DnD campaign soon, and I'm helping her.
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My PS4 save date got deleted. I'm actually quite upset.


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"Adam," said the hologram. "Would you kindly let me talk to my daughter in private?"

Adam's first instinct was to say no, but he honestly didn't feel like arguing anymore, so he just shrugged. "That's fine. I'll go set up your tent, okay?" Adam told Kijani as before walking back to their ship. Bail Organa turned to his daughter, expression completely serious. He took a deep breath before speaking as if he knew this would be hard to say.

"I've been negotiating with a few of the seditious senators for sometime now, and I may have struck up a valuable alliance. You know House Veruna of Naboo? Well, their youngest son, Eskel, has just been elected to the throne. He has been very outspoken in his defiance of the Empire."

After a short pause while Bail collected himself, he continued. "He has agreed to help throw his support behind the Alliance... in exchange for your hand in marriage."
Adam shrugged, still confused by Yoda's words. "I mean, there is some room on the ship if you want a little privacy. I don't mind setting up camp." Just what the hell did he mean by "application"?

As they spoke, Artoo waddled up to the pair of young Jedi, beeping frantically. After a moment, he stood still and emitted a holo-projection at the ground between them. It looked to be a miniature version of Bail Organa.

"Hello, children." he said to the two Jedi. "I hope I am not interrupting your training."
Adam took his hand off of his lightsaber hilt, but still eyed "Yoda" with suspicion. Adam could feel that he was strong in the Force, but how could they know he was the real deal.

"Like your father, you look." Yoda said to Adam. "A Jedi to see that, I don't need to be."

"So you knew him, then?" Adam said, leaning forward. He was eager for more information about his father.

"Strong in the Force, he was. As are you." Yoda said, gesturing to Kijani. "You're training will begin tomorrow." With that, Yoda got up from his seat and went to his bed.

"Late the hour is, and sleep you should, princess." It took Adam a moment to realize that the master made no mention of him.

"What about me? You're training both of us right?"

Yoda sighed and looked to Adam. "You will not be trained by me." he said, as if talking to a child.
When the engine began turn over and the balloons of the airship began to fill, Max knew the gig was up. Smythe wasn't a fool, and he would easily put two and two together.

"Look." Max began. "I don't have a lot of cash, but you can take it all if you forget that we were ever here."

"Is this about screwing over Hubert?" Smythe said with a smile. "Honestly, I wish I could pay you instead. Take care of yourself, Mr. Fischer." With that, the security guard walked away from the hanger, whistling a jaunty tune. Laughing to himself, Max hauled himself up the ladder of the Orion and onto the deck.

"That... was surprisingly easy." Max said to Octavia once he reached the control room. "I think it's time we got out of here. What do you say?"
Max cursed to himself when he saw Smythe standing in the door. They were way so damn close to actually pulling this off, but it would all be for nothing if them got caught now.

The engineer quickly thought about his options. Octavia was (hopefully), close to getting the last mooring line undone, then all they needed to do was start the engine and take off. They could try and wait it out, but Max knew Smythe was good at his job. He would be thorough, and that meant getting caught. Max had only one crazy idea that could work, and he hoped that Octavia would take the hint and keep working.

"Hey, Smythe." he said while climbing down the ladder. He did his best to make it sound like there was absolutely nothing wrong with him being here.

"Mr. Fischer?" called Smythe. "What on earth are you doing here?" So far the plan was working, as Smythe hadn't gone for help. Not yet, anyway.

"I'm just saying goodbye to the old place. You heard that Hubert was letting me go?" he said, casually approaching the guard. He knew he was distracting, but was it enough for Octavia to get the job done?
Adam gently nudged his own bowl of sludge and found that he too had some sort of bug in his food. He looked to Kijani and shrugged. This might have been a bad idea, but if they were going to find Master Yoda, then they needed to play nice.

The young jedi took a mouth full of stew, slug included. It tasted... slightly better than expected, but it still felt like he was swallowing a ball of snot. He ate the rest of the stew quickly, hoping that the taste would improve. When he was done, he put his bowl down.

"Is Master Yoda far from here?" he asked, trying not to sound impatient.

"No." the creature said. "Very close he is, young Skywalker." Adam leaned back and rested his hand back on his lightsaber. "I don't seem to remember giving you my name, friend."
Adan was surprised to find that the little creature was surprisingly quick, navigating the pitfalls and puddles much faster than Adam could even see. Fortunately, Adam slipped only once into a deep puddle. "I hope Master Yoda didn't see that. he thought to himself.

When the trio finally reached the inside of the creatures modest hut, Adam was surprised by how warm it was compared to the rest of Dagobah. It was small, of course, but Adam could see that there was more than enough room for the creature to live comfortably. There was even a lit fireplace with a bubbling pot already on.

The young Jedi tried to find a seat, but realized that he could really only sit on the floor. "So what's your story, friend?" Adam asked the creature. "Are you a friend of Master Yoda?"
The little creature chuckled. "Master yoda, I know! Close, he is!" He said as he stepped down from his perch and walked up to Adam and Kijani. He really was short. Like, almost a toddler, and it was hard for Adam to take him seriously. Still, he didn't want to be rude to this creature whatever he was.

"Can you take us to him? We desperately need his help." Adam said. Who knows how long this being had been on Dagobah, or even if he had any knowledge of what was going on in the rest of the galaxy.

"Help you, I will. But first, come to my home. Better food than you have brought, you will eat." The creature said as he pointed his stick into the swamp. Off in the distance, Adam could see what looked like a small hut made of clay and wood. As much as he wanted to press how badly they needed to find Master Yoda, the idea of any food better than their ration packs was very tempting.

He turned to Kijani. "I think we can trust him, but you're the diplomat here. What do you think?"
Once they were in the hanger, breathed a sigh of relief. The hardest part was over. Now he just had to fly the Orion out of here.

"You start on the doors, I'll get the ship prepped." Max said before climbing aboard the ship. He had done this dozen's of times before, but he never thought he'd have to do it under duress. Thankfully, once he got started with the processes needed to get the ship running, it all came naturally.

First was the engine-room, and everything there seemed to be in place, though he wouldn't know for sure until he turned the ignition. From there, he did a once over of the balloon for holes. Everything seemed fine, so he then went to the cockpit. Part of him wanted to check the storeroom for supplies, but Max decided that he would worry about that once they got out of the hanger and out of Hubert's reach.

Finally he got to work in the control room. Everything was looking nominal and within tolerances. "Everything is good in here." Max said out loud to Octavia. "How are those gates coming?" He wanted to make sure the doors were open and the mooring cables untied before starting the engines.
"Well, maybe you'll impress the master so much, that they'll ask you to teach them?" Adam said, jokingly. In truth, Adam didn't know what to expect from this master. All he had was the name *Yoda*.

"Very loud you are. Scaring away all the animals you are." said a voice from inside their camp. Adam reached for his lightsaber and turned to face the threat. To his surprise, it was a short green being wearing a grey robe.

"Here I wonder why you are." said the strange green fellow. "Looking for someone?" Adam looked to Kijani, a little confused and unsure if they should trust this weirdo. Still, he decided that maybe being polite to this being might point them in the right direction.

"Um, yea. We're looking for a Jedi Master." Adam said.
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