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Current On top of my awful work schedule, my car needs work. Being an adult is overrated.
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You know you are a nerd when you manage to fit a 90s hip hop reference into the backstory your Star Wars character.
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There was a big lay off at my job today. I got lucky, but it stressed me out like crazy. Working on my responses.
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Sliced my finger open. Makes typing slow.
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Really craving a Zorro RP for some reason.


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Greetings and Salutations, Dear Reader

After watching the Episode IX and binging some Star Wars games, I've been craving a Star Wars RP. I am open to ideas, but I have a few that I have been really wanting to do.

First off, some basic rules.

Now that that's out of the way, here are my ideas.

These are just basic ideas, but I would love to get some feedback and hear your guys suggestions via PMs.

Thank you for reading, and May the Force be with You.
The pair found a rental car at a descent enough price and began to navigate winding streets of Livorno. Jack was more than happy to let Opportunity drive, even if the sight of a woman behind the wheel while a man sat in the passengers seat turned a few heads. Inspite of a few dirty looks, the drive to the Shrine of our Sacred Lady, in the foothills near the city. Although it was only around three hundred years old, it has been rumored to be built on top of a much older church.

Jack and Opportunity managed to squeeze into a parking spot near the church and tried to blend it as well they could with nearby tour group. Thankfully, most everyone in the mass of people weren't Italian, so a pair of English speakers who look like their on vacation could hide very easily.

When the tour reached the inside of the chapel and the guide began to talk about the history of the chapel and its construction, Jack pulled a flask out from his coat and handed it to Opportunity.

"Tomb exploring gets a lot easier after your first go." he said quietly. "Still, it's something worth celebrating."
The plane came down nice an easy in the port of Livorno, and they didn't have much trouble with Italian customs. Jack had simply told them they were newlyweds enjoying their honey moon. The last few days certainly felt like that to Jack.

The Pyrenees, Barcelona, and now Tuscany. It seemed like every brides honeymoon wishlist. As fun as it had been so far, Jack had to remind himself that he was here to work. Now that OVRA was onto them, it would certainly get a lot more difficult from now on. Rather than keep leaving Opportunity in the dark, he filled her in on what exactly they were looking for over dinner.

Long ago, an old prophetess came before Tarquinius, the last king of Rome. With her were nine books of prophecy, which she offered to sell to the king. The king refused, saying the price was too high. On the spot, the old woman burned three of the books, offering the other six for the same price. The king refused once more, and three more books were burned. Finally, Tarquinius relented, purchasing the three books at the original price. These books would be consulted throughout the long history of Rome.

But legend has it that there was another book. One that Rome never found that detailed the future of Italy. Whoever found this book would have the power of prophecy at their beck and call. The last man to have knowledge of this book was a christian priest named Felix of Mediolanium.

The original books had been destroyed in the early 400's, but it was believed that Felix was the last in a long line of guardians for the lost book. Livorna seemed like a good place to start. Just getting there had been expensive, but well within the budget that Mr. Silvano laid out for him.

After passing through customs, Jack turned to Opportunity. "I don't think we'll stay this lucky for much longer. Felix should be buried a little ways from here. We could try there now and hope no one notices, or we can wait for tonight when it's a bit safer. You've got the keys, so I'll follow you on this one."
"Great. France has good food, and I still owe you dinner." Jack said over the din of the engine. As the plane pulled into the sky leaving the dimly light London behind them, Jack felt like the next leg of the journey should be pretty easy. By the time the Italian Embassy in Paris knew the pair were in France, they'd be long gone.

En avant, à la gloire. The American thought to himself as the cold waters of the English channel rolled and churned underneath the plane.

Major Constanzi looked across his desk at the pathetic figure sitting opposite him. The young man had the look of a gentleman and a soldier, in spite of his blood stained civilian clothes. To his credit, he tried to put on a brave face, even though he knew just how much trouble he was in.

"So you let yourself be humiliated by an American cowboy in a taxi cab?" asked the major. "Lieutenant Rossi, you are the pride of your country, but we expected more from you and your men."

"He got lucky. If he hadn't killed poor Umberto, we would have had him." said the young soldier. "Please sir, let us finish the job." Constanzi slammed his fist down on the desk with enough force to make Rossi flinch. The major was certainly living up to his nickname of Il Maestro.

"They have already left the country! There won't be a next time for you!" Constanzi bellowed, rising from his chair. The now cowed Rossi shrank under the Major's gaze. The Major reached for his desk drawer and opened it.

"I've been instructed to return to Rome to update high command. I'll have to tell them how badly you and your men have cocked this up." Constanzi said, before reaching into the desk and producing a Bodeo revolver. He slid it across the table, directly to Lieutenant Rossi.

"Perhaps you wish to avoid the shame of a court-martial?" Leaving the gun on the table. Constanzi walked out of the office, deciding to pack for his trip home. By the time he reached the elevator at the end of the hall, a shot rang out.
"Ten minutes" she says. Sure, why not? thought Jack, as Opportunity leaped out of the cab, keeping her head low. Jack looked through the now open window in the back of the cab. If their pursuers noticed Opportunity making her exit, they didn't show it. Though damaged, the car sped up, trying to close the distance.

"Oi." The cabby said. "Your wifey is a real nutter, you know that?" The cab driver swerved his car in a hard left turn and slammed Jack into the side door before the American could utter something resembling "She's not my wife!" As the cab made it's turn, gunfire irrupted from the Italians.

Though the sharp turn had bought them a few moments, the pursuers again began pull up to the bullet ridden cab. When Jack could see the outlines of the men in the front seats, he leveled his Luger and opened fire. He used all eight shots in the blink of an eye, but when Jack's gun rang up empty, he saw the man in the driver's seat slum forward and the figure next to him grab the steering wheel. The already unsteady car managed to keep it's bearings for just a moment, but a wrong jerk on the steering wheel sent the car veering off into a light post.

Jack almost asked the cab to pull over so he could finish off the now incapacitated Italians, but the unmistakable sound of police sirens began to howl in the night, getting louder.

"I think it's been about ten minutes, yeah?" said Jack to the cab driver.

"Too right, mate." said the cabby, who seemed more than happy to get the Yank out of his car. After a short drive, Jack grabbed his bag and stepped out of the cab, which then drove away into the night. Jack couldn't help but notice how his taxi has been wrecked and riddled with bullet holes.

Feeling lucky to be alive, Jack walked down the pier where Opportunity was waiting. "Next time I'm in London, I think I'll just walk."
"Of course. Take all the time you need." Jack said half sarcastically. He looked out of the back of the cab towards the coming car. Even in the poor light of evening, he could see the men inside moving frantically. Some pointing with fingers, others gesturing wildly. In the nearest car, he saw one man stick his head out of the side of the car, something large in his hands.

By the time Jack realized what it was, the gunman already pulled the trigger. The sub machine gun roared to life, echoing through the streets. Jack only managed to yell "LOOK OUT" before the bullets struck the back of the cab. A shower of broken glass and sparks rained down of the pair, all while the cab driver cursed with surprising creativity.

When the gunner ran out of ammo, Jack cursed to himself. "All this for a goddamn book? What the hell is wrong with these people?" As he did so, he pointed his handgun and fired at the oncoming car.
A very confused older man stood at the door, wearing a trenchcoat and holding a key in his hand. "Yes, quite awkward." he said, looking down the stairs at the now injured Italian.

"Hello, Miss Knox." said a familiar voice from across the hall. Mr. Bennett stood in the door of Room 11, gun held in one hand and suitcase in the other. "I see you've met Mr. Hart. He kindly agreed to switch rooms with me." Before he could say more, a shot rang out from down stairs. Jack instinctively pointed his gun at the stairs. The brawl on the first floor quickly went silent, and the rush of more feet began up the stairs. When the first head popped up, Jack fired his Luger. The bullet went wide, but the hat of whoever was trying to make it up the stairs sank back down. Mr. Hart took this as a queue to get into his room and lock the door behind him.

"I'm afraid that dinner I owe you might have to wait." he said walking to the window. "Is everything in order with your plane? We need to leave tonight."
"Ah yes, he actually left a note for you at here." The bartender reached from under the bar, and and put a small envelope on the bar. "He said you were to read this the moment you arrived. Rather odd, even for a Yank."

When Oppertunity opened it, it simply read. "Think you can give me a ten minute distraction?"

Constanzi sat in his office at the Italian embassy, trying very hard to look busy while not really doing much of anything. He had been assigned to the London office a year or so after the war, when Italy and England were both allies. Compared to fighting the Austrians, this job was pretty easy, and Constanzi welcomed it. As he lit up another cigarette, his door swung open.

"Maggiore," said the young staff officer as he handed Constanzi a small piece of paper. The old soldier quickly read it and turned to his staffer. "Task a small team, but have them pull what they need from the armory." The younger man quickly snapped a salute and turned heel. Constanzi skimmed the note again.

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