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As Adam uploaded the message to broadcast over the whole of Naboo, he thought to himself that maybe this was all too easy. After swimming up river for a few minutes, finding a set of stormtrooper armor and walking around like he belonged there was child's play. No one even noticed he was still wet!

Was this all a massive trap? Adam thought nervously. With one hand, he felt his grip around his borrowed rifle tighten as he finished broadcasting the message. This place reeked of the dark side of the force. He chalked it up the the strong imperial presence on the planet, but he had a sinking suspicion it was something more.
Emergency Broadcast. All Frequencies.

People of Naboo. For too long, the galaxy has burned with the fires of war. To my shame, and the shame of Veruna family, we were all too happy to watch from the sidelines as the Empire tightened it's grip on our neighbors.

But no longer! Regardless of the words of my father, I will no longer stand passive against the ruin of our Republic. As Prince of Naboo, I now stand side by side with the brave heroes of the Rebel Alliance. Be you patriots and lovers of democracy, I beseech you to stand and fight our Imperial overlords. Together, we may free the galaxy from tyranny and oppressions.

Long Live Naboo! Long Live the Republic!
Veruna recoiled as if struck across the face. The older man was not used to being shouted at, especially by a member of his own family. Still, they were right and he knew the fault of this situation lied with him. Once calmed down, he took a moment to think.

"There are still a few loyal guards here in Theed, but I won't throw away their lives in a fight they can't win. We need back up, and the Imperials control all the communication on and off planet. Not to mention the Death Star..."

Eskel took a moment to compose himself. "Well, one of those problems might be solved soon. Let's hope Adam can pull this off without getting caught."

At that, Veruna's eyes shot up. "I've heard that name before." he said, his brow furrowed with worry. "The Emperor mentioned that Lord Vader was being sent to entertain him."

"And this is our main reactor, sir." said Moff Jerjerrod, his eyes glazed over as he lead the diminutive figure on a tour of the battle station.

"Very impressive, it is." said Master Yoda. Once the X-wing landed in the hanger, he thanked Artoo for the ride and sent him on his way. The old Jedi knew that this was one trip he wasn't returning from.

"Would like to see the main control room, I would." Yoda told the Moff. He was a surprisingly simple man to influence with the Force. "But first, the station's shields, shut off." he told the Moff with another wave of his hand.

"Deactivate the main shields." snapped the Moff to one of his technicians. The poor tech, knowing full well what happens to those who disobey orders in the Empire, did as he was commanded.
Eskel nodded in agreement as he started to pace around the small room. He mentally kicked himself for not knowing more about the people that worked in the palace, but he never felt like he had a good reason to learn about them. Not until now, anyway.

"Captain Tonra is the head of Security here. He's served my family since before I was born, so we should be able to rely on him. If we can find him, then he may be able to help us rally the guards here." he said as the door slid open behind Eskel.

"Tonra was executed last week for sedition. Captain Lago is now in command, and he is an imperial toady." said Eskel's father, now entering the room. Eskel tensed as he saw his father, with every nerve and muscled trying to hold the young prince back from charging at his father.

"What the hell are you doing here? Came to mock us before returning to like the Empire's boots?!" Eskel shot back, his voice full of venom. Rather than rise to the insult, King Veruna simply looked tired.

"I'm sorry, my son. I wish I could have done more, but it's out of my hands." he said, dejectedly. "All I can do is to stall them until the rebels get the time they need to do something about the Death Star."
Eskel didn't quite quite get Kijani's meaning until she started to dip forward. He quickly caught her and tried to keep her on her feet. Palpatine gave a small laugh, which sounded to Eskel like a dying animal. "Of course, my dear. Take all the time you need. And don't worry. I'm sure young Skywalker will be joining us, soon."

A pair of stormtroopers lead Eskel and the princess away from the hall and into an occupied bedroom. Eskel, in spite of living in this palace his entire life, suddenly found his home cold and alienating. Still, as far as prison cell's go, this one was fairly nice. It even had a nice view of Theed, such as it was. The large balcony showed various white armored Stormtroopers and their vehicles standing at checkpoints and patrolling the streets. The few locals brave enough to be away from their homes moved carefully, hoping not to gain the ire of the imperial garrison.

"Nice thinking, Kijani." he said once he finally set her down on the massive bed. "Now what should we do?" The door clicked with a loud, metallic sound, which could only mean to Eskel that the door was locked. "I should have known my dad was in on this. I'm afraid that I've unknowingly lead you into this trap. I'm truly sorry."

This might actually be the worst hiding place ever. Of all time. thought Adam to himself. He knew that Eskel didn't have very long to find him a decent hiding place, but the garbage disposal was literally the last place Adam wanted to be. Still, for the greater good of the galaxy, he held his nose and vowed to burn his clothes once this was all over.

In spite of the terrible smell, he concentrated on keeping himself still and quiet. It would only be a matter of time before the Stormtroopers brought in a scanner to thoroughly search the ship, and he had to make his move before. In the meantime, he reached deep into the Force and listened.

Eventually, the patter of boots on the durasteel flooring ceased, and Adam decided it was now or never. He pulled himself out of the garbage disposal and into the corridors of the ship. Silently, he left the vessel, hiding behind whatever he could find. Once on the docking bay, he saw it sat above a beautiful blue river. Much of the planet was beautiful in fact. To Adam's eyes, it all seemed so peaceful and tranquil. Damn shame the Empire ruined this place. Just like every other world they touch.

The river below him seemed only a short distance. No reason to not to jump and it might even clean up his clothes a bit. Before taking the plunge, Adam hoped Kijani and Eskel were safe and that Yoda had some sort of plan.

"Sir." said the young bridge officer to his commander. "We've received a new signal coming out of hyperspace. It's... an X-wing fighter."

Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod couldn't believe his ears. The rebels sent a single fighter to attack the Death Star? It was absurd to the point of farce.

"The fool must have a death wish. Prepare the turbolasers and blast him from the stars." Moff Jerjerrod said backhandedly. "Let's give him what he wants."

"Sir, the X-wing has sent a comms signal. They are requesting permission to land?" the last four words were asked as an incredulous question. At this, even the Moff failed at hiding a laugh. "Perhaps they are surrendering. Order them to docking bay twelve and have a squad of troopers down there to meet me. I want to meet this being, whoever they are.

Eskel walked along side his fiance mightily impressed by her display of royal anger. He knew that someday she would make a fearsome queen.

Escorted away from their ship, the pair of royals were lead up a massive set of steps towards the Palace. Waiting for them was a man of middle age, once tall and proud but now looking haggard and exhausted. His hair was brown, but greying at the temples. His clothes, however, were richly cut and decorated.

"Greetings, my son. And you must be Princess Kijani." said the elder Veruna. Though he meant his words to be kind, Eskel could hear the stress in his father's voice. Something was seriously wrong, here.

Before Eskel could get a word in, his father put his hand up. "I have made a deal with the empire that should keep them out of our affairs forever. Thanks to you and our new benefactor, Naboo can be free and protected. He would certainly love to meet you both. As the trio entered the palace, the stormtroopers held their position at the top of the stairs. Taking their place were new guards, but they didn't look like any Imperial troops Eskel had ever seen before. These men wore armor and robes as red as blood and carried pikes instead of blasters. Every move they made was measured and controlled, like a predator waiting for the slightest advantage before attacking it's prey. These new guards lead them into a large foyer with yet more steps. The figure standing at the top turned his head towards Kijani, and the massive weight of the dark side filled the room.

"Ah... the young princess. I am honored to finally meet you face to face after hearing so much about you. Now, I imagine we will have a great deal of time together while we await for your father." The man's presence was suffocating. Far stronger than Vader's and even more endless. Looking upon his shriveled white face was like looking into an abyss. An abyss where no light or hope could escape from.
My love. Adam definitely liked the sound of that. "Of course I wouldn't want to make you mad." he told her, wrapping her back in his arms. "Not that I needed any other good reason to come back to you." He kissed her again, trying not to think about the fact that he may never get to do it again.

"That's for luck." he said. As if to confirm his thoughts about this plan being insane, Adam could feel the ship slip out of hyperspace as Eskel cursed. Adam let go of Kijani and went to see what the problem was. He didn't have to look hard.

Above the green and blue planet of Naboo was the massive, familiar shape of the Death Star. It's massive superlaser pointed directly at the planet below, as if to hold it hostage.

"Unidentified shuttle, state your business here." said a voice over the comlink. Adam could see a dozen TIEs patrolling around the space station.

"This is Royal Starship Amidala." said Eskel, fumbling with the comms. "Requesting permission to land at Theed Spaceport." A pair of interceptors flew over the sleek Nubian. Adam took it as a good sign that they didn't start shooting right away.

"Amidala, your request is granted, but we will do a security sweep of your ship before we let anyone disembark." said the voice on the comm.

Great. Adam thought sarcastically. How the hell was he going to hide from the sweep?
Adam nodded in agreement. "It won't be the first time we've had to sneak around Imperial troops. I just hope your people listen to your message, Eskel. Once that broadcast goes out, every trooper in the palace is gonna converge of me."

The plan wasn't a great one, but sometimes you had to work with what you had. "If I can't get back to the ship, leave without me. I'm sure there is more than than one way to get off planet." He hated saying it, but he figured he'd put it out there. Adam could finally love Kijani, and there was no way he wanted her to get hurt while waiting for him.

"If there is nothing else to discuss," Eskel began. "I'll take our ship in. We should be entering Naboo's atmosphere in a few minutes." The prince of Naboo left the small holomap and returned to the cockpit, and Adam found himself alone with Kijani once again.

"You better not get hurt, or I will be very upset." he told her. He meant it to sound funny, but Adam found himself meaning every word.
Eskel led the pair to a small holoterminal near the cockpit, where he pulled up a 3D display of Theed Palace. After showing the serene, beautiful outside, the map began to outline several paths in and around the palace grounds.

"The Royal Palace is very well defended and stands on a cliff face. Thankfully, there are a few passages that only the royal family know about. Like this one..." Eskel pointed at a long pathway that linked outer gardens and the hanger. "My father is expecting me, as well as the princess, but Adam can sneak in and out."

"To do what, exactly?" asked Adam. To be honest, his head was still reeling from kissing Kijani that he was having a hard time paying attention to the prince. He mentally shook his head and regained himself. Whatever Eskel was planning, Adam was sure he was going to have his work cut out for him.

Prince Eskel held up a small datapad. "Take this. I recorded a message while you two were snogging." he said with a smirk. "Was he mad?" Adam asked himself and he took the device.

"While Kijani and I confront my father, take that device to the comm station outside of the palace. You can broadcast my message to all of Naboo. I can only hope that my people will believe my message and rise up against the Empire. After that, maybe you can try contacting the Rebels and tell them what's happening here."
Adam could feel Kijani's eyes wander over him and his physique. He couldn't tell if she was admiring him or just trying to find something to say. Still, he hid his blush and listened to her. She was right, of course. There was no way they could know what happened after today. Either they would strike a mighty blow against the Empire and bring a powerful new ally to the Alliance, or they would all be dead. Or perhaps worse.

He listened to her as she approached him, not exactly sure where she was going with this. He knew it was important, but he couldn't read any emotions in her deep, golden eyes.

Then, before he could get a word in, it happened. Kijani, Princess of Alderaan, kissed him. For the first few moments, Adam's mind went into shock. He had imagined this moment happening for so long that his mind couldn't register that it was actually happening. But in that moment, everything was perfect. This amazing woman that Adam had admired for so long felt the same way, and the young Jedi felt like he didn't need an X-wing to fly anymore.

When it stopped, Kijani looked away from him. Was she embarrassed? Afraid of his reaction?

"Yea?" he asked her, tilting her face back to his. "Me too." With that, he kissed her deeply, wrapping her up in his arms.

"If you two are done, we have some things to discuss." said a voice from behind Adam. Moment broken, Adam turned to see Prince Eskel leaning against the bulkhead. His face seemed to Adam as a mix of disappointment and bemusement.
When Kijani went to take a shower, Adam suddenly felt self conscious about his own hygiene. He hadn't showered or slept or done much of anything for at least twelve hours at this point. Being with Kijani again was like a shot in the arm, but he figured that it wouldn't hurt to at least wash up a little.

He unzipped his pilot's jumpsuit and stepped out of it. Bright orange wasn't going to do him much good on Naboo, anyway. He kept on a pair of plain slacks under his suit and a white tank top. Maybe he could ask Eskel if he had a spare shirt. Still, he found a nearby sink and tried washing some of the grime off his face

And then, Kijani stepped out and Adam found himself lost for words. In just a few short minutes, she had completely transformed from a Jedi back into royalty.

"Yes." Adam found himself saying before thinking. "I think you'll make quite an impression." Adam glanced down at his own bedraggled state and shrugged. "Do you think Eskel has that in my size?" he joked.
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