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5 mos ago
Current Started back to work this week, so I'm exhausted. I'll get some posts done tonight.
7 mos ago
Holy back injury, Batman! I'll try and post tomorrow.
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1 yr ago
Feeling burnt out. Medication isn't working like it should. I'm gonna try to keep writing, but it might take a while.
1 yr ago
Sottu got making people wait. My wife is getting ready to run her own DnD campaign soon, and I'm helping her.
1 yr ago
My PS4 save date got deleted. I'm actually quite upset.


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Back from my trip. And not sunburnt somehow.
I usually just drink and watch my friends gamble
In Vegas. Having fun
How are we doing, guys?
I DMed a Strahd Campaign for my wife and her friends. It was their first time playing so I let them off easy.

I also got to make my all time favorite NPC in that game.
Nice. Race/class?

I'm in a few groups. All are three+ years.

Nice dude. Been playing long?
Pete Tailor counted at least four more dead men from his rifle, and maybe one or two others who would probably die soon without a doctor. Not every shot was a hit, but he felt proud of his work. Once again, he had justified to the gang why they kept him around.

Pete got down from his perch to return to his horse, blowing into the breach of his rifle. He'd have to clean it properly later, but this would do for now. Once his gear was put back on Kaiser, he made his way down to the spot where the rest of the gang had been. His first reaction was to check the pockets of some of the men they killed, but once he saw poor Jamie, he could only stop and stare.

"Shit..." was all he could say while wiping the sweat from his brow. When Elijah gave him orders to help bury the poor kid, he simply nodded and pulled his army issue entrenching tool from Kaiser. Digging the grave didn't take very long, and he helped Seth place Jamie's body inside.

"I didn't know Jamie well." said Pete, taking off his hat in reference. "But he I knew he was a good man and a good brother." He offered the shovel to Seth in case he wanted to do the honors.

Either way, he knew he was going to buy poor Seth a beer or three once they got to town.
Eskel thought that Kijani was throwing her life away from when when she confronted the Dragonsnake. He was already trying to figure out how to explain to the people of Naboo that his bride to be was gobbled up by a swamp monster when she stuck her hand out. Suddenly, as if by magic, the snake stopped in it's tracks.

Then, it simply sank back into the water as if nothing had ever happened. Eskel, usually adept at talking for long periods of time, was at a complete loss for words.

"How did you-" he began before regaining his composure. He was a prince, after all, and still needed to act with dignity.

"I was given this location by your Father." he said after taking a deep breath. "I wanted to come see you in person to talk about the... you know."
Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. I got my second covid shot yesterday and I'm still out of it.

I'll post tomorrow. I'm assuming that Jamie's funeral is just Seth, Pete and Elijah?
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