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Current Holy back injury, Batman! I'll try and post tomorrow.
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Feeling burnt out. Medication isn't working like it should. I'm gonna try to keep writing, but it might take a while.
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Sottu got making people wait. My wife is getting ready to run her own DnD campaign soon, and I'm helping her.
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My PS4 save date got deleted. I'm actually quite upset.
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In a bad place today. Will try to write later.


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The little creature chuckled. "Master yoda, I know! Close, he is!" He said as he stepped down from his perch and walked up to Adam and Kijani. He really was short. Like, almost a toddler, and it was hard for Adam to take him seriously. Still, he didn't want to be rude to this creature whatever he was.

"Can you take us to him? We desperately need his help." Adam said. Who knows how long this being had been on Dagobah, or even if he had any knowledge of what was going on in the rest of the galaxy.

"Help you, I will. But first, come to my home. Better food than you have brought, you will eat." The creature said as he pointed his stick into the swamp. Off in the distance, Adam could see what looked like a small hut made of clay and wood. As much as he wanted to press how badly they needed to find Master Yoda, the idea of any food better than their ration packs was very tempting.

He turned to Kijani. "I think we can trust him, but you're the diplomat here. What do you think?"
Once they were in the hanger, breathed a sigh of relief. The hardest part was over. Now he just had to fly the Orion out of here.

"You start on the doors, I'll get the ship prepped." Max said before climbing aboard the ship. He had done this dozen's of times before, but he never thought he'd have to do it under duress. Thankfully, once he got started with the processes needed to get the ship running, it all came naturally.

First was the engine-room, and everything there seemed to be in place, though he wouldn't know for sure until he turned the ignition. From there, he did a once over of the balloon for holes. Everything seemed fine, so he then went to the cockpit. Part of him wanted to check the storeroom for supplies, but Max decided that he would worry about that once they got out of the hanger and out of Hubert's reach.

Finally he got to work in the control room. Everything was looking nominal and within tolerances. "Everything is good in here." Max said out loud to Octavia. "How are those gates coming?" He wanted to make sure the doors were open and the mooring cables untied before starting the engines.
"Well, maybe you'll impress the master so much, that they'll ask you to teach them?" Adam said, jokingly. In truth, Adam didn't know what to expect from this master. All he had was the name *Yoda*.

"Very loud you are. Scaring away all the animals you are." said a voice from inside their camp. Adam reached for his lightsaber and turned to face the threat. To his surprise, it was a short green being wearing a grey robe.

"Here I wonder why you are." said the strange green fellow. "Looking for someone?" Adam looked to Kijani, a little confused and unsure if they should trust this weirdo. Still, he decided that maybe being polite to this being might point them in the right direction.

"Um, yea. We're looking for a Jedi Master." Adam said.
"Yeah, one moment." Max rummaged through his bag really quickly to find a suitable hat. It didn't match his outfit at all, but it would have to do. Once properly attired, he closed up his bag and watched as Octavia casually landed the Dragonfly. It was good to know that she was a skilled pilot as well. This crazy scheme might actually work.

Once the airship was parked, Max let Octavia lead the way to the hanger door. Smythe was standing nearby, looking bored. "If we're not gonna talk to him, we need to distract him. I suppose we could throw something." Max said keeping his voice hush and picking up a decent sized rock.


Are you going to get a post in or should I move on?
"Good question." Adam said as he scanned the swamp. "He could be anywhere, and we don't even know where to start."

Adam saw the single sun of Dagobah begin descending into the clouds. "Maybe we should set up camp for now and start our search in the morning. If the swamp is anything to judge by, this planet wouldn't surprise me if it had giant man-eating plants or water snakes the size of Banthas."

The young jedi began unloading the camping gear he had packed out from the back of the U-Wing. He wasn't really sure what to expect from Dagobah, but he knew it was going to be wet, so he tried to get as much water-resistant stuff as he could find. By the time the sun had vanished and night fell over the swamp, the tent and heat lamp was set up. Adam decided that starting a real fire was too dangerous, as the smoke and smell might attract animals. Not that anything was dry enough to be used for kindling, anyway.

Finished with the camp, Adam cracked open a field ration pack. Thankfully, none of the swamp smell got into the food, and Adam took a piece before passing it off to Kijani.

"There is something about this place, you know? Sure it smells, but I think I can see why a Jedi would come here. It's not like Tatooine. Everything here feels... I don't know, alive?" Adam said trying to find the right words.
No worries. It's kind of been a crazy last few days.
Adam looked where Kijani was pointing. Sure enough, there was a patch of ground that looked like it could be big enough for the U-wing. If only just...

"Right. Hold on." Adam said as he brought the ship down. Of all his newly acquired skill as a pilot, Adam still had a little trouble with landing. It required the right enough of finesse and pressure on the controls, otherwise the ship could nosedive and crash into the ground. As the ship came down low, he made sure to retract the wings back into the forward position. Space was limited as it was.

"Another happy landing."Adam said as the ship touched down. Once he was satisfied that it wasn't going to sink into the muck of the swamp, he shut off the engines and made his way outside. Much to his surprise, Dagobah was even more of a miserable craphole then Adam first realized. It smelled terrible, everything was damp and the air was so humid, Adam nearly choked.

There was something else, too. In spite of the warm air, Adam felt the familiar cold feeling in the pit of his stomach. "This place is strong with the Dark Side." Adam said aloud. "A Jedi Master would have to be desperate to come here."
I understand. Life has been sort of nuts for the last few months.
Max grinned when Octavia mentioned his potential designs, as well as the possibility of a boost for his own work. He was sure that he could make it on his own, but there was nothing wrong with accepting help. Refusing help and trying to work it out on your own was the exact kind of stupid Hubert would engage in.

"I do have a few designs I'm working on, but it's all in the blueprint stages right now. If we can get some prototypes built, I would love to see them start a new line of airships for a new company. I loved working for your dad, but part of me wants to be in a position where I can call all the shots. See if I can do better than Hubert, you know?"

As the airship began to pull around to the Orion's hanger, Max saw a security guard sitting near one of the gateposts. It was hard to tell from a distance, but it looked like Smythe.

Smythe was a big guy with a big heart, as well as a wife and two kids. He wasn't particularly loyal to PAS, but money was money.

"I know him. I might be able to talk him out of reporting us if we can't sneak around. What do you think?"
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