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Current Anyone who is waiting for responses from me, I've been finding it hard to focus this morning. Will try and write up my posts later today.
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I am now back. More or less.
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Sorry for not being around. I've been dealing with real life drama and my computer is currently in the shop. I don't know when I will be back on.
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Guys, I'm really sorry for not being on to post. One of my friends died and I've been really burnt out.
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I have a vacation coming up in the next few days. I probobly won't be posting much while it's going on.


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Han only shrugged and brought up the tracking system. He punched in the coordinates for Alderaan, but the sensor came up blank. "Huh." he said to himself as he ran it again. And again. And again....

"It's not showing up." he said, leaning back in his seat. "It's like it's been completely blown away." From behind Kijani, Adam came up, still a little unsteady from his vision.

"How is that even possible?" the young Jedi said. "How can it come back negative on all of our systems?" Han could only shake his head. "You're guess is as good as mine, kid. We're coming up on Alderaan right now." the smuggler said when his console began to beep.

The pilots brought the Falcon out of hyperspace, and a field of rocks and asteroids were hurtling through space before them. Han cursed and pulled up, avoiding a rather large rock.

"What the hell?" the smuggler said, looking over the destruction. Adam sighed and muttered under his breath. "It's worse than I imagined..."
"It's not quite that simple." said Obi-wan. "You have to be born with it. Although, after seeing how you've protected yourself, maybe you might have the gift." Obi-wan got up from his seat and stood before her, looking her in the eyes. "In the Old Republic, we trained Jedi when they were kids, so that they wouldn't have any attachments. Is that something you are willing to give up now as an adult?"

For a moment, Obi-wan struggles, almost falling over. Adam wakes up, cold sweat on his face. Both Master and Apprentice shared a look of horror. "Something terrible has happened..." Adam managed to say.
Senator Bail Organa struggled again with the cuffs placed on him. "Stop that!" said one of the Stormtroopers escorting him as he clubbed him with his rifle. The clean, sterile halls of the Death Star were giving the former senator a migraine with how clean they were. He didn't remember how exactly he got here, but he it didn't take a genius to figure it out.

The last thing he remembered was Darth Vader and a company of troopers entering the senate building. They said that the Emperor himself had dissolved the Senate, and that Bail Organa was under arrest. He guessed they must have injected him with something that put him to sleep, and the effects were still wearing off.

The soldiers led him to a massive viewing room, with the blue void of hyperspace before them. Standing next to one wall was Darth Vader, but in the room's center was a man that Bail recognized but had never actually met until today. Wilhuf Tarkin, Grand Moff and Governor of the Outer Rim. The graying man was the picture of military discipline and tidiness, with his crisp uniform freshly pressed and cleaned.

"Bail Organa of Alderaan." Tarkin's voice was smooth and carrying a posh, superior tone. Bail was reminded of a cruel teacher reprimanding a child. "I trust you find our facility comfortable."

Bail said nothing. No matter what sort of flowery language one used, an interrogation was still an interrogation. Tarkin simply shrugged. "No room for pleasantries, I see. Unfortunate, but I understand." Tarkin said as he went over to the viewing screen.

"In ordinary situations, we would begin by torturing you and making you a little more pliable. But I have decided that we would try something different." Almost on queue, the Death Star dropped out of hyperspace and halted before a blue and green planet. Alderaan itself.

The oxygen is Bail's lungs left his body all at once, and he forgot himself. "You can't do this!" he said, nearly rushing Tarkin. Vader himself stepped in front of him, and Bail stopped in his tracks. "You would be committing genocide!"

Tarkin's mask of politeness and calm started to crack. "You know what we want, Bail. Where is the Rebel base?" he said with a tone that demanded an answer.

Bail's mind raced. He thought of his wife. His home. His colleges. The nearly two billion people living there. They would all be gone in an instant, unless he answered. To Bail, there was no decision to make. "They're in the Yavin system." he said, almost at a whisper.

All at once, the cruelty faded and Tarkin was the perfect gentleman again. "Very good, Bail." he said before reaching to his comlink. "Commander, prepare the weapon. Full power."

And in a few moments, Bail's home was destroyed in a cloud of fire and plasma. He tried to attack Tarkin with his bare hands, but Vader casually threw him back against a bulkhead. Fading into unconsciousness, the last thought in his mind was how he failed his daughter and his home.

Vader reached for his saber to finish Bail off, but Tarkin raised his hand. "Put him in a cell. He may still be useful to us."
"Of course I can." said Han. "You saw how we outran those Imperial slugs. Getting us to Alderaan should be easy. Just sit tight here for a few hours and we'll have you planet side before you know it." With that, the smuggler turned back into the cockpit.

Adam stirred under his blanket and snored lightly. Obi-wan shook his head, keeping his bemused smile. "Adam always pushed himself too hard. It's a trait he shared with his father."

Obi-wan turned to Kijani, looking straight into her eyes. "You performed well today, as well. I can see that the Rebellion is safe in your hands. Tell me, what has Adam told you of the Force?"
For the first time that day, Han Solo got a good look at just who he was escorting across the galaxy. Princess Kijani of Alderaan was pretty much the last person he was expecting to find on his ship, but rather than start asking questions, he took her up on her offer.

"I can't finish the calculations to hyperspace if I'm busy doing maneuvers like this. You and your boyfriend get on the guns and shoot and cover our tracks."

Adam heard Han, and rather than try to correct him, he undid his strap and clambered towards the ladder that led to the Falcon's quadguns. After nearly slipping on the ladder going up, he got in the gunner's chair and looked at the vast array of buttons and toggles before him.

"Um..." Adam said to himself before trying random buttons. Eventually the panel lit up and the gun came online just as imperial fighters came into view.

Adam had no idea what he was doing, and he missed almost every shot. Thankfully, just by returning fire caused many of the TIE fighters to back off. The young Jedi even managed to score a lucky hit on one of the TIE's right in the wing pylon, causing it to fly apart and explode. It was the last thing Adam saw before the azure blue of hyperspace filled his vision.

All at once, he felt himself relax. Inwardly, he told himself that the hard part was over, and that the Princess and her alliance were safe. The insane adventure he found himself in was almost over, and they had won. Adam managed to climb down from the ladder, plop himself in the nearest seat. Completely free of the fear and tension he felt, he almost immediately went to sleep. Obi-wan, to his credit, just shook his head in bemusement.

Han took the hint and let Kijani take his place. He ran back towards the cockpit, running right past Obi-wan and the droids. "Chewie! Get us out of here!" he yelled. The wookie was way ahead of him, and the Millennium Falcon began to lift off.

As the ship began to rock, Adam shut off his saber and grabbed Kijani's arm for support. "Nice shooting." he said as he lead her back inside. "I think you're much better with a blaster than I am." Adam and Kijani got into the main cabin of the ship and strapped themselves in. Once they were secure, Han wasted no time in hitting the accelerator and left Tatooine behind.

The gravity tried to fight them, but only for a few moments. Soon, they were free of it's pull, and the resistance slipped away. Even though the artificial gravity kicked in immediately, Adam felt nearly weightless for a moment. He almost enjoyed the sensation before the ship was rocked violently.

"Star Destroyers coming up behind us!" Han said from the cockpit. "It'll be a moment til I can make the jump to hyperspace!"
"She can make it point five past lightspeed." said Han. "I know she doesn't look like much, but she's got it where it counts." He motioned towards the loading ramp, as if to say Right this way. Obi-wan nodded and walked up the ramp. "You will be paid once we land safely on Alderaan." he said before walking past the smuggler.

Adam let Kijani go up first before taking the droids into the ship. Han put a hand on his chest as he tried to walk past. "Kid, you look exhausted." It wasn't a question so much as it was a statement. Adam tried to argue, but even thinking about sleep made Adam realize that he couldn't argue.

"I've been up since yesterday morning. Long story." was all he managed to get out. Han simply shrugged. "I have some cots in the back. Once we take off, you should try and get some sleep. I can't have you sleep walking all over my ship." Adam grunted a laugh before continuing up the ramp. He didn't get very far before the sounds of blaster erupted around him.

"Stop that ship! Blast 'em!" said the leading Stormtrooper before opening fire. Adam, tiredness forgotten, drew his lightsaber, and Han was almost too stunned to draw his own blaster.

"Jedi are real?!" Han asked, as if this was a casual argument rather than a firefight.

"Maybe we can have this discussion after we take off, please?" Adam said, swatting bolts back towards the white-clad troopers.
When Kijani squeezed Adam's hand, he felt his heart nearly leap out of his chest. Adam knew deep down that he had nothing more than infatuation, but having the gratitude of the most beautiful woman in the galaxy wasn't something he could brush off. Trying to think of something to say, he glanced into her golden eyes and found himself lost for words again.

"Uh, sure." Adam said, still trying to get his wits together. "Let's get back to Obi-wan." When they regrouped with the Jedi Master and explained the plan, he nodded in agreement. "As long as it's a fast ship." he said to the pair. Adam managed to get a good price for his speeder, and with credits in hand, they could finally get to Han and get off this planet.

Han's ship looked, at first glance, to be a massive piece of junk. After looking it over a few times, however, Adam noticed that the smuggler had made numerous modifications to it, mostly to the engines. Okay, so maybe he DOES know what he's doing. Adam thought as he approached the big freighter. Han was just coming down the loading ramp when the group walked in.

"There you are. I was beginning to wonder if you weren't going to show." said Han.

As Kijani started to move out of the booth, Adam simply shrugged and gave Han a look that said "You got played." before moving to follow the princess. Han put a hand out in an effort to stop them.

"Now, hold on." he said, motioning for them to sit back down. "I can go as low as seven thousand credits, but that's it." Chewbacca nodded in acquiescence.

Before anyone could say anything further, Adam stuck his hand out. "Deal." Han shook it, and told the pair of them the docking bay to meet him at once they were ready to leave. Once Han and Chewbacca were out of earshot, Adam whispered to Kijani. "I can get the rest of the money by selling my speeder. It should be more than enough." As the pair of them walked out of the tavern, they almost ran into a nervous looking Rodian who entered the cantina behind them.

"Well, if there is anything on this planet I won't miss, it's the lack of manners." Adam said, shaking his head. "Now, I'm gonna go get us the rest of the credits."

The pilot motioned over to an empty booth, where he sat down along side his Wookie companion. Adam had heard of Wookies before, but they weren't really a common sight on hot desert planets. In spite of how hot it was outside, even this early in the morning, the Wookie's once foul mood had cleared up as soon as the bullies had left.

"Han Solo. Captain of the Millennium Falcon. Chewbacca here is my first mate." the man said. "What do you need to get to in Alderaan that you can't do taking public transport? It'd certainly be cheaper than hiring me."

"Let's just say we really don't like the Empire." Adam responded. Han laughed at this and leaned back in his chair.

"I can sympathize, but that means the price goes up. 10,000 credits. In advance." This time it was Adam's turn to suppress a laugh.

"You're kidding, right? Is your ship a luxury yacht?" said Adam, wondering if someone else in this place might be a little bit cheaper.
"Good question." said Adam while scanning the room. He saw many of the thugs, cheap bounty hunters and drunks one would expect to find at a dive bar like this one. Only a few stared back, but mostly the patrons kept to themselves. None of them stared back with hostility, at least not openly, which was a start. Adam had just decided to try talking to a particularly tough looking Devaronian when someone tapped him hard on the shoulder.

"Did you say something to my friend, kid?" said a gruff, human voice. The ugly, middle-aged man speaking was only about as tall as Adam, but behind him was a large, grey skinned Aqualish thug. Adam didn't respond right away, so the human tapped him again.

"My friend says you insulted him." the human said. "Buy us some drinks and we might forget you said anything." he said, puffing up his chest and standing to his full height.

"But I didn't say anything." Adam responded honestly. He knew this might make them mad, but he really didn't want to get pushed around by a pair of idiots. Especially not in front of Kijani.

"Pay up, or else I'll smash your face while your girlfriend watches." the human said again in a whisper that didn't hide his anger. Adam almost reached for his half-full glass, ready to break it over the man's head when a roar sounded from behind the two bullies.

The creature was over two meters tall, and completely covered in hair. The only article of clothing he wore was a bandoleer that was strapped across his body. When he roared, the two thugs visibly flinched, as well as Adam.

"Come on, Ponda. Let's get out of here." said the human before leaving the pair of them left the cantina. Relieved, Adam put down the glass as a new voice sounded.

"Evazan and Ponda aren't exactly the brightest bulbs around here, so try not to take their threats too seriously." said another human male, this time much younger. Where the last human was as ugly as a bantha, this guy was handsome and knew it. His accent was definetly not local, and he wore exactly what Adam thought a dashing smuggler would wear.

"Thanks." Adam said. Before the man and the large hairy giant walked away, Adam spoke up again. "You wouldn't happen to know of anyone pilots, would you? We need a lift."

When the other human turned around, he had a perfect winning smile on. "Well, what a coincidence. My schedule just opened up. So, what can I do for you?"
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