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6 days ago
Current Got a therapist appointment, finally. To celebrate, I think I'm going to try something I haven't tried in a long time. RPing with more than one person at once.
7 days ago
Just kidding. Apparently my therapist changed her mind about seeing me and never told me.
9 days ago
So I've been feeling even crappier then normal, not just mentally, but physically. I start therapy on Monday, thankfully. Sorry for everyone having to deal with me.
2 mos ago
My anxiety is really bad right now, but I'll try and get some posts done tomorrow.
2 mos ago
Ugh. Now that my work week is over, and my fridge should get fixed for real this time, I can start rolling out responses tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.
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I would say it's the day after. Early morning.
Approved. I can tell that Ezekiel and Gene are gonna hate eachother.

Anyway, that's everybody. Bring on the posts.
Anyone who has an accepted CS can go ahead and post.
"Fair enough, I suppose." Reynault said after listening to her reasoning. "I admit that I'm not much of a nature expert. I did all of my growing up in the big city, where the biggest animal we had to worry about was the occasional giant spider. Even my grandpa could kill those."

Pushing the thought of his poor old grandfather out of his mind, Reynault shrugged. "I'll help in anyway I can. Just don't expect me to be very knowledgeable about nature."

Meet Rebecca Stoakes.
Adding a second NPC, and there might be more in the future. I might make it it's own list.

Waiting on CS's from one more person before this closes. Feel free to post if you got your character approved.
Made an update to the first OOC post that has all the accepted characters on it.
You can go ahead and copy it to the character tab. I don't care about the order
@YankeeApproved. Well Done.

I think we have room for one more.
Reynault suppressed a laugh, but not very well. "Look, you're pretty and all, but we just met." he said, hoping he didn't accidentally make everything worse.

He was never very good at talking to women, and going to prison certainly didn't help. Trying to save himself and Pele from further embarrassment, he tried to change the subject again.

"So griffins are pretty dangerous. Why do you want to protect their eggs?" he asked, which honestly had been bugging him all day so far. Reynault had always believed that less griffins was a good thing. Maybe it was just another culture shock of being here.
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