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3 yrs ago
Current Good question, Saephod. Though, mine's also kinda a call-out, because Kuroneko's got 20+ people (myself included) waiting for her to update an Int Check or post an RP thread proper.
3 yrs ago
Hey now / you're the GM / get the game on / let's play / Please update the int cheeeeeeeeeeek / Only with info can we make CSes


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That roll went well. May not get that post up tonight, but it's coming.
<Snipped quote by Nohbdy>

Is this updated version anywhere on this thread? The only CS of yours I see is on page two which is still in its initial form.

It is now. The only changes between the two are the Background, swapping Language (Techna-Lingua) for Trade (Armorer), and listing the regimental modifiers.

Got a full day ahead, but I'm gonna try and get an IC post up this evening.


Already got a background on the updated version. Appearance was the only hold-up.

I am. Still haven't really come up with an Appearance, but y'all should know what a Tech-Priest looks like. If/when we see him with hood up/robes of, I should be able to come up with something. If I can get an OK, I'll go ahead and post the CS in the proper section in the morning and hopefully have an IC post up tomorrow evening.

Prolly gonna try and Tech Use to commune with the Valk's machine spirit to try and clear up the augur/find out what we can expect when we hit the ground.
@AdvancedJ3lly Got a block on Tigerius's Appearance- "Insert generic tech-priest description here" is probably about as accurate/useful as anything more detailed. Aside from that, I'd be good to post.
I'm still trying to work out my Appearance, but there's only so much you can do with a Tech-Priest.

Also procrastinating w/ Destiny 2.

Shut up.

Regardless, the only tweak from the sheet posted on page 2 is swapping Techna-Lingua for Armorer, as wrong as that feels. First 100 xp will probably be spent on Binary anyway.
Debating trading out Language (Techna-Lingua) for Trade (Armorer) for background reasons, but it seems wrong to me to have a Tech-Priest who doesn't know binary.

Also for background reasons, how old was the 103rd as a regiment? Just founded, few years, couple decades, older?
The books are all just a google search away. I can post or PM you a link if you'd like.

Gah! Ninja'd!
It's no less ridiculous than all the shit Astartes are capable of.

In any case, the only part of the 'chute that's visible in that image are those thrusters, the rest of that's all the flack armor and the uniform, which means the backpack section can't be all *that* bulky.
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