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I am still interested, just need to make an app.
Aw man, no brawl. XD
XD Valhan similarly doesn't get the problem, as he was a soldier.
Why ya gotta make it all sad? Though, I mean, it's been 11 years.

...Wait, it's been 11 years?!
Voice: You wanna know how I got these cards?
It pains me that Val can't respond to that, since he would naturally be pretty quick to. XD But I'm sure the others will be fine.
Forkies? The tall Droquillian repeated inwardly, a smirk of wry amusement touching his features as he looked over the abrasive intruders. Such an uncreative and rather childish nickname. He couldn't even feel insulted over it. Not that much bothered him, anyway.

As such, he remained calm despite their interruption, maintaining his place standing casually beside the table with his drink in hand until the trio drew near, at which point he reached out smoothly in order to catch the wrist of the first one before he could grab any of the beverages displayed there. The man was certainly big, he noticed, quite unusually so for a human, but Valhan gave no indication of acknowledgment of the fact. It was not as though it changed anything. "Sorry, mate, but this particular lot was actually paid for by the lady there." He said as he gestured with his cup-holding hand toward VOICE. An amicable grin flashed across his face, yet within the orange glow of his ethereal eyes was a dangerous glint. Warning, or perhaps daring.

He wasn't past crashing a party himself, but not to spoil other people's fun. These three clearly had far more disruptive intentions, and while the blue-skinned Trident member wasn't interested in starting a fight, he was more than ready to take one on if it was thrown at him. "How's about you lot have a drink on me at the bar and let us be?"
Ooh, action sequence!
Good posts, y'all!
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