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Anyone is welcome to post.
I have tried to make a post that moves things along, regardless. Sorry it's not really the best.
Valhan raised an eyebrow at the blond woman's assurances, a flash of amusement in his vibrant features. It was apparent that she expected him to have had little prior experience so far with USS members, or otherwise just with humans. Which he recognized not to be an unfair assumption, although in his case certainly an inaccurate one.

But there was no reason that he couldn't just play along with it.

"I'm certain that circumstances could have been much worse." The tall, amphibious man replied brightly in his smooth voice as he looked her over carefully, then cast a glance around at the other present individuals who were primarily attractive women. He couldn't complain. "I'd say that this isn't too bad. Still have drinks and pleasant company about~"
Well, I'd say that is as good a sign as any. How do y'all want to proceed?
Alrighty, sounds good.
Do we continue to wait, or should we move out of structured encounter posting?
Anyone alive?
I wanna post, but i haven't finished drawing my character and stuff, yet;;;
Ohh, I see.
What's a free roleplay?
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