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I have been writing since I was 17 years old. I am now 29 and I've been enjoying life. Writing is a passion just as reading is. My favorite genre is murder/mystery, but I love fantasy and I love action/adventure.

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Jeimseu the Silent Oracle

Discrimination in any form was distasteful, and hindered progression. It was disrespectful to the positive aura Jeimseu enjoyed having around him. Why did he openly show his affection towards Pablo? Pablo probably thought he was playing around, but Jeimseu wondered how things would be if he truly dated someone as genuine as Pablo. It was as if the guy couldn't tell a lie. Jeim felt grounded around him. Things felt real. It was a familiar feeling, similar to when he was around his mentor, his master. The man kept him safe and trained him in the ways of martial laws. He helped him develop his Noble Arms and gave him the freedom to uncover various skill and technique. He never felt as if he owed the man anything, and it was similar with Pablo. Ever since he'd met him he wanted to be around him, to flirt with him and hope that something would come of it other than friendship, but nothing ever did.

Jeimseu's time was normally spent helping various clubs like the LGBTQ Alliance Group or the Music Club, or other school activities. He was relatively popular in the since that to not know him was rare. Jeim felt the warmth of Pablo's embrace and felt like putty in the younger man's arms. How much he would give just to relax in his touch and read his mind. How much he longed for a simple kiss, or for something to signify that Pablo liked him, that the feelings were mutual. That would all have to wait as he made his way to his seat ignoring the blatant disrespect from the two students whose names he didn't care to know. He remained silent for the remainder of the class, jotting down any notes he needed to. He didn't like failure and strived to maintain a grade his mother would be proud of. He couldn't help but think about Pablo and his relation to the other student who'd be a complete ass in response to their not so subtle PDA. Maybe he should make the first move and just as Pablo out.

As he packed his things into his backpack, which was a designer sling bag, he looked up in time to hear the voice in his head. Instructions. More instructions on the mission at hand. This time it was an update on things. They were to cease their attempt for now and wait for further instructions. Even though it was an irritant, he would make the most of this. Pablo. He would ask Pablo to spend time with him in an effort to see if they could be something other than friends. He took note of everyone's faces around him after the whisper had ended. It was strange, but he was observant and careful. It kept him alive and ahead of many others.

"Pablo, can I speak to you in private?" Jeim asked having mustered up the courage necessary to ask the guy who he had a major crush on out on some sort of date. He didn't waste time after he pulled him a distance from others. "Pablo, I like you, a lot, and I know you probably don't see me in that way, but I want a chance to see how this goes, to see us be more than just friends."

Jeim was in a vulnerable position and he hated it, but he had a lot to do and a very short amount of time to do it in. This was something he wanted, but was he willing to do what was necessary to maintain it?

@Letter Bee
Jeimseu the Silent Assassin

Yearning. There was a yearning to complete his mission, but all of that would have to wait for a brief while as class was soon to start and his presence was unfortunately required. He did not want to draw any sort of suspicion to himself in any way, and for that matter, he had made numerous friends to act as alibis in case he ever needed any. Homeroom was his favorite class. It was the time in which he got to play around with everyone. He was flirtatious only to those he could get a reaction out of. There was one guy, Pablo, who had caught his eye the moment he'd met him, but he never truly said anything more to him than a passing "hi" or "have a great day" to which he'd get the normal response or none at all.

As he entered the classroom, he took note of everyone there.

"Hey love bugs," Jeimseu said as he strolled in. The girls all smile and seemed to giggle at the chance to change his orientation or perhaps they just felt the need to giggle because Jeim was the fashion icon of the school. His popularity wasn't something he took for granted. He didn't like all the attention, even though someone else in his position would be more than happy to revel in it. Jeim was the opposite. Still, he knew not to hurt other's feelings and accepted the attention, at least as much as he could handle. He approached one of his favorite people. Pablo. He was already in his seat and there was a vacant chair next to Pablo, but Jeim had other plans. As he passed the other guys he knew, Henry, Vane, Oscar, and a few others, he smiled and made faces at them. When he was in front of Pablo, he smirked and placed a gentle hand on Pablo's shoulder. He leaned down and spoke softly into his ear.

"Well well if it isn't my boyfriend Pablo," Jeim said as he effortlessly slid into Pablo's lap. "How was your night?"

@Letter Bee
Jeimseu the Silent Assassin

Impatient. Jeimseu was more patient than most men his age, but to hear someone say he was impatient made him smile for a reason he didn't even know. Maybe this Malenkov brought with him a new thrill that Jeim had yearned for. It had been a while since he'd heard from the Hammer. He missed the communication with them and the atmosphere was always lively, unlike this school which lacked the very essence of what he yearned for. Jeimseu observed the older male as he displayed his Noble Arm and, like a faucet, divulged the abilities of his weapon. A gun. How mediocre. How bland. Jeim would have rolled his eyes had he not heard the soft voice whisper in his ears once again. Things would come together and the weak would perish under the foot of the strong. There was no place for weakminded sheep, not in the Hammer, not where he was trained. Jeimseu blinked a few times processing what Malenkov said and shrugged his shoulders.

"If you are aware that he will betray you, why do you still go forward with it? Why not kill him afterward? No loose ends right?"

The fact that he suggested such a devious act was unlike Jeim. He didn't kill without reason, and given the chance, he would slay Malenkov where he stood, but he was needed, as was Virgil. All a part of a plan to get him a more suitable target. He didn't want to waste his skills. His training had become valuable to him. All the sleepless nights of taking his body to the limits of breaking and beyond. All to satisfy a man he viewed as an older brother, more so a father figure in his life. Whatever made him happy made Jeim happy.

The bell rang signaling the end of their conversation. Jeim pulled on his articles of clothing and pulled his hair into a ponytail. His hair was long and ventured between the color spectrum of lilac and soft pink. It was beautiful to the eye. Jeim stepped pass Malenkov as if he didn't see him and left the showers.
Jeimseu the Bringer of Silence

Jeim had made it into the shower room when he felt the presence of another. This wasn’t the normal routine he was used to, but it wouldn’t stop him from showering and getting ready for the rest of his day. Jeimseu had no intention of talking to the guy who had strolled casually into his space, but when he mentioned someone named Virgil, his ears opened to the possibility of this older guy having information he may find useful. Jeim turned to look at Malenkov. He watched him remove articles of clothing and toss them into a basket. He seemed to be waiting on Jeim to do the same. Smirking, he continued to listen to him while slowly removing piece by piece of his attire, folding it neatly before stepping underneath the showerhead. Jeim’s body was toned from all the training he did over the years. He wasn’t a stick figure, and he felt good about his appearance. He didn’t let others bring down his mood with their opinions of him or his appearance.

As he listened to Malenkov, he raised an eyebrow. So this was the help he was supposed to have when the time came to kill their target? He was talkative, Jeim would give him that much, but if the voice he’d heard was right, then this boy and his helper would try to betray him. A long-ranged snipe. A killing blow. As he listened, he mentally took notes. This was his mission, and he didn’t like sharing, but the voice played over in his head as he turned to look at Malenkov. The male’s body was nice under the showerhead. The water cascaded down his nude form and hit the wet floor. Jeim’s eyes slowly moved from the male’s head down to his feet and he quickly looked away to make sure he wasn’t noticed. Those kinds of thoughts were forbidden. He had a job to do, and he had things to learn. There was no time for relationships or any of that. If you keep people away from your heart they can’t break it later.

Finally, after Malenkov finished speaking, Jeim gave a half-smile.

“So you and this Virgil guy are supposed to help? You haven’t even shown me what you can do so how can I rely on you to do what needs to be done when the time comes?”
Jeimseu the Silent Assassin

Jeim, if anything, was punctual. He stood in front of a training dummy shirtless. He was always the first one awake. He would go to bed around 8 or 9 pm and would be up and functioning by 5 am. Today he would forgo breakfast and prayer and would focus on training his body as he often did. He focused his breathing, remembering what the older man would tell him.

“Who are you?” he would ask Jeim.

“I am the bringer of silence.” Jeim would respond.

“What is your purpose?”

“To silence opposition.”

“How will you do this?”

“By any means necessary.”

Jeim had struck the wooden dummy so hard it had caused splinters to break off. His muscles rippled with every punch that collided. His mind went back to his past. Training day in and out, his father not caring where he was or who he was with. The man was the epitome of a worthless father. Had it not been for his mother, Jeim would have run away long ago. Being at Trinidad Academy was his way of getting away from his no good father. The only downside is that he didn’t get to see his mother as much as he’d like, and he missed HIM. The very man who was like an older brother to him, showing him and guiding him. If it had not been for that man he wouldn’t know what this strange gift was. Jeim flipped away from the wooden dummy after landing a well placed kick. His noble arms appeared, falling into his open hand with a soft thud. Jeim lifted the blade and smirked. With one swing, sound burst forth in an arc, visible only to the trained eye. It struck the wooden dummy and dispersed. Jeim stood up slowly from his crouched position and watched as the dummy slowly fell to the ground in two pieces. His noble arm vanished from his hand as he heard footsteps coming.

“Strange, I am normally the only one here,” he said softly as he moved to grab his shirt. That was when he heard the voice. It was calm and informative. Jeim listened with his eyes closed, an odd smile on his face. Whoever planned to betray him would suffer, just as the others suffered. He grabbed his shirt and moved towards the showers. There wasn’t enough time in a day for all of this, but Jeim always made sure to get as much training as he possibly could. Training developed one’s abilities and as such allowed one to grow stronger.
I have to admit I am very very excited about this.
Reserving Divination.... lol I have this sassy guy character I want to employ in that field.
@WindsOfFate, Thanks! I accept your character, and I'm sure Hanged will be pleased by him as well.

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Yes, this thread is open.

@WindsOfFate, Two miles might be a greater range than any other PC's powers, I'd prefer it to be twenty meters at most. Sorry if that's too much of a nerf.

Edit: Also, Death Scream's description still says that "Most victims will bleed out before help comes," which implies that it is an insta-kill.

Okay, I removed Death Scream all together.
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