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I have been writing since I was 17 years old. I am now 33 and I've been enjoying life. Writing is a passion just as reading is. My favorite genre is murder/mystery, but I love fantasy and I love action/adventure. I have published a collection of short stories that can be found on Apple Books, Barnes and Nobles, and Kindle. I have a trilogy in the works, the first part scheduled for release this year.

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Sa’Cha listened as everyone responded to how they were feeling. It was safe to say that today couldn’t get any more crazy. They’d just found a ship, been attacked by aliens, and now they were being invited into the ship by some being who healed them of their wounds using some sort of advanced technology. It wasn’t strange to Sa’Cha as he hailed from a world of magic and beyond, but he was sure the others were on high alert after what had just happened and knew that he was in hot water once all of this was over. He sighed as they all seemed to move in unison towards the ship. He kept thinking about Tommy and what he would have done in this situation. He probably would have tried to help them all and protect them, but he was surprised how everyone held their own against the threat.

“I need to contact my grandma,” Sa’Cha thought out loud as he was the last to enter the ship.

There wasn’t time. As soon as they entered, the stairs began to pull into the ship and the door soon closed as they moved further into the bowels of the ship. Zordon led them to a large open area with six cylindrical vessels that housed what looked to be a rather interesting power suit. Each had a beautiful insignia on it representing the dragon that corresponded with the color. Zordon smiled as he turned to face them.

“This is the command center. What if I told you that the world as you see it is not the truth? What if I told you that beyond the veil is a completely different world, a world full of danger, and what if I told you that you are the next in line to protect the world from threats both near and far. Through the years there have been different protectors, sworn to uphold justice and do what is necessary for the good of the universe, and I do believe it has finally time to choose again.”

Zordon looked at each of them and nodded his head.

“I am sure each of you has many questions, so please, one at a time. Whoever would like to go first, please step forward.”

Location: Music Club ===> Sound Check
Mentions: Riley Antinori

Jeim sat in the room with his fellow peers as the president of their club waited for the rest of the members to show up. He listened as some held side conversations. One of them looked up at the Club President and sighed before explaining to him that some of the members were in class and wouldn’t be able to make it. Jeim, as Vice President of the Music Club, stayed silent because he already knew what the meeting was about. Their illustrious leader had thought it a good idea to bring in musical acts on top of those in the club who would be performing for Homecoming. Jeim wasn’t opposed to the idea, but he always wanted to showcase the talent at OIC above all.

“Thank you all for making it on such short notice. I wanted to let the majority of you know that it has been decided, amongst those performing at the homecoming festival, two additional acts have been added. These acts are popular musicians in this day and age and will bring more attention to OIC.”

Everyone gathered looked at one another before shrugging their shoulders.

“So far we only have two members of the club performing. Each of you is entitled to three or four songs, and you can have dancers. I got it approved by the Headmaster so we are good to go. Oh, and one more thing, as the Vice President of this club, Jeim is going to perform. He’s going to be closing out the night.”

Jeim looked up and glared. He hadn’t agreed to this, but he had to set an example at all times. Sighing, he forced a smile and threw up a peace sign with his fingers.

“We look forward to all of your participation in making the Homecoming Festival an amazing event. I hear some teachers are giving extra credit for volunteers so there’s that. Let’s rock it out.”

Jeim hadn’t prepared any songs or practiced any dance moves. This was so last minute, but he had to come up with something. Homecoming was in a few days and he would have to figure out the best course of action. The Club President turned to him after everyone had departed and smiled.

“I’m sorry. I know you don’t like to perform, but as Vice President, I figured you’d want to show them how it’s done. After all, you’re amazing. I saw the video that Riley fellow posted.”

“I just wished you’d have asked first. Homecoming is a week away, but I’ll think of something.”

“How about I take you for lunch? As a way to repay you.”

Jeim smiled.

“Fine, but no more surprises. Let’s go.”



It was October 8th and Jeim had spent a majority of his time preparing for the Homecoming Festival. He’d finished all of his assignments early to focus on putting on a show everyone would remember. He’d even gone to the gym to strengthen his physique, not that he needed it. Being on stage was something he tried to avoid at all cost, but the Club President had roped him into this and he was one who didn’t like to disappoint others. He had managed to learn 4 songs and had choreography for two out of the four. Since he was closing the show, he wanted to set an example and showcase what the Music Club was all about.

He’d bumped into Riley who was just as excited if not more after hearing the news. Riley’s band would also be performing after Jeim worked them in for one fun fueled number to open up the concert.
Jeim was headed for soundcheck. The concert would be after the main Homecoming game. If their team won they could celebrate, but if they lost the concert would lift everyone up. It was OIC’s way of giving an afterparty even though it wasn’t.

“Jeim, are you nervous?” Andrew asked.

“Nervous is an understatement, but it should be fun. I hope.”

“You’ll be fine. I listened to the songs you sent me. Dude. Your voice. I mean c’mon. I definitely don’t understand why you’re nervous.”

“Thank you, Drew, let’s take it from the top.”

Jeim hadn’t truly told anyone else that he was going to be singing on stage. Riley was the only one of his close peers, the only one from the Elites. The nickname Ms. Fortune had given those within his circle. Those who sort of got along but didn’t really get along, but were mostly on the same level with each other and knew of one another. There were a few in the group that he actually spent time with. He wished he could spend more time with Kat because she was always roasting everyone on social media. He was quite sure if none of them knew, they’d find out from Riley.

On top of everything, Jeim was trying to hold it together. He was trying to be happy, but it was often rocky. He’d found himself in some sort of odd vortex with Zach that he didn’t like, but didn’t have the emotional strength to let go. The sex was always amazing, but that’s all it was, and Jeim wondered if he was just another notch on someone’s belt, just another toy.

He looked up from the stage and saw Riley sitting in one of the seats with a big smile on his face.

Location: Sanctum Sanctorum

That morning played over and over in his head. He hadn’t slept all night, and when he’d gone to Raph’s room the man was not there. He stood in front of Orias’ door and smiled as the small child’s chest rose and fell. Aielah touched the child’s hair and moved it out of his face. He remembered Dr. Strange’s words regarding attachments to this realm. His attention was snatched away when the sound of glass shattering filled the Sanctum. Aielah ensured Orias didn’t wake and took off towards the source of the sound. Raph’s body was covered in deep wounds. He remembered how the tear fell from his eyes as he held Raph in his arms and beckoned him to not waste his energy, to conserve it, but with his final words the man reminded him that his job was not done, that now he had something more to protect. Orias. Aielah remembered the light leaving Raph’s eyes and for a moment a bit of his own light diminished. The warriors of the Sanctum quickly took Raph’s body to be buried in the sacred garden upon Aielah’s orders. How would he explain to Orias what had happened?

Aielah stood in the middle of the relic room physically present, but his mind distant.

“Sir,” one of the men spoke, bringing Aielah back.

Aielah turned to the man and blinked.

“Sir, there’s been an incident. It’s all over the news.”

Aielah nodded and followed the man out of the relic room. He sealed it back with a wave of his hand and soon sat gracefully in front of a large mirror. In the reflection, Oberon was addressing the world. Aielah’s eyes scanned the reflection and sighed. There was more than one attack last night. This proved that there was something going on and he had to get ahead of it and figure out what to do. He would need to pay Oberon a visit, but sending someone would be too messy. For this, he would have to actually get his hands dirty. As a sworn protector, it is what he had to do.


The small voice came from the doorway of the room. Aielah turned to see Orias standing sheepishly in the doorway, his head lowered.

Orias,” Aielah said, beckoning the child to enter. “Are you alright?

Orias seemed to brighten when Aielah motioned for him to enter. He quickly jumped into the sorcerer’s lap and buried his face into his shoulder.

“I had a dream about him.”

Aielah closed his eyes and comforted the young child in his arms.

Dreams are ways of remembering Orias. He rescued you, and brought you here for a new life. Thank him by living fully. Cherish every dream and memory.

Orias pulled away from Aielah and looked him in the eyes.

“I want to be able to protect you, like you protected me.”

Aielah smiled warmly and ruffled Orias’ hair.

Are you sure you want to learn? It is ultimately your choice, and I will not bar you from learning.

Orias nodded his head and Aielah stood, placing Orias gently on the ground.

Then your training will begin during the first light of the moon. Now, I have someplace to be, I trust you will look after the place while I am gone.

Orias nodded again and Aielah smiled.

Good. Nicolai will take you to the inner sanctum.

I still haven’t fought a robot! D:

It's okay... do like a summary post on how it went before Zordon's appearance. It's all good :)

"Now is not the time for mistakes. Now is the time for action. Do what you feel is best for your kingdom."

As each assembled before the great King, Alvaro was silent. He was observing each of them, wondering what it was like to grow up in their shoes, wondering if there could be any happiness with the cold breath of the enemy on their necks. They all had something in common. They were all on the list of destruction should they choose not to act. Alvaro wondered if he could go through with the lie. To marry the great King’s daughter and pretend as if his heart did not already belong to someone else. The greatest of all fallacies and he questioned his own morals. How could he lead a kingdom and act so treacherously? His conscience continued to gnaw at him. More than anything he wanted to make his father proud, but he also had his own life to live. The great King had graciously invited them all to take the hand of one of his daughters and yet, Alvaro gazed at each beautiful princess and wondered how soft their hair was and how quickly he could braid it. To him, friendships and bonds lasted longer, and although he would no doubt be unable to marry one of them, he would ensure that an alliance would be forged in the shackles of truth.

The great King had offered a moment for anyone to speak, but his daughters presented themselves to each of the princes. Alvaro graciously accepted the beautiful gift from Loreena. Her bow made him smile. It was a sign of respect in his kingdom that equals bowed to each other, but also you bowed deeply to those of higher wisdom and age. His window of opportunity to speak with the great King soon passed, but he felt welcomed in the kingdom and would do his best not to upset any of the royal family while there. He turned to his lover and guard and smiled.

“I will speak with the King alone,” he spoke in his native tongue, “please behave while we are here. We are guests and should act as such.”

They’d been invited to the Court of Flowers. Perhaps he would get another chance to speak with the King alone, but for now he would retire to his chambers and freshen for the festivities that awaited later that evening. The Court of Flowers was sure to be as interesting as it sounded. Alvaro had observed each of the princesses and one had caught his line of sight. She was interesting and yet hadn’t spoken at all during the ceremony. Alas they all seemed to disperse, even the princes and he was no exception.

“Do you think your father will be upset?” Nairo asked.

“My father will learn to understand and hopefully will accept you,” Alvaro said, glancing up at Nairo as he sat on the bed.

“The King can be forgiving,” Cairo stated.

“I know Cairo, but I must be careful how this is done. The great King could find it insulting, and the last thing we need is discontent between kingdoms. I will speak with the King alone, but be mindful while you are here, for we are not home. Use our native tongue to speak to each other, but no secrets. Understood?”

Cairo and Nairo nodded while Alvaro continued to get dressed. He wore a beautiful phoenix embossed garment that flowed from his toned form. A beautiful necklace adorned his neck and chest, the gemstone holding mysteries within it. The solid violet gem seemed to swirl specks of white and gold in its center.. Alvaro’s earrings accented the beautiful lavender garment he wore and he stood from the bed examining himself in the mirror.

“You look amazing,” Nairo said.

“The most fashion forward in the kingdom,” Cairo stated.

Alvaro smiled and shook his head. He was the last to arrive in the great hall. The beautiful flowers made him think of home. He strolled in, and remained silent as he observed what was going on, not wanting to interrupt.

The mover post is up. Get your characters to the ship after quick deliberation between the characters.
Zordon watched from the ship as each of the teenagers managed to find some way to fend off the threat, but what surprised him most was that they were willing to protect each other even though he could see one of them wasn’t truly as connected with the others, yet even they managed to help keep the threat at bay. He smiled. Teenagers with a true heart to protect didn’t come to his neck of the woods every day. This was indeed a rare treat. His eyes narrowed on Sa’Cha who was displaying a unique ability. It seemed he was already connected to the power source, or was there more to him than just surface?

A loud ringing filled the area and the creatures stopped their attack, retreating back into the ship. Sa’Cha gasped holding his injured side, having stumbled during the fight and hitting a sharp rock. Zordon appeared at the entrance of the ship and slowly descended the long strip of stairs. He approached the gathered teens and looked at them closely.

“I assure you that was merely a test and you are in no true danger here,” he said, his eyes falling on Sa’Cha’s injured side. “Here, let me mend that for you.”

Before Sa’Cha could object, nanites flew from Zordon’s body and began to mend the wound. This was advanced technology and Sa’Cha gazed down at his wound as he watched the little pieces of tech make quick work of mending him before returning to their source. Sa’Cha looked between the collective and then focused on Zordon.

“What kind of welcome was that? Those things nearly killed us.”

“No, they were merely testing you to see what kind of response you’d have. Trust me, I would not have allowed them to kill you. Although they are an alien race, they do understand your native tongue. Pardon my manners, let me introduce myself.” Zordon looked at each of the teenagers assembled before him. “I am Zordon, and if I am not mistaken, I am looking at the next protectors of this world. The next Power Rangers.”

Sa’Cha’s mind was swirling at the term used. His grandmother would always tell him tales of the protectors of the world and how they defeated evil throughout the years, each eventually retiring or worse. Had they been chosen to follow in the footsteps of so many legendary warriors?

“Please, I will answer all questions, but first if you could follow me into the ship, everything will become clear.”

Zordon turned without a second of hesitation and moved towards the ship, moving up the long trail of stairs and vanishing back into the ship. Sa’Cha turned to the others unsure how to proceed.

“Ummm, that was a lot to take in. Everyone alright?”

Succumb to me. Shatter your inhibitions.

Location: KingPin Warehouse

Time stood still for no one. Even now humans age every second of every day, and yet most of them walk around with smiles on their faces. Death was the only true catalyst to bring to their minds the fragility of life. Death was the true epitome of time’s dark side, and yet there were those who relished the dark, those who existed beyond the wretched grasp of time. In the end, humans all shook hands with the grim reaper, but in his eyes the grim reaper feared him. The grim reaper had no authority over his end, for he had chosen to be the captain of his own ship, the creator of his own destiny. How long would it take for the bonds to break and release the dark cold hand of chaos?

Shi’a stood in front of the full length mirror. His slender form glistened beneath the rays of the overhead lights. His tanned blemish free skin showed years of hard work and dedication. His arms, though lean, held strength from constant training. His chest, his abs, even his thighs and legs held stories of constant bone breaking training and yet his skin was soft and velvet to the touch. His beautiful icy blue eyes held stories that would chill the spine of any who dared to listen. Long black and royal purple hair cascaded down his back and rested just above his butt. He was satisfied with his look, though it meant little to him. Pleasing to others, but his own looks were something that didn’t phase him as much as it did others. Every now and then he would be mistaken for a woman and eventually decided to let people think whatever it is they would think. He took on the role of either gender, presenting a strong version of each to the eyes of any who gazed upon his dangerous beauty.

“Master, Lord Ashura wishes to speak with you.”

The shaky voice of the chambermaid filtered into the room from the doorway. Shi’loh turned to place his cold gaze on her and smiled.

“Thank you Laylah. You are dismissed.”

Shi’a pulled the dark purple under robe over his nude form and followed it by a black elegant dragon embossed thin garment that seemed to flutter when no wind was present. It gave an ethereal feel. In fact, Shi’a entire presence was ethereal to those who managed to survive encounters with him. He moved with such elegance and poise, almost as if he floated. Shi’a grabbed his keys and moved towards the meeting room of the large mansion. He was visiting his father in hopes of spending a little family time. He’d left New York four years ago to help his father establish businesses in other parts of the country, and his success was astronomical.

Standing in front of the great wooden doors, Shi’a reached out to push only for one of the many hired hands to hurriedly open it for him.

“Lord Ashura, you wish to speak with me?,” Shi’a asked, as he moved to stand before the intimidating man. His brows nor hair showed any sign of age, but he was well in his forties. The man’s body was forged from the work he’d done to become the Kingpin of New York. His cane was a gift from Shi’a, something that would always come in handy should he need it. Many rings adorned the fingers on each massive hand. Lord Ashura turned to face Shi’a and smirked.

“How are you settling in? It’s been four years since you’ve stayed here.”

“I am adjusting. The time differences take some getting used to.”

One of Lord Ashura’s men came in and moved swiftly to his side. There was an exchange of whispers before Lord Ashura’s face contorted to show distaste. Whatever the man had said he didn’t like. Shi’a watched as the man stepped back before speaking.

“What’s going on?”

“Someone likes to play vigilante, it seems.”

Shi’a raised an eyebrow. Any man was a fool to step foot on the wrong side of Lord Ashura.

“How so?” Shi’a asked.

“Inventory wasted. There was, how can I put it? Complications at one of my locations. A little nuisance who likes to use golden rounds from a particular gun. When I get my hands on him…”

“Allow me to go send a message to them as well as any who dare challenge your authority.”

A look of concern washed over Lord Ashura’s face. Though he was a crime boss, he was also a father to Shi’a and didn’t like sending his son on missions without necessary intel. He also was aware of what Shi’a meant by ‘sending a message’ and the last event played over in his head. The amount of money he’d spent to cover it up could have built several hundred homes, but yet he knew if he sent Shi’a, the job would get done, but even he held a slight fear of his own son when it came to his deadly arts.

“Very well, but you are to report to me everything you find, and you are to not engage with the law enforcement. The last thing we need is a news report about dead cops. The media would be all over it.”

“Don’t you worry. I will be in and out like a shadow, but I do have one question before I leave. Who is this vigilante you speak of?”

“Ahh, the one known as ArcLight. My intel has collected a bit of information on him. I can get you the file if you want.”

“Just the gist will do. I like surprises.”

“He carries around this Lee Enfield rifle and has these special bullets that make short work of my men.”


Before Lord Ashura could say another word, Shi’a was gone. A puff of black and purple smoke was all that remained in the space that Shi’a once occupied.


Red and blue lights surrounded the building that was once the Kingpin’s factory. Illegal substances sold to the highest bidder are now useless in the hands of the police. There were numerous of them, happy that they’d made such a large discovery, but in truth it wasn’t the only factory in New York. There were numerous, each with its connected purpose. As the police slowly began to round up the Tracksuits that complained about not being able to see clearly, or out of one eye.

“Fascinating,” Shi’a said right into the ear of one of the police officers who was standing by observing.

The startled man quickly drew his weapon and Shi’a tilted his head at the man.

“How much did you collect?”

By now the other police officers were turning to see Shi’a who repeated his question in case the officer was hard of hearing.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” the man demanded.

“I am here for retribution.”

The shift was swift, and an ominous cold filled the area. The man fired a shot that pierced the figure in front of him, but struck the wall behind it. Shi’a form had shifted to that of a Shadow Wraith. The officer’s eyes widened at what he was seeing and before he could fire off another shot, his scream filled the air. Gunshots rang out, but soon quieted as one by one each fell to the touch of the dark entity. The hooded figure turned to gaze upon the Tracksuits, hovering over to them.

“You had ONE job. Tell me, how were you bested by one mere mortal?”

Shi’a’s voice filled the ears of the frightened semi blinded men. It was no mistake that the sound of his voice drove many insane. It was akin to several hundred souls speaking at once.

“There was more than one sir, there was this thing that wasn’t affected by our bullets.”

Shi’a’s interest was poked.

“Go on.”

“It came in and we shot at it, but it wouldn’t go down. The bullets kept going right through it. Then it released this searing light that blinded most of us. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen. There was this guy too with this rifle. He shot us.”

“Enough. I have all I need,” Shi’a said.

He turned to leave after breaking the restraints that held the Tracksuits. “I will let you live this time, but one more screw up and I will feast on your souls. Go back to the Kingpin and tell him why you failed.”

Without a sound Shi’a was gone. The police officers would begin to wake a few minutes later. He was sure they would be a report made on what happened, but what was a return without a little fun?

Okay…… Ashura is complete
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