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I joined 5 years ago..... where has the time gone? Welp, I plan to be a little more active on here than before. Let's have FUN!
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Looking for a great story with great people who are dedicated to this great art form!


I have been writing since I was 17 years old. I am now 33 and I've been enjoying life. Writing is a passion just as reading is. My favorite genre is murder/mystery, but I love fantasy and I love action/adventure. I have published a collection of short stories that can be found on Apple Books, Barnes and Nobles, and Kindle. I have a trilogy in the works, the first part scheduled for release this year.

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Sa'Cha moved as quickly as he could with Mark talking as if his life depended on it. Several things were swirling through his mind at the moment and yet it had gone unnoticed that Zeus had chosen a champion to help in the cause and that she was a student at Angel Grove High.
Sa'Cha stopped for a moment to turn and talk to Mark about something other than the topic of motorcycles and cars, something Mark was very fluent in. He hadn't even sensed Finn walk up until he felt his hand on his back. Turning after hearing Finn's voice, Sa'Cha smiled.

"Neither can I," Sa'Cha said.

"Awwww look at you two, so cute," Mark chimed in.

Sa'Cha's glare sent chills down Mark's spine. He cleared his throat and scratched the back of his head.

"I'll see you two after class," Mark said rushing off.

Sa'Cha turned his attention back to Finn. Even after time had passed, he still got slightly nervous whenever he talked to him.

"Do you have practice today?" Sa'Cha asked, "have you eaten?"
Aight! Do I need to change up the form during the story? Also, I already included the name of their patron/deity in its section. Do I need to include his domains as well, or maybe his personality?

Yes you can change up the form during the story to include the different forms Navy will be able to access after immense training. The Name of the patron/deity is good, but we need to know what they are they represent and any information you want to give about them; otherwise, I may have to improvise when I utilize them to call your character to action in the future.

Name: Sa’Cha Harroea
"Embrace the song of the Siren. Fill the world with sound!"
Age: 17 (Senior)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Relationships: Finley “Finn” Logan (Dating)

Personality: Sa’Cha is kind when it comes to his friends and family. He can have a bit of a temper sometimes. He is cursed with the inability to hide his feelings. This sometimes gets him into a bit of trouble. He is strong-willed and determined. He is faithful and observant. He has been called playful and a perfectionist. When duty calls Sa’Cha ensures he is focused on the task at hand. He is calculating and strikes to bring fear to the hearts of his enemies. He protects, it’s in his blood. He can be shy around someone he likes on a romantic level at first but as things progress he opens up more. Sa'Cha does have some internal demons that he's constantly fighting. Sometimes, if pushed to far this chaotic side of him breaks free and wreaks havoc.

Patron/Deity: Hecate (Hekate): Hecate is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy.

Magical Affinity: Lunar

Blessed Weapon: Mystical Trident Spear - This beautifully crafted staff is forged from the souls of past Banshee Queens and the tears of the current Banshee Queen and was a gift to Udonna who passed it down to Sa’Cha. The staff is sentient and ensures Sa’Cha’s safety at all costs. It helps him channel the arcane energies of the universe. A cut from this weapon can cause hallucinations. This has no effect on Sa’Cha. The weapon is resistant to the elements. The crystal embedded in the blade is said to harbor the essence of its victims. When not in use the weapon is stored in a trident charm on a bracelet Sa’Cha wears.

Training: Sa’Cha has trained in the mystical arts ever since he was able to read. Against his parent’s wishes, his grandmother felt he needed to learn and understand what he was capable of doing.

Magi Form:
Chaotic Influence - Gazing into his eyes causes a hypnotic spell to ensare the senses. Those ensnared will do as he commands.
Moon Blast - harnessing the immense power of the moon, Sa'Cha can utilize that energy in various forms.
Lunar Surge - flooding his body with the light of the moon, his senses and body are strengthened above that of a human.
Lunar Blessing - blessing allies with renewed strength and vigor in times when it is needed. Minor cuts can be healed.

Mystic Theurge Form:
Lunar Curse - a curse of pain and burns are cast onto the victim damaging the body rapidly.
Curse of the Moon - the haunting call of the moon causes more than just the tides to react. Lunar light can cause the reanimation of the dead.
Spirit Shackle - striking a foe with his blessed weapon causes their spirit to be shackled in place making them immobile.

Arch Mage Form: (The most powerful form one can attain through hard work, dedication, and mastery of the arts.)
Spirit Form - Harnessing the full power of the moon, Sa'Cha can take the form of a spirit enabling swift movement, passing through walls, and near invulnerability to physical threats.
Shadow's Wrath - Minions of shadow, and the ability to manipulate the darkness.

History/Background: Sa’Cha was left in the care of his great grandmother when his parents perished. The entire estate and all the wealth fall to him when he turns 21, but his great grandmother ensures he has access to whatever he needs. Regarding his parent's death, Sa’Cha was told at a young age that his parents didn’t suffer and that the cause of their deaths was natural, but he has always been curious. Nonetheless, he followed the path his grandmother placed before him. She always gave him free will to do what he wanted, but he was all she had, and he had to make sure she was taken care of. At the age of 14, Sa’Cha came out to his grandmother that he was bisexual.

His grandmother is his entire world. She’d taught him about the world of magic. She taught him how to brew potions strong enough to break the strongest of minds and subdue the bravest of souls. She’d taught him about the beauty in nature and how to give and take from it. He became a fully realized sorcerer by the age of 15. Recently, his grandmother experienced strong visions and moved them to a place known as Angel Grove. She didn’t tell him what the visions were, but that he had a mission. He was to enroll in Angel Grove High, blend in and report anything out of the ordinary to her. As a Senior, he hopes to make his grandmother proud. After arriving at Angel Grove, he made numerous friends, but one boy stood out to him. Finn. Finley Logan is a cheerleader and Sa’Cha never thought he’d ever have a chance with someone like Finn, but after a trip to a fossil museum where Finn was in charge of a fundraiser, Sa’Cha built up the courage to ask Finn out on a date and Finn said yes.

So far nothing has happened at Angel Grove that is worth reporting to his grandmother, but Sa’Cha is ever alert in case anything seems out of the ordinary, but what is ordinary?

As to how Sa'Cha encountered Hecate. That is a story for another time.
Name: Navy Thomas
Age: 16
Gender: Nonbinary; uses They/Them pronouns
Orientation: Demisexual
Relationships: Nope!
Personality: Navy is…a rather nervous sort, let’s be honest.

They often like to stay out of conflict and run away if they meet an aggressive/confrontational person. Jumpy, anxious, and a bit paranoid, they always think that something bad is going to happen for no reason, and try to avoid it as much as they can. They’re also rather fidgety and restless and don’t like to stay in one place.

As for what they like to do, books are their best friends, even to the point that they’re better than people in their eyes. People and animals are unpredictable and scary, and books are safe and secure. Why wouldn’t they like them more? They also, surprisingly, don’t fear death, finding it strangely comforting.

They’re also very sarcastic and eloquent in their head, only to fumble their words and stutter a lot when they actually have to speak out loud.

Patron/Deity: Ancient Master Bessor

Magical Affinity: Death/Darkness
Blessed Weapon: Scythe
Training: None, I think? They just like to be alone with their books-

Magi Form: Navy wears dark blue robes, a black hood, and midnight blue, knee high boots.


Lights Out: Navy disperses all the light from the room, leaving only pitch black darkness.

Necromancy: Navy “resurrects” someone, and can talk to them through a telepathic link.

Full Moon: Navy grows stronger at night/in dark places.

Mystic Theurge Form:
Arch Mage Form:

History/Background: (TW: Abuse, Alcoholism, and Manipulation)

Navy doesn’t exactly have the best birth parents.

Born into a middle class family, Navy’s birth father was an alcoholic and an abuser of both them and their birth mother. When he wasn’t drunk, he seemed fine on the surface, but manipulated Navy into being scared of everything so they would only rely on him. When he was drunk, however, he would engage in violent acts(including hitting Navy’s birth mom or Navy) or throwing things at walls when his spouse and child didn’t want to do things his way.

Meanwhile, Navy’s birth mom manipulated Navy into staying and not telling anyone about their situation, because she was scared of losing her child.

It got to the point where, when Navy figured out that he was nonbinary, he didn’t tell them because he was scared of what they might say.

One day during school, however, Navy accidentally went to school with some of their bruises visible, even though their birth mother and father strictly forbade it, and they were brought aside and asked how they got the bruises. Navy was reluctant at first, but eventually, they broke down and told them, and soon, they were taken out of their home and placed into a foster family, who were much kinder to them.

While they do love their foster family with all their heart, Navy still blames themselves for all this to this day, and thinks that if they were just a better child, their birth family would’ve been better to them.

At least they’re officially out as nonbinary now, and their foster family accepts them for who they are.

((Insert how they met their patron deity here- xD

Honestly, though, I’m not really sure how the characters meet their patron deities, so I’m just going to leave it out for now.

Also, sorry if their mage form is underpowered.))

So if you look at Forsythe's sheet you can get an idea of how the patrons/deities interact with their chosen ones. Also, yes, please include who your deity is and information about them. If you want the deity to choose your character in story, that is fine as well and we will work closely to make sure it flows with the story. Your sheet does need a bit more detail and remember, resurrecting someone is a bit much so you'll need to tone that down. You can reanimate dead animals and people, but in that sense, they would be a zombie, dead and under your control. You can make these changes while you participate in the story, yes?

@Crimson Flame Move your character over to the Character Tab, please.
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Does anyone else want to join?
Friday, Sa’Cha’s Home, 7 AM
The shadows swirled around him like black smoke as he levitated within the spell circle.

“Sa’Cha, listen to my voice. What do you see?”

There was silence. An eerie wind blew through the room, but Sa’Cha did not answer. The candlelight flickered, daring to extinguish.
“Sa’Cha, concentrate.”

His body shivered in response to the strain. Chaotic energy pulsed around him and stretched out touching the walls. The spell circle began to glow brighter and brighter until Sa’Cha opened his eyes. The energy subsided quickly and Sa’Cha’s body slammed against the floor. He groaned and looked up at his grandmother who touched him gently.

“It’s alright. You’ll get there. Your magic is unique. With training, you will master it. Now go take a shower. You’ll be late for school if you don’t.”

Sa’Cha stood up slowly. Over the past months, he trained extra hard to put a dent in learning his abilities. Lunar Magic wasn’t an everyday type of magic. Even his grandmother, a master in her own right, knew little about it. He was worried about the nightmares he’d experienced. It always ended when he woke up in the middle of the night with items floating around him, only to come crashing down. Everything in his room was a potential risk now and he wanted to know why. His grandmother saw his expression and sighed.
“It’ll be alright, don’t think too much about it, and enjoy your senior year. I have something big planned for your graduation.”
Sa’Cha smiled and hurried off to take a shower and get dressed. His normal outfits consisted of plain clothes. Nothing that would make him stand out lived in his wardrobe. A simple red shirt with a pair of black jeans that hugged his butt, and a pair of red shoes completed the look. He always wore earrings that dangled, and although his grandmother didn’t like the earrings, he loved how they made him look. Today was a good day. He had relived the date he asked Finn out on a date and the fact that the date was fast approaching made him slightly nervous and very happy. Finn was amazing. After he’d asked him out on a date, Sa’Cha had been hard at work getting to know him as much as he could during school hours, and even after school, he’d call and text whenever he felt it was appropriate. His friend thought it was hilarious how smitten Sa’Cha was.

Sa’Cha grabbed his backpack and keys and kissed his grandma on the cheek.

“See ya after school. Love ya.”

“Love you too. Be careful.”
Friday, Angel Grove High School, 9 AM
“Hey Sa’Cha, how’s grams?”

“Hey Mark, she’s good,” Sa’Cha said as he stepped onto campus, his friend Mark joining him.

“Have you talked to Finn?” Mark asked.

“Not today. I’m kinda running late though,” Sa’Cha said, trying to avoid conversations about Finn. He had to concentrate on classes. They would all be graduating at the end of the semester and so many things played out in his head. Would he keep in touch with everyone he’d come to care about while at Angel Grove High? What about Finn? Was it just a puppy romance or could they possibly become something more even after graduation? What about the main reason they’d moved to Angel Grove? His grandmother had visions of darkness that enveloped the city, and she was there to ensure it didn’t happen, but Sa’Cha hadn’t felt anything since his arrival.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Mark said.
Long ago, when the Earth was young, there arose a great evil that took captive the Earth’s free spirit.

Society had blossomed, and scholars had traveled near and far to bring forth texts and scrolls of various knowledge. Many creatures live on Earth in peace, but it was short-lived. The world was a haven of sorts, controlled by the Elder’s Council who prayed to the deities for wisdom and guidance. They led the world in beautiful harmony, but it was not to last, one of the Elders of the council became twisted, and felt that only one should rule over the many. The elder allowed darkness into his heart and allowed it to twist his mind and become that which was shunned. He became a Darkling, and as a Darkling, he began his assault on the council.

Harmony was disrupted, but the council did its best to continue to maintain harmony throughout the world. This came at a high price as one by one council members suffered deaths at the hands of Mahvalli. Mahvalli, the leader of the Darklings, would have the throne of power, and the council would fall, he felt it was his destiny to do so, and with an army of abominations, he would get his desire. The council had to take drastic measures. Even with their mystical skills, they were few in number and were forced to seek out new members in order to combat Mahvalli and his army. The Elder’s Council sent one of their best warriors to travel and recruit as many who would fight with them as they could.

The Council formed the Warriors of Light, a group of powerful magical warriors who fought against Mahvalli and his evil, and with all of their might, repelled the evil threat and restored light back to the universe. Time really does change people. The ones you knew back in the day now seem different in some way. It is time that changes the things around us that we have no control over. We can look into the past and realize that the things of yesterday are gone, but have you ever truly wondered if the things of yesterday are truly gone? What if the past never died? What if the things that you faced in the past come back to haunt you in the present? Yes, time does change things, but the question still remains, will that which is in the past stay there? It is that which is done in the cover of darkness that keeps this world running smoothly. Some must die so that others may live.

Many years have passed since the defeat of Mahvalli and the restoration of the universe. Not many remember the lives lost that fateful day, but those who were there, and their offspring remember it like it was yesterday. Destruction, chaos, it was real, and yet now the world was at peace. There were no wars currently and the closest thing to evil were criminals facing justice from the law enforcers. The Combined World Defense Unit is what the “police” were called. They ensured protection for all citizens of Earth. However, there's something that has awakened after centuries of peace. What lies in the darkness of the past threatens the fabric of reality once more, but who will stop it this time? WHo will ensure peace and light remain?
Alright, we are now looking for at least four players. Please be dedicated. We've had three drop. If you have ANY questions I'll be glad to answer them.
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