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Current I joined 5 years ago..... where has the time gone? Welp, I plan to be a little more active on here than before. Let's have FUN!
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Finally feeling like home!
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Looking for a great story with great people who are dedicated to this great art form!
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Getting back into things. Should be fun....


I have been writing since I was 17 years old. I am now 33 and I've been enjoying life. Writing is a passion just as reading is. My favorite genre is murder/mystery, but I love fantasy and I love action/adventure. I have published a collection of short stories that can be found on Apple Books, Barnes and Nobles, and Kindle. I have a trilogy in the works, the first part scheduled for release this year.

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I'm half expecting him to chopper in like a boss to debrief the three anomalous martial artists that showed up to fight aliens.

Titus is like the Zordon of the group.
Applying for this since I think its still open.

OMG.... MOOOOOCHI!!!!! See, now I gotta go buy some. What a refreshing concept.
Luna's all, "YOU HAVEN'T HAD A SLURPEE? JESUS!" lol I love it. Too bad Titus isn't there to celebrate. Ahh, but Yuri will visit him with some coffee.
Never Underestimate a Ninja

Yuri wasn't hurt after being knocked through a thick wall. The butterfly had protected him from the full force of the blow from both the tail and hitting the wall. He was standing to his feet when the metal rod struck him in the shoulder sending waves of pain through his body. He stumbled back from the blow and realized more of the metal rods were in the room zipping around as if waiting for their turn to strike his body. Falling to one knee, blood escaped his slightly parted lips and as he yanked the bar from his shoulder, the resulting shock caused him to cough spraying the once clean floor with his own life fluid. Everything was swirling. He'd let his guard down, and that was the mistake he'd made when facing a new adversary. Never let your guard down and never let go of faith. He understood now why Scheherazade had been so concerned about them. The mocking words of Scorpion Girl rang in his ear as Merlin fought her.

Just as the rods were getting ready to strike him, an orb of light shot into his staff that he was holding and he watched in bewilderment as his staff began to change. More diamond tendrils sprouted showcasing a rainbow of different colored gems at the end of each. The staff elongated slightly adding another six inches. The tip had a diamond that held every color fathomable within, and it floated affixed somehow to the staff. It was shaped like a pyramid. Runes covered the staff from top to bottom. His own aura shifted and the hole in his shoulder began to close rapidly, leaving no trace of injury. His eyes contained a beautiful display of color as if an aurora borealis was trapped in his irises. The rods shot towards him and instantly froze in place at the sheer strength of his power. He slowly stood up, levitating off the ground as he began chanting. The rods twisted and contorted until they were the shape of Luna Moths.

Yuri had created Luna Moth shuriken that spun around him as if he had his own orbit. He appeared back in the room with Scorpion Girl and Merlin, directly behind Scorpion Girl. As Scorpion Girl's knee came close to Ayaka's back, it would strike a barrier like before. Silly of her to think that the blue butterfly that was still fused with Merlin would allow any harm to come to her.

"The civilians were never your true target. Your mission is simple, and we stand in the way of that mission am I right? You're not called Darkeepers for any reason other than to spread it. Scheherazade may fear what you are capable of, but I will not allow darkness to take this world."

Yuri swung the beautiful staff and an array of rainbow butterflies fluttered about the room filled with arcane explosive energy, their color representing their element.

"You wanted to see power? Let's have some fun shall we?"

Yuri held the sinister power he'd felt in the room. It wished to break free and rip Scorpion Girl to pieces, to demolish her and whoever else dares to hurt him, but he willed it away, locking it behind a psionic barrier. Fighting darkness with darkness would only destroy. He had to be careful and calculating with every move he made.

Arcana Surge: Rainbow Swarm!
Earth (Somewhat) - Tiě Quán Sect

"Have you found him yet?"

"Master, he's not coming back. Why do you obsess over someone who left you so many years ago?"

"It wasn't his choice. He had to leave. If the Yuheng Sect would have stayed out of it, he would still be here. It is because of them that he's gone and I want them to pay. Can you do that? Can you make them pay?"

A man dressed in a long black trench coat with raven black hair down to the middle of his back smiled and cracked his knuckles.

"This will be fun. I will bring an end to the Yuheng Sect, one by one," the man said.

"Good, now go, I have to plan for his arrival. Soon, soon my love you will return and we will be together."

A man with black hair dressed in an expensive robe with the crest of their sect present on the right chest caressed a drawn image of Yuri. His eyes were as soft and blue as the ocean, but behind those eyes held a history no one dared to visit.

"Master Huong, there is word of his presence. Someone saw him fighting alongside a female water specialist, a machine of some sort, and a young man from the Yuheng Sect. Your orders?"

"Finally," Huong said standing to his feet, "at long last, I have found you, my love. The Yuheng Sect will pay for pushing you away from me, and when they are gone we can live together, forever."


Earth - Coral City: Gas Station

Yuri fluttered around Gou and Luna when they stopped at the gas station to wait for Gou to retrieve his garments. Yuri gave the young man some privacy as he clothed himself, but fluttering in the breeze was refreshing and allowed him to regain any strength he'd lost. It took far less energy as a moth to move than in his true form and he enjoyed the look of bewilderment whenever he landed on someone's shoulder or a photographer who just so happened to snap a photo of him resting on a flower. His patterns were beautiful and crisp and somewhat ethereal. Luna Moths were already a beautiful species of moth, but Yuri enhanced the beauty in his Luna Moth form.

Yuri transformed back into normal form, only this time he was wearing beautiful garments that flowed in the wind, and he carries a lovely fan, but the Monarch Blade stay affixed to his back. His hair was longer, and pure white touching the top of his buttocks. His eyes were beautiful pools of seafoam green and could ensnare even the more secure of souls. It was like watching the ocean crash against the shore. Beautiful butterfly earrings adorned his ears and seemed to move as if alive. He looked completely out of this world. His garbs were a soft green, with accents of eggplant purple on the trim and around the waist and the tips of his sleeves.

"This is my normal look, my more casual garment. Come, let us enjoy a, what is it called? Slurpee?"
I can finally post when I wake up. :) tough work week you all.
This RP is still accepting character with a MAX of 10. There are 7 OPEN SLOTS.
Yuri was always amazed by the power his boyfriend displayed. In truth, Remy was so much more powerful than he imagined, he just needed to push himself to believe in his own inner power. Yuri tried to let him know at every chance that he was incredible and he wondered if Remy heard him or just brushed it off as a compliment from someone who liked him, a lot. Yuri continued to hold Remy even when the students were trying to figure out the best course of action with handling Madame Muir. Sure, they could leave, but the wards that protected the institute were of high level and the sentinels that guarded the place weren't pushovers. Still, Yuri could handle it. He knew the secrets and the ways around it to get them out, but if he got them out then they would need to push and move quickly. When he displayed his power, it was noticeable, it could be felt, and it would surely alert Madame Muir.

He softly spoke in Remy's ear.

"Are you alright?"

He wanted to make sure Remy was okay first. Using emotion-based abilities could drain the caster, and that was the reason he kept a warm comforting hold on Remy. Another reason was too explicit to mention, but he did enjoy the closeness and scent of the man in his arms. The way his muscles tensed when touched in certain places. Yuri quickly snapped back to reality and sighed as he looked at Emelia and Lithy.

"I'll do it. I'll create a path for us to get out. We all need to stay focused. Understood? Once we are at Black Hill Top we can set into motion making allies and figuring out how to deal with your mom Emelia."

Yuri rested his chin lovingly on Remy's shoulder and interlaced his fingers with Remy's.

"Don't overexert yourself, babe. As much as I'd love to carry you, I don't want you to hurt yourself. Besides, we can revisit those chains and whips later if you want."
Yuri frowned at the mention of their guardian being reduced to nothing more than a pet. How dare she even speak of him. He was the reason they all got together and defended the world from evil. He was like a big brother to Yuri, and possibly the others. Scheherazade was a friend, and Yuri would protect his friends with everything he had. This new girl did not cause him to fear as Scheherazade seemed to. He wasn't afraid of what she was capable of, nor was he opposed to fighting her to keep the world safe. She had launched the initial attack on his friends and like any friend would do he would fight back.

"Darkeepers you say? Seems rather weak to ambush and not fight head on, but alas that is what your kind is known for, HIDING in the shadows like loose lip wanna-be predators waiting for something you'll never get."

Yuri didn't have a chance to say more as the flash of blinding light from Merlin's staff filled the area. Yuri had acknowledged her want for him to create a portal and he had created the mini-portal in his hands, but by the time he'd done it, Ayaka was under attack. This would be a challenge, as was every fight to protect the light, but he would never back down, he would never quit.

Scheherazade, I still say you worry for nothing.

Yuri had already begun calculating ways to get them out of this situation. His grip never wained from his staff, and when the Scorpion girl reared back to kick Ayaka in the head, the staff acted on its own to protect Merlin from harm. Even though he was still learning his powers, there was one he had tapped into before that would surely land them victory, but the feeling afterwards was something he didn't want to experience again. He'd felt dark, almost sinister to a degree, but the power had protected him which confused him even more. Still, now was the time for action and not running. If the Darkeepers wanted a fight, then it was a fight they'd get.

Yuri's senses picked up on the Scorpion girl's tail which resembled a serrated long whip with a pointy tip. He would need to be careful not to be impaled by it.

"Where she's going is no concern of yours, and quite frankly that visor clashes with the rest of your eyesore of an outfit. It makes you look chubby and unpleasant. Now, get away from my friend," Yuri said as one of the crystal luna moths began to glow.

The Scorpion Girls kick would crash into a barrier sending the same energy back into her body. At the same time, the small portal had transformed into 3 butterflies. 2 purple butterflies and 1 blue butterfly. He slapped one of the purple butterflies onto Merlin's back. The purple butterfly would fuse with her, if only temporarily, but she would feel an increase in her powers and abilities and senses. The other two butterflies fluttered protectively around Yuri as the Scorpion Girl's tail flicked through the air towards him. Beautiful blue light filled the first floor as the serrated tail smashed against the wings of the blue butterfly that covered Yuri sending him rocketing through the wall behind him.

In shock by the power of their opponent's tail, he quickly got to his feet as the blue butterfly unwrapped its wings from around him and positioned on his shoulder while the purple butterfly fluttered around angrily.

"That hurt," he yelled from the hole.
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