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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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Another shameless Status plug for my Tokyo Ghoul interest check in Casual. No knowledge of Tokyo Ghoul required to join and enjoy!
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Just a friendly reminder that I've got a Tokyo Ghoul check up in Casual. No prior knowledge of Ghoul required if you're interested. ^^
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So... Not big on Bios... Prefer people just talk to me if they'd like to know shit.

But, call me Alice if you'd like.

Currently working on a fanfic, Roar, which is linked in my sig.

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As the plant began to move, the first of the whips flailing, Torrent's immediate instinct was to get away.

Which she did by promptly digging straight down until she was in a little hole. But she wasn't quick enough to evade all the whip-like attacks, as several clipped her along her back end and tail. Irritated at having been struck she swished her tail back and forth while she moved forward slowly towards the plant. Breaking back up she made a small hole that she could see the plant through, and she backed up slightly into her little tunnel and into the darkness that she felt more comfortable in.

Using Scale shift to the dirt beneath her, which would be a richer color than the forest floor she'd used it with above, Torrent stopped to think.

Something that was becoming surprisingly more common for her. As far as she could tell, this thing didn't have a way of sensing her except through touch. Which meant that it shouldn't be able to do anything about her attacking through her little safe hole. She couldn't believe she was fighting a plant of all things. A funny thought occurred to her as she thought, however, as the memory of Jason and his chanting words before doing things randomly popped into her head.

"From the Shadows I strike, swift and true, a stream of fire and ire, assassination," she said confidently after a few moments of thought, repeating her mixed flame breath and poison breath attack from before through the hole at the plant's 'bulb'.

Hanna stood on top of a building some twelve blocks away from the beast's current position, her bow raised and moving slowly to keep the beast's head in her sights. On her visor a multitude of readouts were running, indicating all the variables and accounting for them. Wind, visible powers (which were being logged and sorted into her files with notes), movement....

There was an opening as the ink controller, which her systems identified as Inkscape, fell. A momentary lull as the majority of the local capes fell still for just a breath. As Alexandria hurtled in again, slamming into Behemoth's face like a V6 Rocket, Hanna fired her arrow. As the iconic woman was smacked away for the umpteenth time, Hanna's arrow flew into the eye of the Endbringer, sinking in a little more than one would have expected, before it exploded in a flash of liquid nitrogen, literally freezing the section of Behemoth's face around the eye. Another cape stepped in moments later as steam became to rise visibly, her systems noting that the man had been visibly thrown by another, before he slammed a fist that was suddenly ten times normal size into the section.

Lightning exploded out from a direction she couldn't see, crackling and sizzling as it hit the flesh of the monster. She made a note to keep an eye out for whoever was throwing around lightning. Outlet could use a good friend like that.

It was then that she noticed the growing field above the beast and she pursed her lips. A quick scan let her zoom in on the projection, noticing a myriad of elemental and energy based effects being thrown, blasted, and formed near it.

"Mhmmm. That's interesting. Very interesting. At least I won't be getting bored anytime soon....And there's someone who could use a little talk when this is all over..." Hanna muttered to herself, a wry smile splitting her face as she fired another nitrogen arrow at the beast's legs in an attempt at slowing it down.

Blue stepped forward slightly, smoothly moving in such a way that made one wonder if she had moved at all. Her right shoulder was now slightly in front of Mieke as Blue gently placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. Her eyes bored into the man's as Leonard politely reminded him of what manners were.

"Now now boys, we wouldn't want to cause a ruckus when the show is about to start, now would we?"

Torrent wandered curiously, ignoring the little rubber frog that hopped away from her, as she searched for something interesting. Something to eat.

When she stumbled upon the edible plant, she was content enough to just dig it up quickly and eat her fill before moving on.

From there she stumbled across the odd blood plant. She stayed well away from its odd flesh-vines as she considered how best to approach it. It smelled amazing, but her analysis indicated it was dangerous. Getting caught would likely end badly for her, and she didn't want to simply start a forest fire by accident.


Instead she thought how best to handle the thing. She was still kinda close to base camp, even if they were going to move soon, and that made this thing a danger. At least, she thought that made sense. Fire might attract predators, what with the burning flesh. Cooking meat always smelled good, from what she could remember of it.

Instead, she started making a puddle of her venom near the thing with carefully aimed globs. Not close enough that it should splash onto it, but close enough for what she was hoping would work.

From her little experiments back in the shelter, she knew that the fire was almost like it had ignited the venom. At least, that was the best way she could understand it.

Once a small puddle had formed, she opened her maw and was about to release a torrent of Fire Breath forth towards it before stopping to think. She carefully canceled the spell and stopped to think for once.

She'd be on guard, taunt at attention for any sign of a change in the plant or anything else showing up unexpectedly. Instinctually she found herself activating Scale Shift to blend into the ground beneath her feet while she thought. “In the name of the shadows, may this bring about the darkness that my master might desire,” she thought as she set her plan into motion.

She followed this up with trying to forcefully concentrate like she had in the shelter, attempting to harness that dual breath attack again while keeping it directed and focused forward. It had burned, kinda, but that had been on stone. She wanted to see if it would be enough to ignite her venom as she envisioned, as it had been a more controlled stream instead of an almost cone shaped attack.

When she felt like her concentration was about to waver, she released. But she didn't open her mouth fully this time, instead trying to use her mouth as a kind of hose to direct the ability where she wanted it to go.


Jason slowed to a stop outside the PRT building, carefully setting down his load of whoever came with him. They were fairly early, all things considered, as capes were porting in.

The speech was... Not very positive, but the point of being careful rang true throughout. And even with odds this bad they could win. They had won before.

They could do it if they worked together.

Jason ruffled Whimsy's hair as he stepped forward towards Eidolon.

"Be careful."

As he stepped in close to what was the second most powerful cape in the world, Jason felt a thrill run up his spine. "I can move people around quickly. Not durable enough to get close enough to deal damage myself, but I can always throw someone at the fucker." He spoke with a raised voice, making sure to be heard.

It was shortly after he was paired up with someone from another city who could build walls that Behemoth emerged. The sound rattled him to his core, and the tremors nearly unbalanced him.

With a quick stretch, Jason picked up anyone willing and set off towards the beast...

Lillian was handing out communicators as quickly as she could, her years of acrobatics helping keep her moving steadily, as Messiah moved along nearby. She kept an eye on her girlfriend nervously, worried about the incoming threat. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to help. She wasn't strong like Legend or Alexandria.

She still couldn't believe they were here.

That this was happening.

That Kens had already almost died.

She heard every word of Legend's speech, how could she not, but it just wasn't sinking in for her. None of this made any sense. How could it be happening here, in her hometown?

.... Did her parents get out yet?

<<It's never a good day,>> Manifold signed to her sister as they walked through the crowd, having stood up when asked. They'd fought as often as they were allowed. Behemoth had been the pushing point for Elle all those years ago, after all. The final straw.

And it had only gotten worse.

<<Tell that girl she's doing a wonderful job, would you? She looks like she's in shock,>> she added as a little girl in a scale-like costume handed them communicators. She carefully hooked the device into her own system in the meantime. Couldn't speak unless she used her system, but listening would be better than nothing. She pulled up the latest schematics for her temporary addition for this. She couldn't be certain it would work exactly right, and she'd probably have to replace something after using it...

Probably should get the jet running in advance.

Her chest expanded as she breathed in as a minute amount of the material coursed through her veins. Fire in her body, almost. Nitrogen fire.

She stepped over to Inkscape a few moments later, her arm shifting visible through her tech options. <<S & R?>> she signed, unsure if he'd be able to understand. So few people bothered to learn it, such a shame. If she ever got her own leadership position she was going to make learning it mandatory.

He nodded at her, and a smile broke her face. It was so nice to see someone who understood.

<<Thank you. It's nice to be understood.>>

"Search and rescue, Manifold. Tinker. Self augmentation. Multiple S-Class events, years of experience," a distinctly computerized female voice sounded out seconds later. She'd had had to make a brain implant for that, but it was still.... Wrong to her to use it. It wasn't her, not really, unlike the rest of her tech. It made her feel dirty. But better for those nearby to hear.

It seemed like an eternity passed before the ground shook hard enough to make her worry about stumbling as she reached out to stabilize a young cape that was falling from it.

She didn't even look as the bastard exploded from the ground with a bone shattering roar and a display of lightning.

It was time.


Jason felt his hand close around the head of the villain, and he pulled. The ensuing beat down was a blur as his rage consumed him, and he didn't even stop when the new arrival appeared. It was only when he started talking that Jason tilted his head to look at him, listening.

He was about to reply to the newcomer when the TVs kicked on.


He watched in surprise, blood dripping from his gloved hands, and abject horror as the hand came ever closer. Ever closer.

He was about to see a man's free will ripped from him, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

"Yeah, Whimsy, we won," he muttered as the girl spoke up absently.

And then the bad that had turned worse became the absolute worst case scenario.

Sirens. The sirens.

Endbringer sirens.

"I know you just got here, kid, but this is all hands on deck if you're willing to risk your life," Jason said quickly. "A monster is coming to kill us all, and we need all the help we can get."

Activating his comms he spoke to his team, letting his voice carry to this Chivalry.

"I'm going. If anyone needs help getting to the staging area, now's the time. I can take two. Chatter, you'd be really useful with the evacuations."

He'd wait to see if anyone wanted to join him, and then he'd be off to the PRT Building. The staging grounds whenever it was in the US.

Lillian carefully turned the safety on, slinging the rifle across her back by the strap, and she made her way around the spreading confoam carefully, but quickly, eyeing the hidden Protean warily. The... Things that he'd started, as well, she watched for signs of activation before she broke into a run towards the Director. Sinking to her feet, she started pulling at his shirt to expose his wound, pulling on all the first aid classes they'd had to take. Compression. Stop the bleeding. She listened carefully to his breathing, making sure he didn't stop while she did what she could. She pursed her lips at the realization that she couldn't do enough here, not with what she had at arms reach, and she looked up at Alessa.

"Messiah, burn the wound. I can't stop the bleeding and he's lost too much already. I can't —"

"Wards, there’s been a new development you need to see!” Decoy called out over the communicators. A nearby projector animated Patriarch’s broadcast on the wall.

Lillian's face went paler than it already was as she saw what was going on before she turned her attention back to the Director. She wished she could just ignore what that madman was doing, but she could still hear everything. But she couldn't do anything about that, she couldn't help that man, and she had to focus on what she could help with as she continued to do what she could for the Director.

"We need to get him to medical," she said distractedly to no one in particular as she stared at her bloody hands.

And then things got worse.

"No! No, this can't be..." she muttered in disbelief. "Decoy, what do we do?"

She was frozen in the kneeling position she had taken, rooted to the spot in terror.

An Endbringer. Here.


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Zer0 moved quickly when the Mega Bowser announced his displeasure at the bullets. From what he could see the reaction was stronger to his bullets, probably because of b0re, and that made things a little simpler.

Zer0 avoided the rampaging turtle-dragon, stealthing in the process, as he took an extended route towards where the cages were dropping.

It was obvious that they needed more allies, and he knew how to manage that. It seemed the Courier had the same idea, arriving just before Zer0 himself, and gifting a heart to the ape before running off towards the healer. Zer0 couldn't help but shake his head at the man, instead turning his focus to the others that had been free.

Quickly he repeated the process he'd done to revive Gaige on the remaining three that had been freed, finishing up the first two before the purple dragon landed nearby.

So, he did it to the dragon as well. This was just like Mercenary Day, in a way. All the allies he could want! Absolutely fantastic.

Up above, however, Gaige jumped from the cage she'd been on to get caught by Deathtrap mere moments later. The little furry guy with the miniature bot that sometimes appeared on his back was freeing another, some little dragon thing, and that left one cage to deal with. Which, really unsurprisingly, held some poor looking kid with a cape. Really, child labor at it's finest! Maybe this big dragon guy worked for Hyperion? This was the type of despicable, capitalistic behavior that they would take advantage of. She could just stand by and let this go, either. No, she needed to free him.

Directing DT closer, she gripped onto the plates of his shoulder she was sitting on as he made a mighty swipe with his free clawed arm through the chain holding the cage in the air.

“BE FREE AND FUCK THE BIG GOVERNMENT DRAGON GUY, KID! RISE UP AGAINST THE MACHINE!” she yelled at the kid in the cage as it fell towards the ground. She could see Zer0 reviving those freed down below, so she turned her focus towards their enemy.

Lifting her pistol, she fired at the giant beast as it came out of its shell, aiming for its face. She had DT take her to a safe spot, dismounting and throwing up her metal arm dramatically.

“TO HELL WITH THE FIRST LAW, GET 'IM DT!” she commanded, laughing maniacally as her robot whizzed off towards Mega Bowser.

Zer0 might've laughed at Gaige's insane yelling if it wasn't for the fact that they were in a life or death situation, and there was a metal cage falling directly at his head. With a shake of his head, he dived to the side, rolling with his momentum, before coming up with his rifle at the ready. He was closer to the Courier now than before, who was apparently in combat with their healer. Stealthily Zer0 positioned himself again, taking aim before firing twice through the Courier's body towards Mega Bowser's face.

What was it that they always said? Two birds with one stone, right? He couldn't tell if the Courier was actually helping them out or not anymore, so it was better to be safe than sorry. If he was helping them through some weird act, well, Blazermate could heal him back up in a jiffy. Just like a good shot to the face from Maya! Just, y'know, without the bullets or crazy Siren powers.

Jason stopped for a brief moment as Hunter disabled the bomb, only to immediately turn and start running as bomb after bomb started appearing. By the time Chatterbox had started calling for him, he was already almost there. Grabbing Whimsy, he put the on his back and started moving.

"Do what you do best, Whimsy. We're ending this," he said quickly.

As he ran past Alloy he scooped her up under his arm, grunting at the added weight and the interruption of his momentum. Flipping his power, he was off.

They moved faster than any human could hope to, each step taking them a good dozen feet forward.

There was a pattern. A clear pattern. Jason didn't go for the next appearance spot, no, he went for the one after that, so they'd be there before it was opening.

He set Alloy down, crouching as he took her hand.

When the portal opened, he'd dash in and grab the little bastard, yanking him out and back into their reality. And he'd make sure he stayed here, one way or another.

The Community Strikes Back

Chapter Two: The Rockers
Everyone around seemed to come to the decision that the HQ was a lost cause, and that continuing to battle there would only result in a worsening situation.

Swarm and Firefly exited unmolested by the hallucinatory gas that Mire produced, and we're lucky enough thanks to the blinding to avoid being skewered.

Mire promptly followed, crashing through the front doors in a blind rage. Her gas followed, quickly spreading out in the direction of her momentum for several seconds before it would start to fill the street. The unconscious Rockers from the reception area, who were in the street, were quickly blanketed in the gas.

At that point, Sheila's phone alerted her of a reply. It seemed the bulk of her forces had condensed together, and had followed protocol to only reply with one message for a group. All in all it seemed only six were unaccounted for, not counting Visage or Pester. Two were in the street, however, but there was no word on the other four.

As Chad blanketed a large portion the only remaining intact portion of the bill HQ in lava, things suddenly changed. Another loud crash sounded from the building, and moments later an impressive figure rose above the ruins. Her appearance, from the wings to the general eye-catching nature of her appearance, filled everyone looking with a sense of "Friend / Ally".

A well known independent hero, Angel had made her official showing as she flew slowly forward. She was here to help! With a smooth movement, she pointed down towards the groups on the street.

And in a burst of smoke, an edge-lord looking man appeared, bow in hand, at street level. Rend, former member of the Minutemen before their disbandment, raised his weapon directly at the gas cloud. He fired before he disappeared, arrows flying from multiple directions towards Swarm's bubble of safety inside the gas, and at Mire before her form was obscured.

"Stand down!" Angel commanded as she landed the concrete with enough force to crack it. Rising from her 'superhero landing', she crossed her arms. Keeping just out of reach of the gas.

Chapter Three: The City
As Sylph blundered, Eyeblight cackled and continued his approach. This was a bad situation all around, but Sylph's mind was already freying at the edges. How could she hope to beat what she couldn't see? She had to know that she was at the limits of what she could take without having her mind ruined from his power. If she could get back to the hole, maybe Outsider could help subdue the madman.

As it turned out, that wouldn't be necessary. As Sylph's barrier started up, she could faintly hear a strange sound. Almost like gas?

And then a bright light flared against the darkness of her eyelids, accompanied by the sound of a woman yelling. And then came the scream. A raw, primal sound filled with terror, not unlike the sounds of Eyeblight's victims. But it was in his own voice?

If Sylph opened her eyes, she'd see a man in a burlap ragdoll outfit that was on fire. His body was already covered in 3rd degree burns that didn't look fresh, and he was running towards her in a blind panic. Behind him was a stream of fire from a homemade flamethrower that the girl had managed to make up.

It seemed Eyeblight had abandoned his Breaker form, was insensate with terror and panic, and was going to jump out the hole in the wall.

@Crusader Lord
Chapter Four: The Girl
As Allison ran, she could hear footsteps pounding after her, followed by a scream and the sound of something wet hitting the floor. It seemed her barriers were working, at any rate, but for how long? There were a lot of ways through the building, and there were bound to be more goons coming for her.

As she went deeper towards the source of the PA system, the sound of many sirens would reach her ears.

"TROLL! WE HAVE THE BUILDING SURROUNDED. SURRENDER IMMEDIATELY OR BE TAKEN BY FORCE, YOUR CALL!" a voice called out from a loud speaker. It seemed the PRT had appeared.

"Everyone relax and stay where you are. If you're not with the Community and Troll, you have nothing to worry about," the calm voice of Morales came over the speaker.

"Oh fuck you, you fucking cumsponges. Go fuck a firetruck you goddamn neanderthal," MB's voice sounded over the PA system almost immediately in response.
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The Community Strikes Back

Chapter Two: The Rockers
The woman let out a bit of a laugh at the scene in front of her as Mire struck out. Her attack penetrated the force Swarm was protecting, heading straight for him as he stood there confidently. It was only they the quick action of his ally Firefly that he wasn't killed on the spot. The two tumbled to the ground as Firefly shot another burst of whatever at Mire, burning another hole in her. "I think it's time to leave," he muttered to Swarm as he pulled the man to his feet.

It was then that an arrow flew through from the roof, slamming into Mire's head hard enough that it might as well have been a brick. Curiously, however, was the fact that it didn't penetrate. At all. It just hit her full on.

That was when the woman stepped forward, slowly extending her wings and flapping, hard. Mire's gas that had managed to get around Swarm was blown back and away temporarily, leaving Swarm and Firefly practically blind outside of their little bubble of safety.

Speaking of the gas, it seemed that it was beginning to push out through the front doors...

(Open invitation to Independents to get involved)
Chapter Three: The City
As Sylph was pushed quickly through the window, she had a split second to get her bearings before that maniacal laughing hit her ears. Exiting the room, which seemed to be a bedroom if she bothered to look, she entered a sparsely decorated living room. Across from her, beating on a closet door, was her target.

As she looked at him, she felt something shift in her. (Insert permanent nervous twitch here). She pushed through it, however, shooting a blast of air at him that practically flattened him against the door. He turned, looking straight at her, before he abandoned the door in favor of her.

"LOOK. AT. ME." he commanded. Behind him, the closet door had a hole from where he'd attacked it, and Sylph could just barely see a small child in the arms of a teenager. The young woman had her eyes screwed shut, tears streaming down her face, as she held the crying baby to her chest keeping it from looking at the villain. Sylph had less than seconds to act before he would be on her.
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