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I hope you like Symbiotes....
11 mos ago
I hope you like Symbiotes....
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Shameless plug for a friend's RP I've applied for: A No More Heroes RP by BC over in Advanced.…
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Another shameless Status plug for my Tokyo Ghoul interest check in Casual. No knowledge of Tokyo Ghoul required to join and enjoy!
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Just a friendly reminder that I've got a Tokyo Ghoul check up in Casual. No prior knowledge of Ghoul required if you're interested. ^^
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So... Not big on Bios... Prefer people just talk to me if they'd like to know shit.

But, call me Alice if you'd like.

Currently working on a fanfic, Roar, which is linked in my sig.

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Zer0 continued to stand almost mockingly, unflinching, as the centurion continued their excessive rambling.

"I got Second Wind
Metaphorically speaking
Breath overrated."

His answer given, he promptly turned and started walking before turning sound and holding up a finger and pointing it at the sky. Bowser dropped down at that point, though Zer0 didn't seem phased by the temporary shaking.

Farewell, foolish thing
Know that you have been deceived
As your soul moves on."

Again he spoke to the centurion, his finger still pointed exactly where Kirby's blob thing had.

Actually, looking closer, one might notice he only had four didgets on his hands. What even was he?

His point made, however, Zer0 went to plop down next to the little pink blob. Extending a hand he crouched there, unmoving, as he... Apparently did nothing.

"A friendly second
Wind it seems was not to be
I cannot help him."

The mention of names and a 0 displayed from his helmet, with him pointing it. He was even friendly enough to carve "Zer0" into the ground with his sword!

That was friendly, right?

194 words
Zer0 don't want none of your advances, Mr Centurion. :P
Zer0 remained quiet, his face turning slightly as various others addressed him. None drew his attention for long, and if anything he seemed to grow bored. A fact which quickly became made as he spoke again as a holographic display lit up from his head. 'B0R3D'

"Bor-ed, bor-ed, bored
Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored
I am really bored."

But lo! Tora stole his attention nearly immediately thereafter, to which he bowed sightly at the question.

"You wonder rightly
A trader in death am I
But this I did not."

And that was that. His unnatural stillness was broken as the little pink one seemed to stabilize - the other must be a Siren - and in an instant his sword was sheathed. Not that he was exactly relaxed.... Or was he?

The original loud one was at it again, which resulted in Zer0 almost casually crossing his arms. Without any facial expressions it was hard to read him, but... Was he mocking the centurion? Again a projection appeared. 'FML'

"Your wooing tactic
Is completely transparent.
Your neg does not work."

The display turned to a ';)' before flickering out again.

One might be left wondering.... What the hell was going on?
Zer0 awoke as one might expect. That is to say he awoke suddenly. In one instant he was apparently fast asleep next to the pink creature, possibly even dead since there didn't seem to be signs of breathing, and then in the next instant he sat up. Turning his head slowly at the commotion next to him his arm struck out quickly to grab the handle of his blade.

"Softly through the flesh
Unbinding the last breath, lost
Nothing can be fixed."

Without further warning the sword was suddenly gone from the pink creature and Zer0 was now on his feet several steps away as he looked at the others coming to.

Something horrible had happened here. His blade wet with blood and surrounded by unknowns, the situation was not unfamiliar to him. Idly he recollected the Badass Crater of Badassitude. There he had been surrounded by unknowns, who almost entirely became enemies to fall beneath his onslaught to the number one ranking. Would these, too, turn into hostilities?

"The darkness in mind
Shadows following unseen
Are there allies seen?"

He remained in a defensive posture, unmoving except the slight movement of his head as he watched carefully. He hadn't died in Pandora and he certainly wouldn't die here.
<Snipped quote by Archmage MC>

Zeta was Fallout 3. And the Courier did reach endgame, but all his skills and cybernetic implants were reset by Galeem. As you can see from his inventory, he doesn’t exactly have the best of equipment.

This is what I did for Zer0 as well. I basically reset him to the equivalent of Level 5 in game, but without having found any loot besides the starting Gearbox Sniper you can get.
You speak of gods, but I'm the only one who can actually heal you and well, eventually I'll unlock the stuff the Medir does and TF2 medic puts a lot of other healer character to shame.

Besides, isn't Zer0 technically a god slayer? Actually both Zeros are.

Arguably, yeah.
Regarding Zero and Zer0, just a friendly reminder that Zer0 only speaks in haiku. That's a huge differential to keep things separate.

Torrent had dug a small like hole to sleep in, surprised still by how flexible she was now.

It seemed she was the first to awake as she looked around. Besides the goblins, of course, who had sentries.

Shame, that. She wouldn't have minded killing that dumb gang boss in his sleep.

The outside was pretty. The city had trees, but not like this. And to see this nature.... She wasn't going back.

"I'm leaving," she announced to no one in particular before casually meandering towards the trees. She'd pass nearby the goblins, maybe give them a little scare to remind them they were beneath her, but not be close enough to be attacked.

Of course, her path would also bring her near Ash's little group, where she stopped. That thing looked like a little dragon, and vaguely she wondered if that wasn't one of the options she'd have or had. It definitely looked reptilian. For a few moments she scrutinized the thing, curious.

And... That looked like Mourningstar, if her memory served her right. There was a vague memory that she'd been looking for Torrent... So she curled up and waited. No point in disturbing the sleeping.
Sorry for the delay, been dealing with some... Issues in another RP's discord.

But here's Zer0. Let me know if anything needs edited or explained / details added / changed.

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