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Dia - Forest

Dia thought for a moment, unaware of the people they'd started coming closer towards, as she listened to Felix's explanation.

Her gaze fell on his hand, which looked like it was bleeding again, and she huffed, irritated.

"Well, I can't help anything that happened before. But I'll figure out how to help you not be so angry and keep hurting yourself," she murmured, pointing at his free hand. " And as for the roommate situation...I can tell you're serious, but I really think you should go about it different. I mean, uh, it's not like we're in our dorms much. At least it didn't seem like it so far. And there's always the roof. I like it up there. I mean, all you really need your dorm for is to sleep, so...." she trailed off, noticing the others and going a little red as she curled into Felix more. " Oh. Uh. Hello? " she murmured towards them.
I may very well use that. Might mess with the Weakness, I'm not sure, but I love the concept.
Alright, hoping to get a post up today. Just been so freaking busy. Had a job interview this morning, and all my other pressing matters are dealt with.... Give it two hours?

Traveler - Heroes Cafe - Interior

Alex rubbed Roxana between the shoulders, humming lightly. "It won't be so open in your suit protecting everyone and dealing with the threat. You'd be up in that building, where I can't go. Not in the big open sky," she murmured, her voice slightly strained.

Blacklight - Central Park

Backlight gaped. "I know I know I know I know I know I know," he rambled, the words all flowing together and barely being understandable. He grabbed Dragon's wrist, firmly kicking him in the family jewels at the same time, and wiggled out from under the grasp. A whip took hold of Dragon at the neck, which he promptly removed. But it was a distraction from the whip encircling his hand that had been on Blacklight's face, which forcefully broke the index finger while Blacklight began backing away.

He stood up, a cold smile on his face.

A small tree was nearby, barely the same size as Blacklight. Several whips came around it, and flung it straight into the Snapper.

"I'll find her, Hunter. I know. It's the only explanation. The only solace you could have found in this damned world of mine. I know," he said religiously as he left earshot, effectively escaping as the Snapper became the top priority.

The Snapper, meanwhile, was practically burping up flames. Flames came out around the Claw in bursts, much more along the lines of bubbles than normal flames, as it began to fight against the Claw to return to the ground, properly enraged.

We're keeping events relatively slow, so you shouldn't be far behind.
South Park actually had an episode about it. The thing would spray you with 'water' and drop out enough money for a cab. It was 'training woman to handle their men' or something.
A shake weight looks like a normal hands held weight, except you grab the middle with both hands and it shakes. Looks like you're giving a handy J, in my opinion.
More like monsters to piss off.
Okay, I lied. Minor update for anyone involved with the Harpies. Again, sorry if I missed a mention.
Traveler - Harpies Attack

@Override @Banana @Feisty-Pants @Regitnui

Alex nodded in satisfaction as both the Freak and another random Epic started getting involved.

But something was off. They weren't acting like a normal Harpy attack....

Damnit, she needed Rox. But where in the hell was the woman?


Alex slapped her forehead, running back into the Cafe to find Rox having an episode.

Leaning down Alex placed a hand on the woman's shoulder. "Rox, I need you. Something is seriously wrong, and I'm powerless. I can't do anything about the problem, " Alex repeated.
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