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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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So... Not big on Bios... Prefer people just talk to me if they'd like to know shit.

But, call me Alice if you'd like.

Currently working on a fanfic, Roar, which is linked in my sig.

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Torrent watched. She was patient, quiet, and as still as a snake waiting to strike.

As the goblins and goat came into view she used her Monster and Magic Analysis on all of them, one by one including the goat, before she used Material Analysis on their gear.

Her eyes didn't miss the obvious distress of the goat at its shackles.

Normally she'd consider attacking these beasts, but she was taking the other's advice to heart. She would be patient, waiting, and strike at the best moment.

Slowly she began to use her Tremor Sense and Soil Manipulation to begin to make a small hole in front of her, keeping her eyes on the goblins. If she needed to get close she would probably need to dig since they'd left two up top.

Which made her wonder if they were looking or expecting a fight.

Torrent glanced out of the cave at the horn, running her tongue gingerly around in her mouth, as she twitched her tail in irritation.

Goblins. Always Goblins getting in her way, always doing what they wanted at the cost of everyone else.

Dirty little rats.

She shook her head, tabling what she had learned as she activated Scale Shift and Muffle III and sneaked her way out of the cave and into a hiding spot. They had came over their little hole last time if she remembered correctly, and she wanted to see them. Slipping into the treeline near the others, she focused on being as silent, still, and unnoticeable as possible while she watched for the Goblins.

She'd let the others make the decisions here, she wasn't dumb enough to think she knew how to proceed here, but she'd be ready to unleash her power on them if they caused trouble.

Torrent watched the result of her experiment with a rabid interest, and she would have smiled if she still had a proper face. She'd started it. She'd started to figure it out.

This was the first steps of a change, she could feel it in her very core.

Maybe if she used her mouth to start she could keep it going once she let it out? How big could she make it before it collapsed upon itself?

She repeated the process, though this time she didn't try to put her own will into the Void, instead just pulling everything away from it. And when she opened her mouth, she continued the efforts. She again used Magic Analysis on the effect while she continued to focus on keeping the Void growing in front of her. She'd seen spells that had a natural shape, so what if she just helped the Void grow into whatever shape it was wanting to do?

She continued to try to make sure that the Void survived as long as she could manage. If it collapsed too soon to do anything, she would instead change tactic to trying to keep it in her mouth and let in small amounts of Outside into it to see the result, again using Magic Analysis on the result.

The more she learned about how the Void interacted with the world and how to interact with it the easier it would be for her to manipulate it into something she could use.

In a last ditch idea, she took a small break from trying to make the spherical Void, and instead focused on trying to push everything away from herself just like she did to make the Void, and used Magic Analysis on the result and Monster Analysis on herself.

She would figure this out, no matter the cost.

September 12th, 2015

A City Awakens

Final Guard and Junior Guard

Matthew's face tightened but his emotions reflected something far different. It was the profile of someone being submerged in cold water. She was right, it was the only explanation. Spindle didn't have a single card. "Gemini you—you rat" Matthew barely stopped himself from cursing, quietly turning away from Penelope as she left the room. "We have to act. We're losing time, and if we keep being cautious they're going to learn more about our command structure than any of us would like." He said to John, the emotions on his face well and in control. Matthew's voice was level, and his actual emotions were quickly coming under control as well.

John opened his mouth to remind Matthew that he was in control, but paused. He closed his mouth and sighed instead "If you fuck up this call we're going to lose many lives Matthew."

"I know. Those lives will rest on my conscious just as much as yours."

John patted the man on the mic next to him on the shoulder. The soldier nodded and spoke into the mic. "Act as if Spindle isn't a threat. Move to capture hostages., with her as a secondary priority." As he finished talking, a loud sound played through the speakers, a cacophony of violent sounds filled the room. Wrenching wires and metal on metal being torn apart. John and Matthew exchanged glances briefly.

Dart watched Calvin Ball throw a projectile at a mess of wires first, before Werelight followed their lead. The two's combined efforts seemed to have a large effect, the sharp snapping of metal wire filling the air. It probably wasn't the effect that they were intending however, as the helicopter started to tip dangerously forward. Spindle responded by bringing wires up to catch it, but seemed to overestimate the force needed. The aircraft began to tip backwards instead, and Dart frowned at that. "Let's—" Before she could finish her order, command came on the line for everyone.

"Act as if Spindle isn't a threat. Move to capture hostages., with her as a secondary priority."

Their leader nodded at the command, looking at the Junior Guard. "You heard him. I'm going in." Dart said, before turning towards the nearest hostage. They weren't being raised into the air, instead just staying a few feet off the ground. As Dart jumped forward, the helicopter hit the ground. Dart touched the ground briefly next to it and some metal shrapnel and glass hit her hard, a stray wire wrapping around her briefly. Then everything within a foot of her was pushed away, and she jumped forward again, hitting the ground right below the hostage before jumping up and grabbing him. The wire briefly went limp before snapping from some unseen shockwave.

4Sight watched the interaction between Spindle and SWAT closely, seeing the effect of his power clearly working on Spindle as he watched in slow motion. Before he could do much else though, Spindle turned away to fix some of the mess the Junior Guard were making. 4 Let time resume to its normal speed before hearing the command in his ear piece. Frowning, he watched the helicopter start to buckle from a new perspective. It was going to fall, Spindle probably couldn't stop it with a power like hers. The initial catch had been hard enough, but responding in real time to the helicopter would be near impossible. Over the comms he told Slingshot "Go for it, save some hostages."

Slowly, Slingshot levitated forward, keeping a close eye on his surroundings. He was given two orders in quick succession, first from command and then 4Sight. He answered affirmative over the radio before waiting before the helicopter to finish falling. There was no way to save himself if he got caught up in that mess. It took a bit for the dust to settle, but once it did, Slingshot approximated his name sake. He was suddenly falling towards the hostages, quickly gaining altitude.

God he hated heights.

The Shaker

Spindle saw the momentary flash of anger, quickly hidden. It was subtle, enough that she could have imagined it. She relied on her gut a lot though, especially when using her power. All the same Judah kneeled, apologizing while doing so. A part of her wanted to help him, but she was momentarily distracted. Dart had destroyed the coverings over one of her buildings. That wasn't something she was supposed to be supervising, and so she frowned at the lack of flawless cooperation she had come to expect. Spindle held a tense breath when two capes she didn't recognize attacked some nearby anchor wires. An icy chill ran through her gut as the attached senses told her of the initial effect. Wires snapped from the second attack, a cascading effect meaning she had to quickly lift wires off the ground. Immediately the suspended helicopter began to tip.

Spindle became absorbed in the process once again, her mind running down more than twenty tracks at once. That was why she didn't immediately notice that her power wasn't working as she was used to. Something was a far off, and it didn't become clear until the first wire hit the helicopter and tipped it all the way back the other direction. Briefly it was upside down before three wires snapped in quick succession. The tail rotor of the helicopter narrowly missed the pilot suspended nearby. He was only so lucky, as it caught on the wires supporting him. He dropped five breathless feet before Spindle caught him again, this time better acclimated to how her power had recently changed. The helicopter didn't stop after five feet though, wires kept snapping and it plunged.

The bow drew a slight tilt of Madison's head, curious eyes watching as Enki spoke. At the question Madison giggled softly, instinctively raising her hand to cover her hidden lips. Bittersweet, the question danced around her head. It brought back memories immediately, the isolation she had to endure. A year of only contacting people she was paying to speak to her. A one night fling that had taken away the loneliness for a short sweet time. A wonderful moment, ending all too soon. The memories weren't vague at this point, they were vivid. A hot and humid hotel room, soft light soaked into the shades as birds began to wake. Tears mixing on her face with blood. The gore had soaked the sheets, and now she understood the cost. Madison had to give up everything, her goal was too important and every time she strayed the consequences would be painted on the walls of her mind once again. Last night had been wonderful, holding someone in her arms once again, but today the cost would be the same.

The price of getting what you want is getting what you once wanted. Madison mentally reminded herself, having read the line in a book at some point. She had made sure to remember, even from the beginning, that she would be chasing someone else's dream. A soft sigh escaped Madison's mouth before she realized she hadn't answered immediately. "That depends on John and Matthew. If they figure things out too slowly then it'll be a sticky situation. Madison claimed, putting a finger to her chin through the face covering as she stared off into space briefly. After a moment she shrugged in an exaggerated fashion. "Oh and nice to meet you Enki. We should get dinner after this, I know a great pl—"

A loud crash interrupted them, a larger sound than even the helicopter being caught. Madison's eyes widened, and she didn't look back. "We are going to leave then."

The Fallen

The Brawl

With a sound of something breaking, Ragtag landed a roundhouse kick against the newcomer in the Fallen, the cape skidding across the street before going limp. The ice golem was beginning to show signs of wear as Rend continued to pummel at it, but the area was slowly but surely frosting over. And was the golem moving fast, hitting harder, or was it a trick of the eyes?

As the C53 walked his way through the ranks of the gun toting footsoldiers, leaving relative chaos in his wake. It took a few moments after the first one went down beneath his fists before the rest turned on him and started to open fire. But ultimately their gunfire just wasn’t meant for someone with his regenerative power and overall toughness.

Transcendent, meanwhile, kept his target between him and the giant lizard that was waiting for a moment to strike. But Transcendent’s power was very obviously affecting the giant dino who shrunk down after a few moments into a small woman with a reptile mask who pulled out a bulky looking device from the hoodie she was wearing. Pointing it at the Fallen breaker, she pushed a button on the side and a blast went off with enough force to shove her back and onto her ass as an orb of what looked like glue shot off towards the breaker. He evaded, only for the glob to follow him, and he quickly used Edith’s own defenses against her as he put her in the way of the glob after a few moments of gaining distance.

Red Eye

The Bank

"I don't see anyone" Vanish said, already getting out of breath.

"They're invisible or some shit. I don't know, my power isn't starting up right now. I guess this isn't enough of a fight for it."

"I'm glad you're starting to understand your power better at least."

"As if." Percy snorted, slowing down slightly to accommodate for his limp.

"So now what?"

"We stop talking, we have to assume he can hear us."

"Fuck." Vanish mumbled, but obliged. They rounded a corner to find themselves in a much shittier neighborhood. The concrete was consistently cracked accross it surface, obviously not being maintained. Percy quickly approached a truck, glancing inside to see if there were keys in the ignition. He shook his head and kept moving. The next car was a fair distance away, but they quickly crossed to it. Again no luck. Percy was getting less confident in this plan by the second, but they kept moving towards the next vehicle despite that


...But with an explosion.

As the truck was moved, Ana effortlessly lifting the vehicle despite the modifications that had been done to it, Manifold was revealed curled and bloodied and surrounded by glass. It seemed she’d had enough time to reduce the impact.

However, she seemed to be unconscious, though the tech that was visible on and in her was running seemingly normal, though only she would know for sure.

The sound of the big tank was growing louder with each passing moment.

Ana knew her sister would want them to stop the tank, but would she leave her sister in an unknown fate or see if she could wake her up?

Torrent took a moment to regain her mana as she considered what had happened again. She thought about what she had learned when she'd failed last night, when Oberon had failed last night, and she thought.

She ignored Digbie as he started doing something, ignoring the others as they went about their business, and the approaching goblins.

She thought about what she'd been told in that weird state last night, when she'd been Told.

They were doing it wrong. She was trying to take something and make something when what she wanted was Nothing. That's what they said. If she wanted to be like Shadow she needed to be Nothing.

Torrent sat and she focused, and she worked not to bring in and create, but to remove. She worked to remove the pieces around her, using her own power to push away the various pieces she would normally pull forth to create. And instead she pushed her will, her energy, into the void left behind in her maw before she pushed out and used her Magic Analysis on whatever happened while hoping she wouldn't kill herself.

Torrent took her time to breath after the odd occurrence that had just happened, wondering what she had done wrong. She'd had plenty of failed attempts at new skills, but never something like this.

She looked at where the shadow had seemed to extend as she considered how to proceed. It was near time to sleep, and she was worried that she had done something that could prove fatal to mess up in the wrong way. With a shake of her head she decided to put it off for the night. The last thing she needed was to die trying to design something new on a whim.

Instead she took a moment to think, watching Oberon and using Magic Analysis on his abilities he was showing off.

A thought came to her. She was getting tired, but what was a little more before she went to sleep?

She spread her sense through the ground around her with her Tremor Sense and activated Soil Manipulation, working to move parts of the ground around her into condensed rod like shapes. Carefully she then tried to shape them into points like stakes from the movie posters she saw from her alleys back Before. When she felt she had the best shape she could get, she added more mana into the shapes and the surrounding earth before she tried to push as hard as she could, willing the objects to fly out of the ground and towards the treeline.

Regardless of the outcome she'd use Magic Analysis on it, and she would shortly thereafter go to sleep.

Torrent got up slowly, staring at the shadows as they moved with the rising sun, and felt a new sense driving her. She would prove herself.

Tentatively she reach out to the darkness that lingered in the corners of their shelter, hidden away from the reaching gaze of the light. She tried to feel the shadows like she had with the air when she was developing her air breath attack, putting mana into her surroundings, the shadows specifically. She couldn't stop thinking about what she had seen during the night, and when she had put a good portion of her mana into the shadows she pulled at the mana, bringing it back like it were a cloud under her control. She used Magic Analysis as she did so, her gaze burning fiercely as she tried to take in every detail.

September 12th, 2015

Final Guard and Junior Guard

"One of the potential hostages escaped their prison immediately." 4Sight said, his voice tense. Wordlessly and without looking, he reached out and grabbed the strand Presidio had extended to him. He didn't say it, but he needed the protection right now. "The other hostage is still in their's, Dart. If you can safely take care of that, please do. Four feet from the center of the roof, towards us." He paused to breath, sounding out of breath.

"The para-er-cape who just fled has found someone else, she's watching intently but it's unclear whether she's friend or foe. She just took a phone call." A few wires rose off the building, a good distance behind the Final Guard and Junior Guard now. They moved very slowly, weaving together to form a very hard to penetrate wall. Then it stopped, seeming content to bar them from retreating.

Dart's hand was shaking, and so she formed them into fists. Every single muscle in her body wanted to attack, to do something. Then, at 4Sight's permission, she relaxed finally. "Try to hit important looking wires with it once we're a bit closer." She said to Calvin ball, while glancing back at her squad member.

Looking away now, Dart lowered her center of gravity slightly, her knees bending. Dart mumbled a small 'thank you', and then the concrete cracked beneath her feet. At least, it would have, if she was standing there anymore, but instead she seemed to have been thrown at tremendous speeds. She collided with the wire mesh trying to trap someone within, but they didn't eviscerate her. Instead they slowed her momentarily before they exploded, the wires folding in on themselves. Loosely, they fell to the side as Dart landed hard on the roof, before they limply fell off the roof.

The young cape offered a hand, but the once hostage somehow disappeared. Dart glanced around momentarily, and sighed, before walking to the edge of the roof. She stepped off in a crouch, and almost immediately hit the ground in front of the Junior Guard. A burst of wind rushed past them upon her arrival, and a small smile crossed her face.

Tense moments passed as they listened to SWAT speak to Spindle, the feed on screen nowhere near live, and constantly stuttering. The audio was better, but still delayed. Matthew turned around, retreated a bit. he stood off to one side of Penelope while facing the opposite direction and spoke to Penelope. He knew John could still hear him, but it changed the context of the conversation. "There's something about this. It could be a distraction, but—" He didn't want to say he'd been working off that assumption for the last thirty minutes, because it'd be an insult to John's intelligence. The pause he let hang her was uncharacteristic, but not planned.

"We should consider other possibilities as well. She is acting like she has a full house. Maybe the distraction is we assume she has the right card, but she has to know we can't fold." Matthew seemed deep in thought, his emotions an absolute mess. That was rare for him too. "I truly don't know what the last card could be." He said, just quiet enough that John wouldn't be able to hear and he wasn't lying. How did Sandra rate this as no threat? He thought, hands curled into fists, gaze steady on the door.

The Shaker

Still, Spindle didn't make a move against the approaching forces. Briefly she glanced down to where Enki when they started running, and seemed to concentrate momentarily; However, when they disappeared she turned back to SWAT. "Since these negotiations are going so well, I have a personal request. No matter what I ask you to do, the performance will be empty in your eyes. So my request is made for me, not you. Kneel, Judah." Her voice was different now, before being more playful, sometimes annoyed, but friendly, more than anything else. Now it was ice cold.

She didn't even mention the lie, instead the conversation was to be a mastless ship at sea. Momentarily, Spindle tried to extend the metaphor in her head, but she knew next to nothing about sailing. A breath escaped her lips, a small sigh as she watched him. Her head was feeling fuzzy, and although Gemini hadn't mentioned that, he also had never experienced his own power first hand. "One's experience is one's own" She thought, her humor in it as personal as the experience it spoke of.

"My name is Madison. It'll be over soon, but I have to watch, I'm kind of integral." The young woman replied, gesturing as she spoke towards the Spindle situation. Without waiting for a response, she walked past Enki. At the point she was closest to them, she raised her arm without pausing and reached out her hand slowly. It didn't touch anything. Nothing occurred. She continued walking until she reached the corner. Clipped to the back of her belt was a pair of binoculars, barely visible under the thick jacket. She reached back and tugged lightly to remove them, before raising them to her eyes. Her other hand gripped the brick corner of the wall, knuckles slowly whitening as the seconds passed. After a few moments she took out her phone, flipping it open before the vibration had fully become audible.

"Tell them. Yes, I told them I wouldn't. They're kids, they'll just be grateful. Just a text. Oh and disconnect the call." Madison's voice was slightly muffled by the mask, but she was still enunciating well enough for the person on the other line. She flipped the phone to close it with inertia alone before turning to Enki briefly. "What's your name?" She asked, her eyes wrinkling slightly as if she were smiling.

The Fallen

The Trap

As Transcendent was sent flying down the street a stream of fire chased after him before he crashed into a building. The others continued to fight, but it seemed that Rend had the upper hand against the ice golem with her superior speed.

Moments later, as Transcendent was pulling his way out of the wreckage, a large lizard man reached out to grab one of the tendrils before moving to slam his spiked fist into his face. Even with Transcendent’s power already affecting him from the contact, he hit the Fallen hard enough to rip the tendril he was holding from the rest of the form as he flew backwards before flying up along the side of the building. He bounced off of the building and rocketed towards Edith, his tendrils flying behind him as a black ichor splattered the ground.

The dino moved, much slower than it had been moving earlier as it took up a defensive position.

Red Eye

The Bank

Percy and Vanish didn't start talking again for at least a block, watching their surroundings closely. Occasionally, Percy would check his phone as if he were expecting a message. On the third time, he turned on the ringer and left it.

"Were the clever remarks you, or your power?"

"It's always me."

"You dodged the question."

"Kind of. I'm very good at that."

"Clever remarks or dodging questions?"

"Considering I haven't answered the question still, I'd say both."

"We're on a tangent."

"Not really, I just brought it back to the question."

"Which you still. Haven't. Answered."


"Are you being difficult because you're—Um. . . Shell shocked?"

Percy paused at that, seeming to seriously consider it. At the silence Vanish glanced over at him, and he shook his head. Not a negation, not quite.

"My power came up with the quips, trying to force him off guard. Early, you understand, my power is testing. Prodding, guessing wrong on purpose a lot of the time, but—"

His phone dinged once, that solid note creating a silence between them. Percy glanced down at his phone, and then looked down the alley behind them. Vanish tilted her head slightly and Percy glanced over at her. He nodded at the unspoken question. They started sprinting down the alley.


Not with a bang...

For a moment everything went still. The air didn't move, the capes were continuing their last actions, and even the tanks weren't moving at the moment.

And then the world exploded.

Ana, jumping high into the air, was rocketed from the blast wave as Mastar opened fire on the tank she had just jumped from. She riser higher and higher, moving away from the fight, and at the apex of her flight she could see something massive on the horizon.

Another tank that she could tell, given how large it looked from this distance, was absolutely massive.

And then she plummeted towards the ground.

Back at the tanks, Manifold's device activated in the midst of the explosion. While Mastar watched the destruction, the blinding light suddenly darkened. In seconds it was nothing, the blackest black she had ever seen before and growing larger, quickly overtaking the tank and expanding towards her. She had no time to think, only run, as the crackle of energy deafened the area.

Outside, the independent speedster was caught unawares by the shockwave as he exited his breaker form, the barrier barely stopping any of the force, and found himself flung into the truck with enough force to dent the door. The truck itself, partially from his impact and partially from the shockwave, rocked into two wheels before rolling over. Before it could crush the speedster under it, he was roughly pulled away and thrown by Manifold.

Who promptly disappeared under the wreckage that used to be the truck.

Torrent stretched as the rat died, looking back at the fire. The lights and shadows reminded her of when she was first developing Wurm Breath when those shadows had moved weird on the wall. Maybe she was seeing things.

"I'll deal with the fire," Torrent announced, moving and using her Water Stream to control the edges of the fire and put it out from the outside in.

I don't know if I've been talking to nothing, or if there's something actually listening, but if there is I hope you're pleased, she thought as she activated her Guidance ability before she was had an idea.

It was too late to continue working on the light skill, but what if you could control light what about the opposite? If fog was something she could make, what was to say she couldn't make shadows? As she worked to put out the fire, she extended her power into the areas around her covered in shadows when she wasn't spraying water, and tried to see if she couldn't draw it back into herself from there.

If she was able to succeed, she would see if she couldn't condense the energy into a ball shape in her mouth, much like how she formed a Fireball but made of shadows.

As Torrent scurried away, she pushed herself as fast as she could go to skirt around the rat in cover, keeping her stealth going, to get over to the opposite side of the beast.

By then, however, the battlefield had changed pretty drastically. The rat was now running her direction, Digbie in its clutches, as a fireball whirled over it. There wasn't time to think, she had to act before it got away with her friend!

Running forward as fast as she could go, and pushing herself to go faster, Torrent did her best to jump as high as she could into the fireball as it passed in front of the rat by the tree edge, already gathering her Mana for an explosion. As she did she yelled, "Digbie take cover!"

And then as before she came into contact with the fireball she tried to mingle her Mana with it, and then she pushed out in typical explosion fashion.

With any luck Digbie would be mostly shielded by the rat as the blast pushed out around her.

As her forward momentum continued, she prepared to release another Wurm Breath straight into the rat's face or start attacking with fangs and claws if it engaged with her directly.

Torrent felt pretty good. She felt calm for the first time in... She couldn't remember how long. Since she was... Before the streets? Was there a before the streets?

She opened her eyes - when had she shut them? - and looked up into the sunlight. Was she just normal meditating? There wasn't a skill so she probably wasn't doing it quite right yet. But she could do better! As she shifted positions to maximize the amount of sun to skin contact, a sound broke the calm.

Digbie was back. And he had brought trouble. Big trouble. With a hint of smugness she thought about how she always took care of her trouble, the kind of reaction a small child might have when their sibling getting caught red-handed.

But she didn't waste any time before jumping into action. She'd didn't way too long in both this life and the next to be caught by surprise like this.

"Oberon, distract it! I'm going to come from another angle!" she called out before activating Scale Shift and Muffle III and scurrying off to the side in a loop like she had with the slime. As she moved she used her Monster Analysis and Magic Analysis skills on the creature for information on how best to tackle it. She needed to be smart, like Ash and Oberon. As she moved she tried her hardest to be undetectable alongside her skills. If she could just fade into the background this thing would never expect her attacks.

This thing was made of fur and flesh. So arguably a fire spell would be her best bet at the start. This thing was big and tough and she didn't think she could just get on it's back and bite down into it's neck to kill it like she had that rat in the cave. Or had it been a lizard?

... Or maybe it was those goblins she'd killed by the entrance when she was spying?

Whatever. Bigger thing.

Carefully Torrent moved in from behind and slightly to the side, getting within range to use her Wurm Breath, in fire primary mode. After using the spell just long enough to produce the attack for about the space of a long exhale, Torrent backed away quickly, activating Scale Shift and Muffle III again as she moved for another angle to attack from.
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