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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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Shameless plug for a friend's RP I've applied for: A No More Heroes RP by BC over in Advanced.…
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Another shameless Status plug for my Tokyo Ghoul interest check in Casual. No knowledge of Tokyo Ghoul required to join and enjoy!
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Just a friendly reminder that I've got a Tokyo Ghoul check up in Casual. No prior knowledge of Ghoul required if you're interested. ^^
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So... Not big on Bios... Prefer people just talk to me if they'd like to know shit.

But, call me Alice if you'd like.

Currently working on a fanfic, Roar, which is linked in my sig.

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Level 3: 9/30
Location Moat – Various
Word Count: 1,275

Zer0 watched on in mild disinterest as everyone settled in, listening as he always did to the conversations within earshot. He was mildly intrigued by his companions, even if not enough to really care about any of them outside of the Courier. They weren't Vault Hunters. They weren't his team. They weren't his friends.

His visor continued to track the moving shapes, even as the Master of Masters pointed them out. He didn't move as the first showed itself to be a spaceship of some kind, though very low tech at a glance, before it crashed. A mighty crash, really. It almost reminded him of the train back when he first started his adventure with the other Vault Hunters. As it crashed into the moat, he raised a single arm to protect his visor as the water crashed over him, watching the figure pull themselves out.

A puppet of the being of light, it seemed. Red eyes, discolored. It was a simple realization, and he drew his sword slowly in preparation of killing them before the second shape, all but forgotten in his mind, crashed down in front of them.

It – no, he – was gigantic. Bowser, but without the clothing, and all the menace that their little ally lacked but tried to exhibit. Zer0 found that he couldn't pull out his weapon the rest of the way, opting instead to let it sheath fully, as he was caught within the aura the beast displayed. So, with nothing that he could do in this case, as some invisible force cowed him, he listened.


He shook his head at the inane comment about the lack of clothes, wondering why that was what the young girl focused on. Really, with everyone locked down with nothing they could do in the face of a gigantic, fire-breathing beast and that was what she decided to comment on?

He kinda liked her style.

The Courier, however, was more alarming in his reaction. Offering up himself and his weapons? And a demonstration....Zer0 watched him sharply, crossing his arms, shocked as he created some kind of thing that he put into the man that Geno had brought with him. Giving him life, it seemed, freeing him – Ah, that was how Kirby had saved them, hadn't it? That was why the little pink guy had paid so much attention to the Courier once he had gained his wits back. He had recognized that the Courier had that ability himself, something that Zer0 wondered if he couldn't do himself. Emulating the Courier's actions, pulling from deep within himself, he mimicked the man. Doing the opposite of what he had done when he had absorbed that spirit that had changed his body, he was pleased when he discovered that he could replicate the Courier's actions and create one of these things himself.

Watching it disappear, he realized he had missed something as the giant tore a figurative hole through their Bowser. He could almost see the big guy crumple, dumbfounded, as his ego took the blow head on. If he wasn't such a egomaniac, Zer0 might have just felt a little bad for the guy. Instead, he couldn't help but be slightly amused at the interaction before the monster headed off to....clear his territory? Maybe. If this was all his, then why did he need to clear it? Something didn't seem right with that thing, besides the fact that he was a duplicate. Given the cloning that Nakyama had been working on, however, Zer0 couldn't simply dismiss this as impossible. All too possible, and it brought a metaphorical pit to his stomach. If he had been cloned, as Zer0 suspected, then it was entirely possible that Jack had been brought back and was lurking somewhere on this busted world.

And that was simply something he could not stand to leave alone. The moment he found evidence of Handsome Jack being back, he was going to put the bastard down again. Permanently.

Things took a turn for the worse at that point, however, as a giant, floating, talking, and apparently fully sentient white glove appeared. Summoning, with a strange light, many figures. Zer0 found himself taking a step forward before he stopped himself, Ratchet running past to reunite with the little robot. He couldn't find it in himself to care that the little guy had been taken again by the Light in the process, for he had eyes for only two figures.

Gaige and Deathtrap.

The girl, however, was not his friend. This was a puppet, stolen from him by the Light. Her burning red eyes were enough to know the difference, and it sparked something deep within him.

“An ally no more,
Shining with enemy light,
Badasses combat!”

Zer0 drew his sword, running across the gap while the others spoke and the Hand disappeared. He paid them no heed, for there was no one here but Gaige, Deathtrap, and himself.

His friend.

His ally.

He swung his sword, just two thoughts rattling around in his head.

He could save her. He just needed to beat the girl into submission.


He finally had a challenge worth his time. A worthy challenge for a badass like himself.

A mighty clang of metal upon metal rang out as Deathtrap intercepted his swing, sparks flying from the impact as Zer0 slid backwards from the force of the brutish contraption.


“This could be the beginning of something AWESOME!” Gaige called out excitedly.

With a push of his legs, Zer0 launched himself upwards, flipping and spinning as he slashed and stabbed with his sword at the floating robot. With seemingly no effort the robot met his attacks head on, spinning to follow him and keep him in its line of sight. It's eye glowed brighter than he remembered, more of a burning red than the blood light of before. Looking at it, actually, Zer0 felt like it was missing some of the upgrades that Gaige had given it over the course of their adventures. Had it, too, been reset like Zer0 had been? A forced Respec.

Zer0 landed, bringing up his sword to parry the incomming attack from Deathtrap. Again sparks flew, and as he forced the giant arm slightly off-course to spin around it for a crucial blow, he felt a bullet pierce his side. Several gunshots rang out, and he glanced behind him to see Gaige pointing a shitty little pistol at him with her robotic arm. How the hell had it hurt so much? That thing packed more firepower than it should have.

That arm of hers was strong enough to compensate for the minimal recoil of the gun, and she quickly fired off more shots before Zer0 felt the giant fist of Deathtrap collide with his injured side, throwing him bodily into the moat. As he swam for the opposite shore, he watched as Gaige slid down the hill after him, launching herself to sit along Deathtrap's broad shoulder as he hovered his way across in pursuit.

He ran his way up the other side, launching himself up, and then up a second time, before landing and turning with his blade raised as Gaige dismounted Deathtrap, pointing the pistol at him. Deathtrap circled wide, and Zer0 couldn't help but emote again.


“A greater challenge
I have never expected
Now come forth, my friend.”

He raised his sword, dashing for Gaige as quickly as his new legs would let him.

“Kick 'em right in the Pistons, DT!”

I am 100% taking Gaige as a second character. And it's in character for Zer0 to save her.

My update will have Zer0 focusing on Gaige, for what it's worth.

I'm coming for you!

I was planning to do so yesterday, however I ended up spending most of my time working out half of an entry for a contest I'm in. Feel free to skip me this round.
Call outs for Wards.

@Crusader Lord
Call out for Jacks.

You have 5 days, mhmmkay.

Jason frowned beneath his helmet, keeping himself slightly superimposed over the villain while he stayed at the ready. Like this he couldn't really do anything, and the senseless murder around him just made him burn with a cold rage.

And when the villain announced that he wanted to fuck with Whimsy? No.

He moved so that he was always between this kid and his ally without directly getting in the way of his partners as best as he could. If he had to he could grab both her and Chatterbox and get them to safety or pounce onto the villain order to take him out of the fight.

Lillian stopped suddenly, her eyes flitting up towards the direction Protean was about to —

There he was. She couldn't help herself as a shudder ran through her. Not one of fear, though she was afraid, but one of anticipation. She felt a very primal desire to bash in his dumb face, stepping forward one step before she realized what she was doing. Her fists clenched either as she felt the itch to transform.

Need to get him outside, she reminded herself. They'd cause less problems structurally if they went outside.

And he caught on in mere moments, which was all she needed to dive into action herself. She couldn't transform, not yet, because it would slow her down. As he charged, she tensed before the projection appeared and intercepted.

"Acknowledged," she replied to Tulpa, motioning for the others to follow as she dashed towards the exit. Outside she could go to her biggest...
Charles made it to school without anything of note happening. It seemed to be a fairly quiet, peaceful day.

Arriving at school, however, it seemed that the entire peacefulness was the calm before the storm. As he walked towards the doors, a large senior stepped in his way, flanked by two more boys that formed a very loose half circle around him.

"Hey, nerd. You make me sick, looking so pathetic. So I'm gonna give you a choice. Give me all the money you got on you, and I'll only give your face a little reworking," he said as he cracked his knuckles.

@Lady Selune
As Charlie headed out could hear a muffled scream, followed by the resounding smack of a fist hitting flesh, hard. What followed sounded like a small scuffle, followed by the sound of a tin trash can being knocked over.

It sounded like someone was in trouble. Would she intervene?

Ali had just been walking to school calmly when she suddenly nearly jumped out of her skin as a car horn sounded promptly before the sounds of a car crashing into another car. The damage seemed minimal as she looked, but the two men started screaming as if they hated each other and this was the worst thing ever.

She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the scene. It seemed so... Insignificant? Her entire life had been turned upside down and here they are freaking out over something really small?

A giggle escaped her lips unbidden, and before she could do more than clap a hand over her mouth something hard slammed into her, knocking her to the sidewalk. She reached out, instinctively, her hand grabbing hold of clothing and pulling whoever had ran into her down with her.

She squeaked, landing hard on her side and right arm as a body fell over her and caused her to squeak more.

Struggling to untangle herself, she scooted herself backwards and looked at the girl who had ran into her.

She couldn't help it, but her eyes widened at the girls appearance. Her hair and skin stood out against the bright colors of her clothes. Pulling herself to her feet quickly, Ali held out a hand to help the girl up.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" She said, a little out of breath.

Torrent shook her head, letting herself relax. There was nothing that could be done about this situation anymore.

"I'm going to go rest. No point in hunting now. We should leave by the evening, though. Between the goblin and this disaster I don't think it's safe to stay long term anymore," she said as Digby moved and Ash fluttered her way up a tree. She moved back towards their base camp, curling up and resting. She closed her eyes, and after a little time has passed decided to try once experiment before resting proper.

Channeling her magic like she would for her fire abilities, she tried to mix her venom with the fire. Fire magic was more than just fire, she thought, and it made sense that it could be manipulated. Looking at one of the inner walls, she took several minutes of concentrating on trying to combine the two in her own mouth. When she thought she might have a chance, she activated Fire Breath as she blew out Poison Breath.

A second thought occurred to her, however, regardless of the success of her experiment. Jason, for all his faults, had been a powerful mage in her mind. And he always talked and he made those little circles. Could it be that the words could extend as a spell?

"Fire and venom, damaging two, combine together as I spew!" she said as she channeled the magic for a second attempt, releasing the abilities again.

She tried to use Magic Analysis on the results before laying her head down to Meditate and rest proper.

Which led to her thinking.

The Demon King's reaction to being prayed to, however, made her think. It sounded like he didn't want to be considered a god because there already was gods. She wasn't sure what gods might exist, though it made sense that they'd probably be over different elements at least. None of those interested her.

But if there was something that could help her grow even stronger, stealthier...

She needed to be stronger. The attack had made that even clearer to her.

"Mistress of shadows, if you even exist and I'm not just thinking myself all wrong, hear my plea. I need more power, I need to be better, I need to be more than I am. This world is one of might like my old life, I've seen it over and over, and if there's one thing I've learned it's that there's nothing wrong in submitting to someone more than yourself. Give me a sign and I will follow. I am already stealthy and dangerous, I am strong. I will do whatever I need to do to be more. I'd grow more heads if it would help and I knew how. I offer myself in exchange for more. I beg — no, I demand to enter into your service."

Would she get an answer or a sign? She didn't expect much. Hell, she might just be muttering to herself at this point. But she had to try. She needed to grow more. She needed to grow faster.

Level 3: 6/30
Location Scrapyard – End
Word Count: 1,286

Zer0 watched with satisfaction as his bullets pierced through the mech. That satisfaction quickly turned into irritation as the bullets apparently didn't strike the weakpoint because the damn thing just kept going. He would've made a snarky comment at the one who had given out the intel for not updating it, but it wasn't worth the effort. He still had a badass to kill, after all.

But before he could open fire again, he saw that his bullets had ripped into his new friend / fellow Vault Hunter, who was now struggling as the tank's turret had plowed into him. Disappointment at himself and the Courier welled up within him as he started running forward as the tank flew up into the sky with a solid rocket jump. With a simple push of his limbs, Zer0 sent himself over the moat while the others continued the attack. They would do fine, he decided, because that jump was a last ditch effort if Zer0 had ever seen one.

Even Jack had had one, right before Zer0 and his friends had kicked the fucking face in of the Destroyer and Lilith had melted the bastard like the skag-sucker that he was. Even now Zer0 could only wish for the most painful of deaths for that maniac. Worse than any of the psychos on Pandora, worse than even the failures of the Badass Arena of Badassitude. He had been a plague on the galaxy, abusing his own kin for gain, and everwhere was better with him gone. Zer0 just hoped that he stayed dead. The only one he knew of who had tried to bring the deadman back, Professor Nakyama, had died when he'd fell down his holo-stairs like the pathetic little man that he had been. Destroying his samples of DNA should have been enough, but with this Galeem...Zer0 hoped that he didn't take the dead, too.

Zer0 stealthed as Death himself launched onto the offensive. He landed running, unstealthing moments later, before hearing more than seeing the demise of the tank bot while the engineer and his turret went down like a grubby Bullymong popped in the head. Unfortunately, the Courier wasn't much better off at this point. B0re was a highly useful skill, but Zer0 was used to allies who didn't get behind an enemy when there was a sniper who's bullets penetrated everything on the other side. He was also used to Maya and her ability to just shoot them back to full health whenever she felt like it, or using her Siren abilities to just instantly revive them from the brink of death. Sure they could all pick each other back up, but she could do it immediately and at a distance.

He really missed his team. They worked so well together. Idly he wondered where they might be. If they would be found in this world as a puppet like everyone else had been so far. The thought was a little disheartening and a little exciting, if he was being honest. That would be a real challenge, fighting his fellow Vault Hunters. The badasses of all badasses.

He stepped up towards the Courier, who had made a mad dash to grab the spirit left from Bastion while Zer0 had still been in the air. A shake of his head, and Zer0 crouched beside his comrade. So many of their rather large team had gotten injured, he couldn't imagine that it had to do with the size of the team. They didn't work together like how he and the Courier had in the canyon. Zer0 didn't even mind that he didn't know the name of the drifter. A little mystery was healthy, something that he knew tenfold more than anyone else.

Blazermate had done the brunt of the stabilizing of his friend, consuming the spirit of the Engineer before continue her work to heal the Courier back to full health. With a nod towards the robot, he held out a hand for the Courier to take.

“I apologise.
Miscalculation, but you
Should learn how to dodge.”

The apology wasn't the greatest, but Zer0 also wasn't the only one at fault in this kind of situation. He'd just need to keep better track of his new allies so that they didn't get in the way of his bullets. A simple enough personal challenge for him to beat.

Pulling the Courier to his feet once Blazermate was done with her administrations, regardless of if the man had accepted his hand, Zer0 continued speaking.

“Badass you may be
But even badasses can
Fall victim to death.”

With that said, he went to collect one of the souls (the Biri Spirit) from the moat now that Bowser had decided to blow them up. Might as well take advantage of the situation, if no one else was going to. Holding the random soul in his hand for a moment before he crushed it to collect its loot, Zer0 considered what it would give him. Maybe he'd get lucky and get a better sniper, though b0re really made even the worst of snipers more then capable of destroying even the Bunker.

Whatever the weapon was going to turn out to be, however, it would be useful. If not for him, then maybe for an ally. And hell, maybe duping worked in this world, too. He'd need to ask Michael if he would be willing to test that out with his big ass sniper. Zer0 could feel his fingers itching to get his hands on that thing. He crushed the soul, a brief thought of what that meant for the souls themselves before he decided that he could think about those thoughts later.

Glancing up at the castle, he was reminded of the time that they had stormed the deserts to take on Captain Scarlet. Her mighty sandskid was, arguably, almost like a fortress. Add in that Hyperious the Invincible had taken refuge in a giant rig...

Would there be a Hyperious hiding within? A new target, a new Raid Boss? He couldn't help but feel that the bright light falling was a signal of a real challenge waiting for him. He'd find it one way or another, defeat whatever beast the orb of light had summoned for them, and collect the loot that it dropped.

Or he wasn't a Vault Hunter. Falling back into step beside the Courier, Zer0 tried to track where the light landed. He'd remember where it landed if he could make out any of its surroundings, and he'd make sure he came across it eventually.

“Follow the light, de-
feat the raid boss that follows
Burn it all to dust.”

He spoke softly, likely softly enough that only those closest to him would hear, but his voice carried a hint of emotion to it for the first time since they had all awoken. It was a flavoring of anger, perhaps, or maybe excitement. No one but him would know for sure, but each thought of what he was feeling was about as correct as the rest.

This was his obsession. He flourished in violence and challenges, and having something as powerful as a Raid Boss to look forward to, for that was what he assumed it to be, was like giving an alcoholic the most expensive bottle of liquor on the planet.

And the fact that this Galeem was not unlike one of the Eridian weapons like the Warrior had been? That only added more to the fire burning within him. The greatest challenge of all just sat there in the sky, waiting for him.

Waiting for him to destroy it.

“A million stars
A bright light turns red with blood
As the light is snuffed.”


Level 2 - (13/20) EXP
Location: Scrapyard - End
Word Count: 306

Zer0's mask displayed a frowning emoji as everyone seemed to ignore his dramatic posing, though he couldn't necessarily blame them. There was a lot going on at the moment.

So, instead, he simply leaned on his sword while watching the conversation between the sniper and the Courier. He couldn't necessarily blame the Courier for his reaction, nor could he much blame any of the others for their's.

Not that he really cared much. Interpersonal conflict was so very boring. There was no challenge to it. There was no loot to be gained, unless you killed the other of course. It was all talk, talk, talk, yap, yap, yap, blah blah —

Oh, they were leaving. Well, that was a pleasant surprise at least.

Slinging his sword back into its sheath, Zer0 fell into step beside his comrade.

The battlefield was a mess by the time that they arrived. The Courier set off towards the moat while everyone else jumped into whatever needless actions they were planning.

Something was exploding, which really was irritating. Why did everything have to expose? Those dumb Gremlins back in the canyon. These dumb things. The stupid suicide psychos back on Pandora. Boom Bewm.


Zer0 dropped to one knee, pulling up his scope to line up with the tank. A freaking tank-turret-thing. Whatever. It was dead soon anyways.

He lined up on the thing's center mass, lining up his shot so that the bullet would penetrate through the hull and into the odd reactor looking thing on its back. Going through the core of its body was all the more helpful now that b0re was activated again.

As the Courier made his attack, Zer0 pulled the trigger.

BAM. BAM. BAM. One, two, three bullets sent in quick succession.

How he wished he had a corrosive Maliwan right now.
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