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Current I hope you like Symbiotes....
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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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Shameless plug for a friend's RP I've applied for: A No More Heroes RP by BC over in Advanced.…
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Another shameless Status plug for my Tokyo Ghoul interest check in Casual. No knowledge of Tokyo Ghoul required to join and enjoy!
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Just a friendly reminder that I've got a Tokyo Ghoul check up in Casual. No prior knowledge of Ghoul required if you're interested. ^^
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So... Not big on Bios... Prefer people just talk to me if they'd like to know shit.

But, call me Alice if you'd like.

Currently working on a fanfic, Roar, which is linked in my sig.

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Lillian flashed Noble a winning smile for the assistance, before popping over the flipped table with ease. Things had really gone to hell fast, she noted to herself.

"Watch the tail," she warned Messiah before transforming. Bigger. Larger. She could feel the muscles growing, bones shifting, teeth becoming daggers, before she reached the point where she couldn't stretch anymore. But, no, not inside. She halted the change at twenty feet in height, rising up in challenge.


She heard the warning from Overlook, turning faster than one might expect for her size, her tail catching Messiah and moving her to safety from the incoming slab. She slowed, giving Messiah a chance to get off, before she turned back to Ceramix. She stepped between Ceramix and Alessa, a low growl escaping her jaw. Mine!

She wanted to charge forward, but she knew she wasn't exactly a match against rocks without going bigger.... But with Outsider, the Golem, and herself there just wasn't enough room to push to her limits.

She could help protect people and make sure Alessa stayed safe, at least.

Jason and Whip

Jason remained impassive as he watched the meeting change, a focus turned on to those power granting vials. Had Broker worked through a middleman to them? Or was this a ploy? A decoy? There weren't enough answers, and he couldn't just punch his way to them.

Of course, the power phenomena was passed of as Tinker Tech, but Jason knew that was a blatant lie. Could this 'Broker' be harboring abilities too?

And then that mobster lackey took a vial and -

Jason stood up as he regained his consciousness, his control, reaching out to Whimsy. His eyes were narrowed beneath the helmet and he was tense. But... For now he'd continue watching.

Whip, on the other hand, had gone perfectly still as her eyes drilled into 'Broker'.

Her mouth moved as though she was trying to speak, but not a single sound came forth. Her knuckles were white where they gripped her seat, the glass gotten for her by Healer long forgotten.

She stood up, holding the chair in a death grip before she slammed it against the wall, breaking it and jarring her arms numb.

"Fucking fucked fuckers fucking with me. No no no no no. Bad. Bad bad bad bad bad," she muttered furiously, walking backwards towards the door. "Can't trust. Manipulate, control, stealing what's mine. No. No. Kill the King, free the slaves."

And with that, she slipped outside and ran.

Reason felt the satisfaction of her fangs digging into the little bastard coming for her, a strange crackling in her mouth from the venom. It was odd, but it had definitely done it's job.


Rain felt her body lose contact with the ground as the world rolled and flipped before coming to stay.... Upside down? Why was the world upside down?

She blinked a few times, slowly, her tongue flicking in and out slowly, as the realization set in.

That bastard hit me.

She rolled, shaking her head carefully. Nothing seemed to be busted, but she hurt. Her head was tender from the impact, and she took stock of the chaos, feeling a little unsteady on her feet.

Crispy was.... Vulnerable. Her eyes sparkled with excitement. The goblin she'd gotten was laying down, obviously affected by the poison coursing through his veins. The Wisp seemed to be having some difficulties, but was holding her own... Maybe?

There was the girl goblin with the weapons and pot skills. But she hadn't acted yet.

Something was talking to her. Talking?
"Won't say no. No talk. Kill. We'll talk once they're all dead." she spat out, not even giving the creature a glance. Direct enemies were more important, didn't they know anything!

And there was a goblin right here....

As the Wisp rammed into it Rain shot forward, adding her own tackle. Assuming the goblin fell, she'd go straight for it's neck to repeat what she had done to that rat the night before. Bite, clamp, shake viscously.

Assuming that went well, if the third goblin wasn't dead from Mourningstar's attack and anything else, she'd charge up a Glob and attack the goblin with it.

Soon Crispy.... Soon...
Chasing Dreams


Questioner accepted the cash easily, slipping it into her cleavage before taking the 'Intel' that Lethal Force had taken. Ignoring Mantis she pulled various papers and city maps out, laying them across anything and everything as she started writing down something in flowing, elegant writing.

"Unnecessary movement here, lack of activity here, increased empty traffic here...." she muttered before cursing as the pen's ink stopped flowing. "You pay, I provide. Normally. I can and do refuse jobs. I'm not getting caught up in a fucking gang war. So obviously you won't be telling anyone you got this from me."

Tossing the pen randomly over her shoulder she pulled another out of a book, continuing her work while she talked. "There's something underground. It's big, stuff goes in and comes out elsewhere. I think it's a safe place. Maybe. Probably. People, guards. Guns? Maybe." Turning she thrusted the paper at Mantis, motioning for him to take it and go. "Directions. That gets you in. You and your team are alone after that, against odds. Remember, these people have lives outside of the gang." her words were stern before she shoved him back out the door. "You weren't here."

The door shut between them, locks clacking into place. It was still early enough that Mantis could get to the Villain meeting and just be a little late.

A Whispy Trail


The sun was high in the sky the scheduled time for Spectre's mission. The bar was relatively quiet for this time of day and week, not much of a surprise there. There were several buildings he could watch from, alleys as well, giving him a wide spread of options and advantage points. The PRT and Protectorate were busy, but there could still be some Independents floating around.

A bouncer, a big guy who's name was probably Chad, was standing guard outside the front doors, neon lights standing out behind him even in the mid-day sun. The windows on the second floor appeared to have been boarded up.

After nearly twenty minutes of waiting the Target exited the building, wearing a white lab coat and two piece gas mask, setting off at a leisurely pace.

Surprising Machinations

@Shizuochan@Crusader Lord

The day was, surprisingly, rather quiet. Perfect for two new independent heroes to take a leisurely patrol, an attempt at stretching their legs and flexing their powers. All was quiet, until a little after mid-day.

Their mindless wandering would, one way or another, bring them within earshot of what seemed to be an explosion... Followed by screaming civilians running!

Arriving at the scene they'd be greeted with each other.... And a dinky little bar missing most of its front end!
I'm tentatively interested, pending the additional lore and such.

Caesar chuckled lightly at her reply, glancing through the stands. "What, that you're all Marines or Marine killers, eh?" he replied quietly. "Enemies only remain enemies as long as they allow it. Take care of yourself, Launcher, I'll want a proper rematch one day."

He waited for a moment, but when no reply was forthcoming he left the way he came, nodding to himself.

Moments later he was among his crew, though off to the side and slightly apart. The match with Bonekid and... Blade?... was beginning.

Which, as the match progressed, he realized that no one else on the Rims could've hoped to beat Blade. After Boney the next highest skill with a blade, as far as he could tell, was himself. And he most definitely couldn't have handled the skill Blade was displaying.

Another failure for him. Maybe the kid would be willing to train him some in the blade arts.

But for now he watched, analyzed really, Blade. Sure the fucking magic alien bullshit augmented the techniques, but Blade really was skilled. Maybe he could incorporate some of that into his own repitoire, using his electro instead of magic blood.

Wait, he wasn't a magic alien with his electro, was he? Could his dad have lied to him all these years? That was....a disturbing thought. But... There was no reason to believe his dad had lied, and he'd just need to push that thought away.

But, the match was over now. It had been interesting, and close. If the kid had collapsed and sooner...

He couldn't even help collect the kid, with his injuries.

He looked around, maybe he could get Dirk to...

Where was the little guy? He furrowed his brow, frowning. When was the last time he'd seen the weirdo? At the docks? Had he been captured or just slipped away?

His eyes roamed the room and he noticed that he didn't notice.... Smithy? Was that his name? Was he even real? Wait, yeah, he's taken out Slick.

Huh. Well, maybe he was just hiding in plain sight? He was a slippery little....guy? Thing?....person?

He hoped nothing bad was coming from this.

"Someone should get the kid," he said quietly to the two crews.

Rain narrowed her eyes at everything happening... This was bloody chaos. The four were still coming, albeit hesitantly after her little outburst and this Wisp's speech. Talking about humans and shit, Rain honestly didn't hear most of it she was so pumped with adrenaline.

"Yeah, I can talk you limp dick ass fuckers!" she yelled in irritation, glancing between the giant rat, the odd group, this weird Wisp, the goblins, Crispy....

Was that a Pixie bomb rushing Crispy?

Rain made a snap decision.

"You dare to call me prey? YOU DARE THINK YOU CAN HUNT ME?" her voice called out defiantly. This was the opposite of stealth, dammit....

"I, who have injured you twice Crispy! I who have drawn the blood of that big hairy fucker! I WILL HAVE YOUR FUCKING HEADS!" she yelled at them, moving in an attempt to not be a sitting Target.

"You can either lay down your weapons.... Or I will fucking eviscerate you."

She readied another Glob styled attack. If something got too close she'd simply bite with the Glob to spill into the attack.

If Crispy tried anything hostile, she'd just shoot it at him, aiming for the same spot as last time.

Attacking the Bonfire

It was, all in all, brilliant. So brilliant, in fact, that she hadn't ran off after taking her shot.

Stupid! Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!

It was dumb, idiotic mistakes like these that had got her killed.

The advancing Goblins were initially in a V shape, which would've been perfect to exploit if that dumb bitch wasn't directing them!

She had moments.... Precious moments to figure out what to -

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" she yelled as some Wisp came bitching. Her indignation overrode her surprise at the speech. "I'M KINDA BUSY HERE."

With a hiss she realized she was not going to be able to just outrun the bastards. Those damned distractions had cost her the window, and now....

With any luck she could still salvage this situation.

Turning she ran... Not away but towards the Wisp. Hopefully she could lure these Goblins into....a horde? A group? Something that meant she didn't just die?

If she was caught she'd instinctively lash out with fangs.

If she could get this...rat?... Then she could sneak back into stealth and start attacking from a safer distance....

Caesar listened to the match, focusing on the combatants and ignoring the useless chatter around him. It all didn't matter.

The roars were, unfortunately, really annoying, leaving his ears ringing momentarily after each one. An annoyance, especially when the pirate talked quietly enough that, in the thick of the noise, it was somewhat difficult to hear him.

Shaking his head, Caesar listened to the senseless babble from the fight. It would've been better to watch it, arguably, but... He didn't feel like it.

No, not when he was so weak.

As the pirate flew out into the ocean, almost comically really, Caesar sat up slowly, climbing to his feet. Having to primarily use his feet and legs to get up was... Awkward. Difficult. He didn't like it.

The fire. From his position he could see her, and he moved himself slowly along the frimge of the arena, his eyes focused on that fire.

He walked slowly up the stands, a sharp pain stabbing with each step, before he stopped next to his destination.

"You're the first to ever truly best me." he said quietly to Launcher, his voice a little stained. "The situation may demand us enemies, but you are not my enemy."

Watching the Bonfire

Rain watched the little demon demonstrate his magic. It was a shame he was an established leader... He might actually have been halfway useful.

But no. Law of the streets. If you wanted to survive, you took out the heads of the gangs. If you wanted to grow and expand, you kill the toughest, meanest fuckers around that would get in your way.

She'd seen it relentlessly. This would be her first real sting, though.

Just another Target.

In a brief moment, she pooled her venom... Just like with that pixie. This was... Theoretically that Glob attack, though she was just guessing. But it had been dangerous, powerful.... Lethal.

She took her time aiming. It wouldn't do to miss. She was tempted to go for the head, but an errant moment, an errant movement, could make her miss. And this attack was taking a larger amount of her venom, something she couldn't afford to run out of in this fight.

As Crispy stood there, having cast his fire magic, Rain struck.

Out went her glob (she knew she could do better with it if she kept practicing...), Aiming right for his upper chest and lower neck. Time to see how resistant he really was....

Caesar opened his eyes, laying where he was. He could feel pain, and he knew it was serious. Not like last time against that Saban. He fixed the ceiling with a dull glare, listening to.... Slick. The maniacal pyro. Who... Won.

This was twice he'd been bested by another. Sure he made them regret it each time but....

Was it possible he wasn't strong enough? The damage to his arms and chest seemed like solid indicators that something was amiss. It just... It didn't make sense. He couldn't go 100%, for other's sake, and he didn't need to.... But then....

Why did he keep losing and getting injured? Yeah he healed fast and it really didn't hurt unbearably but...

What was going wrong?

He'd let the crew down. He'd, well, he'd let himself down.

He laid there, staring unblinkingly at the ceiling, for an eternity. The next match was starting but, well, he just couldn't bring himself to care about it.

He had failed too many times in too short a period for these to be flukes. It just didn't make sense. He couldn't even score 2 points against Launcher.

Idly he wondered if he should find her and commend her for her victory but.... He couldn't bring himself to. Maybe it was poor form, and really she did cut a striking figure, but he couldn't bare the thought of admitting he was a failure.

A sigh escaped his lips as he closed his eyes. He should thank Liliana. This felt like her work.

But she shouldn't have needed to do this in the first place. He shouldn't be in this condition.

None of this was right.

For now.... For now he would listen to the fight.
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