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Current Another shameless Status plug for my Tokyo Ghoul interest check in Casual. No knowledge of Tokyo Ghoul required to join and enjoy!
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Just a friendly reminder that I've got a Tokyo Ghoul check up in Casual. No prior knowledge of Ghoul required if you're interested. ^^
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Tokyo Ghoul Interest Check is up in Casual! Give it a look if you're interested. ^^
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Tokyo Ghoul RP coming to an Interest Check near you - Soon!
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Considering creating a Tokyo Ghoul RP.... Would need a Co-GM for creation. PM me if interested.
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So... Not big on Bios... Prefer people just talk to me if they'd like to know shit.

But, call me Shay if you'd like.

Currently in love and obsessed with Tokyo Ghoul.

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The difference being entirely that the Ghouls have gone out of their way to contact me to get involved. I've updated everyone as quickly as I was able, and many have fallen into nothing by simply not updating. If the Doves meant nothing, then why did I update Ketsu all this time, or Remi, usually within hours?

I can't do anything for anyone if I'm not told you would like direct GM intervention. I have a large host of prompts for people, but I can't just drop it in if there's nothing saying you needed it. Given that you two worked together intensively on your characters I thought doing dinner character on character to start would be best.

Or maybe I didn't make it clear enough that this RP is heavily decided upon by choices? I have an entire system working on the choices of every single player, and thankfully another player has volunteered to create a Dove to cover the lack of numbers they started with.

Needless to say, baseless accusations incredibly piss me off.

I will admit I should have called everyone out myself much sooner, however.

Either way, good luck with your future RPs.
We'll handle it, thank you for replying. ^^

Good in your future RPs, my friend.
Someone hide this delicate flower from the Internet.
They did. I shipped Felix x Dia immediately upon Felix appearing. And look what happened there xD
Incredibly. I've made my fair share of posts drunk before. Not here on this site yet, though...

Need to remedy that. XD

Gamble took the ticket with a slight bow, a grin across his face.

That's when he noticed all the big guys appear. His eyes flicked between them all, lingering on his boss.

Now why would the PRT show up officially? he wondered to himself, before shrugging mentally and moving on. Listening to the speech, he pushed his way through to the edge, glancing down into the arena.

Sickle vs a newcomer. That was going to be... Interesting. He'd get to see the crazy evil blood guy in action, which was a nice plus since the odds were good that he'd have to fight him eventually. Maybe not tonight, but probably in the coming months.

Though, truth be told, he was more concerned with watching his fellow PRT fighters in their matches. See what they were capable of, how they might work with his own abilities.

Not that he really needed to work with people. That tended to mess with the odds, limiting him in the long-run.

Tonight would be interesting, to say the least.

I'm officially announcing this here:
I'll give this a week or two and I'll be dropping it if it remains as is.
So, @Zelosse, that got super sad real quick. Guess I couldn't do playful either. XD
Dia squeeled a little as she felt her feet leave the floor and found herself in a jumble of blankets and Felix. Laughing lightly, she playful tapped his head before squirming out from his arms and sitting on him before he could get up. "Classes smashes," she murmured before leaning forward and blowing an ice cold breath across his chest. "I just want to enjoy the morning."

She giggled slightly as she laid her head over his heart, listening to the beat and feeling the warmth that so contested her cold. Dia smiled, enjoying the peace.

Unbidden, events crossed through her mind from the last few months. The fountain. The forest. The gym. Other let definable moments.

Where Felix had learned control, at an ever growing rate, of both his emotions and his power... Dia had found herself merely better controlling the direction her outbursts of power took. No longer did she worry about Zeke being trapped in ice, but the signs still remained. Frozen glasses when someone insulted their relationship. The constant cold around her ever present. She'd once even froze all the contents in a boy's pockets for being a jerk.

After a moment she looked up into Felix's eyes, concern etching on her face. "Do you... Do you think I'll ever control my powers properly? Not just... This regulation of... Direction?" She let her hair cover her face as she thought. "What if I'm always a risk? I thought being more sure about myself would help and the classes... But they're... The problem isn't really getting better."

She couldn't say aloud how worried she was that Felix would leave her over an outburst and accident finally happened. That her friends would disappear if she didn't get better.

She bit her lip as she tried not to cry, chilly tears beginning to drop on Felix's chest anyways.
Hahahaha, I still looked the post.

But I'll show you playful... Soon as I get off the hill from hunting in...I have no idea how long.
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