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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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Shameless plug for a friend's RP I've applied for: A No More Heroes RP by BC over in Advanced.…
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Another shameless Status plug for my Tokyo Ghoul interest check in Casual. No knowledge of Tokyo Ghoul required to join and enjoy!
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Just a friendly reminder that I've got a Tokyo Ghoul check up in Casual. No prior knowledge of Ghoul required if you're interested. ^^
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So... Not big on Bios... Prefer people just talk to me if they'd like to know shit.

But, call me Alice if you'd like.

Currently working on a fanfic, Roar, which is linked in my sig.

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Torrent Meditated to regain her mana while she reviewed what she had just learned. So she was indeed limited for the first skill by her own species, but that didn't mean that she couldn't manage to use or create the spell. It just meant she had to get creative.

And if she couldn't rely on her own insides for it, then that just meant she had to manipulate what was going on around her. Maybe she just needed to think about it a little differently.

She could see that the skill as it was created a kind of push, that pressurized stream that she was thinking of. But it mostly stopped when it hit the air out of her mouth. So was it like hitting a wall? A wall of air, perhaps? That didn't make sense, but it was the best analogy she could think of.

So, what if she manipulated it like she did back when she first learned Fireball?

Concentrating, Torrent repeated the process she had used last time. But this time she also set to infusing her power into the air around her, trying to make it move in the direction that she was going to use her skill in. As it moved away it would leave her influence and she'd repeat the process with the air that replaced it. When she felt like she'd started to create a current, or so she thought anyways, she released the spell and visualized pushing it as forcefully as she could for as long as she could until she was out of air herself. Immediately she tried to push more air from around her in a sudden burst to try and give the spell a little more oomph and fuel. Quickly she used her Magic Analysis on the result while she caught her breath.

While she sat on whatever information that gave her, she turned her attention back to her ice skill. She really wanted to get this one ticked over at the least, and her system message had told her that she was lacking force on possibly all grounds in order to make it a proper skill.

With what she'd done for the attempted air skill in mind, she set herself to setting up for the ice one again. This time she didn't stop when she shivered, instead imagining it becoming even colder. What did ice feel like? Not just being cold, but being in direct contact with the ice on the streets or hanging from buildings or coating over everything after a slightly warm day. The ice of tire tracks that made snow into something more.

It was when it was at the coldest she could get it to, when her body felt like it might go numb from the chill, that she released the spell this time. But instead of just blowing it out like she had before, she drew in breath once more before explosively releasing the air as forcefully as she could, almost like she was trying to eject something solid from her mouth. And just like she had tried with the air moments ago, Torrent shoved her power up through her mouth as she released her attempted ice spell, expelling mana with, around, and behind the breath with as much force as she could manage.
@Dead Cruiser
I was mostly curious if this is meant to be more sandbox or if the different directions one might wish to go are going to be more directed and streamlined around the actions and choices, but still with a direct line to follow so to speak?

Mostly just looking for general info, I suppose, so I can wait until the OOC to decide if I'm properly interested with more info.
Any chance you could give more information in regards to the setting itself? The base concept seems interesting, but I'd like just a little more info if possible before I commit interest.

Torrent sat while she considered her failed attempts, thinking of ways to improve what she had attempted. She had produced the cold, though not in the fashion that she had wanted to. And her attempt at some form of air ability had been pathetic to say the least.

That just meant she was approaching this from the wrong direction. She could feel that the air was too light by itself, even with the mana infusing it. While she could probably just brute force her way into a skill that route, it would probably take longer than she wanted to spend on this at the moment.

So, first thing first. She took in air, but this time instead of just filling it with mana she instead took the time to try and use that force to wrap around the air in her mouth, moving it and condensing it. If she could get it to cooperate like that then she'd take the time to infuse the air with mana from there, trying to keep it in a set ball shape in her mouth.

If she succeeded at that, she'd then try to change it from a ball to more like a very small lance inside her mouth. When she felt like she'd done the best that she could with making it as dense as she could and holding its shape as best as she could get it to, she'd 'fire' it from her mouth towards the other side of the stream while using Magic Analysis on whatever result she produced.

Next she turned her attention back to the cold. This time she drew in not only air, but also slurped up some water into the mix. From there she worked to infuse the two with mana, trying to mix them in her mouth as best as she could while pushing that cold into the mana.

Again she shivered at the memories. And when she felt that she couldn't put anymore cold into it, she expelled the mixture from her mouth at the nearest tree while using Magic Analysis on the result.

While she pondered her results and where to proceed from there, she Meditated to regain her mana.

September 12th, 2015

The Great Heist

A City Turned to Chaos

"What the fuck? Tanks, a chopper, and the Fallen? Are you serious, Lily?"

"Yeah. I put the Exiled on the tanks, the Guard are responding to the chopper situation, but I didn't notice anything with the Fallen. They got in for whatever they wanted to do, and today's a bad day for it. I could track them and I wouldn't mind if any of you wanted to come with. No worries if you don't want to take the risk, of course, but I -"

"Lily, shut up. I'm coming. And - yeah, see the others want to come too. Just try not to get shot this time, will you?"

"I'll try. Just because you asked so nicely, haha."

"Alright, good. Because I might break up with you if you didn't try."

"You'd never."

"Let's get going. You said they went away from the chopper, yeah?"

"Yup. With your powers I don't think we'll need the van. And Ash? I can't wait to hear about your adventure this morning when we're done."

Final Guard and Junior Guard

The display of force caused some of the heroes to take a step back, all of the wards except Calvin, as well as Slingshot and Presidio. 4Sight didn't need to activate his power again to answer Presidio. He met her eyes to answer the question. "One is between Spindle and the helicopter, about thirty feet behind her. Most of the others are on the ground, slowly being tied up, with one being raised into the air. That's on the right side of the road, you might be able to see them from here." He said and pointed.

4Sight let out a breath as he closed his eyes again, letting a moment pass before opening his third eye. He was once again level with Spindle, watching her bounce on her wire with no regard for the height.

Slingshot nodded at SWAT's question a bit too quickly before speaking. "Yeah I can do it, but it's going to be a rough landing. The forcefields might help, but I don't know how durable they are. " He said, his voice gaining more confidence the longer he talked. "If I get closer to the hostages, I can save them from falling, but that should be a last resort."

As the conversation briefly paused, 4Sight spoke to the group. "Someone just entered the danger zone" He sounded at once frustrated and confused.

The Shaker

Seeing a couple of the capes retreat slightly brought a smile to Spindle's face. They had lost the first exchange already The second the megaphone hit the ground, a thin wire tugged at Spindle's hand to drag her attention downward. Someone was leaving the nearest alley, making their way towards the discarded tool. A tall androgynous figure who's features she couldn't discern. They deftly kicked the megaphone into the air, seeming amused as they caught it. They spoke and Spindle tried at first to stifle her giggles, but she couldn't quite do it. She lifted her hand and waved it a bit, a symbol of dismissal as she laughed.

Her giggles quieted and she worked to compose herself enough to exaggerate a shrug, before pointing at the Final Guard. 'They were here first' Spindle mouthed, half to herself and half to her guest. After a beat she pulled a nearby wire slightly. Without further communication, nearby wire raised into the air around her guest in a semi circle. It advanced slightly, before more joined it. After they were thick enough that the other side could barely be seen, some of the inner wires spelled out a message for only dear Enki to see.

Smiling, Spindle turned back to the Final Guard to watch them scheme. Her own plan was already underway, wires pinned against the sides of buildings staying suspended in preparation. Another web woven.

The Fallen

The Hunt

"Well, sometimes you have to take a risk to help those you care about," the woman said simply.

A few moments later, before Edith could properly reply to such an odd statement, a shadow briefly flitted across them.. As Edith’s head snapped up she had only moments to react as a pale, alien body rocketed towards her, tendrils covered in mouths and tongues streaming behind it. It’s face was mostly smooth with small cracks that glowed a bright blue.

Transcendent. She knew him, and that could only mean there were more Fallen closing in on her at this very moment. If he was here she might even already be surrounded without having realized it. Had the woman led her into a trap? Or was she just an unlucky bystander caught up in something while trying to be helpful?

Edith dived to the side, steam beginning to creep off of her body as she prepared for a fight. Transcendent landed between her and the woman, not even breaking the pavement as he seemed to be light as a feather. His tendrils floated around him as he crouched before they lashed out towards Edith and in an instant he was moving towards her. From behind her she could hear the rev of engines and behind Transcendent she saw two jeeps turn onto the street full of people.

Red Eye

The Bank

Dumb brute. He's the reason- Percy's thought was cut short by a sharp pain to his shin. A very sharp pain. He toppled, actively shifting his weight to fall on his right shoulder. It would probably hurt later, but he couldn't tell right now through the pain in his left leg. Forcing his eyes open, he saw a man who hadn't been there before moving to tackle him. His power buzzed in his ears, meeting his fight or flight need with a weakness in his enemy. Out of the corner of his eye he watched the large creature start moving towards the boy, simultaneously trying to grab Vanish with his tail. She reacted by putting a large oak table between the two of them and backing up slightly. Seconds later and she'd taken a defensive stance with her hands out.

"One more step and I'll do something we'll both regret," she said with a slight waver to her voice.

Percy's power seemed to slow his perceptions momentarily, informing him of the new threat, how the man was vulnerable. Visibly sneering, he was already moving towards Percy. Or he would've been, if that was the real one he was looking at. Percy acted, rolling off the teller's counter. It was the fastest way to get his arm moving in the direction of the swing he couldn't see, allowing him to barely feel the baton as it skimmed his wrist. In the brief moment of being airborne, Percy raised his uninjured leg, and dropped the gun. His left hand caught the gun, and his right hand caught the counter. He grunted and pulled, his inhuman strength and speed letting him catch himself on the counter and look the newcomer in the eye. The invisible newcomer, so Percy was actually staring at empty space. It was weird, knowing someone was there in every fiber of your being and looking right through them at the same time.

"Stay right there crocodile man, I haven't forgotten about you. You are one dumb, invisible mother fucker. Two Pinky's and no brain to speak of. Vigilantes like you aren't allowed because you call bluffs and people die. Let us walk out of here with our money and no one else needs to get hurt. If you force us to stay, you get to explain to the cops why you have a dead ex-cop and a dead kid in an attempted bank robbery, when you could've let us leave. They'll love that you saved the banks insured money that the tellers are told to give at the slightest threat."

Percy said, eyes and gun steady on where his power told him the enemy was. It wasn't actually Percy talking now, he felt like he was out of his own body. Removed from it while still somehow involved. He hadn't known the security guard was an ex-cop, he still didn't know if the table the kid was hiding behind was bullet proof or not. None of it felt wrong, through, it felt natural to give in to his power as the situation escalated. If this went longer, if it was needed, his power could keep escalating. It was close to the point now that if the confrontation lasted a minute longer, his power wouldn't take his want to escape into consideration anymore.


Not with a bang...But with an Explosion

As Ana landed into the side of the tank it rocked visibly. She could feel it was made of sturdier stuff than she was used to punching, but after a single punch she’d already made a noticeable dent in the hull. The tank, meanwhile, continued on its path despite the baggage on its hull.

The second tank, meanwhile, rocked back onto the road and directly into Mastar’s tar. It didn’t slide, but it did seem to be slowing down before it made it halfway across.

Manifold glanced over towards Mastar but before she could reply there was a new arrival on the scene. She frowned at him, jumping off the truck as her arm reformed, before picking him up and throwing him bodily behind the truck. She then promptly pulled something from her belt and threw it in front of her. It began to shoot what seemed like a gel up before it solidified as a wall between her and the tanks. Moments later it rocked as a projectile landed into it, the tip penetrating through to poke out next to Manifold.

She shook her head as she moved towards the newcomer, signing angrily.

<<What the fuck are you doing getting between tanks and a fucking tinker? Fucking rookies.>> She shook her head again, clearly irritated as she pointed towards the tanks and made a shooing motion towards the two other capes in front of her. Turning around she started working at the tank round that was in the gel. It seemed she was going to take it apart right there on the battlefield.

Torrent cheered as she completed her spells, her tail swishing back and forth before she settled down to Meditate to regain her MP. A thought occurred to her, however, so she waited a bit longer Meditating to try and see if she couldn't surpass her "full" limit or if it would just overflow like a bucket in the rain.

When either nothing happened or something did, she turned her attention to what she wanted to do next. Immediately there were two more spells she wanted to try, because they made the most sense given what she already knew. She could do water and fire, create a fog to hide in, and she knew Digbie could control the earth, so....

What about the air? And what about the other part of water, ice?

She thought about how she had made the water stream, taking a deep breath and working to infuse mana into the air in her mouth. When she felt like she couldn't hold her breath anymore she explosively expelled the air as forcefully as she could, trying to make it like a blast as best she could imagine. She tried this a few times, trying to hold her breath as long as she could each time and trying to be as forceful with the release as she could before she decided to move on and come back to it if needed.

For the ice she had in mind, she again filled her mouth most of the way with water and sat. Instead of pulling on the heat within her to make fire, she instead pulled on that empty part that was always with her. Of cold winter nights on the streets, of snow falling, of being so alone that she felt cold inside. She pulled on these feelings as she tried to pull the warmth from the water while she infused it with mana. In her mind she imagined this working like her Poison Breath had, where it would spread out like a breath attack. But this time it would be icy, right?

When she released it she did so much in the same way she used to do Poison Breath before she sacrificed the skill.

Torrent was more than pleased with her system message as she considered how to proceed from where she had gotten to. If she could get these two skills then she'd have three different elements at her disposal.

But what if she made it four? Steam counted as an element, didn't it? Well, it made sense to her and that's all that mattered, right?

She was going to retry those two attempts, though, but she was going to do more. This time she repeated the steps she did for the stream last time. But this time she spent more time trying to condense the water infused mana in her mouth, trying to pack it as solidly as she could before she released it in the stream towards the other side of the stream.

With the second form, she again took more time to prepare. But this time she tried to take the heat that she produced for Fireball and her Explosion to heat up the water in her mouth before she released it.

Torrent, excited now, considered how to proceed. She wasn't the greatest at making things, and making new spells she normally brute forced if it seemed to work at all.

And while she was pretty sure her first attempt had started to work, she didn't think it was the best way to go about it. It felt like it was lacking, perhaps.

This time when she put water in her mouth, she left room for air. She could feel the water, so she focused on the empty space in her mouth. Taking that energy like she did with her explosions, she instead sat there calmly. Instead of the heat, she focused on the sound of the water and what she thought water was. A flowing force, ever moving, both rough and calm at the same time. And she tried to mimic this in her, pushing that energy into her mouth to swirl in with the water and air in her mouth.

When she felt she'd done the best she could, she pushed like how she pushed out her other spells.

As she did, a thought came to mind and she used Magic Analysis on the result before Meditating to consider how to proceed.

Skill Rank Up: Fire Breath I (1.95) > Fire Breath II (2.0)!
Range increased to 15 feet. In addition to the cone of fire, this Skill can now be focused into a denser stream. Its range stays the same, but it no longer affects multiple enemies; on a single target at a time, it may have better penetration against defenses.

-Due to your unique methods, combination of skills, individual growth, and the qualities of your species, you have unlocked a new path for your skills!-

Do you wish to merge Fire Breath II and Poison Breath II into the Hybrid Skill, Wurm Breath?
---Wurm Breath---
Unleash a burning miasma that inflicts Fire Damage, and has a chance to Poison the target. Or, unleash a searing stream that inflicts Acid Damage, and has a chance to Burn the target. Unlike other breath types, this breath cannot yet change its shape, but instead changes its elemental properties. The default form is a condensed stream, with a range of 10 feet. Its Fire Damage is slightly greater than Fire Breath I, and if Poison is inflicted its Rate of Damage is slightly greater than that inflicted by Poison Breath I. Its Acid Damage is slightly greater than Poison Breath I, and if Burn is inflicted its Rate of Damage is slightly greater than that inflicted by Fireball.

The Hybrid Skill will CONSUME the two source skills, and they will no longer be available. The Hybrid Skill's Rank will be I at (1.15). Dragon Affinity will increase by 0.1. The method by which you are using Poison Breath II and Fire Breath II together will no longer require Dual Cast when using Wurm Breath.
System: Torrent

Torrent let out a small, excited, childish giggle at the message, quickly replying. "Yes! Merge for Wurm Breath!" she said breathlessly as she settled down to Meditate to regain her mana while she considered how to proceed.

"Oberon! I made a new skill all by myself! Look!" she gushed from where she sat at the river's edge. When her MP registered as full she inhaled deep before releasing a Wurm Breath into the river in front of her, using Magic Analysis on it in hopes of learning more about it.

Flexing her tail, Torrent thought about what to do next. She had these elements, and she knew from what Oberon said that there were more, and if she could make a brand new skill all by herself then what if she...

Tried to make another new one? She'd figured out Fire Breath thanks to Fireball, and it couldn't be that much different, could it?

Leaning forward, Torrent sucked up a mouthful of water into her maw. Holding it there she tried to pull that same inner power that she used to explode with into her mouth, concentrating as hard as she could. She visualized the way that she projected the fire breath, the way the power flowed out from her, and she saw it like the river before her. After several minutes of concentration and effort, she drew breath through her nostrils and blew out forcefully, trying to push that power out with the water in a jetstream.

Torrent watched Ash walk off as she ate at on of the cooked parts of the blood plant, carefully watching the others while she thought back to what Ash had said. She had wanted to practice her exploding spell in the safe house if possible, but she knew it would disturb Ash.

When Oberon spoke, however, she tilted her head slightly at him while she listened. She didn't really understand what he was saying, exactly, but it definitely seemed interesting. When they moved to the stream she followed him, watching curiously before a thought struck her.

"That's like what I do when I explode. But it's this fire in me. And I guess it's kinda like fireball, too, like that. Is that what you're doing, but taking the feelings from the world around us?" she asked as she made some distance between them to practice her own skills. She couldn't explode here without maybe setting something on fire, but she could practice this odd combination breath. She made sure to be downstream from Oberon just to be safe.

The first thing she wanted to do was see how long she could hold it for, aiming at the water as she used Poison Breath and Fire Breath together yet again, and if she could create a stronger torrent by putting some force behind it.
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