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Current Considering creating a Tokyo Ghoul RP.... Would need a Co-GM for creation. PM me if interested.
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6 days ago
Started Tokyo Ghoul... Absolutely love it.


So... Not big on Bios... Prefer people just talk to me if they'd like to know shit.

But, call me Shay if you'd like.

Currently in love and obsessed with Tokyo Ghoul.

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Well the game isn't cannon and all... And of course a PC wouldn't be evil.

But like I said, the AU this game exists in makes anything possible.
Sorry for the wait. Reg will be getting back to you on that as soon as he's able to.

@floodtalon and @Sedjwick
I want to apologize for the slow reply. I've been so busy that I honestly forgot I needed to advance you two.
High Venom - Down the Rabbit Hole, Alice..


#Excellent.# The woman drug out the 's' sound in the word, releasing Ace. #You will get to see what so many have tried to, what few have been allowed to,# she purred. #Come, let's go to Undertown, my child.#

The want started walking away. Ave was assumed to be following, though she'd know if he didn't.



The front Bell for the door rang several times at Magus' question as the radio announced for him to follow.

Upon him exciting the store, there would a lights, signs, radios... Whatever was a little ahead to direct him along the way... Straight into the disturbance created by the two new women.
Well, yes and no. Depends on how much you wish to read into it, and I don't want to spoil anything here in the open for anyone.

Even though this particular Frost Demon appears fairly early into Super after the Revenge of F Arc, I still would prefer not to spoil anything.

To hint, however, I feel this particular interaction (and the one that's about to happen if you're all caught up) helped cement the belief that all Frost Demons are, at the core, evil creatures.

That's not to say they can't break the mold, or struggle with it and still be a good being. And in an AU, anything is possible.
I done forgot to tag you in mAh post!

Also.. here comes trouble. XD

Dia - Dorm Room

Dia smiled slightly. "It would be amazing to learn how to make more than just eggs," she said with a slight bow. "And I hate to leave so suddenly, but I promised Felix I wouldn't be gone very long. He's being stubborn, and I feel that if I don't get back he won't do what he needs to do. If you are agreeable, I think...I think I'd like you two to meet soon."

After waiting for Emi's replies, Dia excused herself, bringing the container of eggs she'd set aside with her, and began making her way back to Felix's Dorm.

She was in a rather good mood, happy and content, and was surprised at how well she'd handled the interactions with Emi.

Maybe today would be a good day, she mused.
Have you watched Super?
Considering there's names like Majin, Namekian, Frost Demons (which I don't remember if it's cannon or not), Saiyans...

You could probably run a race name generator and go with something.
Anyone remember, is it me or Liferusher who's turn it is?
Count me as possibly interested.

I'll be honest, I'd probably be more interested if I could get permission to have a bit ridiculous of a character that isn't ridiculously involved.

Basically someone who's lazy and overconfident, so they don't go all out. Or something.

Or something. I'm up for suggestions, at any rate. I'm kinda wanting to do someone who doesn't show their true potential very often, or something. I'm pretty indecisive, honestly.
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