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I hope you like Symbiotes....
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Shameless plug for a friend's RP I've applied for: A No More Heroes RP by BC over in Advanced.…
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Another shameless Status plug for my Tokyo Ghoul interest check in Casual. No knowledge of Tokyo Ghoul required to join and enjoy!
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Just a friendly reminder that I've got a Tokyo Ghoul check up in Casual. No prior knowledge of Ghoul required if you're interested. ^^
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Tokyo Ghoul Interest Check is up in Casual! Give it a look if you're interested. ^^
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So... Not big on Bios... Prefer people just talk to me if they'd like to know shit.

But, call me Alice if you'd like.

Currently working on a fanfic, Roar, which is linked in my sig.

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Torrent stretched, her heads reaching out in three different directions, before she flinched as her mind wandered. Something.....she couldn't remember it, but it made her scales kinda itch in a weird way.

"I think I almost died..." she said out loud slowly. Something about figures, names....Had she almost figured out the Void before she'd done something without thinking again? But something saved her?

She didn't know, but she was convinced she should've died. Shaking her head, she took stock of herself. These heads weren't quite right, something that was really odd, but she was pleased with them. The scents coming in when she opened them, the feeling. It kind of made up for the lack of legs. Which was even weirder than when she had lost her back ones. Would she call this slithering? She felt powerful, in a way.

With a jerk she had a realization. These things were connected to her. She could mix more elements this way, couldn't she? What if she started combining three of them, one from each head, and saw what happened when they were pushed together? Would it be just multicasting or could she make something unique happen?

She needed to try it eventually.

Wiggling excitedly, she looked over the rest of her body that she could. She was now a blue-ish green color, fairly dark, and she thought her scales looked more like stones than they had before, and between them almost looked like lines of dirt. It was kinda amusing how flexible she still was, really.

Looking around, she went ahead and used all of her various Analysis skills on her friends. After whatever she'd just gone through, she felt like she needed to. And while she was at it she went ahead and used Magic Analysis on whatever the hell they were working on. She needed to learn more if she wanted to start messing with more elements, after all.

"I think we should hunt before it gets too late," she said as she moved towards the stream, gulping from the water, before she turned her attention to the little food that they had left. If there was any left by the time she was done, it would not be enough for them to finish the day off of. "Perhaps we can all go together. Get something big like that plant I found before or something?

No, we already killed the "bug"bear. I'm a Lesserwurm....Well, for another post or two. Then I'm either dead or beginning my path to Hydra.
Took me 6000+ backspaces to remove all the extra characters, but it's been done.
Not gonna clean out another one for a while.

You used [Analysis]!
A super-continent formed by the collision and partial fusion of two tectonic plates Spans both north and ╠Ásouthern hemispheres in vertical orientation, but resides in the western hemisphere along the horizontal plane. Majority climes range between subtropical and temperate. Only the northern halves of the continent reach polar zones while the southern range passes equatorial regions and enters the edge of temperate and continental zones. Elevation range--

Funny story, our group decoded that the day it happened XD

Torrent considered for a moment, watching the figures curiously, knowing that she did not have the time to give this the thought it felt like it deserved. Responding to each of them in turn, Torrent answered them.

"I seek to deceive all, I seek to become something different from what I already have been. Change is the real deception."

"I fear nothing because fear does not change outcomes. I have faced death, I have died, I have been crushed and burning and constricted and absorbed. How else can I reach my true potential?"

"To be truly unnoticed, you have to look. There is no other option, even if you're looking through unusual means."

She could feel that pull becoming strained, aptly thinking of a rubber band, and she made a sudden decision to pull even further. It might snap, but here she had found what she'd been wanting, hadn't she? Here she could learn and grow, truly becoming the Nothing against the Everything.

"I have come not just because I felt the call, but because there's a sense of balance to all things, isn't there? Predators and Prey, Everything and Nothing. It all defines each other, but how often do you get the chance to reach into the Void itself? To, possibly, be the anti to everything else?" If she was being honest with herself she wasn't sure how much sense she was making, but it made sense in her head. Even her friends were defining themselves by other things, weren't they? What was this but to do it a different way?

Was this Void? This emptiness, this greatness that tugged at her ever so slightly? It was kinda similar to how she had developed Void Blast but in reverse, where the Things were condensed and protected, leaving the Nothing behind.

She reached out away from the planet, away from Things, towards that subtle tug before she stopped.

She didn't feel like she had a lot of time. But she had to have time for something else and the Void around her, right?

She looked at the planet, at the red, and she decided that no, none of that was important right now.

Instead she followed that pull and submerged herself deeper into the void around her...

Torrent was in a bit of shock as she finally finalized the skill and with all the unlocks happening at once. There was an ache behind her eyes that was starting to grow. But she had just made some insane progress!

This plasma skill was something above her abilities right now. How powerful was it if it was stronger than she was capable of utilizing? She could use it, but it sounded like it would be an all or nothing situation, like when she was caught by Rattleskull or against the Blood Plant thing or maybe even the Giant Slime or Rat that had attacked. Or even the Goblins...

This could be a game changer, but she wouldn't know until she had to use it for the time being.

And Void Blast! It was everything that she wanted it to be, and with everything going on she had more experiments that she needed to do. Lightning? Energy? Was Energy just the basic mana form? She needed those. She needed all the elements if she wanted to be useful and helpful and never weak again. She had friends to help now.

And that meant that she needed to evolve. Judging by the time it had taken Ash, Digbie should be coming back shortly. So, with a thought she combined her stealth skills into STEALTH MODE and she locked herself into the Forked Snake EVOLUTION.

"I'll be back soon Ash, I'm going to evolve as well now. We should talk after, I have a lot of info from my experiments that I think you might be interested in."

"I can evolve as well, but I want to finish this spell first. It's really important." Torrent announced her intentions as Oberon joined Digbie in evolution, keeping her attention up to their surroundings while she thought about the skill. It seemed to work, but something just hadn't quite clicked yet. Was there a way to cause the implosion that happened, and that's what was holding it back? She had managed to contain the Void, to harness it with the information from her experimentation and from the beings in her dreams. Which by itself was progress.

Progress which had led to her leveling up. Thinking about it for a few moments, she put 10 points into Plasma Ray, 1 point into Suppress Presence, 4 points into Rock Spire, and her final point she put into Focus. With her points used and what she was about to do, perhaps it would change her evolution possibilities? She didn't know what these "variant" things were, but she felt like she had one for every element that she had? So maybe they were connected to those, but she couldn't be certain. And what would count as an element, anyways? Was Fog an element or a combination of them?

She wouldn't have considered Void to be one, but here she was harnessing it even if it was through abstract means. And the beings had said that it was the absence of things. So maybe it wasn't an element exactly.

She needed to go deeper tho.

Centering herself, she focused on the process of creating the void sphere again. But this time she took what she learned to make the Breath Beam, and how she had learned to control the air and earth and water around her. What was mana except another thing she could control? That had to be the missing piece of the spell, the reason why it was incomplete despite working seemingly perfectly.

It wasn't meant to collapse by itself. That had to be the answer.

So when she released it, she maintained the barrier around the Void until the orb passed by the tree she had taken aim at. And like flicking a switch she stopped, dispelling that energy that contained the Void. And she analyzed the result, as always.

Torrent laughed as she ended her beam, a gleeful yet childish sound, before she spun around excitedly. She had done it! It had been awkward, very much so, but she had done it!

"Thanks, Ash! That really was all it needed, with a little bit of push behind it too! I couldn't have done it without you."

As Digbie set himself down to evolve, she cocked her head thoughtfully. Ash had gone into cover and she had been able to stand guard outside, but this would be a little harder to just stand outside an entrance when he was sitting in the open.

Moving closer, she sat with her right side to the stream and worked on drawing in the sunlight for mana again. She would do less intensive experimentation this time so that she could help focus on Digbie.

When she got the notifications that she was full on mana, she'd make sure she had enough distance from Digbie before she focused back onto her experimentation with the Void. Pushing away the mana, the power, the air, everything from a point in the center of her mouth, she repeated her previous attempts that had ended in failure. This time, however, when it got to that point where she couldn't breath and it threatened to burst inside her own mouth, she quickly tried to form a small layer of mana around the Void, forming and shaping it and holding it, and she attempted to push the Void out towards the stream.

Using Magic Analysis on the result, if there was one she could analyze anyways, she returned to drawing in sunlight as she pondered how to utilize the void.

Not enough. Even adding in the fire, while it helped, wasn't enough to make the skill. The analysis made it sound like it needed more time, but she'd done everything she could to extend the duration.

Ash spoke up, telling her she was missing something. Wind? She wasn't sure how that would help things, wouldn't that just make it blow?

No, until she could both draw in the light and fire off the attack, she didn't think she had the means to produce a proper beam of sorts like this.

Instead she focused on what the system had told her. Condensing was right. Adding fire was right. Drawing everything together was right.

But what if trying the slow release wasn't?

Taking the time to think, she used all of her Analysis skills on Ash, idly hoping to learn more about her new body. If this failed, perhaps it would give her ideas on how to better succeed.

Repeating the process, Torrent focused. If she couldn't make it a beam proper, then she'd release it like a bullet. She gathered the light, condensing it and slowly adding fire to it, and on a whim decided to test what Ash suggested. Mixing in a little of air, compressed into the conglomerate to work alongside the fire, she let the pressure build inside her mouth.

When she felt like she had done all she could with it, she opened her mouth and forcefully ejected the result with as much power as she could, using Magic Analysis on whatever happened.
If you ever get an actual base, feel free to ping me. In the meantime though, I can't in good conscious say I'm interested without anything to go off of. especially when it was a joke.
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