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Current Skippity dippity doppity doo, I'm sus of a color like you.
8 mos ago
Biggity boogity,.
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1 yr ago
Anyone got some chips?
2 yrs ago
For reference, I say that as someone that only joined it a few years ago.
2 yrs ago
If you're curious about Myriad Reality, you're better off just jumping in and trying it out since it's easier to learn about it as you go.


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<Snipped quote by Stabby>

I suppose so, if you don't need a hand with anything else right now.

- Probably not, but the offer is appreciated.
Fall - *Opens a portal and waves goodbye before walking in.*
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

So we've all got something to do then, huh. I have a lot of reparations to make after the volume of what I lost.

Flicker and Fall: See ya around then?
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

So we've all got something to do then, huh. I have a lot of reparations to make after the volume of what I lost.

Fall - True that. I'll be on my way then, see ya later. *Makes a prompt portal and exits.*
- Yea. Guess I'll see you around? Existence is pretty big after all.
I was thinking of having Nira ponder over the wills and how they constructed the various beings, to the point of having her ask if there is a will of wills and/or will of the world, so I'm glad to see that it would have payed off in some regard later down the line.

That said, I'm sad to see this end, even if it was going to happen at some point. I look forward to seeing if it'll ever be rebooted at a better time, or to see if another like it pops up somewhere.

All in all, thanks for the memories Z.
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

So what's the plan now?

- Well, I'm going to be moving my civilian home and reorganizing a few things.
Fall - And I'm probably gonna see what info I can get from establishing contact with the amaranthine originator, if I can track them down. Information is power after all.
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

Yeah, no problem. Flicker and Fall, the iconic duo.

Flicker and Fall: *We look at each other and laugh.*
Fall - I'd never thought the original naming convention would actually come full circle.
- Same.
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

There's nothing really wrong with continuing to call you Flicker though, I feel. Or maybe I could call you "Fall" just since it's the part you're sure about right now.

Fall - *scratches the back of my head.* There isn't except for the cases where me and my other self are in the same room.
- In which case we want to avoid what confusion we can.
Fall - Exactly. I'm liking the temporary name idea though, so I'ma gonna go by Fall now then. Thanks for the help. *Smiles and fingerguns.*
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

I just provided words that would've rung similarly to the original for the first half. To try and suggest anything different wouldn't be my place, I feel. You know yourself best of all, and it should be your right to choose. Even if it isn't immediate.

Flicker - Fair point.
In fact that's a very good point. I might just put it aside for now, since nothing is currently coming to mind.
- Probably the best course of action at this rate.
Mai internet is being a paiiiin, but that'll hopefully be changing soon.
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

So you want to keep "Fall"?

Flicker - For the last half of my title name yea. Any other ideas for the first half?
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