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Current Skippity dippity doppity doo, I'm sus of a color like you.
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Biggity boogity,.
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Anyone got some chips?
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For reference, I say that as someone that only joined it a few years ago.
1 yr ago
If you're curious about Myriad Reality, you're better off just jumping in and trying it out since it's easier to learn about it as you go.


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<Snipped quote by Stabby>

Shinji: It's been a while-

*hears the rumbling upstairs*

.... what the heck is going on out there?

*Looks back at my book.* Far as I know, conflict.
Serious answer is that I couldn't leave to check, so I don't know. Remaining unnoticed keeps us both safe and the process required Flicker's body to remain close by anyways.

... Also heads up Flicker is gonna be sleeping for a while. Extension of mental time isn't exactly easy, so she'll be resting and recovering for now.
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

*opens my eyes, and looks around*


*The room remains relatively unchanged, and I'm reading a book on the other end of the couch. Blinking for a moment, I look up.*
Oh, so you're finally done. Welcome back to the waking world.
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

*turns to you*
Agreed. Who knows just how much paperwork Victoria will have for me when I return to the EDB.


Coolio. Also oof, paperwork.
It will take me a second or two to get myself to the unconscious plane, but after that we should both wake up naturally. See ya on the flipside.
*With a wave I jump off the edge of the building and start flying towards the exit of your inner world. Soon enough, I'm out of sight and we both wake up.*
<Snipped quote by Stabby>


You've been helpful every step of the way, friend. Without you, there's a chance that this might not have happened.

*gestures to the good progress*

I owe you a great debt of gratitude.

The only debt you owe me is to keep making progress a little at a time. Having helped you out is payment enough otherwise.
Probably about time we return to reality if you're feeling better though. We've both got priorities and responsibilities we should to return to, right?
<Snipped quote by Stabby>
*for once in a long time. I genuinely smile*

I could get used to seeing this kind of progress.

*You hear footsteps behind you, along with a lighthearted chuckle.*
I agree.
*Walks up beside you, hands in my pockets.*
Try to keep in mind that it's always an uphill battle though.
You've still got a lot ahead of you.

*months in the dreamscape later, I looks around at my progress from a top of a building*

*Though the absolute barriers still stand some distance from the city itself, things looks to have improved somewhat, even if remaining relatively uninhabited. The necessary automated infrastructure has been repaired to at least a functional level, and man-made rope barriers cut off access to still collapsed sections of the city. Things still doesn't look the best, but it's noticeable progress nonetheless.*

. . .

Feeling a pat on her shoulder followed by an annoyed sound, Nira started tuning back into the world around her as she finished up her thoughts. Looking up in time to see the collision and brief squabble between the redhead and blue haired pixies, she internally winced slightly.

Though the situation resolved like it might between children, the interaction provided a bit more info on both pixie communication and the lack thereof. Getting ready to fly up to them, Nira was surprised to see the redhead directly coming down towards her, free of his skiddishness from earlier. A little curious about it, she made eye contact with him for a split second only to watch as he suddenly regained his nervousness and zipped off.

Left at a minor loss for words, she shifted her attention to the blue haired pixie as she landed in front of her and stomped her foot. The green haired one was back as well, still curious about where Femus went. Things were working out somewhat, but Nira had a feelinh it wouldn't last for much longer if she didn't decide on doing something soon. After reshifting the pieces of cloth she had tucked under her arm, Nira decided to try showing them one of her new skills. Holding up a finger and then backing up a little, Nira used Aqua Sphere and tried to slow the process down somewhat so that they could all watch as the water condensed out of thin air as a mist, and then coalesced into a ball of water. Having had to focus before when learning the spell, Nira had also wanted to use this moment to see how mystical the process looked. It was one of her first learned spells after all.



Da big derp.
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

*with a heavy sigh, I speak*

The complete unification of existence. On a dimensional scale. All of the people of existence being brought together under a unified, protected government.

With the intention of securing peace and freedom for people I would bet, right?
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

I mean... well.. the drinking, which I'll admit got way out of hand, I should have handled myself better. its been a rough go, lately. however, its not just that, but the political side of things too. they don't like what I'm trying to accomplish with the EDB.

Which is...?
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