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Current There are some things that are... you know... because... then... well... yeah. You understand, no?
1 yr ago
Bleh bleh bla bla bleh bla.
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2 yrs ago
University starting very soon...
2 yrs ago
I am now not useless to society anymore, yay~!
3 yrs ago
I officially count as a NEET right now... :/ I plan to change that soon...


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The arrow landed and pierced the heart of the monster.
The last hour of the game's life, Suna wanted to spend at her favourite spot in the game world. It was on the ledge of a cliff overseeing a big valley. For a long time, pretty much ever since she had found this spot, she had wished to feel something in this world, feel the wind on her cheeks as it blows around her, feel the steep drop below her feet as they dangle off said ledge.

Sometimes, monsters were blocking the way to ascend to that ledge, not that Sunagitsune particularly cared. One arrow was pretty much enough for all of those mobs.
This game had given her so much. On the way up, Suna remembered all the things she had done in the past several years in this game that also helped her in real life. In a week, she was going to represent her old high school in the prefecture-wide archery competition, even if she had graduated earlier this year. She owed a lot of her skills to the game. Archery was something you could learn in a DMMORPG, since, after you have acquired the musculature, it is all about technique.
It felt good being able to train archery and play a game at the same time.

Suna sat down and stared. Unexpectedly, her eyes watered up a little as she gazed over the landscape. She was going to miss this. Very much so. In the corner of her eyes, she watched the clock count down...
I have, like, half of my intro post ready. But I had some RL issues to take care of.
I mean, I'm not restricting anyone to being solely a member of it but it would absolutely mean more work for me.

And we know how much you hate work <3 <3
@vancexentan Alright, I'm okay with being on my own.

And I didn't really ask what race were your npcs, I was asking where were their character sheets, because I don't see them in the character section or the ooc just pictures of them.

Yeah, that's what I was confused about as well, causing me to ask the question in the first place.
One more question: How do NPCs work? Do I need to submit a CS for one? Or what do you want? ^^
@vancexentan If you want I can add another skill, if that fixes the shortness?
Or were you more referring to Lore or another section? ^.^
Was thinking about a racial skill.

Poof. Sorry, in the end I had a bit of issues with the program I use to make font pics and stuff <.< >.>
But here it is, please tell me if there is anything you want me to change or add to.
I didn't manage to finish my thing today... Though only Lore/Bio is missing, so, not a lot...
But I am way too tired now to think of more things ;-;
I promise, it'll be up tomorrow.
Yeah, I am scribbling down my CS right now and hope to be done before I go to bed today.
Though, IRL keeps me busy all the time as well, at the moment.
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