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Current There are some things that are... you know... because... then... well... yeah. You understand, no?
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Bleh bleh bla bla bleh bla.
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University starting very soon...
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I am now not useless to society anymore, yay~!
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I officially count as a NEET right now... :/ I plan to change that soon...


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A hooded figure approached the gas station. She had dropped off her vehicle a while ago not wanting to startle the few guests with her obviously elemental-created car.

Song Ae-ri smoothly moved closer, a heavy looking bagpack on her shoulders. She noticed the car that sat at the gas station. Good, she appeared to be at the right place.
A small smile played on her hidden face as she looked through the window of the near diner seeing both Kris and Diana eating together on a table.
For a while, she hesitated, not wanting to disturb them, but she realized that having a hooded figure like her hang out around a diner would look not even just a little suspicious.
So, Ae-ri opened the door of the diner shuffling to the table Diana and Kris shared.

Hello, you two.
She had dropped her whiteboard on the table.
Can I join you here?

Carefully, she slid her hood off revealing her light-red cat ears, which, after being buried in said hood for way too long, twitched pleasantly. Even still, her face was of a rather neutral expression.
Chirina Shuurga

Chirina licked her lips. The smell of blood was everywhere.
She noticed the calls of goblins heading under deck, though and its implications shortly brought her back to her senses to steer her body to the scene of action.
However, before she could move forward, she was grabbed by the collar and hoisted into the air.
Confused, she flailed around until she saw that it was Eiko that had lifted her, she relaxed, just a little though, curiously awaiting what she had in store for her...

Flinging her to the enemy ship, though, was not a thing Chirina had expected. But, midair, she let out a adrenaline-rich scream, as the tiny banshee hailed down towards the deck of the enemy ship.
She shifted her downward momentum so that she landed right on the shoulders of a rather burly guy.
"Surprise!", Chirina snarled and then, bit down and her sharp fangs ripped into the guy's throat.
Blood flowed into her mouth and dribbled down the corners and to her chin.
The burly dude gurgled and his legs gave out, making him crumble to the ground. Sitting above the corpse, licking her chops, was Chirina, her blade "resting" halfway inside the back of the dropped soldier.

She drew the blade out of the body and hurled herself forward, a bestial howl erupting from her as she charged the mass of enemy bodies that were preparing to board the Aquarius.
She revelled in the feeling of her sword cutting through bodies, leaping at enemies, biting into flesh and more.

After a short while, she stood there, breathing visibly, more than twenty-five corpses surrounding her. All of her face was coated in blood.
Facing the rest of the enemy crew, she bared her sharp teeth, also covered in blood, and chortled maniacally.


I waited that long cuz five is my favourite number... <.< >.>

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It is severely disappointing...
He could be an elf dwarf, would explain why he looks the way he does.

A Halfling? Sounds like a good idea to me.
Blaire Dawn


It turned out as she had thought that joining a school in the middle of the school year was probably not the best idea that could have been made. Cliques had long been formed, people knew each other. Not that Blaire thought she'd particularly care. At least not before she had experienced it first hand for the first time. She had never been in a school for her entire life and so, such... communality had escaped her.


Blaire frowned as she observed the students that arrived in the practice field. A lot of them were... very... well, silly, to put it mildly. Tacklehugging, hugging and prancing around without wearing any pants...

Somehow, right now, she was kind of happy that she didn't know any of them. She decided to postpone the "getting to know your classmates" part until later. Or never, she had nothing against that.

So, Blaire unsheathed her khopesh and turned slightly away from the rabble to practice some swings. With a blade like that, one had to use a different technique to a "regular" sword and that took time to perfect, naturally. Even now, she wouldn't allow herself to be called "the best khopesh huntress or future huntress", since she had no idea who else used such an exotic weapon as her.

Yes, Blaire knew she should have introduced herself to her new classmates, make friends. Some of them would sooner or later be her teammates, as far as she had heard. But right now, she couldn't be bothered to go out of her way to do so. No, she wasn't "scared" of contact with others. In her mind she huffed at that thought, having been called that by her guardian once.

Her cat ears twitched happily at the sound of her curved blade whooshing through the air in front of her.
@Zelosse for once I agree with Ookawa not all dwarves have beards.


A miracle has happened!

I shall treasure this moment forever.

Dwarfs don't need beards.
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