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With this, I want to check if there is any interest in doing an RP in the Wakfu world, with OCs and everything.
I have some ideas for a setting, but nothing solid yet, so, any input you might have is highly appreciated.
With a heavy clang and an impact force enough to make her stumble, a rock struck Nebuchi's armour. Her tail flicked to the opposite side to catch her momentum and so, she kept herself on her feet.
Her eyes wandered up the cliff, where a group of goat men were hurling stones and spears. In the ravine, another group had started to charge the two former players.

When Kira's shockwaved bowled over the whole horde of goat people, Nebuchi licked her lips in anticipation. Under a cackling laugh, the cat girl charged forward, her blade drawn. Full force, she hit one of the downed enemies and her sword immediately impaled it. The blood splattered her face with droplets of the red liquid. Somehow, somehow, this actually felt good, refreshing.
She withdrew her sword and immediately, with the backswing, killed another goat person.

With elan, she jumped at the next goat person, clinging to its back. Another bout of laughter escaped her until she bit down into the goat person's neck. Warm life liquid flowed into her mouth as she started suckling. Not even a minute went by until the thrashing subsided and the blood did not flow anymore.

Her mouth dripping with blood, Nebuchi looked up, her eyes glowing bright red, signifying her completely filled bloodwell.

@Zelosse@Crusader Lord
Nebuchi huffed. Blood kitten... She stomped forward, her new ears twitching wildly.
Never had she liked the other cat, but, it seemed as if she was kind of stuck with her. Whatever, she could deal with the annoyance, especially now that she was actually separated from her.

With heavy steps, she followed Kira, sulking a bit.

"This is weird...", she whispered, her tail scraping over the heavy snow cover... and she could sense it...
"Kira, you should seriously have had a tail. This feels pretty awesome."
It seemed now, that Nebuchi was out in the open, in the cold, she had, as you'd say, cooled down. Her hot-headedness was going down every second she was exposed to the elements.
"And the ears, they are mega awesome! Like, I can hear so much more now. Nobody will be able to sneak up on me!"
A short little giggle escaped her as her gloved hand touched one of her new ears.

@Spriggs27@Crusader Lord
Nebuchi stood up, licking her sharp canines.
"Aye, aye boss", she called out casually before turning to the gate Kira created and stepping through it, just to almost trip over a Merius.
The cat girl chuckled at the plight of the one of her own kind, but that chuckle quickly vanished as she waded through the heavy snow.

"Who the hell thought that a secret lair up in the mountains in no man's land is a good idea...?", she cursed as she had to lift her legs up uncomfortably high to progress further to anywhere.
Even though she had pretty high stats, that did not prevent her from struggling through this deep snow cover.
She was audibly annoyed, clearly recognizable by her groans and 'Nya''s of frustration.

So, when Merius addressed her blood lust, her mood was clearly not the best.
"Frick off. I'll just have a taste once and then it'll be good. It's not like I am a vampire and I require blood as food."

Naturally, she was still peeved when Merius went into lecturing mode and behind the cat girl's back, Nebuchi made mocking hand gestures.
To be fair, she didn't feel much of the cold, at least not right now. Her armour warmed her a lot, even if it was a bit heavy on her body, making her wonder what it would be like in a damp and muggy swamp. She'd probably melt inside that armour.

(@Zelosse@Crusader Lord@Spriggs27)
It's been unbearably hot the last couple of days, so concentrating on writing has been particularly hard.
"Ehahahahahahaha! Die, scum, die!"

Nebuchi withdrew her sword from the body of her enemy, green monster blood dripped down its blade. The cat girl giggled in elation, the high of combat clearly still effecting her mind, even through the virtual reality of the dive MMO.
She had grown to love this feeling, this feeling of a high. Nebuchi couldn't get enough of it and she was sad that all of that was now about to come to an end. That was why she chose to slay some monsters before rejoining the rest of her guild for shutdown celebrations.
With a backblow, she sliced apart a monster that tried to sneak up on her.
Sometimes, she wished she could smell the blood she was causing to spill. Maybe she would like it, even if that thought slightly creeped her out.

She cast a teleport spell to bring her back to the entrance of the guildhome. Again, for the last time, she stared at everything in front of her. Yes, she would miss this place, the whole game, to be fair. She'd have to seek out a new dive MMO, one that would offer her the same experiences she had had with YGGDRASIL. Placing her large sword onto her shoulder, the Dark Knight, marched into the guild halls.
It seemed that most of her guildmates that were still active were around today to celebrate.
Not many, yes, but that was who was left and Nebuchi was happy about every single person who decided to stay until the end.

She slumped into one of the chairs in the main hall, being the broody person that she always was, watching her few guildmates in the corners of her eyes.
The countdown reached one minute.
Whelp, this was it. No more slaughtering.
She placed her sword on the table in front of her. The light in this room always had been pretty. Yeah, in her next game, she'd build something like this again, surely.
Thirty seconds.
Nebuchi remembered her cute battlemaid companion. They were all the rage in the game and in this guild, so she had gotten one herself.
"Heh." A slight chuckle escaped her as she watched the numbers count down. From now on, she'd be boringly normal again.
Ten seconds.

Five seconds.

She inspected her glove, some human blood still on it. She wondered how it would taste like, not that she could ever find out in this game... and she didn't have the time to do so either.



Nebuchi wasn't in her room yet. She was still in the guildhall.
Sounds of confusion surrounded her as she looked around. She was still in the game, but things felt different, very different.
No, the issue was that she felt in the first place. Curiously, she moved her gloved hand up to her face. When it touched her cheek, she could feel the cold of the metal. She could also now hear differently, a twitching sensation on the top of her head signalled her cat ears being active. It was weird, as was the tail that extended her spine outside her body. All of her senses were sharper than she had been used to as a human and it appeared, the DMMORPG did not simulate the heightened senses of her race well.

Nebuchi glared at her glove, the small pool of red blood glistened in the glaring light coming from the large windows in the hall. For some reason, she moved her hand to her mouth and licked the blood off her glove.

"Ehehe... ehee..." Small giggles escaped her. She liked the taste. Yes, she liked the taste of blood.
"Hah...haahaa...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Finally, she broke out into a fit of laughter that did not sound sane at all.
In this insane fit of giggles and laughter, she slammed down her armoured fist on the table.
"Ehehehe! This is awesome!"

Nebuchi stood up. "Zeal! Let me go and kill some stuff. I need to feel this." She picked up her sword feeling the weight of it in her hands. Now that everything felt real, she needed to experience this.

(@Zelosse and everyone in the main hall)

The arrow landed and pierced the heart of the monster.
The last hour of the game's life, Suna wanted to spend at her favourite spot in the game world. It was on the ledge of a cliff overseeing a big valley. For a long time, pretty much ever since she had found this spot, she had wished to feel something in this world, feel the wind on her cheeks as it blows around her, feel the steep drop below her feet as they dangle off said ledge.

Sometimes, monsters were blocking the way to ascend to that ledge, not that Sunagitsune particularly cared. One arrow was pretty much enough for all of those mobs.
This game had given her so much. On the way up, Suna remembered all the things she had done in the past several years in this game that also helped her in real life. In a week, she was going to represent her old high school in the prefecture-wide archery competition, even if she had graduated earlier this year. She owed a lot of her skills to the game. Archery was something you could learn in a DMMORPG, since, after you have acquired the musculature, it is all about technique.
It felt good being able to train archery and play a game at the same time.

Suna sat down and stared. Unexpectedly, her eyes watered up a little as she gazed over the landscape. She was going to miss this. Very much so. In the corner of her eyes, she watched the clock count down...
I have, like, half of my intro post ready. But I had some RL issues to take care of.
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