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Current I'd say you'd soon turn to dust with that attitude, but you're already dust, so...
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Michigan is just a glove-hat that Indiana and Ohio happen to share.


Starve the ego; feed the soul.

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Right; now that morning errands are now out of the way, I am formally closing applications as of this time. I'll be looking over sheets tonight to get back with who I'll be accepting for this RP, with an official start date in a few days give or take.

I do have one question, however: Would people prefer the RP to start before the snow storm, with people settling in for the night, or waking up on the day after the blizzard hit?
@Ortfinne does the personality have to be in paragraphs, or are listed traits okay?

I'd prefer paragraphs.
It's almost time for the cut-off. Everyone has until the end of tomorrow to get a sheet in if they're planning on joining.
Someone convince me that I don't have enough games going and can apply to this without regret please

Potential Applicants:
@xXSINXx - Rayne Romano | 23 | Female | Guitarist/Singer
@Fabricant451 - Aine Whelan | 29 | Female | Teacher
@Bee - Charles Mallet | 25 | Male | Social Media Manager
@TGM - Krystal Hall | 27 | Female | Singer/Songwriter

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Work in progress.

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