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10 days ago
Current I finally finished this after trying to figure out the plot for a week XD…
11 days ago
I need a new game to play T_T
26 days ago
ARK Shenanigans: I named all my Giga's Rippaoni Pepparoni
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27 days ago
I THINK i have a neato gangster/mafia plot but I'm bad at plotting and gming by myself. If anyone would be interested in helping me create something cool send me a message?
28 days ago
Agh, when you have a group plot ready to be created but your TERRIBLE at being a gm, (︶︹︺)
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Hello! My name is Alora and I LOVE to write. I find inspiration in the littlest of things and always have idea's stored away in my secret vault. I've been roleplaying since I was about 12, so about 11 years. While I may not be the best at roleplaying I do put a lot of thought and effort into my characters, plots and posts. My most favorite genre's would probably have to be romance, suspense, horror, psychological, slice of life and fandoms. I watch a whole lot of anime and read a lot of books, and just like anyone I would love to immerse myself into my favorite fictional world!


@The Muse


Emerald City - Elliot Herring - Active
Sol City - Manami Takahashi and Tao Jang - Active
Maho no Sedai - Koharu Hayashi and Sara Hoshino - Active

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Sorry that I've been kinda MIA for most of the day, I work from 3-11.

Im probably going to wait another day or two for people to finish up their CS and then work on making the intro post.
I'm not opposed to characters relation sheets, it actually sounds like a good idea!

I would assume that many of the students might know each other, either in passing or sharing classes.
@shylarah & @Liv - Both are awesome and both are Accepted!!
@shylarah - Of course, hit me up :P
@Still Lake

- Both or your characters are great! I love the diversity that I'm seeing in all the students so far :3 Please go ahead and pop them into the character tab.
@Scribe of Thoth - He looks fantastic to me. He's good to go, put him in with the others :3
@Zoey Boey - Accepted!
@Inertia - I really like him! Go ahead and slap him into the Character tab :3

Coming Soon
@WanderingSpirit @Still Lake @Yeonin @Liv @Inertia @Obscene Symphony @Zoey Boey @Kosm @Vertigo @shylarah

For those of you who are still interested I have the official thread up with the CS added to it. At this time if you are interested in playing two characters I am allowing it. If you can NPC's for said characters please let me know, I am going to create a litle NPC's so everyone knows who they are.…
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