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I need a new game to play T_T
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ARK Shenanigans: I named all my Giga's Rippaoni Pepparoni
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I THINK i have a neato gangster/mafia plot but I'm bad at plotting and gming by myself. If anyone would be interested in helping me create something cool send me a message?
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Agh, when you have a group plot ready to be created but your TERRIBLE at being a gm, (︶︹︺)
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Hello! My name is Alora and I LOVE to write. I find inspiration in the littlest of things and always have idea's stored away in my secret vault. I've been roleplaying since I was about 12, so about 11 years. While I may not be the best at roleplaying I do put a lot of thought and effort into my characters, plots and posts. My most favorite genre's would probably have to be romance, suspense, horror, psychological, slice of life and fandoms. I watch a whole lot of anime and read a lot of books, and just like anyone I would love to immerse myself into my favorite fictional world!


@The Muse


MEADOW UNIVERSITY: Alaric Sterling and Elliot Thatcher
SOL CITY: Manami Takahashi and Tao Jang
THE FOOD KINGDOMS: Cyrus Guo, Asami Cha, Helios Alvarez and Kristoff Zerno
THE DIVINE: Syllia Elaris

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Elliot stood at the edge of the growing crowd, watching with observant eyes as people mingled and reconnected. In his hand was a red solo cup, some random girl had just handed it to him with a giggle and ran off. He really didn't understand what it meant and was skeptical as to what was inside the cup. It was dark so maybe it was whisky or bourbon? It smelled like complete ass whatever it was. Drugs weren't a mystery at parties like this so it was also very possible it was spiked with something and in all honesty he didn't feel like taking a trip to la land today...or any day for that matter. With a shrug Elliot moved to the drink table and set the cup down, someone would no doubt snatch it up as soon as he walked away. If it was drugged than good luck to whoever grabbed it, he hoped they'd have the best trip of their life. If not then he hoped they didn't die of alcohol poisoning.

Not really one to get plastered at parties, Elliot felt a little out of place. Everyone was bouncing around and having a good time while he just felt like he wanted to go home, curl up under his warm comforter and watch some discovery show. He really only came because Mac and Kiki had convinced him to go, it was hard to say no to such upbeat people. Plus it wasn't a bad idea to try and mingle with people. His roommates were really the only people he interacted with on a normal basis, he considered them his best friends. Elliot let out a sigh as he swept his gaze over the crowd, looking for someone or something he could use to distract himself for awhile.

Nothing seemed all that interesting. Mack was falling into guys, Theo and Conner were playing beer pong, he was certain that Jasper was ready to pull Junie's hair out. Everyone was just doing their own thing and he didn't really want to interrupt. He figured the cabin might have better results and moved in that direction. As he was nearing it a sound caught his attention, it was barely noticeable among the booming of the dance music, was that someone playing piano music? Curiosity took over and Elliot meandered through the throng of drunk college students, he really hoped that whoever owned this cabin knew what they were getting themselves into.

Elliot got closer to the stairs, the twinkling of piano keys was unmistakable to him and it was obvious that the sound was coming from upstairs. He contemplated for a moment on if he should go up there or not. On one hand he might run into a cool person who can play a piano, on the other it could be some violent ghost just waiting for him to fall into a trap! Elliot shook his head, his imagination got the better of him sometimes.

In the end curiosity won, his mother always told him that he was too nosy and in this instance she was right. Elliot slowly climbed the stairs, the sound getting louder. Trying to be as sneaky as possible the boy peeked into the room and was surprised to see that it was actually a real person playing a keyboard. Part of him was a little disappointed that it wasn't the violent ghost.

Elliot patiently waited, he recognized Bastien but couldn't remember if he ever mentioned being able to play so well but then again he really never took the time to get go know the guy. Since he was distracted Elliot creeped further into the room, gazing around silently so as not to interrupt. He was actually very good, which was surprising for some reason. Once Bastien finished Elliot Did the typical cliched clapping, though he was still looking around the room as he did so. "Hey that was pretty awesome, didn't take you for a piano kind of guy." He stated bluntly, turning his gaze to the other male. He walked over to the keyboard and stared at it for a moment. "I'm surprised this is still even here and and working, based on how dirty this place is no one's been here in a minute."

A huge grin spread across Alaric's face as he saw the obvious look of disgust on his friends face, Macaroni was a nickname that Mac hated and he knew it but it was just too much and way too easy to tease the dark-haired girl. "Loser? Oh you've hurt me Mac. I don't think my poor heart can take it!" The boy said dramatically. placing his free hand on his chest as if she meant the words. Alaric let out a laugh though as her arms wrapped around him, his gaze moving to Kiki and the infamous blonde. He stuck his tongue out at Lottie in a teasing and playful manner before taking a swig of his other friend - Whisky.

"Of course, I've got everything set up just like it should be. You know staying in such a boring place means I gotta make it feel spicy and not so drab." Alaric didn't realize that Mac wasn't really listening to him anymore and continued to drone on about how he'd made his room the perfect place to be. If anyone was close to the blonde boy they would know that the only place he could be himself without the strict rules of his father was a Meadow. At home he was forced to conform to the rigid lifestyle of the rich, perfect son and do what he was told. Being rich was so overrated, it was much more fun and free to live on the edge, never knowing how much money you really had. You wanted to go to the bar? Sure, but you might not know how your gonna pay, you might end up having to do party tricks on a street corner to pay for a beer. It was an adventure!

I wasn't until Mac snapped her fingers at him ordering him to follow her that he realized she hadn't even heard a word he had said. Alaric stuck out his bottom lip in a pout, "What am I, a dog?" he mumbled as he hurried to follow his friend towards whatever shenanigan she'd spotted.

Alaric had no idea what he was getting into by following Mac but when he saw Theo and Conner setting up for a game of beer pong he practically started jumping. He was like a kid in a candy store, he was grinning from ear to ear as he wrapped an arm around Mac's shoulders, pointing at the two boys with a confident and challenging look. "I'm pretty sure that I'm an Alcholic so there's no way that hey can beat us." He said in a matter-of-fact tone, wiggling his little bottle of whisky in the air. Mac than grabbed a ping-pong ball and threw it in the air, he watched with an amused look as she tried to catch and also watched as she quickly failed at whatever she was trying to do.

Almost as if he was watching some cartoon the tiny ball bounced off the corner of the table and went flying off in some random direction. There were probably plenty of the plastic things that they didn't need to worry about the one but Mac didn't think about that as she dived after the ping-pong ball like it was the only one they had. Was it the only one? He didn't know and instantly forgot about it as he watched the girl run into pretty boy Cassian. Alaric narrowed his eyes at the other male for a moment before walking over, his head was beginning to feel a little fuzzy from the alcohol and for some reason looking as Cassian's smirk really annoyed him. Looking Mackenna he spoke, "You good girlie? If you want to chase after some balls there's plenty of them around, I'm sure that guy over there has some impressive ones." He joked, reaching down to pick up the plastic object that had escaped.

Time ✿ Nighttime
Location ✿ Apartment In Riverside

When Manami peeked through the crack of the open door she wasn't met with some raving lunatic, instead she saw what looked like a blonde woman. She watched as the woman stepped back and flashed a silver star at her along with a gun that was nestled at her hip. Instantly Manami felt the tension that she'd been feeling melt away, she practically leaned against the door because she felt like her legs wouldn't be able to hold her up. With shaking hands the girl opened the door all the way, using deep breaths to try and calm her frazzled nerves, even with a marshal here she couldn't help the feeling of unease she was experiencing.

"I'm really sorry that you came all the way here I just...I really don't want to get a bunch of police involved." She said, stepping aside in case Paige wanted to go inside the apartment. She then realized that she hadn't even offered her own name...even though she was pretty sure that she had said it in her initial text message. "Manami...though that's probably obvious...." Now that she had someone there who could help her Manami felt awkward and out of words. She had to remind herself that she needed to inform this nice woman of what had just happened. "Sorry, I'm all out of it. Whoever is doing this bolted just a minute ago...he kept banging on my door and rambling nonsense. He had a key to my door and I don't even know how he got a hold of one." She was just saying whatever came to mind weather it might have made sense or not, she was beginning to feel anxious and honestly just wanted to leave her apartment. She would finish packing, leave a very angry voicemail for the apartment owner and find a very secure hotel to stay in. She honestly didn't care if she had to spend ungodly amounts of money, if it made her feel better than she'd pay whatever.

Manami bounced from one foot to the other, running a hand through her hair. "I uh, I'm not sure how this works. I know your gonna ask questions and I'm sorry if I'm just kinda....frazzled. I really do appreciate you coming here though...even if it might have been out of your way." Manami suddenly felt bad, instead of doing the easy thing and calling the police she probably had taken Paige away from whatever she had been doing to come help her.


Alaric stood in the middle of his dorm room, a half-empty beer bottle in one hand as he gazed around at the interior of the room. Guitar in it's usual spot in the corner of the room, a million posters of musicians and women in bikini's plastered on the walls, clothes already scattered on the floor. "I think my job is done here." He said, raising the glass bottle of alcohol to his lips and taking a long swig. Alaric was all about being comfortable in his environment, while some students spent their time doing the basics of unpacking he took a little more time to actually decorate. Plus he wanted to get it done now so he didn't have to worry about it later, especially since he probably wouldn't be coherent by the end of the night.

There was still some time before he needed to leave for the greatest party that would ever be, Alaric popped in his wireless earbuds and got to work on making himself look presentable. He really didn't want to meet Jasper looking like a sweaty mess, though he wondered if she would actually care. With a shrug the blonde began to rummage through the mess of clothes that were littered on the floor. One might think he wouldn't be able to find anything in such chaos, but Alaric was the king of shenanigans and chaos.

It took way too much time for Alaric to figure out what he wanted to wear, he was so into the music blasting from his earbuds and trying to decide between leather and plaid that he didn't even hear Conner knocking on his door. His poor roommate probably thought he was ignoring him but it'd be alright, Alaric would probably get so wasted that he'd start apologizing for something he probably didn't even do - He had a pretty bad habit with saying sorry for things he thought instead of saying sorry for the things he physically did.


In the end the outfit of choice was surprisingly quite laid back. A black and red plaid button-up with a plain black t-shirt underneath. A pair of faded and partially ripped jeans, his favorite pair of converse - they were worn so much that the bottoms had begun to tear. He figured that if things went down hard than it was best to not wear the most uncomfortable outfit in the world. Last thing he needed was to get puke on his good leather.

It didn't take him long to figure out where he needed to go, one of his buddies took pity on the boy and told him where the festivities would be held. He was already running late and everyone was there and unwilling to come grab his ass. He had to pay some anti-social nerd to take him where he needed to be. By the time he actually laid eyes on the booze table that was nestled among the party people it'd been hit hard.

That wasn't going to stop him though! Alaric grabbed whatever his grey eyes landed on andbegan to down it, he would be damned if he let being late spoil agood time. As he got his drink on he spotted his favorite dark-haired friend and jumped over to her. He set his bottled of alcohol against her cheek for a moment before laughing. "Macaroni ~ Did you miss me?" He had the largest smile on his face.

Time ✿ Nighttime
Location ✿ Apartment In Riverside

Manami had her body pressed against the door, her heart beating a mile a minute as she listened to the guy on the other side mess with the knob and key. The guy was spitting out obscene things that Manami wouldn't tell to her own mother, things that no one in their right mind would think of. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the little click! of her door unlocking. He thought that was gonna be the end of it but Manami had dead bolted the door. This caused the man to spew more slurs and she heard him begin to pound on the door, it was loud. How in the world was no one coming out of their apartments to check on the sound, she knew for a fact that she wasn't the only person living on this floor.

She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and used one hand to reach for it, looking at the message that the Marshal had sent her. Her stomach fluttered with relief upon reading that she was there. The guy suddenly stopped what he was doing and went silent for a moment, Manami didn't want to move to look through the peephole to see what he was doing. Her feet were frozen in place out of fear. Instead of being loud like he was the guy softly cursed on the other side of the door, he banged once more on the door and then suddenly there was silence. It was eerie and lingered for a minute. Was he finally gone? Taking a deep breath Manami turned to face the door and got up on her tippy toes to look through the peephole. There was nothing, no shadow or indication that he was out there.

Manami waited just another moment before slowly undoing the deadbolt and the chain lock, her hand hovered over the door handle. What if he was just hiding further down the hall, what if he planned to rush her once she opened the door? So many paranoid thoughts were running through her head, she had no idea what she was supposed to do, she couldn't think clearly at all.

Time ✿ Nighttime
Location ✿ Apartment In Riverside

Manami jumped as her phone rang, the little twinkling sound of her receiving a text message echoing through the apartment. For a moment she just stood there, her heart beating quickly as she took a few deep breaths and glanced towards the door. It was definitely locked so there was no way anyone could get in. Feeling on edge the girl made her way to her bedroom and picked the cellular device off her bed and look at who had texted her. Relief flooded over her as she saw it was the Marshal responding to her initial text. She knew that it was better to get the police involved, that the smart thing to do was to call 911 but she was afraid to. All the time she watched and read stories on things that happen to big stars, how entire situations get way out of hand and how certain things can even negatively impact someones career. If she was to quit this whole modelling things one day she didn't want her face all over the news, she was a small-time magazine and Instagram model and she wanted to keep it that way.

> I'm actually in my apartment in Riverside. I was going to go stay somewhere else until I could get this resolved but...I think someone is standing outside my apartment door. I can't see who they are because they aren't in front of the door, but I can see a shadow of someone standing off to the side. I'm not sure what to do...<

She didn't think she could text so fast but she did and as soon as she hit send she stashed the phone in her back pocket and slowly made her way back to her front door. Manami stood there for a moment, trying to calm her frazzled nerves. She was hoping that when she looked through the peephole that whoever had been there would be gone, that she would be able to go to her parents house even if it was annoying and that she could get this whole thing under control. Taking a deep breath she leaned up and took a look. A scream erupted out of her throat as she was met with a very sweaty and dirty face, whoever it was stood there smiling and when she screamed that smile only seemed to get bigger. She also noticed something in his hands that made her want to faint, he had a key that looked similar to the ones that were used for the doors of her apartment.

Panicking Manami pulled her cellphone out again and dialed down to the front desk, if that was indeed the key she thought it was than that meant he could get in. No one answered however and in a fit she kicked the wall. "Why of all times does no one want to answer me?!" She said in frustration. She kept trying to dial but to no avail. As she was frantically trying to figure out what to do she heard muffled talking coming from the other side of the door.

"Manami....Oh Manami ~ Have you seen the presents I left you? Did you like them? I bet you could you not! I bet they made you fall in love with know I'm your biggest fan right? I know everything about you, I bet no one knows as much as I do. You should let me in, I have another present for you..."

Manami hands shook as she dead bolted the door and put the chain-lock on, breathing heavily. "Go Away! I-I've called the police, they'll be here any minute!" She yelled loud enough for him to hear, she tried her best to sound confident and not afraid. The dude laughed like it was the best joke he'd ever heard, he slammed a fist on the door causing it to shudder, his voice sounded deep and menacing as he spoke, none of the laughter seconds earlier seeming to be there. "Why would you lie to me Manami? Your not supposed to lie to the person you love!" He banged another fist on the door and then tried to fiddle with the key in the door. Manami closed her eyes as she pressed her body up against the door, while he could unlock the bottom lock there was no way for him to undo the deadbolt or chain. She just hoped the Marshal wasn't too far away and could come get this guy. One thing was for sure, she was definitely moving.

Location; Cafeteria
Time; Morning
Mentions; N/A
Interactions; @Inertia and @Always

Felix silently sat at his empty table, nervously picking at his sweater as he listened to his surroundings. Girls gossiping at a table nearby, students laughing at some corny joke, jocks being textbook assholes. It was all made for a lively environment, one that would normally seen on a college campus but the dark-haired boy just couldn't shake the feeling that among all those laughs and jokes there was something more dark and sinister. He let out a heavy sigh and laid his forehead on the cool table, "Maybe I should go see the student counselor." He thought grimly.

What he thought was just going to be a quiet, boring lunch turned into something different when a boy he didn't recognize plopped down at the table. Felix's grey eyes scanned the student, taking note of the dull stain on his jacket. He briefly wondered what it was before looking to the boy's face. "I mean your already sitting down, kind of takes the away the point of the question." He said with a small tilt of his head, sitting up straighter and laying his chin in the palm of his hand. He expected the guy to get offended but it didn't seem like he was, instead he asked Felix is he was alright. Most students got put-off by his "edgy" aura. He was just a brutally honest person who didn't like to hold back his thoughts or opinions.

"I like to look a little crazy to keep people away. Though it doesn't seem like it worked." Felix grabbed his fork and began to pick at the Alfredo that was on his plate, he wasn't quite sure why he had grabbed it in the first place since he didn't feel all that hungry. Dropping the plastic utensil onto the paper tray, he pushed to food back and leaned back into the hard cafeteria chair. Felix opened his mouth to speak but was once again interrupted when some large dude in black made himself comfy at the table. Did he really seem like he was that approachable today or something? The boy didn't know how he would feel about this new addition, at least the first guy had the decency to ask...even though he'd sat down without an answer. This dude just say and started to introduce himself without any invitation.

He let out another sigh, his so did not have the energy for all this at the moment. He didn't say anything in regards to him telling them his name but he did raise an eyebrow when he assumed that him and whoever this other was were a couple. Felix narrowed his eyes when Luke touched his shoulder, he really didn't like to be touched by people he didn't know. "I don't know what gave you the idea this was a breakup, but your not even close bud. I've just met him and he's only been a minute longer than you." Felix said, crossing his arms over his chest, giving an obvious glance at both of them. "Besides, neither of you are my type." He couldn't help but grin to himself at that.

TIME: Evening
INTERACTION: @Sonnenschein

Cyrus stood in her room, a look of annoyance and anger plastered on her face as she stared at herself in a full length mirror. The outfit that she had spent so long deciding on was now dripping with water, the wet little drops soaking into the rug that she stood on. The green-haired girl had to take a deep breath and slowly let it out as she calmed herself down. Her and Alois had been ready to go and waiting for their younger sister when the duo were hit with water balloons, massive ones. Everyone acted like they had come out of no where, poor maids had begun running around fussing over the dripping princes and while no one else knew she and Alois were certain about who the culprit had been. Cyrus huffed as she pulled the black top over her head, letting the wet garment fall to the floor. She would have to talk with Hanne later, she didn't care that the younger Princess was a bit...wild, but that didn't mean she had to play idiotic pranks right before they needed to leave. Now she had to find something else to wear quickly so that they wouldn't be late. The last thing she needed was their father getting on her ass about why they didn't arrive to the celebration on time.

After she had re-wrapped her chest, Cyrus managed to find a decent outfit to wear. A slim black top that was reminiscent of a split qipao, it was adorned with gold trim and went well with her vivid green hair. To offset the dark top Cyrus decided on a pair of white pants and a simple pair of shoes. She did her best to dry her hair, she was lucky that she didn't need to do anything with it. A plus side of the whole "being a boy" thing was that she didn't need to spend ungodly amounts of time trying to do her hair. Once she was at least partially satisfied Cyrus made her way back downstairs, Hanne was lucky that she was going to ride in a different carriage or else she'd be hearing Cyrus' lecture all the way to Hua'mu. She hated the idea of having to scold her sister and honestly she wasn't too sure of the younger girl would even listen. She really didn't want to have to scold her at all and wished she could just let her sister do what she wanted...but as a Princess there were standards and Hanne just couldn't do as she pleased.

Inside the carriage Cyrus stared out the window, her chin resting in the palm of her hand. This wouldn't be her first time in Hua'mu and it most definitely wouldn't be her last, though she couldn't remember the last time she had been to an event that was hosted by them. In all honestly she always thought that Princess Minagi hated social events, when they had received the invitation from their allies it had been a surprise. The girl let out a sigh, something she seemed to be doing a lot of today, and settled into the plush seat. Cyrus took a moment to look at her older brother Alois for a moment, a cheeky smile spread across her lips. "I must say, you certainly look more like a prince than I do. I wouldn't be surprised at all if I get mistaken for a girl again...even if I am one." The girl teased. It was difficult to play the role of her fathers perfect "son", his successor. The only people in the world who knew of her real gender were her siblings and parents, not even the maids were allowed to know about it. It had been a struggle as a child, she would see adorable little girls running around in frilly and cute dresses and knew that she would ever be allowed to wear anything similar.

Cyrus' teasing ended quickly as the carriage came to a halt and upon looking out the window she could see that they had arrived at their destination. "Who knows, maybe tonight won't be a complete mess and everyone will get along for once." Wishful thinking on her part, while there was peace among the Kingdoms tensions had slowly been rising among some of the Kingdoms. While a party like this is meant to allow everyone to interact it also allowed some to possibly antagonize others, she wouldn't be surprised if something happened.

Upon stepping out of the carriage the first think Cyrus noticed was the eerie fog that lingered, it made the hairs on her arm stand up. Golden eyes scanned around until they landed on a familiar face, a polite smile gracing her features as she approached the Eldest Princess of Hua'mu. She gave a slight bow in greet before speaking, "Happy birthday, Princess Minagi. We from Estrye greatly appreciate the opportunity to have an enjoyable evening. It will be nice to get away from the political side of things and to have a good time, no?" She asked in good fun. Cyrus watched as Hanne gave her greeted and went on her way, Willa following after her. Hopefully she would be able to stay out of trouble for the night. Cyrus' eyes then moved to the smaller princess who was silently waiting by her sisters side, she also gave a bow to her. "And Princess Asami, it is good to see you again as well." The little red-haired princess gave a polite nod with a gentle smile but did not speak a word. She never did and while Cyrus was always curious it wasn't her place nor right to ask why.

Time ✿ Nighttime
Location ✿ Apartment In Riverside
Interactions@PrinceAlexus and @Pilatus

Manami sat in her bed, knees pulled up against her chest. The sound she'd been hearing earlier had just been a bird sitting at her window sill, it was a relief to discover that but it also made her realize that she was becoming paranoid. She had heard stories of crazy and obsessed fans stalking people but never really thought that would happen to her, at least not yet. Her cellphone made a little tinkling sound as someone sent her a message, picking the device up she saw that it was Victoria. Manami smiled, it was a nice feeling to know that someone worried about her, she had told her mother about what was going on but the woman pretty much said she was crazy and overrating, that she should be flattered someone was so interested in her. It was honestly disgusting and Manami was beginning to realize how little her parents cared.

> I would rather not, but I can go stay with my parents for a bit. I really haven't thought about changing the locks but It's a good idea, thank you. I don't really want to involve cops, the last thing I need right now is a scandal and my name being plastered all over the news so 911 is out of the question...but I'll give your marshal friend a call. You don't need to send Isosef over, but again thank you for being worried. I'll let you know if anything super crazy happens. Thanks Victoria :D <

The dark-haired girl looked at the number her friend has sent her, she really didn't want to get this whole big thing started if it wasn't necessary. But then again what if it was just that serious? In reality she had no idea how dangerous this person could be, if he was able to get past the bellhop downstairs and get into her apartment then what else were they capable off? A shiver ran down her spine at the thought of it, it was probably a good idea to at least get some sort of police involved. She sighed and typed the number into her phone that was on the card in the picture Victoria had sent.

> Hello, My name is Manami Takahashi, I was given your card from a friend of mine who said you could help me. I'm pretty sure that I have a stalker but I don't want to get a bunch of police, if you could help me in anyway than it would be much appreciated. <

Manami tossed her phone onto the bed as she stood up, she really didn't want to go to her parents so perhaps she would just go stay at a hotel. Knowing them they would lecture her non-stop and do nothing but give her a migraine and more guilt for wanting to quit. If anything this only made her want to stop doing the whole modelling even more, crazy people were other there and having her face on magazines and billboards only allowed them to know who she was. Manami grabbed a bag and began to throw clothes into it, she'd find someplace to stay whether it was a hotel or her parents, one thing was for sure though she wasn't staying here tonight.

As she was packing her bag Manami heard a knock at her front door, which was odd because no one had called up saying she had a visitor. Slowly she moved to the door and looked through the little keyhole but saw no one. Her skin began to crawl as she noticed that she could see a shadow, someone was standing off to the side of the door so she couldn't see them. Manami backed up, she was smart enough to know that opening the door was stupid but now she couldn't leave. What if it was the stalker? Of course it had to be, what sane person just stands right out of view?
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