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6 mos ago
everyone thinks the mothman is pretty sexy


I'm a STEM major at ASU. I have two cats and six snakes (5 corns and a bp). I like trap music and playing exclusively tieflings and weird homembrew races in DnD. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask!

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Norlanann smiled, clicking her tongue to encourage her mount into a faster gait, and shook her head. “Water under the bridge, princeling. I can’t fault you for being surprised, nor would it- watch out for that branch- would it be fair of me to judge you solely on first impressions. Especially so if mine was as unexpected as it appeared to be.” She let out a soft laugh.
She kept an ear out, inconspicuously turning it this way and that to listen for anything, be it rustling of undergrowth, unusual footsteps, or a dinner bell or horn.
Not an issue. It gave me time to settle back into college.
Good to have you back.
I leave for school for a week and this is the thanks I get? A poser, building themself a throne of lies from the dust of my wake. You call these half-awakened mites "children," and in doing so insult the entities whose creation amasses entire solar systems. I will not tolerate such blasphemy upon my brethren, least of all by a lowly creature such as yourself. Your pride in your false accomplishments will be your downfall, and shame will burn you again and again to ingrain this lesson upon your soul.
Where I breathe, galaxies form. The matter that formed you and those gnats of yours is but a speck, an inkling of the overall apparatus of this chain of life. There is no end to the true breadth of my might, and no such insignificant worm with an axe to grind against the law of my kind could possibly hope to amount near our sovereignty. We had allowed you to continue you existence in the hopes that you could allow those sparks of life to attain a higher amplitude of knowledge, and yet you lord your strength over them as though you were a deity. Pathetic.
I did. Thank you, though.
.......before or after she got drunk in the span of 5 minutes and kissed him
@Jasper19 Where is Simon atm? Bottom floor?
Says you, lmao. Do you want reciepts?

can we get an f for devon
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