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Hey Ya'll, it's ya boiii Bec.

I've been doing roleplays for a long time, but I'm ready to do more. Message me and let's get this thing started, yo.

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Always interested in Hogwarts.
I'm brand new here, but I think I might be able to hack it in the advanced section. I'd be interested in a type of water-bender healer.
Never seen the movie, but read all the books. Loved them. So glad there's something like this. I'm definitely down.
@TheHangedMan Thank you, I'm still trying to figure out this tagging system.
My first RP on this site, so I'm still trying to figure out how everything works. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong!

@Peridot Avid Harry Potter fan (knitting House scarves for the holidays), read all the books and am totally interested in this if there's room left.
I've been roleplaying on and off for 7+ years, but this is my first time on this site. I'm also in college for creative writing, so I like to roleplay often to keep my writing sharp. I love science fiction, fantasy, and many others. In in the past, I've typically done romantic one-on-one roleplays, but I'm excited to try something new!

Beyond writing, I also cosplay at conventions and run an Etsy shop!
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