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9 days ago
Current Seeimg someone's teeth get punched in and having said tooth get stuck in the assailants hands arouses something in me.
9 days ago
I once forgot to eat for two days. Swore to myself it would never happen again. Now I gotta swear it won't happen a second time.
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14 days ago
My little brother's muslim security guard: "Christians and Muslims are brothers. The true enemy is the Jews." Holy shit, I nearly burst out laughing.
16 days ago
When you're doing your thesis and your buried up until your eyebrows in statistics, never mind even interpreting them! PLEASE JUST LET ME DROP OUT!!!
21 days ago
Please do not use the status bar as a public chat server. Thank you.
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@TheSeriousJoke I take a look at it soon.

Do we want to check who's still in to play this!

I think a majority are still here, just waiting for the pace to pick up. Admittedly, it's a bit slow and the recent delay of my next post isn't helping, but I'm sure activity will increase once the ball gets rolling.
@pentagoon I don't think I've seen a player with a post-day ratio like yours before. Anyway, we'd be glad to have you if you're willing.
Slight delay with the next post. School things are getting in the way.
Bumping for fresh blood!
Next post will be up in a few hours. I suggest that the ones that need to get a post up do so soon.

Tagging @Pleek and @HylianRose just in case you missed the first one.
@TheHangedMan What kinda time are we looking at for your next post? Who're we waiting on?

Waiting on @Kaesus, @Pleek, and @HylianRose; I'll give them a day before moving things along. The next post should effectively end today's events.
Yes. Unless the person refuses or if she's being coerced into it.
It's left out intentionally for Hilda, who's new. For the older students, a duel starts by presenting your ID to the challenged. If the duel is accepted, then the challenger can name the terms of the duel. Technically, the challenger can name anything but duels also have social reprecussions, so skewing the erms in your favor too heavily is frowned upon.



The enforcers arrived after Alex's display of BoxDog, running towards them only to slow down warily as they approached Morholt. Apparently, even the enforcers were wary of the hulking gray-skinned giant. Morholt himself had taken stock of the new arrivals, his eyes glancing at them for a moment before returning to the summon above him attempting to bite down. The giant actually gripped the summoned constructs mouth, and bent its teeth as though it were the cardboard it appeared to be, and tossed it back towards Alex with a grunt.

Glaring at Hilda and Francisco, the giant suddenly reached across its neck and snapped its I.D. off, tossing it to the girl. At the action, Francisco's eyes narrowed.

"Why don't you challenge me first? It hardly seems fair to challenge the person who was uninvolved just a scant few seconds earlier to a duel."

Morholt's only response was to growl at the man.

At this development, the enforcers had to pause their steady advance towards him. It was a bit of a cop out, but they couldn't do anything in the face of an official challenge, save wait for the outcome. Of course, Hilda had the option of refusing, and it wouldn't be unusual, however . . . Hilda inexplicably accepted.

@HeroicSociopath @Natsu @Jay Kalton
@HylianRose ETA on your next post? I'll delay the next one for a bit in case you need the time.
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