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Current Oh the things I would do if I was born a few years earlier . . .
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Slowly, slowly, we move on . . .
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A cousin close to me just died recently. I'll be taking a short break from RP'ing. I hope you guys understand.
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I re-watched the Love Live! (μ's) and actually found myself paralyzed - a first for me. I physically could not bring myself to watch anything else afterwards. It just hurt too much.
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My proudest moment is when I finished watching Macross Delta and realized I've watched everything Macross related. From SDF Macross in the 1980s to present day Delta. That's how many hours of my life?



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@Asura atm, I think we've got one of every pre-promoted class, but if you're asking for what we're missing the strategic sense, then a few more healers would be nice.
Posts from me will be coming somewhat slowly. New term has begun, and I've got to be working on my THESIS. So yeah. Not dropping this though, just giving a heads up.
Cain inspected the market from atop his horse. Despite the impending hostilities with Bern, the people were in a celebratory mood, and business was moving along nicely. Even the very weather was working to assist the mood, with the sun shining out clearly, and the sky a clear cerulean color. Normally, such a scene would earn his approval - as stern as he was, one of the few things that moved him was the sight of his people prospering - but right now, all he could feel in regards to what he saw before him was a bitter sense of disappointment.

Where were the musters? The armsmen? There was nothing, no hint at all that they were preparing for the inevitable conflict coming to them. Did they think, perhaps, that just because they were furthest from the conflict, that they had nothing to worry about? It was pure folly, and he was here to inform them of it. To that measure, he would need to speak with the village counselors.

He was hoping his status as the heir to the House of Tania, one of the Lycian territories most likely to be hit first, would be enough to allow him an audience. Normally, authority was not much of an issue, but Ravenne was so far off from his own House that it was possible that his words would weigh little with them.

It was as he was making his way to the council meeting when he spied something unusual. It was a woman, beautiful even from a distance, with long red hair that contrasted with her bronze skin and glimmering blue eyes. Her manner of dress, and that of the man accompanying her, gave away her status. She was highborn, of that there was no doubt, which left the question: from where did she come from?

She wasn't Lycian, of that he was sure; he was familiar with all the prominent members of the Lycian houses, and her style of dress was unmistakably Etrurian. But what would an Etrurian noble be doing here at the border of Lycia? They usually had no business here asides from the occasional social events or weddings, and even then, those usually occurred in Ostia.

Unless they were here for reconnaissance . . . ?

Cain's eyes narrowed. Some would say it was a it much to be suspicious of a person you haven't even talked to, but to that, he would say that they weren't in danger of imminent invasion.

Tactically, it made complete sense. Should Bern invade and successfully annex even a part of Lycia, it would substantially boost the mobility of their warmachine, not to mention bolster their supply chain by a huge margi, an outcome that was all too plausible due to the increasing decadence of Lycia's leaders.

If that was the case then Etruria had two choices: to form a defensive pact with Lycia, which was unlikely given the futility of that course of action, or, more efficiently, annex some Lycian territory for themselves in order to stop Berns advance cold.

It was the most logical course of action to take, and he would even give his grudging approval if that was their course of action.

He wouldn't allow them to get very far, but he would acknowledge the utility of the choice.

@KawaiiKyouko is my character accepted?
Mia Raum

Truth be told, Mia was aware of the tension brewing in the cafe the moment she entered; she just didn't care. If things were going to happen then let them happen already. She never understood the point of just waiting and watching when it was obvious something was wrong - seriously, was it so hard to just ask "Hey, you're acting really suspicious, you mind screwing off?" It was better than just waiting, anyway.

So when things went to hell and the the situation devolved into a three-way Mexican standoff, Mia wasn't as surprised as her peerage probably imagined she was. In fact, she was practically impatient for it to begin.

The moment everyone began scrambling, Mia's eyes crackled with energy as her magic found its release.

The others had already made their move, going after their respective targets. Though she had to wonder about the intelligence of their choices - she'd comment on that later - and, point being, they left the priest alone, the person who was arguably the biggest threat to the peerage.

Well, looks like that left her. Best not to trouble Delilah with something so trivial.

With a wide smile, heat radiated off her as numerous orbs of lightning crackled into life around her, floating menacingly around their assailants as a thinly veiled threat: "Move, and you'll get hurt," they said.

That being done, she resumed hugging Delilah, albeit in a more subdued manner, and directed a snicker at Kael and Daithi. "Really, I know he has a hostage n' everything, but it's a bit much for the two of you to go after one man. There're a lot of other playmates here ya know?"
@KawaiiKyouko Erry day, all day.

@KawaiiKyouko Quick question: is it off limits to play a Lord character or can I go ahead? I was planning to make a prince character.

Edit: Never mind, I decided on something else :P
@Parallel Hearts On behalf of RPG lemme give you a warm welcome! And in case you're wondering, we still have several spots open. 1 rook and 4 pawn pieces.
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