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So. I just browsed through what was basically a black-market pet store. The only thing I have to say is: "Aren't those turtles endangered?"
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Nothing like pre-holiday drink off's to really feel the holdiday spirit. Also, I cannot walk in a syraight line.
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It's hard being stuck in a group with a dumb thot and a complete idiot - see, I even used thot non-ironically, something I never thought I'd ever do ever.
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I was always aware that chess had a meta, but I'm even more curious to know whether chess had patches to make more balanced. Did the first chess players bitch about how OP the queen was?



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"Aye, thanks for the lift."

Gabriel waved to Henry and Temper. She'd see them later, hopefully. For now it was time to set down some roots. Also, she really wanted to take a nap. She was already dozing off during the bus ride, and right now she was yawning like every ten seconds.

"A'ight. Dorm one, room 201..."

It didn't take her too long to find it, and from the looks of it, she was the first one there. Great, that meant she could call dibs on the bed!


"Not this stupid bi-"

Gabriel's thoughts on Reina was once again interrupted as the students gathered were once again called to board the buses to the school. Just narrowly avoiding exploding on the insufferable Singaporean, she huffed and turned away from her just as another loud bang echoed out. She was less surprised this time, but wow Temper's super-speed thing was loud.

Well, at least she thought it was super-speed. It was either that or teleporting.

She followed Henry's swarm of wasps to the back of the bus, where Temper had reserved them seats. Guess that meant they were friends now? They were certainly the strangest friends she's had, but she wasn't complaining. They were pretty cool so far - better than chatterbox that she was tempted to sock twice already.

"Goddamn she talks a lot," grumbled Gabriel. "She could at least freakin' keep it down." Shaking her head, she plucked another insect from the box, inspecting it. Worm this time, wasn't sure about the species though. Oh well, down the hatch it goes.

"So, anyway, name's Gabriel. Wasn't able to give it a while ago, but there you go. Nice to meethca guys."


Gabriel snickered, clearly amused by how flustered Temper was. The girl clearly felt bad, but was also tripping over her words. She was able to settle down just as a loud bang echoed around the girl. Gabriel jumped a bit, the loud sound startling her, even as she pushed the hair out of her face to see Temper smiling, arm outstretched and holding a lunchbox full of insects.

Clearly, this was her way of apologizing to Henry, as the swarm of bugs identified himself. Well if her way of making amends normally involved food, then that was a-okay with her!

"Hey no problem," she replied, before grinning and reaching out to pluck a beetle from the pile, right before she could put it down, "so long as you don't mind sharing." She promptly tossed the thing into her mouth whole, and was rewarded with a satisfying crunch as beetle juice flooded her mouth.

"You don't mind me havin' one, do you Henry?" she said, still chewing on the bug. "I've got a bunch of other snacks to spare, in return."


Gabriel turned, slightly startled as she felt someone tapping her shoulder from behind, and came face to face with a bundle of red hair, and a pair of imploring green eyes. Now, Gabriel didn't usually share her food, but that was mostly because nobody ever asked.

With a grin, Gabriel pulled out a ready-made sandwich, offering it to the girl. "Peanut butter."

Oh, she should also probably get her to stop swatting the wasps. She was pretty sure that they were a person, or at least sapient. Hurting the bugs might be something of a health hazard to whoever was behind their consciousness.

"Yeah, you might want to stop doing that," she cautioned, placing a hand on the one Temper was using to bat them away. "I'm pretty sure that these wasps are a person. Or something. They can talk, so I'm pretty sure. Besides, they gave me honey, so they're fine in my book."


At Reina's words, Gabriel began to bristle, her temper rising rapidly. Who the f#$@ did this damn b#£$ think she was-!?

Before her anger could boil over, her thoughts were interrupted by a jar of honey that was shoved to her feet. The presence of foodstuffs was pleasant, but she was more surprised by the mode of delivery.

Wasps. Hell, a whole hive of them. They didn't seem hostile, and as far as she were aware they couldn't be trained, so it was probably the ability of some dude's Alteration.

She was half-right.

"Would you like? Look hungry. Sharing develop friendship."

Gabriel actually felt a shiver run up her spine as she realized the host of wasps was a person - the wasps weren't an ability, they were the person.

The shock of it all was actually enough for her to forget she was angry. That, and food.

"Uh ... huh. Hey, thanks," she replied with a grin. "Can't tell if I'm actually lookin' at you, but thanks." Picking up the jar, she inspected its' contents.

"I got just the thing for this." She said, and proceeded to pull a whole loaf of bread out of her bag, along with a case of utensils. Twisting the jar open, she spread honey across a slice of bread, before sandwiching it together with another slice smeared with peanut butter.

Gabriel looked at her impromptu treat with glee, before tunring back to her benefactor.

"You're a pretty swell ... uh, guy? Er, what's your name anyhow?"

Gabriel walked out, bag slung over her shoulder and a hand buried deep in the pocket of her jacket. She had a nonplussed look on her face as she swaggered through the crowd of more-or-less chipper students.

She was just happy to be off the damn train. There was hardly any room to walk around, and she was aching to stretch her legs. Though even if the sight of land was a sight better than that dull train, it didn't help her appreciate it any. The fact of the matter was, she was practically thrown here after her family decided theu had no idea what to do with her.

She snorted; big surprise there. Her attitude wasn't necessarily the best, but she could hold back enough for it to not cause too much of a scene - the problem was, she didn't cause a scene, she caused a motherfucking spectacle.

That was enough for her old man to ship her here, not that he blamed him. Still thought it was a dick move though.

So anyway, here she was, and while she wasn't thinking anything sappy like 'Ooh I hope I can make new friends' she did hope that she didn't die of total boredom during her stay here.

While she was thinking about this, she had gone through a myriad of foodstuffs that she had been continuously pulling out from her bag, since the moment she'd stepped out.

Several dozen strips of jerky, a couple of sandwhiches, a few energy bars, an apple, and currently in hand were three skewers of barbecue that were quickly being devoured.

All that food gone in a matter of minutes.

Gabriel turned, her attention drawn to the . . . Is that plant?

"Aye, that's a plant alright," she muttered to herself.
Gabriel Juliet Mary Kingsman




Energy Overload - Gabriel is capable of consuming inhuman amounts of food and expelling them in one colossal burst of energy that grants her super strength, speed, and the ability to emit heat and electricity from her body. Passively, her alteration also grants her suitable durability and resistance to heat and voltage, superior reflexes and reaction time, and an increased anabolism that translates into faster healing (but only while resting).

Downside: The most obvious downside would be: no food = no power; if she doesn't eat, she has no energy to expel. After overloading, she is barely able to move afterwards - although the amount of time she can spend in her overloaded state is proportional to the amount of food she consumed beforehand. Due to the toll of the ability on her body, she needs thrice as long the average amount of sleep in order to fully recover from overloading, and even when she hasn't used it, still requires more sleep than normal.


Preferred Classes:
P.E., Science (Biology, Chemistry), Home-Ec

Abrasive and confrontational, Gabriel is a girl that's rough around the edges. She can be blunt to the point of rudeness, and responds badly to (perceived) criticism. She's stubborn, sometimes unnecessarily so, even to herself. She embarrasses easily, but covers it up with her aggressiveness. An 'in the moment' sort of person, she has a passion for movement and love for merrymaking - as quick to make friends as she is to get into a fight with them. Likes a challenge. Dislikes getting others involved with her problems. Highly independent.

With a youthful face and an athletic body that looked like it was carved by an artist out of marble, Gabriel has olive-toned skin and light brown hair. Her charcoal-black eyes are sharp, black, with thick eyebrows. Her messy long hair is usually done up in a ponytail, or otherwise just left loose.
"Thank you," Phoebe nodded curtly, and with a quick turn, headed out. The first thing she did was collect her reward from Angela. As an A-rank mission, the reward was substantial, which served her well since she was starving.

In her hurry to ask about the S-rank trials, she'd forgotten about her meal. She rectified this with a quick visit to the guild hall.

While chewing over her food, she went over the information she was given. The S-rank trials were a collaboration with Harpy's Wing this time around. She imagined that more than riled up a few feathers.

In any case, teams had already been formed, and in order to participate she had to join one. That was inconvenient - she hasn't worked with a team in a long, long time. Her personality just didn't mesh well with others.

But she had no choice. She had to become S-rank.

That being said, her options were limited, and time was dwindling. After a moments deliberation, made her way to the town square.

Phoebe pushed her hood up, shying away from the crowds of festival-goers that had gathered. She looked around for Vega and his team - it was only natural. His team was comprised of all Golem's Hand members, and despite his . . . personality problems, he was a capable mage.

If she could just tolerate his presence enough, then they'd make for a powerful team.

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