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(This is a specific interest check, targeting writers who are capable of and comfortable with writing 4-5+ paragraphs per average response, if not more. I specify this so that we can both have a fun experience and be well matched in writing style :). Additionally, I want to thank @Arista for helping me with some of the major details on it! Couldn't have done it without you! ;) Apologies for how long this is going to be, and how possibly error-ridden. I'm a bit tired.)

Competition Breeds Excellence

At least, it always had at the Hillsdale University for The Naturally Gifted, where students with an array of unique abilities are trained for the betterment of humanity. The Hillsdale a charming establishment, keeping even the most outdated of traditions alive from when it was founded, hundreds of years ago (including formal balls, hand-to-hand combat, and uncomfortable uniforms).

Young adults, upon graduating from secondary education (typically the time in their lives in which these unique powers begin to develop), are ushered to the wonderful estate of the institution, far from civilian cities and nestled in the northern part of Wales. It is here where the defenders of mankind are raised from simply humans that have been saddled with extraordinary gifts to masters of their supernatural abilities.

At the university, they are sorted into one of three ranks, and then one of three corresponding dorm arrangements. This initial sorting is primarily based on the rarity of their abilities, their performance on the entrance exam, and their academic performance (thanks @Arista!). Students can also ascend in these ranks to become leaders of their particular student faction or change from one rank to another based on major changes in ability.

Below, I will list the ranks, rank statuses, and potential superhuman abilities that a student at Hillsdale might possess.

Our roleplay would begin likely on the first day of a new academic year, although your character does not need to be a first-year student. Playing multiple characters is completely acceptable as well, and each character will have roughly two powers each. The plot of our roleplay will center around a looming threat to the University or its students that must be addressed, however, we can discuss details about that over PM as I am not even 100% sure what this main plot point should be yet. Perhaps no one will be interested in this, but I wanted to get the idea out there. Thanks for reading :D!

**Also, although this is a fantasy idea, please come with the intent to use a detailed description and/or realistic art/a faceclaim for your character (no cartoons please)! I find that usually without realistic characters, fantasy ideas have no anchor :). PM me if you are interested. Thanks! :)**
I don't wanna bump this again, but please read over my partner requirements before PMing me! They're there to help both of us have an extra-fun roleplay experience :)
@Crusader Lord love that idea! Thanks! :)

Hi, I’m Pearllop! I’m new to the guild but not to writing. I consider myself a high-casual to an advanced writer, and I'm searching for a few new roleplays!

I have very few requirements for partners; please read over them quickly before messaging me!

After all that, please review the ideas below! Additionally, please understand that even though some ideas might (eventually) be listed as role 1 x role 2, romance is by no means a necessity for me. If there seems to be some love in the air, let's discuss it OOC and decide where to go next, but the role 1 x role 2 format is primarily an indication of what characters will be played opposite to each other.

For historical settings, I'd love it if you knew a little about the time period, and while I don't expect perfect historical accuracy, I'd really prefer if the dark ages (for example) stayed appropriately dark, or if the wild west stayed wild.

I apologize for any errors in this check, by the way, I’m typing it on my phone.

Please PM me if you are interested! :) if there’s an idea here that you’re interested in but isn’t fully fleshed out, PM me and we’ll chat about it!
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