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13 days ago
Current Backstreet's back, alright!
11 mos ago
So- I don't know how to demolish myself. But, my account will be forever offline.
11 mos ago
It's been fun. But, this traveling rouge is hitting the road despite coming so early. Goodbye and live out your best roleplaying dreams!
11 mos ago
Dang. I wanna make another roleplay, but I have to plan a different one.
11 mos ago
Is hosting two roleplays possible? Sorry, kinda new to this whole thing, just tryna get my info and figure things out, ha.


I'm Pippins! A roleplayer-in-training! Meaning, I wanna learn from amazing roleplayers so I can be more advanced when it comes to writing fiction! My avatar is a shoebill, one of my favorite birds out there so far. I'm currently into the Warriors series by Erin Hunter and concepts such as that!
I love Rhythm Heaven and rhythm games in general.

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Looks interesting! I might hop in :>
Planning is hard.
@cocobean Welcome, Bubs!
nO I have another sci-fi roleplay idea! But I also wanna start writing down stuff for this one!
Oh okay! Much obliged
These prehistoric-looking birds may seem like absolute monsters that you need to look out for if you're ever in...I dunno, the swamps of East Africa? But they're actually pretty docile to humans. Researchers studying these birds have been able to come within 6 feet of a shoebill stork on its nest. The shoebill stork will not threaten humans, but will only stare right back at them.
And the best thing? They bow! Like a shoebill in the Uganda Wildlife Education Center who bowed back towards the visitors who bowed at him!
Also that Animalogic video is way more amazing at explaining their info than I am, so consider watching it if you wanna know more, haha.
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