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Gotoh Yuzu

Completely consumed by fear, Yuzu freaked out a little.

"GET IT AWAAAY!" She cries, all but running away from both the monster that laughed so fucking oddly and the girl who was probably going to get herself killed thinking she could fight it! She was right on the money, she had to be, no way a normal person could fight off something like that! She was going to die here, she was going to die here and now, and all she could do was cower away and cover her head with her bag in futile defense.

And then a demon showed up.

Yuzu looked back at Nagi who was suddenly spouting english at the monster and then a demon, Belial? Showed up. All muscle, wing and power, the two of them made that monster look like it had been the stupid one for even daring to approach them. She was....she could cope with the demon thing being so strong and tearing that thing apart, but how the fuck was Nagi so....supernaturally strong!? Was this how she fought them, how the people she was with fought them?

More than nauseous now, Yuzu could only watch as the monster thing fell underneath Nagi's fists, her fear mostly cleared away and somewhat redirected back to the yakuza bitch who could beat down monsters with her bare hands like nothing. Timidly, she stepped back up toward Nagi, visibly shaking in her shoes as she looked at the remains of the monster.

"H-how did you do that? How could- What even was....Is this cult!?" She suddenly accused, because truly the only thing her mind could comprehend right now was how she summoned a being known as Belial, a very well known demon in Judeo Christian cultures. Even as she complained she practically latched back onto Nagi, an approximate inch of distance away from her since she didn't wanna touch her. She was probably covered in monster residue...stuff! "Y-your not gonna make me summon a demon right? I-I'm not about to get s-sacrificed or whatever the fuck!"

@Psyker Landshark
Gotoh Yuzu

Yuzu crossed her arms going into full on listening mode to at least properly absorb some information that she was going to have to know.

That was however, until the world changed around them.

Yuzu whimpered pathetically as her head whipped around to try and look for any escape from this horrible fucking place. What could you even describe it as? It was the world she knew and lived in all her life, but completely and utterly wrong. Like everything around her decided it was time for her to die once and for all, everything was against her, everything was out to get her.

"Uh..." She flinches at Nagi in an ugly way, going from bitch to horribly frightened in a second flat. Her mind fought between trying to listen to Nagi and smacking her hand away. She nods along hurriedly, now she just wanted to get the hell out of here as fast as possible. Though, upon her patting on the shoulder she immediately latches onto Nagi's arm. Somehow, the yakuza bitch seemed like a very comforting thing to be around. "W-whatever! Okay! J-just get me outta here! W-why do we have to get those guys? A-aren't they getting someone to escort them like your doing!? Don't you hear that!?"

@Psyker Landshark
Gotoh Yuzu

Where this freaking delinquent got off talking to her like this, Yuzu could not guess!! She tried glaring holes into the back of her head, mostly because she felt like the yakuza bitch would hit her or something and she apparently already avoided death once today. Yuzu bit the inside of her lip and took a calming breath, okay. For now, she should just try and get information about this thing from the delinquent, even if she didn't look smart enough to do more than swing a bat against someone's skull.

"Well you can start by telling me how exactly I would have died." Even just thinking it makes a shiver go up her spine, her shoulders square as she followed behind. "And why its happening through some phone app! You'd think a virus would be a lot easier, if someone was planning on killing people with...whatever this is."

As she talked, however, Yuzu did take notice of the Yakuza bitch typing away at her phone. She sped up behind her to try and see what exactly she was saying. It was hard, considering she was several inches shorter than the bitch and that they were both moving. Shiratori? And- Did she just call her a bitch!?

@Psyker Landshark
Gotoh Yuzu

This was probably the most extended conversation she had with someone she could not leverage an upper hand on in any capacity in a long time. Yuzu did not like this.

However, that did have to take a quick trip to the backburner for oddities she was currently being made privy to. This just...could not be a prank right? Something to this degree couldn't be some odd, weird, airborne drug trick or something by the yakuza? Okay even that string of thoughts sounded too dumb to entertain. She had to believe what the Yakuza bitch was saying, for now at least, until she could figure out and judge things for herself. She didn't exactly sound impressive either, what was she, an errand girl for the guy on the phone?

"Heard I-I'm smart? Do you even know who I am!?" Fortunately for Yuzu, Nagi's offhand comment gave her just the right foothold to bring herself back to reality. "Your talking to a Once-In-A-Lifetime Genius here! And being the Genius I am, I probably can't deny the things I saw just now. A tower, mask, and blood? Thats...way too ominous to ignore..."

Yuzu didn't like the prospect of someone helping her, especially someone who was apparently not cut out for the job in the first place, but at this point she would be a fool for now at least trying to hear things out. "Fine, I'll go with you. Just to get a proper explaination as to what the hell is going on here! Lead the way, not like I'll be getting answers out of a meathead, that is what you are for these people, right?" Yuzu straightens out her back and manages to look at Nagi condecendingly, going from panicked to bitchy with just a few exercises in mental gymnastics.

@Psyker Landshark
Gotoh Yuzu

Yuzu hummed as she tapped away at her phone, though now she was barely looking at anything else, her thoughts were mostly drawn to what that odd video could possibly entail. So what if she was becoming impatient with it, it wasn't exactly an every day occurrence now was it? And also, what was that noise just now?

Yuzu dared to look up boredly, and what she saw felt like hell.

"H-huh." She mumbled, looking around at the people frozen in place, 'W-what...?" And then down to where she was stepping in puddles of dark red blood. "W-what!? What what what what!?"

Yuzu's heartbeat raced but not over the beating sound that seemed to be coming from all over, and then, then something came up from behind her and-!

Yuzu squealed in terror, in advertently tossing her phone up into the air, which let her see that things had suddenly decided to turn back to normal. Oh, good, but now she had more pressing matters. "M-my phone!" She squealed again, smacking, grabbing, and swinging at the air and her phone until finally it was safely back into her hands. She sighed, okay, so. Maybe she just...imagined all that?

Just as Yuzu was gonna be on her way, the Yakuza bitch decided to start talking to her. "W-what? The fuck are you talking about? You just sound like someone whos targetting someone!" She griped, frowning deeply and taking a step back, feelings of confusion giving way to some fear as the girl talked to her about...whatever that just was? She looked uneasily from the phone to the yakuza bitch (she earnestly forgot her name) and clutched onto her bag, "Why should I? The hell is that even gonna do."

@Psyker Landshark
Gotoh Yuzu

Yuzu was begrudgingly walked through the crowd of students, her head down looking at her phone as she tapped her way through an endless stream of social medias. She had no club to be at and no real friends she wanted to be around, so she had to wrestle with the daily issue of what she could be doing with her time that wasn't studying or doing more scholorship papers. Yuzu figured that either way, she would probably be heading right back home but that was far too unappealing.

There was something that was on everyones mind that even Yuzu had to admit was interesting, this Strange Gospel stuff?

If you asked Yuzu, it was either a hard scam or a cult thing, both of which were very appealing to high school students with nothing but free time. Unluckily, Yuzu was also a highschool student with nothing but free time.

As Yuzu began breaking away from the greater rabble she made way for the grocery store, may as well get a snack or something while she does this. She did have the link to this Strange Gospel thing after all, off of a number she doesn't recognize of all things. If you wanna do a scam, at least obfuscate it a little, right? All she had to do now by the looks of it was wait for that next day response.

"I swear to God if this is just a fucking virus..." She grumbled to herself, idly looking around and- hey was that the fucking Yakuza chick?
@Psyker Landshark

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