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7 mos ago
Current Spotty tomorrow and thursday, and part of friday, then totally out until monday.
8 mos ago
Then I shall lure one in 4 days time. Best to set the traps now.
8 mos ago
How does one acquire a guild friend?
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10 mos ago
I have three ideas pining for my attention and interest check making. *cries*
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10 mos ago
Me : Needs to read a book and do research on ancient greek clothing. Also me : Where the interest checks at tho?


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I'll be writing a post tonight! Then I'll be gone until Monday.

I FINALLY DID IT. Sorry, I've been working for DAYS on this guy and I finally finished! @Lionhearted, tell me if you need anything more from me for him. I'd be more than happy to change it up.
*wiggles in* I am here

Let me know if I need to change something or completely rehaul or whatever!
One more bump before I start on the OoC
I will be posting a CS sheet soon!
@Daisedconfused Cross-House romance/friendships are my JAM. I'm totally down.
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