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Current I want to DM a 5e game. However, I've never done it online and have no clue what to do without paper, pencil, and DICE. I just don't trust digital rollers.
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Thinking about a doctor wanted for murder and theft... dunno if I want him to be guilty or not.
I came as soon as I heard. I hope you'll have me!
Giving this a lil boost
@AwesomeZero5 I've never heard of that before, but after some research, I think so!
This reminds me of Fyre Festival, that whole fake festival thing that happened in 2017 if I remember correctly. Regardless, color me interested.

Long ago, more seasons ago than anyone could count, there were terrible beasts, called humans. Humans were described by the elders as being as tall as bears, with hands of raccoons, and having no tails or fur, other than at the very top of their heads. Their ears were misshapen, and they stood on two flat feet, with their hands useless for movement. Slow creatures, but they had incredible intellect. Their homes, were like sterile trees with no life, no branches, no leaves. They built machines to move themselves around, we assume because they were ineffective by foot. Finally, they built weapons that exploded to protect themselves.

As any elder would tell you, humans were mean and cruel. They hated each other, using their weapons to kill each other without mercy. Legends said that it got worse and worse the longer they lived, and eventually, they just wiped each other out. Explosions first, giant, destructive explosions, then starvation.

With no humans left, we began to flourish. We, the rats and mice, escaped the human cages and returned to the wilds, and the wilds reclaimed the human homes. Moons passed, then seasons, then cycles. Communities of us live comfortably in the wild, surviving off the land, sometimes claiming ancient human structures as our homes, and acting with proper reason and resolve, much better than any humans.

We are the Clan of Berkshire, our origins dating back to human extinction. Our oracle, Nireus, has had visions of a terrible cold season, where we will not only face the weather, but a great predator who comes from the sky as well. We have begun preparing the troops, both magic and non, for this predator, but we can only be so ready. May the gods smile on us, or end us quickly.

Alright my dudes, so this is gonna be about the preparation and survival of a clan of rats and mice for winter, and for a very unwanted owl. They're not quite anthros, as they're rat sized, but they have weapons like swords and spears, and some are sorcerers and wizards. Think of Despereaux and Secret of NIHM. You could be a rat, who are more likely to be non-magical and are psychically stronger, or a mouse, who are more likely to have magic and speed rather than strength, or even a hamster or other small rodent. Smaller it is, the more magically inclined the race.

This has been dug up from a while ago, where it really didn't get up off the ground. Thinking about digging up D&D stats for it, but I may leave that up to group size and vote.
I'll be writing a post tonight! Then I'll be gone until Monday.

I FINALLY DID IT. Sorry, I've been working for DAYS on this guy and I finally finished! @Lionhearted, tell me if you need anything more from me for him. I'd be more than happy to change it up.
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