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Hope this explains everything!

This explains stuff, yeah. I'm also interested in an original world, too.
Hey! I am also interested. I want to play as an independent East Germany. Although I dunno how a socialist state would have reasonably been raised there. Maybe the Spartacist uprising succeeded. But instead of overthrowing the federal government (or, what at the time was the Empire - I think?): the East seceded along with (half) Berlin. Or maybe it was established like in our timeline. After WW2 as the successor to the Soviet occupation government. Dunno which would make more sense. I guess that depends on if the Soviet Union existed or became a big player.

Seems good so far, though I was NOT expecting anybody to go with Ponies/Unicorns! Nothing wrong with that of course.

When you say that you're not sure what to do about Heroes, do you mean you're not sure how to format them, how they work rules-wise, or how to incorporate them in to your background/race description?

I did not know how to format it. If I just need to list them, I want a Magician (Foresight's other daughter) / Knight (Captain of the River Guard) / Bard (a pegasus musician born outside of the Riverlands)

So, do we start applying already? Are we going to have a discord?
Consider me interested!
I am interested and I already have the inklings of an ideal.

A matriarchial culture that settled on the Crimson Sea after a lengthy migration. Probably with some Phonecian or Hebrew flavor depending upon the other expies in roleplay. Do we have a discord, yet?
I would like my username changed to "Principality".
Can I get a new invite to the Discord server? Me and a friend, currently talking on Discord at the time of writing, are interested.
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