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Current Finals week. Won't be able to post much. ✌
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Is there an 'opt-out' function for school?
2 mos ago
Well, in other news, it's 3:30 AM and my stepdad is awake. Or there's a burglar.
2 mos ago
Honestly, Christmas commercials...
2 mos ago
I just got a Himalayan Salt lamp as a bingo prize. Look it up, they're very serene (and very heavy, on account of being rocks).


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“Stop!” a guard yelled, giving chase out the door. Someone else had pulled the alarm lever, triggering a siren from the building. The boy risked a glance back to see the guard gaining on them both. He mentally yelled at himself to go faster, already quite some distance behind the other. He couldn't keep up, clutching the manila folder to his chest for dear life.

A single gunshot rang out and he stumbled over nothing, raw panic driving him on the girl’s path. He had no idea where they could go, since the laboratory was practically isolated in the middle-of-nowhere. His plan had already crumbled, ending at those glass doors. The rest had completely blanked his mind- this was a last-ditch effort to get away. Run.
Name: *Jonah Castillo

Age- *17 years

General appearance- 5'10 (1m77), curly dark brown hair, hazel eyes, seemingly well-fed, covered with spots and freckles. His most noticeable scar is a thumb-sized patch on his left wrist.

Likes/desires- the outdoors (though he has hardly been), hiding.

Dislikes- noise, esp. loud noises; fast talkers
@Blue2 you've got free license over this world, so yes.
The chase was on. The pair of experiments dashed through the halls, skidding around corners and ducking and pushing through crowds of alarmed whitecoats. Most of them were so shocked and appalled, that they didn't think to reach out and grab either one of the renegades. They ran on, burning on adrenaline alone.

The boy led on. He knew that the end was in sight. At the turn of this corridor was an exit door, always left unlocked for ‘fire safety’ purposes. There was even a big glowing EXIT sign above. The taller of the two put on a burst of speed, crashing over a wheeling cart and tumbling to the floor. He quickly shook it off, staggering up onto his feet and pushing on the door, hard. It didn't budge. He shoved it again with more momentum. It was locked.

He looked back for the girl, heart catching in his throat. There was no way that this was it. This was supposed to be freedom. There had to be a mistake, there had to be another way. Anything.
Woo, I successfully made a 1-1 thread. @Blue2
Hello there, you who stumbled onto my thread. I'm looking for a RP partner or two to explore ideas and sharpen up my writing with.

I'm looking for shortish post lengths, somewhere around 1-3 P's. I generally have time to post during my morning commute, between 7-8am; the rest of the day I tend to be occupied with class, work, or rehearsal.

I'm not part of any major fandoms but the majority of my ideas are inspired by the things I read, usually including a mix of nonfiction and dark, gritty YA. In addition, while I don't mind swearing or mature themes (violence, drugs, etc.) there is a point where it's excessive. I'm only 17, after all. "spicy romance", if you get my drift, is a big no.

Other than that I'm open to many ideas and come up with my own as well, so PM me or post here below if you're interested!
Possibly interested
Welcome back!
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