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Current I can't believe it's already over.
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Wasabi flavoured almonds.
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TBH the name Arlo doesn't suit me... It's actually Summer.
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If it doesn't taste like a bagel, why is it a bagel?
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How high are you? Officer, I think you meant hi, how are you?


Well, it looks like you found me. My name's Summer, I'm 17 (almost 18) and I live in the US.
I'm new to the Guild but not to roleplaying; I'm always down for a new story.
That's about it! :)

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@JewelProphet30 nope- good.
@LordLinguinie likely the former. Still working on it presently.

Night, you guys!
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"What did I say with all those words?" -All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Catsoulis
So is the president of New Alaska separate from the president of the U.S? How much of a role does she play in the continental U.S?

Yes, the president of NA is separate from the US President (who doesn't have to be Donald Trump or anyone real, honestly). Since New Alaska is basically an annex of the US, she's a US appointed leader, but her legal power is only over New Alaska; it ends at the Star City border.
The starter is posted and our RP is open! If you have questions, direct them over here and I or LordofthePies will most definitely have (or come up with) an answer. Have at it, you all!
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The beginning of winter festival always brought hope and compassion into the hearts of America. Thick snow fluttered down and settled into fluffy carpeting to the outside world. String lights of every color adorned the trimmings of houses, the light poles, and the trees in public parks.
It was also the time of year where migrant supers could find their place. Those gifted with ice and snow might make beautiful sculptures downtown. Pyrokinetics might help create the great bonfires, making them sway and swirl and crackle with grace and beauty.
At least, that's what the commercials on television claimed, that this year's winter festival would be more inclusive and merry and joyful than it ever has been in the history of America. Nobody believed that. Winter festival was a time to be exclusive, not inclusive. A time to turn your colored lights off and lock your doors if you lived near supers. It wasn't quite racism, so it wasn't exactly illegal.
A new commercial popped up and in homes across the country, people dialed up the volume, leaning toward the television set with bated breath.
“Citizens of the United States and New Alaska!” bellowed the chubby old woman, a plastered smile on her face. It was Marie Bernard-Tomas, the president of New Alaska. She gave a public announcement every few weeks, usually about the fate of American Supers. No one wanted to miss a word.
“I come to you today on the eve of winter festival. November thirtieth. Today is a wonderful day, but also a turn of history.” She glanced down at a podium. “It is with my pleasure to announce the conception of the Ray.”
The ray, a hypothetical device that could be used to scan people for Super blood. From birth, you could be slated with this burdensome title. Restrictions on housing, transportation, jobs, schools, and even which Wal-Mart you can shop at based on one little scan. It was outrageously unfair.
“The Ray will allow the US Government to properly prosecute criminals based not only on their sanity, health, and guilt, but now on blood status- to lock up the real criminals where they belong.” Marie B.T. continued, switching notecards.
“On a happier note, now,” she began with the same unchanging expression, a cemented, false smile, “the 2017 raffle has begun. Supers, check with your local government, preferably Town Hall, to ensure that you are registered to enter. Previous registrants will receive 5 tickets, while new registers will be waived of the avoidance fee and receive 1 ticket. The home that is being raffled off will be shown on the screen shortly- a modest seven bedroom, three story house with a basement in Star City, the melting pot of super and not!” she spits out the silly slogan like poison, putting down her cue card and waiting with that eerie face for the screen to change.
In your character sheet, pretty please.@Dusty
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@Dusty: I have a few concerns about the powers and weaknesses of your character.

About changing history- manipulating the actual course of time/space is a big no-no, though I think you might not have meant that. Perhaps this power is able to suggest changes to the person’s memories of how things happened (kinda like the Mandela effect?) but after a certain period of time, say a few days to a week, they realize that their memories were false and maybe it causes confusion in the aftermath.

About erasing memories- I feel that this is a bit overboard given his power of suggestion- he could simply just convince them it didn't happen, and under the same effect of the last one, it wears off after some time.

For clarification- to what extent do his powers work? Is he able to exact them on analytical minds as well as creative minds? (Very important in real-life hypnosis!) Is there a specific environment that fosters a better connection, like a dark, quiet room or maybe a distraction filled busy street? How far away can he be before his powers are too far out of reach?
Additionally, what is his associated weakness? What I found was “Unfortunately to do so Brundy must be looking the other person or creature in the eye, and verbally impressing the command upon those he’s hypnotizing. Should he, or his victim be wearing, say glasses or contacts the suggestion may be hazy, incomplete or ineffective altogether.” which sounds more like a shortcoming to the extent of his power than a weakness. Also, in what way does his power work on animals? And lastly how does one break free from his influence?
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