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~~The Three Outcasts~~

(Or How I Learned To Be Myself And Make Friends.)

So, this plot will be a small group one. Just three of us, and shall focus on all three in equal measures.

Our characters are all outcasts, not fitting into any group. Or, so it seems. Instead, they have a friendship group which is much more tightly knot than any other. For they have each other. There might only be the three of them, but being best friends since Kindergarten, the trio is nearly impossible to separate. If they are apart, this is usually forced upon the trio. (For example, Gym. The two girls are together, with my character unable to be with them.)

They actually live together too, in a camper van which is often parked in the forest. This was a purchase made by the three together, so they could move in and live together on the cheap. It sometimes creates tension, with three people in such a small space. But the arguments never last long, and they are making up in mere minutes.

My character, Robby, is 18 and a nerd. He is quiet and reserved, and a real wallflower. If he didn't hang with his best friends, many speculate that he wouldn't be able to be noticed at all. He doesn't speak much in school, usually whispering the answers to questions to one of his friends so they can talk. He is clumsy too, often tripping over or walking into things. Awkward is the perfect word for him.

It's up to you two why your characters are outcasts. It could simply be that one of them dared to talk to the other two, or the reasons could be darker.

Regardless, this will be friendship at the least and maybe romance later on? If so, I could kinda see the trio being in an open relationship with each other.
"Get off her!"

Arthur's voice seemed to echo around the corridor with anger, and disgust in his voice and in his eyes. He glared at the three students surrounding the woman cowering on the floor, pushing his way between them and standing in front of her.

He wasn't as tall as them, nor as muscular. He barely reached 5 foot 8 inches, and he was more on the thin or frail side than he was anything else. Yet he stood his ground against the three taller men, even if he knew he risked getting the shit kicked out of him for it. He glanced back at the woman and shot her a gentle smile before turning to the three men.

"She should fuck off back home!" One of them, a real nasty piece of work called Hunter spoke up, his voice a drawl. His friends nodded and began to laugh starting to shout more abuse at the woman on the floor.

"Fuck off now," Arthur spoke with venom in his voice, the usual calm and gentle male not taking this shit at all. The three men did indeed turn to leave, but not before Hunter turned and punched Arthur in the stomach as one last dick move, followed by a swift elbow to the nose.

Arthur fell to his knees coughing, glancing over at the woman he landed next to. He grinned through the pain and the fact he was winded, before speaking up. "I showed them." He coughed, though he knew he hadn't. "You okay?" He coughed again, sitting on his rear as he got his breath back. Blood raced down his face from his busted nose, though he tried to ignore this as he rather disliked blood. His top lip was cut too, the elbowing he'd received not called for at all.


Okay, so Good Guy x Y/C. I am looking for a female character, and I figured she is Muslim, with her, along with her mother and father having moved to America from Pakistan around a year ago though she was in a different school until recently.

Arthur is the first person to have spoken to her in a kind way in a long time, seeing no reason to judge her based on the fact she dresses in more traditional clothing due to her religion and upbringing. He is agnostic, and though isn't one to share her beliefs, he loves her regardless and is interested in learning more so he can help her when she's accused of.. less than lovely things.

Obviously, this will be a romance. A focus on friendship, prejudice and how they bond will all be covered.

This story will take place in 1956, set in a small American town. Your character is a new arrival to the town, aged between 18 and 22 years of age. Her and her family have moved here from another state, and have been living in the town for roughly a week. They're the talk of the town, being the only non-white family to currently live here. (Town population is roughly 500.)

They live across town from Robert and his family, and the two have met prior to this and spoken briefly. He knows her name, but not all that much more about her. However, he's the only guy to actually be nice to her thus far.

This will be romance, and explore the relationship between our characters and how it changes and how others see it.


~~Mittsville, <Unnamed State>. 1956~~

Robert sighed as he glanced around, the cold winter air biting as he left the book store and pushed his hands into his pocket. Rain was starting to fall as it had been on and off through the day, coating everything in a wet, cold film. Winter was fast approaching, and rumours of an unseasonably early snowstorm along with it. The bitter cold was enough to assure Robert that this was likely, the frost clinging to the few cars parked up another stark sign of what was to come.

His eyes moved around as the teenager moved down the street, the evening dark broken by the glow of streetlights. There was a real unease in the air tonight, which seemed to be linked to a recent tension in this tiny town. A family had moved in from a different state, and they.. well, sadly didn't seem to fit in. They were an African-American family, something a lot of townfolk didn't take kindly too. The family consisted of only three people, two adults and the daughter whom Robert had to guess was his age, or a tad older. He'd just turned 18 that previous day, and now he had no curfew was enjoying a late night stay at the bookstore. This one opened until 9pm to serve students of the local college campus.

Turning down one street, commotion down an alleyway caught his attention. He could see two tall men dressed in leather jackets, jeans and biker boots surrounding someone else. His heart sank when he realised it was the new girl, and before he knew it.. Robert was running to her defence.

"Get off her!" He shouted, pulling on the arm of one thug. Thankfully it distracted the pair, though this wasn't quite what Robert had in mind. A swift punch to Robert's face broke his nose, blood pouring in twin streams which met on his chin and ran down onto the crisp white shirt he'd been wearing beneath his now ripped raincoat. Another to the side of the head sent him sprawling to the floor, where one thug took the chance to kick him in the stomach. Winded and coughing, Robert struggled to his feet.

A deep gash was on his right cheek now, and he swayed a little. Despite this, he remained stood up and refused to back down. One of the thugs grabbed a wooden baseball bat, swinging it hard into Robby's side. A sickening crack sounded out as a rib broke, another as one of the thugs grabbed and pushed his left hand back. Three fingers had been fractured in this, but still the smaller, frailer man didn't back down. In all of this, she had remained physically untouched...

Sirens wailed, and the two thugs ran off down the alley, scaling a chainlink fence and scarpering. The police cars zoomed past the alley though, leaving the bloody and beaten Robert with <Your character>.

"Ha.." Robby wheezed, a small smile on his bloody features. "I.. I won." He hadn't, of course, but she wasn't injured and that was all that mattered to him right now. He was in pain, but didn't let it overwhelm him at all.
Heya Guys,

Wondered if my name here and on the Discord could be changed to WinnieThePooh please. Want to use the same user in multiple places.

Cheers! <3
So, I had an idea for a story set in the mid 1950's. It will focus around our characters, with the two facing backlash and trouble from all sorts of people for dating.

Why? He's a white man, and she is an African-American woman. The two aren't friends as we start, mainly as he's new to the school and she has been bullied for years by her mostly white classmates.

They'd be friends first, evolving to romance later on as things go on. I kinda thought it'd be interesting if her mother and father had no issue with Robby, but his parents had issues with her.


"I've got you.."

Robert's gentle voice called out as he took a classmate by her arm, helping her out of her chair. She looked awful, sweating and shaking where she sat. Her arm was freezing, but her cheeks and forehead were burning up when he placed the back of his hand upon them.

"Come on hun..." He spoke gently and calmly, leading her out of the classroom and slowly down to the nurse's office to allow her to be checked up on. He could hear the others taking about them, but he didn't give a damn right now. Her health was his worries.

"Next time you throw up in class, please don't do it on my work." He teased her gently, taking her into the nurse's office as he handed her a bottle of water from his bag. Robert sat down on the chair, gazing over at her. "Why'd you come in today if you're sick?" He was genuinely rather worried, glancing at her before smoothing down his clothes.

Smartly dressed, he wore polished shoes, a crisp white shirt and red tie, paired with smart black slacks and a deep, navy blue sweater vest. His brunette hair was long and framed his face, but he kept it neatly combed and his large, rounded spectacles framed his gentle green eyes
O..oh my.."

Theodore pushed his glasses up his nose, a rather shy look dancing upon his soft features. His eyes averted the gazes of others, a blush coating his freckled cheeks. He rarely ever went to the gym, but felt as though he could work on loosing some weight and trying to tone up his body some.

He could hear the laughs and comments from some of the patrons, but just swallowed and continued to the changing rooms where he knew it'd be the worst. He would have to expose his torso, and he was rather dreading the comments that would be made about someone like him wanting to use the gym equipment.

Once he'd changed into shorts and a t-shirt, Theodore left the changing rooms to make his way to the gym's main room with fear in his eyes, which only grew when he saw a familiar figure.

He'd crushed on this classmate for a while, but felt approaching her would be hellish. After all, Theo was 5'5", slightly overweight, nerdy and rather withdrawn. His crush was way, way out of his league!

"Erm.. hello." Theo greeted his classmate, blushing rather intensely as he started to prepare himself mentally for his workout. He felt awful now, and dreaded the woman telling all his classmates and friends about seeing "the fat nerd" trying to lose weight.

//Obviously, this is gonna be FxM, and focus on the friendship and bond our character have.

Now, I thought it'd be cute if your character was struggling in school, so she and Theo agree to support eachother. She helps Theo with his weight loss, Theo helps her with class.

NO characters under 18, please!

James sat under his school desk, knees drawn to his chest and his hood drawn up and over his head. His baby blue eyes were squeezed shut, and his hands were covering up his ears as noises of fear and discomfort passed by his lips every few seconds.

He, and the rest of his class, had been made to shelter under desks or storage cupboards which had been emptied and lain down as a sort of makeshift shelter. A tornado was on the way, and little warning had been put into place. The howling wind threw objects around outside as some hitting the windows with loud thuds, mere seconds away from smashing the glass and making their way inside. Cars were being moved around, as bins and bikes skidded across the ground.

The school's siren was blaring long and loud, clearly upsetting James. The small male was autistic, and he couldn't abide loud noises in the slightest. His head bobbed back and forth as though trying to calm or distract himself, and he kept making the whimpers of fear and fright.

//Soo, I don't know if this will be friendship or romance yet. He's 17 in this, turning 18 in a few months. James struggles with some day to day things like social skills and loud noises/busy places.

He is often happiest when listening to music or reading. I kinda though it'd be sweet if Y/C was one of those.. for lack of a better word, loner kids. Someone who might notice James but understand he doesn't cope well with people at times.

I figured she could come to him when he's clearly upset and frightened now. Put her earphones in his ears and put on some music for him to try and drown out the noise or to distract him with a cartoon or such on youtube as she cuddles him?IDK
So, this is myRobert Henshaw character, would anyone possibly be interested in being a big sister sort of figure for him? Obviously if you wanted him to be related his surname is changeable.



Tears flowed down Robert "Robby" Henshaw's cheeks at an alarming rate as he sat at his desk, head in his arms and sobs passing his lips as he trembled like a leaf in the wind. His long, blonde hair cascaded over, hiding his features from anybody whom dared to enter the small male's bedroom.

After a moment more of silent sobs, his head lifted upon hearing someone enter his bedroom. His bottom lip was still quivering, his pale face stained with tears, his cheeks red and standing out rather starkly against the rest of his features. His nose had run too whilst sobbing, and the poor boy looked distraught. Nothing was said by him, his big eyes studying the other person's features through his own tears.

It was 6 am, barely the time to be in such a wound up state as he currently was. But given the events of last night, and the fact he'd not slept a wink.. there was good reason for this. His sobs grew more desperate and despairing once more, as he squeezed his eyes shut and gripped his hair. It came off in his hand with surprising ease as he hurled it to the floor as though disgusted with himself. His natural hair was revealed, short and brown locks which he hated with a passion too.

He clenched his tiny hands into a fist, letting out a heartbreaking wail as his hands relaxed, recalling the events of last night with horror and reluctance in equal measure.

--Last Night--

Standing in front of a tall mirror, Robert bit his bottom lip slightly as a frown began to play upon his delicate features. Petite in build, he'd always liked to dress in what would be considered as traditionally feminine clothing, though he'd not done so properly in a good number of years.

His mother and father had always insisted it was just a phase he was going through, despite his own protests that he liked what he wore more than the masculine hand me downs from his older brothers. He had always felt much happier when wearing skirts, dresses and tank tops then he did in more masculine clothing, but had long given up on trying to obtain and wear such items. As miserable as it often made him feel, he knew the stress and anxiety others put him under would eventually make him feel much worse.

Tracing a finger across a small temporary cat tattoo across his left shoulder, he turned his attention to a bag upon the floor. Inside were a few items he'd purchased with his own money, to try and feed his desires and his curiosity. Picking out a black, knee-length skirt, his fingers ran across the material with a smile upon his lips. He'd not gone for leather or anything that would be viewed as sexualising how he dressed or felt, but rather a simple cotton piece.

Slipping it over his bare legs and up to his waist, he instantly felt better. This suited him to a tee, and he was starting to feel beautiful again. Next came a cute white tank top, a picture of a panda printed upon it. He found this to be utterly adorable, and felt it went perfectly with his skirt. Pink, lacy ankle socks were next, adding a little splash of colour to his outfit. Shoes were yet to be obtained, something to come at a later date.

Smiling again, he ran fingers through his silky, blonde and delicate wig. He'd certainly have to seek out some make up tips eventually, though the fact he was naturally androgynous looking and on the "cute side" helped to sell him as being a woman. Grabbing his phone, he couldn't help but snap a few selfies. He felt good about himself for the first time in years, and wished he could show it off to someone for once.

During all of this though, two things hadn't occurred to him. The first was a simple error, in that his phone currently failed to lock correctly unless the button was pressed and held down for between 7 and 10 seconds.

The second, and most fatal mistake, was the fact his older brothers both had easy access to his bedroom at most times. They'd not been home whilst Robby was indulging himself in his new outfit, so the idea that anybody would discover him in this getup certainly wasn't a factor in his current thoughts. He was much too focused on getting his clothes just right! Not that he planned to wear them long at all.

Leaving the main part of his bedroom to head into the en-suite bathroom he had, any sounds from his bedroom would soon be drowned out by the running water of the shower, and his own (Admittedly quite tuneful) singing.

As such, he didn't hear his older brothers entering his room, nor the malicious laughter or comments coming as they copied his recent selfies across to the phones they owned. He most certainly wasn't currently aware of the fact they were uploading the images to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter either, where friends of both them and himself would soon be able to see them.

In fact, he'd not been aware of this until sometime later, when he'd discovered the images upon checking his own Facebook feed. A horrible sinking feeling washed over him upon first catching sight, dread and nausea washing over him as he scrolled slowly down. Not even daring to glance at the reactions, the number of comments hit him with a new pang of terror.

150 in the last two hours alone. Not wishing to read them, he lay upon his bed. Sleep would never come that night, and he lay awake listening to the sounds of messages and notifications, daring not to check a single one, yet unable to bring himself to log off. It was as though he was punishing himself for being vain enough to take the images. (Despite vanity being something he'd never indulged in!)
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