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If one ever met Robert "Robby" Green and <Y/C>, believing that they were mother and son would be incredibly easy due to how close the pair were. This was only partly true. Whilst the two were very close indeed, <Y/C> is actually his step mother.

The two have known each other for nearly a decade, though <Y/C> has been married to his father for only a year now, engaged for 3 leading up to it. Robby is the youngest of three children, and the only one to ever really show respect to <Y/C>. Being just 5 at the time he first met her, he was too young to really understand why his siblings disliked her so much. He saw her as "daddy's special friend" and loved to play games with her and to go to the park with her too. As such, they grew close and were mostly inseparable. Little Robby adored her, and she adored him. Indeed, only she was and ever is,allowed to call him Robby. To everyone else, he is Robert.

However, it's not all perfect. Both are abused and mistreated by his father/her husband, and multiple times have been left to go hungry in the basement. Robby's father lords his power over the two, and even allows the two older siblings to bully and belittle the two. As such, they have grown to be close as a coping mechanism of sorts.

When Robby comes out as gay, he is beaten by his father to within an inch of his life. While he is in hospital, <Y/C> realises she needs to escape so flees to her parent's home. There, she goes through the courts to divorce her husband and seek to adopt Robby as her own son, so she can continue to protect and love him, like a mother should for a son.

Not incest, not romance. I figured she'd be aware from the start of the RP that Robby is gay, and not let that affect the two of them. She'd be accepting, and know how difficult it was for him to come out to her.


So, simply looking for someone to play Robby's step mom. I figured she'd be mid thirties, maybe?

Quite a few people were suspicious when it came to Emilia "Emmy" Green. Her build was small and petite, and her voice soft and gentle. Many assumed she was younger than her 18 years of age, though this wasn't the case. She merely looked younger, something she was rather indifferent about. She was 18, and she knew it even if nobody else did.

Secondly, she was a transfer student in from another school across the state. Why she moved wasn't shared, and the fact she came under such mysterious circumstances made others wary. Had she committed a crime? Injured another student, caused damage? This was her 5th school in three years, after all.

Thirdly, she was never seen in Gym. She always wore knee-length dresses too, her arms covered by the sleeves of long t-shirts she wore under the dress. Her make up was minimal, but rather pretty and her features as soft and gentle as her skin. Many theorised she was too vain for gym, or thought she was too good to run or play dodge-ball.

None of this was true. What was true was that Emmy wasn't.. well, born Emmy. Instead, she was born Ethan. Emily didn't partake in gym to hide her physical sex from others. She'd been bullied out of three schools when her secret was discovered, and forced out of the other two through interference from parents of other students.


Emmy sat alone in the library, long brown hair framing her face. Her chin was on her hand, as she sat with her elbows on the table. The green haired woman was staring at a poster for ballet classes, wishing beyond words that she could join them here. She'd been a brilliant ballet dancer at her previous schools, and her petite form and excellent balance made her a natural. She loved to dance and to move with the music, to get lost in a world of her own.

Letting a sigh pass by her lips, she glanced at her watch. Ten minutes until Gym ended, and ten minutes until Lunch time. She'd easily be able to wait this out, then go and eat her lunch outside like she so often did. Alone, with just stares and whispers for company. Only two weeks she'd been here, and already she could feel the... accusations starting. If they found out this time, Emmy knew she'd be done for. She had seen how some of the popular girls could be to each other, and she dreaded getting treated like that.


I'm looking to pair Emmy with a female character. Ideally, it'd be interesting if your character were one of the popular girls whom has a crush on Emmy not knowing her true sex. When Emmy comes clean, it's up to you if your character is accepting straight away, or not.

I think it'd be adorable if she was, taking the chance to take Emmy shopping for clothes which fit her better, getting her underwear, make up, etc that would make her look more feminine and more beautiful if she so desires. A case of liking/crushing on Emmy not for her gender or looks, but for the sweet and kind girl Emmy is, the fact she's friends with Y/C, regardless of her sexuality and that she didn't let y/c date or even ask her without revealing such a big secret.
"Help! Help!" A woman's voice, full of panic.

William sat alone in the corner of his classroom with his head on his bag, when he heard the frantic yells from across the hall. His head shot up from where he'd trying to nap, and he stood up instantly and ran for the door as fast as he could. His knees were in bad health, and he ran with a limp as he made his way over.

He could see someone lain down on the floor, deathly still and not breathing. Racing over, he dropped to his knees at her side. Ignoring the intense pain that shot up his legs, his eyes focused on her before he turned and pointed to a classmate. "You, go get the nurse." He spoke in a surprisingly commending tone, before he faced someone else. "Ambulance, now."

Taking a deep breath, he unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt so it was easier for her to breathe if he could get her to. Checking her airways, he placed his hands atop eachother on her chest and began compression, counting aloud. "1, 2, 3.." He kept himself calm, though he was worrying too. "28, 29, 30.." Once he'd done it, he tilted her head up slightly and placed his mouth over hers to give her two rescue breaths before returning to the chest compression.

"Come on.. come on.." A few seconds later, relief washed over him as he heard her gasp for her own breath as he chest started to raise and fall. Moving her into the recovery position, he sat with his back on the lockers and let out a sigh of relief. He did want to get up and go to avoid any attention, but the pain in his knees prevented him from standing. Sirens wailed outside, flashing blue lights filling the hall as the ambulance pulled up near the window. Footsteps as the nurse came running, and voices mingled in his ears.

Wiping his forehead, William sighed as he became calm. He could see people pointing to him, though he just watched the paramedics getting her ready. He knew the girl he'd just saved, though had never spoken to her.

After all, she was popular and pretty. He was quiet and geeky. A paramedic knelt by him to talk, though Will cared not for his own pains. "Is she going to be okay?" William asked, concern in his now timid voice. He was back to his shyness, the brief command he'd had gone with his glimpse of confidence. With much struggling, Will stood and held onto the lockers for a moment as he tried to make his way back to class. But he could barely stand now, let alone walk.


Shy/timid Guy x Popular girl. Both characters are 18. The reason she stopped breathing is up to you, but I figured an undiagonsed heart defect would work.

This will eventually be romance.
/Abused Male x Tough yet kindly Female.

I figured that Y/C is a student known for aggressive behaviour and her tough attitude towards people. Powerful in both persona and physical strength, she could be rather protective of William after finding out what's going on at home and even kick the asses of those who hurt her sweet little friend. I could see her being the sort to put her life on the line for William.

She is paired with William for a school project, in an attempt to see if he can calm her down.

Though William is initially rather shy, he eventually begins to speak to and warms up to her. He's silent about the abuse at home, and refuses to speak about much to do with home life. He never removes his hoodie either, hiding his body from view. His hair is always across his face to an extent, in order to try and prevent eye contact.

Eventually though, the two do speak about his... less then steller home life after she comes clean about her own past.

Yes, my intention is that Y/C was abused at home as a child, though was adopted at a youngish age, and thus escaped it earlier than William.


William sat alone, occupying his usual seat in the far right corner. It was very rare that anyone spoke to him, them all seeming to view him as strange and odd. He never spoke a word to anybody at all, and seemed to be quite sad all the time. Dressed in baggy clothes, his posture was always rather withdrawn and insular as though he was constantly protecting himself from harm.

To an extent, he was. His baggy clothes hid the bruises and cuts he wore all over his body, his form unhealthily thin but rather well concealed from prying eye. His messenger bag was always held close to his body, as though it contained the secrets to the universe. And whilst it didn't, it did contain his sketchbook and a little black notebook. Both of these contained his secrets, his pain, his sorrow. He only brought it to school to prevent his brother or father finding it and seeing what was written inside.

Gazing around from behind his thick framed glasses, his baby blue eyes seemed to dart around nervously as though looking for danger from every corner. Half-listening to his teacher, he could see the older male talking to a female classmate before gesturing towards William. The blonde was worried as to why he was being spoken about, but tried not to think too much about it. He just wanted to sleep, to be safe and sound.
If one were to ever see Felix and <Y/C> hanging out together, they would be prone to wonder how two such different looking and acting people could ever be friends. Let alone the best friends they had been for many years now.

Felix was soft-spoken and rather shy in nature, petite in build and rather short. (Indeed, he barely reached his best friend's chest). With his love of pink and roses along with his feminine sense of dress and his curly shoulder-length brown hair, it was easy to mistake him for a flat-chested woman. Not that he minded at all. He liked being able to pull it off. He loves having his nails painted and wearing make up too.

<Y/C> is gruff and speaks as she finds. She's taller than Felix and a bit more on the muscular side. She wears more masculine clothes and with her hair short, it's easy to mistake her for a male. The only feminine thing she wears are the rise earrings brought for her by Felix, whom wears a pair too. (Rest of her personality is up to you.)

This will be romantic.



Felix spoke in his soft delicate way, perched on the kitchen counter with his legs dangling over the edge, his rear on the surface as he drunk his morning cup of coffee.

The brown haired male had perched himself here for no particular reason, deciding to quietly await his best friend to enter the room. It was early morning still, and the day ahead looked to be cold, snowy and miserable. And quite frankly, Felix did NOT want to go out there. It just didn't feel worth it, not when he had the day off work and no school. He did plan on going to the coffee shop whilst she worked, but..

"What do you want for breakfast?" He spoke, placing the cup on the counter and edging fowards slowly. At barely 5'5" tall, and rather petite, it was easy enough to mistake him for a woman at first glance. His soft skin didn't help, nor did the fact he shaved to keep his skin so soft and smooth. He didn't mind this at all. He did in fact dress in women's clothes, and barely ever wore anything masculine at all.

Right now was case in point. He wore a pink nightgown (Though had boxers beneath) and red fluffy slippers, white frilly ankle socks peeking out from the slippers, a smile on his lips that was as sweet and innocent as he was.

"Erm.. I'm stuck."
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With a nod in response, Lily pushed herself up onto her tiptoes to retrieve the ricemaker from the cupboard before plugging the black and silver device into the wall, powering it on with a simple flick of the switch. She opted not to bother with an apron, knowing she'd be placing these clothes into the washer after dinner and her shower anyway. Glancing over as the taller girl spoke, Lily listened intently.

"I can imagine.." She smiled, her voice as soft and gentle as ever. A hint of sorrow seemed to be reflected in it, a far cry from her usually bubbly and bright voice. Still, she kept her attention focused on making the meal now. Anything to keep her mind off what had happened that day. Glancing over at her best friend, Lily didn't say a word more before returning her attention to the ricemaker.
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Neither. Just got home at nearly 1am is all.
"Thank you for this."

Theo sat on a chair in his best friends' apartment, deep green eyes gazing at the two of them. He'd dropped in unexpectedly, and rather late at night. But the brunette needed somewhere to go, and this was the only place he could think of right now.

"I just couldn't bare staying at home with Richard any longer." He spoke softly, bowing his head so the other two wouldn't see the tears in his eyes. Right now, he couldn't bare to even speak about what had been happening. The bruises on his face and arms seemed to communicate it better than he ever could, though. Taking a shaky breath, he rose his head and looked back up.

"I can find somewhere else tomorrow..." He assured them, though he didn't quite now how. He hated intruding, and hoped the two women would be fine with him being here right now. Glancing at his hands, he flexed the fingers on his right hand. Bruised and swollen, he knew he'd not be able to draw for a while, at least until the injuries had healed. Some were months old, and he'd not sought help for them. He was scared to, scared of the questions and of Richard too, if he found out. 5 years he'd been dating this man, and he could face it no more.

No more pain, if he could help it. No suffering, nor fear.

"Look, it's 2am... You two get off to bed, I'm sure you've got better things to do then put up with me." He sounded so.. tired, so resigned to his fate, so... done. Just done with it all. His bright, kind voice had faded and he spoke with such sadness, it wasn't like the Theo they'd known for a long time.


Right, so this won't be romance. The idea was to explore Theo coming to terms with the abuse, how his best friends (Both women) would react, and their own struggles with not being accepted due to their own sexuality. This is something Theo can support them with, whilst they support him with his troubles too.

I thought it'd be adorable if one of the women was Theo's twin, hence giving them a very close bond indeed. They rarely kept secrets from each other, and indeed told the other they liked their own gender before anyone else.
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In Loving Lily 2 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Lily had been lost in thought on her bed, her attention half on the latest issue of "Wonder Woman", and half lost in the events of the previous few hours. How in the hell would she tell her best friend that she'd been fired? That she wouldn't be able to play her share of the rent and utilities until such a time she found something new?

The industry she was in was rather small here too, and she knew full well that the thing that had got her fired would have flown around like bees to honey. It was already difficult enough landing her job in the first place. But, she knew that she had to tell Grave at some point. The brunette was her best friend after all, and Lily kept no secrets from her at all. Grace had been the first not to call her Lily, the first to accept the fact she didn't feel she were a man.. That she knew she should have been born a woman. It was so.. empowering to come out to Grace, and to be loved for whom she was. Lily owed the other woman the world.

"How about a little of both?" She suggested as she padded into the kitchen, her feet bare. Dressed in a tank top and shorts, the pink haired woman looked utterly exhausted. A small smile graced her lips, which she pressed to the slightly taller woman's cheek in a greeting. It was habit to do this, and rather routine too.

The sound of rain still echoed around the room, rather louder now as the heavens seemed to burst open. It was as though Thor himself was dictating the weather as thunder cracked and lightning flashed in the distance. it was actually quite nice. Lily liked storms. There was just something so cleansing about the whole thing. The smell of fresh air after a storm, the fact the heatwave would finally be broken. A bit like her spirit, in fact..
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