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Current I am fucking terrible at replying to people
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hello sol
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There are places I'll remember... All my life, though some have changed.. Some forever, not for better
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Sometimes, I think I have my life together. Then I realise I am 24, overweight, and spend all day online or building Lego. I'm pathetic tbh
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Good/Nerdy Boy x Bad/Tough Gal (18+)


Fear. Pain. The laughter. The taste of blood.

Arthur stood, his back against the wall as his breathing grew ever more rapid with each moment that passed by. Blood trickled from his nose down to his chin, running over his lips like a crimson river. Bruising had already begun to form around his left eye, as well as on his chest and stomach beneath the clothes he wore.

For Arthur, these sorts of beatings were rather common. He'd never been a fighter, rather.. small and thin in his stature. His lack of willingness to engage in physical violence didn't help, nor did the fact he'd never actually thrown a punch in his life. As such, this and his scrawny build both combined to make him a nice, easy target for some of the more thuggish of his classmates. After all, why would they challenge someone they might lose to when they could kick the ass of someone more weak?

Taking a deep, shaky breath, Arthur tensed slightly as though anticipating the next punch. He heard the footsteps of someone approaching, rather heavy as the thuggish, brutish man made his way towards the scrawnier male. The laughter of his attacker's gang seemed to echo in his ears, taunting and cruel in nature. Footsteps came from his left hand side now too, lighter slightly yet showing just as much dominance as though steps were taken in anger.

Yet, the laughter seemed to stop seconds later and the punch never hit Arthur. He opened his eyes cautiously, to see the back of someone he didn't at first recognise. He could also see, however, his tormentor sat on his own ass on the floor. A breath of relief passed Arthur's lips, though the pain he felt seemed to mix in with this.

"Th..thank you." He breathed out, glancing at his saviour before making his way carefully and slowly to her side. His limp was rather bad, and he seemed to be in pain. Despite this though, he couldn't help but smile at the woman
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That's because you are, to be fair.
So, basic idea. Like all mine tbf.

I figured that Y/C is a student known for aggressive behaviour and her tough attitude towards people. Powerful in both persona and physical strength, she could be rather protective of William after finding out what's going on at home and even kick the asses of those who hurt her sweet little friend. I could see her being the sort to put her life on the line for William.

She is paired with William for a school project, in an attempt to see if he can calm her down.

Though William is initially rather shy, he eventually begins to speak to and warms up to her. He's silent about the abuse at home, and refuses to speak about much to do with home life. He never removes his hoodie either, hiding his body from view. His hair is always across his face to an extent, in order to try and prevent eye contact.

Eventually though, the two do speak about his... less then steller home life after she comes clean about her own past.

Yes, my intention is that Y/C was abused at home as a child, though was adopted at a youngish age, and thus escaped it earlier than William.


To say that William was feeling miserable would be an utter, quite insulting, understatement and a half. He felt... quite a mixture of emotions, despite them all being on the negative side of things.

Depression. Anger. Fear. Hurt. Alone. Terrible.

Today alone, he'd cycled through all of these, and much more besides. Genuine happiness was impossible, and had been for the last year or two. He could certainly fake a smile, and could put his parents off the scent of what was really going on.

Blood. Tears. Pain.

Every time he entered the bathroom at home, all three of these would be easily accomplished. He had control over two of these, much to his brief pride. It was something he could prevent the bullies from causing to him, and he found a tiny spark of enjoyment in this.

Watching the crimson liquid drip into the sink, his eyes moved over to the mirror that hung over the fitting. His skin was pale, his chocolate brown eyes dark and standing as a stark contrast to his skin. Bags hung under his eyes, dark rings from a lack of sleep. His dark black hair was down to his shoulders, framing his features.

Frowning some as he squinted, the male noted a slight bruise starting upon his right cheek. Must have been from when he was shoved into the lockers. Prehaps he could blame the newest marks upon his arm on that. Looking down, a cold smirk played upon his lips. Three scars on the left, four on the right. He always avoided gym, and hooded tops meant his arms were always covered up. He knew that the marks were there, and nobody else did. Good. Just how he wanted it.

Stepping over to the full length mirror, he looked at his thin body. He'd shed a lot of weight, no longer an overweight child. Instead, he was much too thin now. But this was better than the alternative. He'd rather not weigh much, then be large, ugly and gross. It didn't matter that his ribs could be seen, nor that he looked overly ill if anyone ever saw his body. Nobody could, and thanks to the clothes he wore, they wouldn't know.

The following morning, William sat alone, occupying his usual seat in the far right corner. It was very rare that anyone spoke to him, them all seeming to view him as strange and odd. He never spoke a word to anybody at all, and seemed to be quite sad all the time. Dressed in baggy clothes again, his posture was always rather withdrawn and insular as though he was constantly protecting himself from harm.

To an extent, he was. Once more, his baggy clothes hid the bruises and cuts he wore all over his body, his form unhealthily thin but rather well concealed from prying eye. His messenger bag was always held close to his body, as though it contained the secrets to the universe. And whilst it didn't, it did contain his sketchbook and a little black notebook. Both of these contained his secrets, his pain, his sorrow. He only brought it to school to prevent his brother or father finding it and seeing what was written inside.

Gazing around from behind his thick framed glasses, his baby blue eyes seemed to dart around nervously as though looking for danger from every corner. Half-listening to his teacher, he could see the older male talking to a female classmate before gesturing towards William. The blonde was worried as to why he was being spoken about, but tried not to think too much about it. He just wanted to sleep, to be safe and sound.
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