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I'm a Brit, ya daft twat. And get bottles for your milk, you maple syrup drinking hosers
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so Canada is a bigger england but with funny accents.... actually it's just a bigger england
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Canada is basically America with manners
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I'm stepping down from writing for a while. I have no love for it anymore.


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We need a "Best Haley" catagory.
"Di-did you really just ask me to skip class?!"

Arthur stood before his best friend, trying to process what she'd just asked him to do with her. To skip class, the one thing he refused to do, and to come and join her where ever she was going, and with what she had planned. He had never skipped class, or bailed on lessons. He was a good boy, and didn't like the idea of being in trouble.

He had this.. almost innate ability to be a good boy, and to stay out of trouble. But he was best friends with her for a reason, and there was a sort of lure to being the "bad boy", at least for a few hours. He couldn't explain why he was drawn to her so much, but they'd been best friends for over a year now. She'd stood up for him, and he helped her with her homework and grades.

"O..Okay. Under one condition." He swallowed, then gave her a smile. "We go to the comic book store." Arthur knew he was doing something wrong, but he liked the idea of doing it with her.

//Okay, so Good Boy x Bad Girl. Both are 18. He's drawn to her as there's just the allure to being friends with the forbidden fruit, so to speak.

It's up to you why she's so drawn to him. Could be she genuinely finds him cute, or that he doesn't try to be the "ultimate bad boy" to impress her like some people have.

I kinda figured the story would open with them getting up to various things they shouldn't do, including shoplifting at the mall. They are caught, and run away to hide in an abandoned store. Hiding for a while, they end up playing truth and dare to pass the time.

And that's it thus far. The picture of the redhead doesn't have to be her, but thought it might work.
Romance between two characters living thousands of miles apart. Our characters would have first met through a forum about 3 years ago, and have been dating for a year now.

At first they were just talking in a group of friends, but often found they chatted more to each other then the others as they were the quieter pair in the friendship circle. Eventually they just started calling one another, and spending more and more time chatting as they grew closer and closer.

Obviously this will start with the call they're currently in, then progress to him finally coming over to see her having been saving up for over a year as they always intended to meet as friends, even before dating.

All characters are at least 18.


Fergus sat in his bedroom, deep green eyes gazing at the screen of his laptop computer before he closed them for a brief moment. It was 1am for him currently, though he had no plans of going to sleep any time soon. He didn't need to, nor did he really want to do so.

Leaning back in his computer chair now, he couldn't help but glance around his bedroom. His room was rather simple, and it always had been. His walls were cream, carpet and curtains both a deep blue. His bed pushed in the far right corner, he was currently perched on his computer chair with his computer on the desk. On his desk sat a large sweet jar, which had been washed out and was now about half-full of money, from 20p pieces up op to £20 notes. The front had pink paper attached to it, which simply had "To see her" written upon it.

His fingers brushed against a locked wooden box which sat on his desk, around the size of a typical briefcase. This had her name engraved on the lid, a love-heart surrounding it. Inside were the letters and photos she'd sent to him, and every night when he couldn't call her her, the young man would sit and read each letter. He could imagine her voice, and it warmed his heart.

His attention was broken as he heard the familiar call incoming jingle of Skype, and he saw her name pop up, along with the selfie that caught the beautiful face he was so deeply in love with. He didn't even think as he clicked to answer, this motion so deeply ingrained in his mind, his heart, his soul.

"How's my favourite person?" He spoke as a greeting, waving at her with the big, goofy smile on his face that only she seemed to draw out. His voice was full of joy and happiness at seeing her. Despite it being so late in his country, he was wide awake now. He reached out as normal, so his fingers were touching the screen. His always did this, as though hoping to one day reach through and take her by the hand.

He loved her so fucking much, it hurt they were so far away from each other. Smiling at her, he couldn't help but hope she'd gotten the gift he'd sent across to her. The parcel was marked for her to not open it until this date, and he wondered if she had stuck to it.. The parcel contained a necklace, a card and a teddy bear he'd owned for years that she'd often said she liked when it could be seen in photos or Skype calls. The locket of the necklace was engraved with her name and his own, and when opened it had a photo of him on one side, and of her on the other.
"I like you." These three words escaped Edward's lips as he sat next to the crying classmate of his, drawing his knees up to his chest. He was the typical nerd in how he dressed. Smart pants, ironed white shirt, black tie and dark blue sweater vest. His glasses were a little too large for him, baby blue eyes big and wide beneath them.

He glanced at the thin woman, his eyes taking in each of her tattoo's before he moved to get a tissue from his bag and held it out to her to dry the tears. His hair was soft, smelling of apples and strawberries as he closed his eyes and let out a gentle sigh. "Do you wanna stay here, or go back to class?" He smiled at her after a moment, his eyes warm as they looked up at her. The boy who had never spoken was trying to offer her affection and comfort right now. He was always nice around her, giving her kind smiles and working with her on projects when paired up. He just never spoke a word, always writing them down.


So, I'm kinda looking for someone who can play the typical punkish girl. Someone whom likes to seem cold and threatening, but underneath is lonely and miserable. They turn the sadness into anger, and use it to push others away.

He's just discovered her in tears, and has been sat listening to her talk for the last twenty minutes. She confided in him she feels hated/disliked, hence his words to her.

It's up to you if this goes into romance, but I think it'd be sweet if it did. The idea of this tough, cold and "heartless" girl having a real soft spot for my character, and him having a real love for her.

Okay, so I have an idea if anyone would be interested? I kinda want to do a romance between my character, a gentle and soft spoke, sweet and slightly.. naive for lack of a better word person. I'd be looking for you to play the tough, biker kinda character, the tattooed "scary" looking type.

However, our characters would be the best of friends and have been since they were small children. My character, Charlie, is Male to Female and is transitioning slowly. I'd like you to play your character as Female to Male. This is because I love the idea of exploring the relationship between two transitioning characters, and seeing how much they love each other and how it grows over time.

Obviously, they would also deal with prejudice and with hate towards them from various people. How they deal with it on a personal level could be interesting to explore too. They're late teens by now, but I think flashing back to the past could really help with this and explore things like them coming out to each other, the first date they go on, etc.

I kinda want them to have cute nicknames for each other too. Something only the other is allowed to/will call them, to further cement the bond.
@Piqsy Sure!

The gunshot seemed to echo around the empty, rain slicked streets, a rather haunting and loud noise that drew the attention of residents all around though none left the homes in which they lived. Curtains twitched of course, and lights came on in various apartments filling all the high rise buildings, yet not a soul came outside to see what was going on.

Time seemed to slow down for Charlie at that moment, the young woman dropping to her knees as the bullet entered her stomach. Pain shot up her body, and from behind her she heard a scream of her name. She saw the gun drop, heard it hit the ground and the splash as it hit the puddle. She heard and saw the running feet of the man whom shot her, felt the warmth of arms around her, saw into the eyes of the woman she'd been protected and heard her name.

Then... black.

--Three days later--

Charlie's eyes fluttered open as she lay in the white, crisp sheets of a hospital bed. Everything ached as she looked around herself, seeing first the wires and tubes then the oxygen mask over her mouth and nose. Her bed was the only one in this room, so she was somewhere private.. How did she afford this? She had little money... The smell of sterile equipment hit her nose and she shivered, before closing her eyes as the lights started to hurt.


So, I will be playing a Male to Female character for this, called Charlie. At the time of the shooting, she has not yet physically transitioned though she does use female pronouns and refers to herself as "Charlotte" or "Charlie". Born Charles, she has always gone by Charlie though she likes Charlotte as a name too. She's usually scared and shy, but has bravery within as evident by the fact she got shot trying to defend her best friend. Charlie is 18.

I kinda figured your character is a bad girl or punk type, whom always had a soft spot for my character for whatever reason and as such, they've been friends since Charlie was 6 and your character was 8. I wanted the two year gap between them as I figured it'd give her more of a protective nature towards Charlie. Romance between them is optional.

I will admit, I kinda got influenced by this picture so I am kinda tempted to make Charlie a bit on the bigger side though if you don't want a chubby character for mine I will change that.
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