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Current It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in... There's an old man sitting next to me, making love to his tonic and gin..
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Got a call today. Been offered temp Team leader role at work.
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I love how I now fit in L work uniform, not XXXL. I am really happy with myself, and feel so much better.
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I kinda want the "Brightest Day" omnibus, but I'm not ready to drop £60 on a book.
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So. I won a writing contest. Yay me?


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This seems interesting! Are you still looking for someone? 😯

I am indeed.
@Tlstiffl Correct.
I'm always emotional and distressed and all I want is to just sit on someone's lap with the arms wrapped around me for my entire life. ;-;

I volunteer as tribute.
//Robert (18 years old) x Friendly, popular female. (18 or 19)

Kinda figured this would initially be sweet and fluffy. I kinda imagine her taking Robby in to her friendship group initially, partly out of worry and partly because she knows with some help and support he could be a bit more confident. She knows he's this sweet and gentle man, who needs love and attention.

Initially the relationship would be cuddles and little kisses, mainly from the popular girl's side to boost his confidence and would lead to more.


“Jus..just leave me alone!” Robert stood, tears pouring down his pale cheeks as he hugged his sketchbook closer to his chest. Around him stood a crowd of other students, some of whom were his classmates. He looked like a deer in headlights, the silence of the crowd somewhat astounding. He’d always been seen as a bit of a.. “Oddball” who kept to himself and never spoke to a soul. He skipped out on gym, grew his hair long and wore his hood up all the time as to hide his face.

It was rather clear why now. His face was pale like always, but a large bruise had formed on the left of his face, covering his cheek and going up to nearly his eye. It would usually be hidden by his hair as he wore it in such a way his eye and that side of his face could be made impossible to see under his raven locks. It was a rather nasty bruise too, dark purple, nearly black, and extremely tender indeed. He turned and ran through a gap in the crowd, unaware he was being followed by a classmate. Tears poured down his face as he made his way through to an empty classroom before sitting at a desk. Folding his arms on the table, he buried his face in them and started to sob.
//Okay, so I have an idea for a potentially dark roleplay, yet one with moments of warmth and possible fluff interlinked.

Your character is a cheerleader. Popular, well loved and rather attractive, she's on top of the social ladder when it comes to school. She has all the friends she could wish for, lots of money, looks, everything a 17 year old could possibly want. As such, she never wants, and feels she can get away with anything at all. She pushes the limits, using her looks and money to try and get out of responsibility.

My character is a nerdy type. Shy, awkward and not all that popular, he stands on the bottom rung of the ladder. He barely ever speaks to anyone, and prefers to be alone. He's not got a lot of money, and his lack of fashion sense and large glasses give him a gawky kinda look. Beneath that, he's rather cute looking with soft, kind features that are hidden by what he wears.

Y/C is involved in a drink driving accident, resulting in the death of a classmate, and her own scars and injuries. She's sentenced to time in jail, though through a warped series of circumstances does not end up serving the sentence in question, coming out after a year in a young offender's institute.

She moves states and schools, attending a new one where nobody initially knows whom she is. She keeps herself to herself, and doesn't speak a word to many people unless she has to do so.

This is where she meets my character. She comes across him being pushed around and rather nastily abused, and steps in for reasons of her own. She defends and befriends him, and discovers his own secrets though doesn't share her own.

The person she crossed whilst defending my character is determined to seek revenge. Cold, cruel and calculating, the bully manages to find out about Y/C's past and leaks it out resulting in everything Y/C worked for and built up being destroyed.

But how will it effect her? How will it change her bond with my character, and will it result in something much worse?
William, as shown by the starter, isn't a bad kid. He's a good lad, and has never committed a crime or hurt a soul. His hunger was driving him to steal, and he acted out of desperation rather than malice or bad thoughts. He didn't want to commit a crime, but saw nothing else he could do. He's too young for a job other then a paper route, and those are very few now.

So, I am looking for someone to play the role of a mother or father to him. Someone to adopt and look after him, to help him become happy once more.


Swallowing hard, William stepped into the Walmart and looked around as though trying to see if anyone was watching him or if they'd seen him enter. His small frame was buried in a hoodie two or three sizes too large for him, and he carried a rather large backpack over one shoulder.

He was so hungry, he felt exhausted and rather weak. He knew what he was going to do was wrong, and that he risked getting in an awful lot of trouble for it. But he was hungry and tired, and the little money he had on his person he needed to try and get a night or two in a rather cheap motel on the seedy, shady side of town.

Though he knew it wouldn't provide much energy or substance, he made his way down the candy aisle. He had the thought process that he could empty the cases into his bag easily, and stuff it full as possible. Then, when he next went to school, he could sell some of it on to make some more money and get a nice hot shower, rather than relying on the showers at work.

Kneeling down, the teen glanced around to make sure nobody was looking before he started to stuff anything he could in his bag. Chocolate, hard candies, soft candies, a few sodas... He felt on top of the world, but rather guilty too. He knew it was illegal, and was regretful, but he needed food and couldn't spend any of what he had on it.

"Oi!" He heard the shouts of two clerks, getting to his feet as fast as he could as he grabbed the bag in his arms. Running down the aisle, he darted around customers and shopping carts, and skidded around the corner to narrowly avoid hitting a stack of cans displayed in the middle of the floor. Glancing over his shoulder as he reached the exit, William ran straight into a cart and hit the floor with a groan as he was winded. Glancing up, he saw <Y/C> and his heart sank. He was worried as hell that he'd be in a lot of trouble right now, and didn't dare meet his/her face.

"Thief!" The manager called, various people turning to glare at William. He felt his cheeks heating up, but he couldn't yet stand and run more. He'd hurt his ankle rather badly, and was still rather winded and catching his breath. William knew full well what he'd done was awfully stupid, yet he was scared of the repercussions.
//Alright, so I figured it'd be interesting to explore the bond between a Pokemon and an Autistic human.

Obviously, this won't be romantic.


The world can certainly be an utterly terrifying place, even for those whom claim to be as brave as knights of old.

For Arthur Richards, the world felt so much more terrifying and so much more confusing. For, despite outward appearances, he most certainly was not the typical teenager. No, his mind worked so much more differently to that of most typical people his age, or even those younger. One simple word offered an explanation for all of this, though the inner mechanisms of his mind were so much more complex and difficult to sum up.


His mind simply could not process anything like it might have done for someone else. Each noise seemed amplified one hundred times over, a conversation or more going on around him becoming a cacophony of confusion and fear. Lights seemed much brighter, and even a simple unexpected brush of a hand upon his arm, or the wrong type of material could send his senses into overdrive and his mindset spiralling out of all possible control.

Very few things seemed capable of calming him, or soothing him whenever he was anxious or having a moment of no control. Only one of those things was a Pokemon, and they couldn't always be around for him. The second was a worn looking plush Pancham, it's fur made of a flannel material and it's scent that of strawberries and milk. This was consistently in his hands, his pockets or tucked under his shirt so he could feel it against his skin at all times.

The third and final thing was water. The sound of rain provided surprising comfort for the 16 year old, despite his usual deep set aversion to any noise possible. The cleansing it seemed to provide after it fell, and the feel upon his skin were all factors that calmed the child-like male. He could sometimes be found sat by his window on stormy days, watching the rain bouncing off objects outside or rolling down his window. If it ever rained at night, Arthur would drift off to sleep very easily, as long as rain falling was all he could hear.

Speech wasn't something he ever showed himself capable of doing. He'd not spoken a word in his sixteen years on this earth, instead communicating through Makaton. Flashcards were kept in his bag, allowing the brunette to communicate his needs or desires through the medium of images. Though this could provide the occasional problem, he only typically utilised three cards. One with his panda, the second a book, and the third his house when he wanted to return back to his home.
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