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Current Scratch that last status. Been Technicolor yawning for a while now.
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Speaking of RPs: will work on replies later. I need a nap.
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Gonna blow off some steam by playing Halo. I really wish Project Cartographer had co-op.
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Note to self: when listening to the Godzilla: King of the Monsters OST, you're missing out if your headphones don't have good bass.
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Goddammit, my response that a bot would never care about went to waste.


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The eyes of birds of prey freak me out on a deep, primitive level. It's not outright fear, but if I stare at photos of eagles and other raptors' faces long enough, I feel extremely unnerved.
Go ahead.
@AlternateMan Correct.
@AlternateMan All TDI personnel are trained in firearms use, though for the most part it would be limited to handguns for anyone not fighting (emergency situations aside).

TDI Aegis Base, 20 kilometers north of Old Tokyo

Major Akane Mitsuishi looked up at the incoming transport VTOL as rain poured down in sheets. Thunder rumbled overhead, though between the VTOL's thrusters and the rain, she could hardly hear it. As the dropship touched down, she took a breath before stepping out onto the landing pad. She strode towards the rear hatch as it lowered. Soldiers stepped out into the rain, carrying weapons and equipment. But she wasn't hear for them.

Mitsuishi was here for the teenagers behind them. She stepped into the dropship's cargo bay, glancing over the group. Though recognizable as human, they all had unique traits, some more noticeable than others. But, as her charge had taught her in the last few years, they were still human. "My name is Akane Mitsuishi, and I'll be acting as your liaison for the duration of your time here," she said. "I know you weren't allowd to bring very many of your belongings with, and I apologize for that. But I hope that you'll be able to settle in."

Shirona stared hard at the eight objects from her collection that she'd set aside at Major Akane's request. For whatever reason, the major had insisted that Shirona give the other Zasshu a welcome gift. Being a bit of a hoarder, the girl had taken hours sorting through her treasures and deciding which she'd be willing to part with. But she'd narrowed it down to eight things, and that's what mattered.

She suddenly froze. The Tenshi-song, as she called it, had changed slightly. It was a bit louder, as if there was a Tenshi inside the base. There hadn't been any alarms, so that wasn't the case. Shirona listened harder. It wasn't one signal, but several, all coming from the same location. Shirona hopped up. "They're here!"

Akane had told her about who was coming. She had been shocked to learn that she wasn't the only human with Tenshi DNA in her blood. But now she was equal parts excited and nervous. I hope they're friendly.

But somehow, she very much doubted that they'd all get along like a happy family.
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