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5 hrs ago
Current Alita lived up to the hype. Buying the Blu-Ray when I can, and definitely going to read the manga.
7 hrs ago
Personally I'm giving TemTem a pass after seeing the community forums. Reminds me too much of ResetEra.
10 hrs ago
So is it possible to convert things with <> code in them (sorry, don't know the proper name) to BBCode?
19 hrs ago
TNG is still the best Star Trek series to come out in my book.
21 hrs ago
Why have I not watched John Wick until now? Anyways, back to the RP grind.


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Akane Mitsuishi

She could tell that this group would be... unique. Just like her charge, each of the Zasshu seemed to be a little eccentric in their own ways. A normal man stepped out of the VTOL, stepped out of her way, and snapped a salute. She nodded to him, a nonverbal way of saying, "As you were." Akane tapped her headset, checking in with security on the other end. "This is Major Mitsuishi. The packages have arrived. Initiate Pythia Protocol."

"Copy that."

All of the personnel and security cameras along their route would be evacuated and shut down, respectively. Akane knew it was because the brass weren't ready to go public with the project yet. The less people knew about these young men and women the better.

"Cameras have shut down, and personnel are being moved out of the way."

"Keep me updated. Mitsuishi out." She turned to the group of teenagers. "Alright, let's get a move on. We've got hot meals and bunks waiting for you guys inside. Follow me." Akane turned, leading the group inside.

I should probably tweak the Field Guide entry to account for multiple individuals of a species (ie- population distribution).

@LuckyBlackCat They look good. I'll add them when I get a chance.
Will attempt to work on a post tonight, but more likely than not it'll come tomorrow.
The next Archon has been added.
Bump. Added a new, very basic idea for a setting.

The eyes of birds of prey freak me out on a deep, primitive level. It's not outright fear, but if I stare at photos of eagles and other raptors' faces long enough, I feel extremely unnerved.
Go ahead.
@AlternateMan Correct.
@AlternateMan All TDI personnel are trained in firearms use, though for the most part it would be limited to handguns for anyone not fighting (emergency situations aside).
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