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Current Could I go a single goddamn day without seeing human stupidity and wishing the utter annihilation of our species?
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The coffee did not help with writer's block.
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Tiny bit of writer's block ATM. Hopefully some coffee will help.
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Suggestions for Blizzcon 2019 attire: Winnie the Pooh merch; South Park merch; anything with the Hong Kong flag; Hong Kong Mei cosplays. Any other suggestions?
1 day ago
If someone uses the term "dudebro" in an unironic manner, I automatically assume that their brain is just there to keep their skull from caving in on itself.


"We've entered a new era."

"Welcome to Jurassic World."

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Unfortunately there is no block feature, as nice as it would be to have one.


Harumi sighed. Reiko was probably right. Ruruka had gotten herself into that position. She'd have to find a way out. She followed behind the other girl. Heri seemed a little disappointed that there wouldn't be a fight. Harumi would make it up to him later.

She muttered under her breath, "So, where do we go from here now, O Fearless Leader Manaka?"

@King Cosmos

Leaving Ruruka seemed the logical thing to do. Plus she'd groped Harumi, and leaving her like this wouldn't actually hurt Ruruka. The sensation would be there, but it wouldn't affect her real body.

But still… Harumi sighed, mentally slapping the back of her head.

"Get ready to run," she told Reiko. "Heri, how many tac-grenades do you have on you?"

"Six smokes and six flashbangs," the Commandramon answered. Harumi took out her Digivice.

"Transfer two of each to Reiko and myself." She turned to Reiko. "I'm sure that leaving Ruruka behind would be beneficial to us, but I don't know if our glorious leader will dock us points if we leave someone behind."

@King Cosmos@Rune_Alchemist
I'm a passive-aggressive and petty kind of person. For example: if you irritate me, and I know which way you prefer your toilet paper to be, odds are that I will purposefully take your toilet paper roll and put it on the roll so it spins the opposite way of your preference.
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