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Current I'm disappointed that the new Predator game is an EGS exclusive. I'd be willing to buy it otherwise.
10 hrs ago
Okay, I now know why people still regard John Carpenter's "The Thing" as one of the greatest horror films of all time.
10 hrs ago
@Hammerman- What's the title?
11 hrs ago
What sane person trusts any statistics coming from the CCP?
13 hrs ago
Starting at midnight, my state is instigating a shelter in place order. Here's hoping people don't go nuts.


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Same as usual: chatting with friends on Discord, playing vidya, and watching movies and TV shows.
Gonna go ahead and bump this.
@PsyBlade This looks interesting to me. Is there room for 1 more?

Of course.
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Just tagging y'all so you can find the thread.
Mouth-sounds annoy the shit out of me. Lip-smacking/licking, gulping, etc. all of that drives me nuts. It's why I hate eating with other people.

@Rabidporcupine Approved, go ahead and post it in the CHAR section.

Original concept by @Kuro

In the 22nd century, mankind finally unlocked the secrets of time travel. But in the species' infinite wisdom, they decided that the best use for this new technology was to send remotely-operated drones to film history unseen. Equipped with the latest stealth technologies, the practice went on for almost a decade. But like all shows, they began losing viewers. Then someone high in the chain of command had an idea.

"What if we broadcast the extinction of the dinosaurs on live, international television?"

And so the planning began. Never had something of this magnitude been attempted. While it was relatively easy to send a drone back to D-Day, or the Battle of Gettysburg (so long as you had a precise day and year), sending drones back over a million years had never been attempted, never mind sixty-five million. But as the old saying goes, money talks. And despite the outcry from the scientific community, the plan went through.

But something went wrong. As the scientists had predicted, the drones were sent back at the wrong time. By their estimates, months or even years had passed since the asteroid had crashed into Earth. An unforeseen fluctuation in the time-space continuum opened up portals between the past and present, allowing starving dinosaurs to run rampant across the world, even from different time periods than the Cretaceous.

While the dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts could be easily contained, the diseases they brought with them could not. Bacteria and viruses unknown to man spread like wildfire, crippling civilization until only pockets of the human race were left. The dinosaurs spread across the earth, beginning an era where man must fight tooth and claw to survive some of the most successful creatures to ever walk the face of the planet.

That's what the grown-ups always told us. But that was over a hundred years ago, and in the town of Vida, California, life's been relatively safe. But you won't be a kid forever. May as well make the most of it.
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